Chapter 123: Flying-type Magic Treasure


“Scarlet Yang City is at least 500,000 li away from Demon Soul Valley. That is quite the distance. How should we get there?” a middle-aged cultivator asked (1 li = 0.5 km).

“There is no need to worry about that. I have a flying-type magic treasure.” After saying that, the woman in black waved her hand and the sky suddenly turned dark. A ship-like flying magic treasure appeared in the middle of the sky. It was somewhat similar to the Shadowless Skysoar Earthslip Shuttle. However, it was not as sleek.

The flying-type magic treasure was 50 zhang long and 5 zhang wide. Who knows what materials were used in its construction, but its surface glowed with a black lustre. One glance was all it took to tell them that it was tens of times tougher than high-quality steel (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

The most shocking part, however, was the aura radiating off the magic treasure.

“This is a Prized artefact!” After merely sensing it for a moment, Chen Feng was able to determine the artefact tier of the magic treasure.

“Another Prized artefact? Not to mention, this is a flying-type Prized artefact. Just what background does this woman has? Could she be the daughter of an immortal dao sect’s Sect Master? Or, the Little Miss of great clan?” Ye Ziming was shocked as well. While Chen Feng’s group was shocked, the rest of the cultivators were utterly astounded. For them, Prized artefacts were rare existences. Today, they had seen two Prized artefacts successively within a short period. Additionally, those two Prized artefacts had come from the same person. Thus, their eyes turned fiery once more.

“All right. If you have anything else to say, do so on our way there. Now, hurry up and board my Sky Soaring Warship,” said the woman in black with a serious tone, which caused powerful soundwaves to spread out. Immediately, the cultivators fell silent. Then, in an orderly manner, they entered the warship.

To their surprise, the space within the warship was very large. Surprisingly, its interior had its own inner dimensions. Glancing around, Chen Feng judged that the size of its interior was definitely larger than its exterior. For it, accommodating over 100 cultivators was nothing worth mentioning. 

Prized artefacts can create their own inner dimensions. This is the real deal. Space wise, this flying-type magic treasure is far superior compared to my Overwhelming Astral Sword. I wonder, though, how strong is its offensive capabilities? Chen Feng pondered silently. 

As the interior was large enough, the cultivators were able to spread out to stay at various spots. Some closed their eyes to rest, some sat down and began meditating while some looked around.

The woman in black, escorted by a group of cultivators, walked over.

“Fellow cultivators, please have a good rest. In three days, we will reach Demon Soul Valley. Also, for the sake of convenience, I have decided to split you all up into 12 teams. Ten cultivators per team. You will be taking turns to protect my safety. This will also make it easier to dispatch you all. You may form the teams by yourselves,” said the woman in black coolly.

“Right, miss. How should we address you? Surely, we cannot keep calling you employer?” a young cultivator suddenly asked with a dissolute smile. His gaze towards the woman in black was that of naked desire.

“This young man is no ordinary character. He should have already condensed out his Soulflame. Additionally, I can sense a heretical aura coming off him.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.

“I know this fellow. Self-proclaimed as Elegant Gentleman, he is sinister, perverted and insidious. Many female cultivators have been ruined by him. Additionally, he is not in need of medicinal pills. It seems he has his sights set on our employer,” replied Ye Ziming with a chuckle.

“If that is the case, this fellow is in for a bad time. I think he might not even know what hit him when he dies in the end.” Chen Feng was unable to stop the grin from appearing on his face.

Forget the woman in black, even her four bodyguards could easily kill him off.

“You all may address me as Mo Ji,” said the woman in black coolly.

“Mo Ji, a good name. A truly good name.” Elegant Gentleman smirked while holding a folded fan in his hand.

Mo Ji did not say anything else. She did not even look at Elegant Gentleman before turning and leave.

“Elegant Gentleman, if you don’t want to die, you would do well to be honest. If not, I don’t mind killing you off.” One of the handsome, young cultivators following Mo Ji pointed at Elegant Gentleman and sneered. 

“And who are you?” Elegant Gentleman’s eyes glinted with ferocity and he gripped his fan tightly. It appeared as though he would start a fight just because of those words.

“Mo Xigui,” replied the handsome youngster with a calm voice.

“What? You are the Gale Sword, Mo Xigui?!” Elegant Gentleman exclaimed, a look of shock on his face.

“It’s Mo Xigui! It really is Mo Xigui! To think that he would appear here.”

“I have heard of him before. He is a very strong character whose name has appeared on the ‘Rookie Cultivators Ranking List’. It is said that, right after breaking through to the Concealed stage, he singlehandedly killed off five level 2 Concealed stage cultivators.”

“This news of yours is outdated. Just recently, there was this Black Mountain Bandits throwing their weight around. They had a total of over 500 bandits in their group and over 20 Concealed stage cultivators. Mo Xigui singlehandedly killed them all!”

“Tsk tsk! This time, Elegant Gentleman is in for a bad time.”

“Serves him right! A scum like him deserves death. Hell, death is too good for him.”

“What? Do you still want to start a fight?” Mo Xigui said calmly as he regarded Elegant Gentleman.

The expression on Elegant Gentleman’s face flickered a few times before finally turning into a smile. He said, “He he! We are all working on the same task right now. There is no need to start an internal dispute.”

Elegant Gentleman chose to take a step back against Mo Xigui. Truth be told, he was not fearful of Mo Xigui. What had him concerned was Mo Xigui’s sect, Sword Hall. The cultivators from Sword Hall were not existences to be easily provoked. Additionally, Mo Xigui was something of a genius for Sword Hall. Should Elegant Gentleman kill off Mo Xigui, Sword Hall would never let it slide. Then, even if he were to flee to the ends of the earth, he would still be incapable of shaking off the murderous pursuit of Sword Hall.

“I am different from you fellows. My task is only to protect Mo Ji.” Mo Xigui said coolly. Then, without uttering any other words, he turned and left.

Elegant Gentleman regarded Mo Xigui’s departing silhouette and he gripped his fists tightly. Sparks flashed across his eyes. Then, he turned around to look at two distant cultivators. He said calmly, “Earlier, were you two the ones talking?”

The faces of the two cultivators immediately sank. However, they emboldened themselves before all present and said, “And what if we were?” 

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just want you fellows to die,” replied Elegant Gentleman with a sneer. Next, he jabbed a finger out and a clump of flames howled as it shot forward. The clump of flames exploded in mid-air, transforming into a large palm silhouette, enveloping the two cultivators.

“Argh! Help!”

“Fellow cultivators! Help!”

Wrapped within the raging flames, the two cultivators screamed out without respite. However, no one there lent a hand. Who would be willing to interfere for no reason? Besides, Elegant Gentleman was not someone that they would wish to provoke.


Elegant Gentleman extended his hand and the raging flames flowed into his palm before disappearing. As for the two cultivators, they had been reduced to ashes, leaving only some ruined Magic artefacts. Like scrap iron, they fell to the floor.

“If you don’t have the strength, don’t let your mouth run off like that. In your next life, you should be a mute,” said Elegant Gentleman with a sneer, a cruel expression on his face.

That should be a type of spirit flame. There is also Soulflame mixed into it. His usage of Soulflame has reached the pinnacle of perfection. Clearly, he has condensed his Soulflame out for a long time now. If we really have to face off against one another, I will be no match for him. Chen Feng silently compared their personal strength.

Elegant Gentleman had to back off against Mo Xigui. However, there was no need for him to be concerned about these little cultivators with no backers. Even after killing them, no one would say anything.

“So, that woman in black is called Mo Ji. It is quite the strange name. Though, I wonder if that is her real name?” Ye Ziming pondered.

“It wasn’t easy cultivating up to level 3 of the Concealed stage. Originally, I had assumed that I can now make a living. How unexpected! There are so many people more powerful than me. I am one of the bottom few amongst these 100 plus cultivators,” muttered Lu Ta, a somewhat uneasy expression on his face.

“He he! Keeping a low-profile is the best. That way, we can fish in troubled waters,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

By then, the cultivators had begun to group up to form teams. Some with good relationships quickly got together. Chen Feng’s group looked around, considering who they should form a team with.

It was then that the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain approached Chen Feng’s group. Their Big Bro gave them a genial smile and said, “He he! Are the three of you interested in forming a team with us?”

“We have no objections. However, the three of us have low cultivation bases. If you form a team with us, you will be on the losing end,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“To call those capable of beating off the Four Great Fiends of Plum City weak, I think no one would believe those words, no?” Big Pot Bro laughed out.

“You have five people with you while we have only three. We are still missing two.” Chen Feng smiled. 

“No hurry. Just wait,” replied Big Pot Bro heartily.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, tens of teams had been formed. Suddenly, Elegant Gentleman and another middle-aged cultivator with a short stature moved towards Chen Feng’s group.

“It’s Elegant Gentleman! This fellow is not a good guy,” Third Pot Bro could not stop himself from blurting out.

“Shut up!” Big Pot Bro snapped at him.

“Hey, hey! Who just said I am not a good person? Is it you? Kid, it seems what happened earlier is not enough to keep you honest. Or do you think you are stronger than me? Should we have a fight?” Elegant Gentleman cast his gaze at Third Pot Bro and snickered.

“Senior, please don’t get offended. This little bro of mine has a big mouth. He doesn’t think about what he says and his words are meaningless. I ask senior to be forgiving,” Big Pot Bro hastily stepped forward to say.

“Meaningless, eh? Fine. At any rate, we are now teammates. In the future, we will have to help one another. For now, I will not bother arguing with you fellows. However, from now onwards, you fellows must listen to my commands. If any of you refuse to obey, he he, you will end up like the two cultivators earlier,” said Elegant Gentleman dismissively as his gaze swept past Chen Feng and the others.

Obey your commands? Humph! It seems things are getting more interesting. Chen Feng secretly sneered. The three of them did not say anything. They don’t mind Elegant Gentleman stepping into the limelight. However, for them to obey his commands? He he he! Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta secretly sneered at that.

Next up, the others began chatting while observing the scenery outside the warship. There were some windows on either side of the warship. Who knows what materials they were made of, but the cultivators inside could clearly see the scenery outside.

Everyone watched as white clouds kept drifting past them. When they looked down, they could occasionally see rolling mountains, flat plains and cities.

The speed of this flying-type magic treasure is truly fast. It is several times faster compared to my speed when I am riding my flying sword. Besides, it is comfy and stable. When I have the money, I should find a way to buy one. Thought Chen Feng.

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