Chapter 1229 Magiris Blackwater’s Tribulation


“Although it’s been peaceful for several centuries, it is still not the right time for us to go to war.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“The lack of resources is indeed a very troublesome issue.”

“Young Master, that’s not it. Recently, we received news that something has happened to the East Extreme Immortal Palace. They even transferred some of their half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals back,” Da Feng hastily said. 

“That happened?” Chen Feng was surprised. His clone had not received this news. 

“It only just happened. The other party had been very secretive with their retreat. I myself only inadvertently found out about it.”

“Which means this is a good time for us to attack the Starsource Order!” Da Feng said excitedly.

“Could this be a trap by the other party?” Chen Feng felt somewhat wary.

“Unlikely. I had personally snuck into the Starsource Order’s headquarters. The number of half-step Gold Immortals there is indeed decreasing. Without the half-step Gold Immortals, even if they set up a trap, what can they do?”

“If that’s the case, just what happened? Also, how are the forces from the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane, Celestial Imperial Plane and the others doing?” Chen Feng asked after a moment’s consideration. 

“We are still uncertain about the details.”

“If so, investigate first. We’ll talk about this again after we’ve figured it out. Our alliance has several Gold Immortals. With them defending this place, our enemies will not recklessly attack. However, if something did happen to the East Extreme Immortal Palace, we must not miss out on this opportunity,” Chen Feng said. 

“Understood, Young Master! I’ll go check it out.” Da Feng then headed out. 

Suddenly, a solemn-looking young man walked out of thin air. Bowing respectfully to Chen Feng, he said, “Greetings, Young Master.”

This young man was the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. At that very moment, he was also a Gold Immortal.

“Head to the East Extreme Immortal Palace and investigate what is happening there. However, be careful. The East Extreme Immortal Palace has Paramount Gold Immortals. The moment you feel something amiss, retreat instantly,” Chen Feng instructed.

“Paramount Gold Immortals!” The space-time extra-terrestrial creature became surprised. 

“Yes, Paramount Gold Immortals.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Understood. I will be careful.” The space-time extra-terrestrial creature nodded before taking another step forward to disappear from sight. 

Chen Feng was very confident in the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. He was a unique species even amongst extra-terrestrial creatures, gifted with a formidable talent for cultivation. This space-time extra-terrestrial creature, in particular, possessed a high mastery over the dao of space-time, even higher than Chen Feng. This was why Chen Feng felt so confident in sending him over.

Additionally, thanks to the soul shackles, Heng Ri and this space-time extra-terrestrial creature’s advance to the Gold Immortal stage had benefitted Chen Feng. More, as time passed, Chen Feng could come to possess the innate powers that the two were born with. Naturally, it would only be a portion of those innate powers. 

Going there should not be an issue for the space-time extra-terrestrial creature. Chen Feng nodded. When he turned, he saw an area of space before him fluctuating. Next, a rapidly-rotating vortex appeared. Magiris then walked out from the vortex. 

“Your cultivation session has ended.” After appearing, Magiris circled around Chen Feng a few times. 

Chen Feng’s aura flared briefly before disappearing. After that, Magiris felt himself suffocating somewhat. 

“You, you, you…” Magiris gaped slightly as he pointed at Chen Feng.

“What?” Chen Feng asked, a smile on his face. 

“How did your cultivation base grow so much?” A look of disbelief appeared on Magiris’ face. 

“Did you forget? I possess the Chaos Constitution. By devouring enough power, I can grow stronger. I’ve been spending the past hundred years refining some Gold Immortal’s blood essence.” Chen Feng stretched his hand out and a clump of bloody light emerged from his palm. Within the clump of bloody light was ageless power. 

“You’re crazy. Even if you have the Chaos Constitution, you cannot recklessly devour whatever power you find. You better be careful, lest you overload yourself and blow up.” Magiris’ eyes widened in shock. 

“Don’t worry, I know where to draw the line.” Chen Feng nodded.

“But why do I feel something weird with your aura?” Chen Feng then asked. 

“Of course there’s something weird with it. I will be undergoing my tribulation soon. I hope you can keep watch for me as I assail the Gold Immortal stage. You can also gain something from it,” Magiris said. 

Chen Feng was not surprised to hear that. Instead, he nodded and asked again, “How about it? Are you prepared?”

“What is this am I prepared nonsense? Since I sense it coming, I must not let this opportunity slip away. Besides, I have a great deal of pressure on me,” Magiris said with a smile.  

“Pressure? You’re not talking about me, are you? It’s true. When compared to me, anyone will feel pressured.” There was a serious look on Chen Feng’s face.

Magiris shook his head, a wry smile on his face. “It’s the Celestial Malla Plane.”

“As expected. Don’t worry. After you advance to the Gold Immortal stage, the situation might change for the better. Also, I am supporting you.”

“With your support, I’m good. However, when you return to the Celestial Longevity Plane, you will also have to face a lot of problems.”

“Humph! Once I advance to the Gold Immortal stage, I’ll go back and cut down all the problems. Problem solved,” Chen Feng said with a disdainful tone. 

“Overbearing. Respect!” Magiris gave Chen Feng the thumbs up. 

The two of them then chatted and joked for a while before moving out, only stopping after they reached a remote location. 

“Are you ready?” Chen Feng looked around. Magic arrays had been set up here beforehand.

“Yes. This tribulation will likely be dangerous.” Magiris nodded, a serious look on his face. 

“It is only right to make some preparations. This is the tribulation to become a Gold Immortal. It will not be easy. Once you succeed, you will attain the ageless body, an undying existence.

“I really envy you. I’m still just a minor Heavenly Immortal.” Chen Feng then sighed. 

Hearing those words, Magiris nearly puked blood. He then ignored Chen Feng. His figure dashed forward to enter the magic arrays. Following the release of his aura, tribulation clouds began appearing in the sky. 

Chen Feng chuckled and casually found a boulder to sit on. He diverted a portion of his focus to scan his surroundings. Next, his eyes lit up and he turned to look at a certain spot within void space. 

“Ha ha ha! Young Master Longevity Celestial’s divine sense is very strong. Patriarch Blackriver greets Young Master.” An old man laughed and his voice flowed over. 

“I wouldn’t dare. Junior should be the one greeting senior.” Chen Feng stood up. 

This Patriarch Blackriver was the Gold Immortal who came from the Celestial Malla Plane. Born in the Blackwater Tribe, he was Magiris’ supporter. As Magiris was undergoing his tribulation, it was only right for him to secretly stand guard over him. That said, Patriarch Blackriver was somewhat surprised. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would be able to discover him. He had heard of how Chen Feng possessed an extraordinary combat power despite his low cultivation level, but only now did he believe it. 


A black-coloured Water Lightning descended, becoming the prelude to the Heavenly Tribulation. Patriarch Blackriver’s face turned serious and he hid himself again. Chen Feng also fell silent. He sat down on the boulder again, his gaze peering into the tribulation clouds in the sky. It was as though he could see something there. 

Magiris was born in the Blackwater Tribe. Although he was born with the Magic Eyes, he also possesses a water-type constitution. He cultivates the Demonic Blackwater Art and black malice power. His Heavenly Tribulation began with a Water Lightning attack. This is interesting. I don’t believe that this fellow’s Heavenly Tribulation is this simple, Chen Feng thought.

Magiris was something of a cultivation genius, after all. Add his special constitution to the equation, his Heavenly Tribulation would definitely be stronger than the average cultivator. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, this Water Lightning was just a freebie for Magiris. 

As expected, Magiris was able to quickly take on the Water Lightning attack. Moreover, he appeared to have an easy time doing so. 

The second phase came. This time, it was a Heavenly river. The river was faint-black in colour and it emerged from the very depths of the tribulation clouds to surge down towards Magiris. It gave off quite the terrifying feeling. 

“It’s Heavenly Profound Water. Why is it the power of water again?” Chen Feng was somewhat taken aback to see that.

The river appeared extraordinary in strength. But while it might be able to affect others, for Magiris, this should not be an issue. 

As expected, Magiris managed to easily overcome this wave of attacks as well. This time, even Magiris felt something amiss. 

“Careful. There might be a stronger Heavenly Tribulation later on.” Chen Feng sent Magiris a secret vocal transmission, only for the tribulation clouds to fire a bolt of lightning at Chen Feng.


Chen Feng gripped the lightning attack and crushed it. “It’s even attacking me? But I’m not afraid. This level of lightning power is not even enough to tickle me.”

Surprisingly, in the face of Chen Feng’s provocative words, the Heavenly dao did not respond. 

During the third phase, the Heavenly Tribulation finally put more power behind its attacks. First, it was a spear made from water. Following that came various other types of magic treasures. It was quite the dazzling display, one that gave a feeling of pressure. However, this wave of attacks was also not a big threat to Magiris.

At that very moment, Patriarch Blackriver, who was hiding in the dark, finally could not hold back. His figure dashed forward to appear before Chen Feng.

“Young Master, what do you think of this?” Patriarch Blackriver asked solemnly. 

“Something’s wrong. I believe that his Heavenly Tribulation should not be this easy,” Chen Feng said with a dubious tone. 

“I also feel something amiss. In the past, Magiris’ tribulations were never this easy,” Patriarch Blackriver nodded.

“This is the third phase. If I am not mistaken, something will happen in the next phase of the Heavenly Tribulation,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration. 

“The fourth phase? It might also be the last phase,” Patriarch Blackriver said. 

Magiris brandished the Illusory Demon Edge to either block the incoming attacks or cut them apart. Although it took quite some effort, he did succeed in overcoming the attacks. 

By then, his heart was already beating violently, going beyond his control. An intense feeling of pressure gripped the very depths of his soul and his eyelids twitched. He knew that danger was about to descend upon him. 

“As expected!”

Chen Feng and Patriarch Blackriver’s eyes turned grim as the two of them sensed a terrifying aura brewing within the tribulation clouds.

A stream of black light descended to envelop Magiris. 

“It’s Devastation Light!” Patriarch Blackriver, though, breathed a sigh of relief. 

“If it’s just this, then there is no problem.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

He had only just said that when another stream of light descended. This time, the stream of light was fiery-red in colour. Immediately after that came a third stream of light. This one was white in colour. The fourth was faint-cyan in colour and the fifth was purple-golden in colour. Together, they formed five streams of light with varying colours, with Magiris in the middle, obscuring his figure from their line of sight.

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