Chapter 1228 Cultivate


Part of the power from the Gold Immortal blood essence fused with Chen Feng’s fleshly body while another part fused with his bodily worlds. Due to that, his bodily worlds became several times bigger. 

Individually, each of Chen Feng’s insight acupoints was still no match for the bodily world of other Heavenly Immortals. However, Chen Feng had a high number of them. Due to that, he needed even more power to develop them. Of course, this was only possible thanks to the Chaos Constitution. For the average cultivator, doing so was the equivalent of digging their own grave.

For the sake of improving one’s cultivation base by leaps and bounds, almost every cultivator would only develop one bodily world. Someone like Chen Feng was incredibly rare. 

Another 300 years went by. During those 300 years, Chen Feng had utilized his magic powers to give himself more time. 

For the outside world, 300 years had passed by. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had been cultivating for 3,000 years. Given his current level, interfering with time to give himself a one to ten difference was a simple matter. This action only consumed some of his strength. He did not even lose much of his life span by doing this. 

Chen Feng had a good number of Divine artifacts on him, after all. By bringing out any one of them, he could manipulate the laws of time within the inner world of the Divine artifact. Naturally, doing so came at a certain price. 

Chen Feng had spent 3,000 years in cultivation. When compared to his previous cultivation sessions, this was somewhat too much for him. While the state of being immersed in cultivation did give him a pleasant feeling, it also gave him a feeling of being isolated from the world. 

During those 3,000 years, Chen Feng had broken down six Ageless laws and fused them with his 200 Heavenly laws. 

This way, he would be able to completely make that power his own. 

As he was cultivating, he also formed some more Heavenly laws. At the same time, he was also ceaselessly devouring Heavenly laws that he deemed useless. 

In short, the number of Heavenly laws within him remained roughly at 200. Naturally, he intended to continue compressing them. He aimed to compress them all until there was only one. That was the pinnacle of power. However, this process would be a difficult one. Even Chen Feng himself did not know if he could succeed. 

On this particular day, Chen Feng finally walked out from his grotto-mansion. His clone then transformed into a beam of light to fly into his body. Thanks to his clone, Chen Feng knew a bit about what was happening outside. Even so, spending that long in cultivation was giving him a depressing feeling. 

I really do not know those fellows can cultivate for 10,000 years or even 100,000 years. Perhaps it is because my level is still not high enough. Chen Feng shook his head. A clump of sword energy emerged from his palm before elongating into a sword. 

A faint-cyan light flowed across the straight body of the sword. Lines were seemingly flitting in and out from the sword. A perfunctory look would reveal that this was a somewhat ordinary sword. However, with a thought from Chen Feng, the sword swirled before him, occasionally releasing a shower of sword energy. After that, the sword transformed into a beam of sword energy to flash forward, covering a distance of 5,000 kilometres in an instant. 

Following that, sword light flared out and it became like a folding fan opening up. It jumped around at the spot, one bereft of any human traces, before disappearing from sight with another flash. Next, it appeared in Chen Feng’s hand, where it transformed into a three-inch-long small sword. Swirling around again for a moment, it flew into Chen Feng’s body.

After the sword disappeared, several cultivators fell down from void space. It was at the very same spot where the sword had been jumping around earlier. In that brief moment, the sword had killed off those men. One of them was a half-step Gold Immortal proficient in stealth techniques.

The sword was none other than the Longevity Sword that Chen Feng had been spending all this time refining. It had reached the low-grade Divine tier. For the sake of refining this sword, Chen Feng had fused a high number of sword spirits, sword intent and sword daos into it. In his opinion, the only thing it now lacked was the foundation built through time and the condensation of its laws. As for the other aspects, the Longevity Sword was already comparable to a mid-grade Divine artifact. Chen Feng had even fused a mid-grade Divine artifact into it. 

Naturally, while fusing sword-type artifacts into it, Chen Feng also tried to fuse fragments of other magic treasures and essence into it. But this was still in the experimental stage.

The Longevity Sword is the fastest to advance. The other weapons are a little slow, but this means a high number of various other magic treasures is needed. Thinking about that gave Chen Feng a headache. 

Ever since Chen Feng began condensing the Longevity weapons, he had poured in great effort and resources into them. But most of them were only used for safeguarding his fleshly body. They were rarely used to deal with his enemies. 

Chen Feng himself had been feeling somewhat bored. Due to that, during his cultivation session, he had placed more emphasis on certain Longevity weapons. 

However, he also knew – through the records within the Longevity Scripture – that the highest level for this weapons condensation technique was the fusion of all the Longevity weapons and treasures into one to become a brand new, unique existence. Only, according to the Longevity Scripture, in all of the Longevity Clan, none had ever managed to accomplish this before. 

For Chen Feng, though, just knowing about it was enough. Whether or not he could do it, he would only worry about it after he reached the Gold Immortal stage.

The East Extreme Immortal Palace has not launched any attacks in recent years. Looks like the chaos that afflicted the East Extreme Immortal Palace back then is quite severe. I wonder, what is sealed inside the sealed zone? It is so much stronger compared to the guys imprisoned within Blackfang Prison. If it breaks free, it will become a disaster for the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace. 

Although no large-scale wars erupted in recent years, Chen Feng was still feeling concerned. Improving his strength was the most crucial issue here.

A tsunami-like wave of divine sense spread out, only slowing down to a halt after it had enveloped the entire Primordial Mountain Range. This was the limits of Chen Feng’s divine sense. It had to be said, the entire Primordial Mountain Range spanned a length of over a billion li. Only Gold Immortals would be able to do this with their divine sense. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, the Longevity Sword flew out again. Any place that Chen Feng’s divine sense could envelop, the Longevity Sword could arrive in a flash. 

A high number of outside forces had made their way into the Primordial Mountain Range. Some of them were half-step Gold Immortals. Most of them were from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. As for the Starsource Order trio, they no longer had much forces left. 

Chen Feng did not hesitate at all. Sword light flashed non-stop, changing its position continuously to keep on slashing. Following that, the cultivators who were hiding in the dark and even those who snuck into the Six Daos Alliance were cleaved into two. It didn’t matter if they were Heavenly Immortals or half-step Gold Immortals. None could escape from the flying sword. All of them died with one attack. 

Naturally, Chen Feng also discovered some True Immortals. But he did not attack. Something like this should be left to those at the lower levels. No matter how formidable his magic powers may be, he could not deal with everything. The fact that it would become an extra pile of load on him aside, the lower-levelled fellows would end up not doing anything. Be it alliances or sects, he was not the only one here. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense controlled the Longevity Sword, which flew about within a radius of over a billion li. After one joss stick’s worth of time, tens of cultivators had died to the beam of sword light.

The beam of sword light flashed forward only to suddenly turn, but two fingers appeared to firmly clip the beam of sword light, revealing the Longevity Sword. 

“He he he!” A sinister snicker rang out. Moving through the Longevity Sword, it made its way into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. 

“Sir, isn’t this action of killing ordinary disciples a little overboard?”

The clone of a Gold Immortal. A pity, it is just a clone. Chen Feng snickered as well. His divine sense gathered, becoming stronger. Next, sword light radiated out from the Longevity Sword again.  

The two fingers clipping the Longevity Sword was shredded by the sword energy and the Longevity Sword then slashed to tear space. After that, a middle-aged cultivator in purple-coloured robes appeared. As his two fingers were shredded by the sword energy, his face was ugly to behold. But the next attack from Chen Feng had already arrived.

The clone of a Gold Immortal. I suppose this qualifies as an opponent, albeit barely. Chen Feng nodded, a beam of blade light shooting out from his body to arrive above the middle-aged cultivator’s head in an instant. It then slashed down furiously. 

It was the Longevity Blade. Amongst all the Longevity weapons, the Longevity Blade was second only to the Longevity Sword. This slash created a thick astral blade, locking down on the middle-aged cultivator’s position, making it impossible for him to escape. After but a few exchanges, this Gold Immortal clone fell into a disadvantageous position. 

In the past hundreds of years, Chen Feng had been spending his time cultivating the grand dao laws. Due to that, he had become much more proficient at the utilization of the laws and his overall strength had undergone a great change. 

However, in the past, by going all out, Chen Feng could already kill off some of the weaker Gold Immortals. Thus, at present, finishing off a Gold Immortal clone was not an issue. 

The Longevity Sword flashed by to cleave the middle-aged cultivator into two. Then, sword light and astral blade spun to shred what remained of the Gold Immortal clone into mincemeat.

The average Gold Immortal can no longer put pressure on me, but I am still no match for an expert at Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s level. If I encounter him, all I can do is run. Looks like this force of mine will be hard to maintain. Or am I to return to the Celestial Longevity Plane like this?

Forget it. If it really comes down to it, I can just find the Longevity Tower. Given the Longevity Tower’s current level of strength, suppressing some Gold Immortals should no longer be an issue. After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng retracted his divine sense and both the Longevity Sword and Longevity Blade returned into his body.  

Following that, Chen Feng began contacting the Longevity Tower.

As Chen Feng’s first lifebound magic treasure, even if there were many layers of space between them, even if there was a great distance between the two of them, they would still be able to sense one another. 

Chen Feng, however, was disappointed. He failed to contact the Longevity Tower. This proved that the Longevity Tower was too far away. Of course, there was another possible reason for this. Tower itself did not want Chen Feng to find him. 

This fellow. I wonder where he went? I am in need of power here, but he actually went dark. Chen Feng muttered in dissatisfaction. 

Shaking his head, Chen Feng then went looking for Da Feng and the others. Seeing Chen Feng emerge from his cultivation retreat, Da Feng and the others were overjoyed. Speaking of which, during the time when Chen Feng was in cultivation retreat, Da Feng and the others were the ones who had to handle most of the matters within the Six Daos Alliance. 

“All used up already?” Hearing Da Feng’s report, Chen Feng felt his head aching. 

“Yes. The number of cultivators in our alliance is increasing. Our cultivation resources are simply insufficient. The spiritual objects, divine objects, Immortal artifacts and Divine artifacts that you brought out have all been distributed,” Da Feng said with a wry smile.

Chen Feng nodded. He didn’t say anything about it. He had intended for those items to be distributed to begin with. 

“Our cultivation resources are insufficient. This is a problem.”

“The most important issue here is that our territory has shrunken down badly. Just this Primordial Mountain Range is far from enough for the members and disciples. Thankfully, the guys from the Celestial Carefree Plane, Demon Plane and the others have left. Even with that, the amount of immortal energy here is still insufficient,” Da Feng said.  

“In other words, our territory is not big enough.” Chen Feng nodded, a thoughtful look on his face.


1 li = 0.5 km

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