Chapter 1227 Space-time Extra-terrestrial Creature Advances


Upon entering a state of cultivation, one would ignore the passage of time. The more powerful a cultivator was, the longer they would require to study the grand dao laws. This was why some cultivators would spend thousands if not tens of thousands of years for their cultivation retreat. 

There were plenty of things that Chen Feng had to do during his cultivation session. Firstly, he had to heal up his injuries. Then, refine the remnant power of the Gold Immortal blood essence. Accomplishing these two matters would already require a long time. And then, there was the matter of fusing the Ageless laws within him into his Heavenly laws. 

Ever since Chen Feng saw the massive palm bearing the power of Paramount laws, a feeling of danger had been looming over him. An expert at that level was too strong. He was simply no match for that person.  

Back then, the other party did not even appear in person. And yet, they had nearly succeeded in killing off Chen Feng and the others. If it weren’t for the Dark Kirin, who went all out to stop the other party, Chen Feng would’ve been incapable of escaping.

Perhaps it was due to what happened in the East Extreme Immortal Palace, or perhaps it was because Chen Feng had killed so many half-step Gold Immortals back then, or perhaps there were other reasons, but the East Extreme Immortal Palace did not attack the Six Daos Alliance again after their retreat.

Only, their soldiers did not withdraw to the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Rather, they were stationed at the Starsource Order. It was something of a deterring move, aimed at the Six Daos Alliance.

In the beginning, the Six Daos Alliance had been constantly on high alert. But as time went by, they gradually relaxed. That said, some minor clashes between the two sides never ended. 

Without Gold Immortals to oversee the battle, the East Extreme Immortal Palace also dared not recklessly launch an attack. 

Time flew and a hundred years went by in the blink of an eye.

On this particular day, within a forbidden zone inside the Primordial Mountain Range, a formidable aura vaulted into the sky. Following that, tribulation clouds gathered, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled and water and fire roiled. Someone was undergoing their tribulation. 

This Heavenly Tribulation was both swift and formidable. Soon enough, the cultivators there realized that this was a Heavenly Tribulation to advance to the Gold Immortal stage.

“Someone is assailing the Gold Immortal stage. Just who is it?” 

“What a formidable Heavenly Tribulation. This is 100 times stronger compared to the Heavenly Tribulation I faced when I was advancing to the half-step Gold Immortal stage. No, it is 1,000 times stronger!”

“The way I see it, it’s 10,000 times stronger.”

“Which senior is it? Will they successfully advance? If they can, our Six Daos Alliance will have another Gold Immortal.”

The cultivators discussed the issue. Naturally, most of the cultivators who were alarmed by this were half-step Gold Immortals and Gold Immortals.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, continued with his cultivation session. He had sensed the abnormal situation. He also knew who was undergoing the tribulation, but he ignored it. Instead, he turned his attention back to his cultivation session. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One, by one, the Gold Immortals who were alarmed by this incident appeared. The ones from the Six Daos Alliance were Heng Ri, the Dark Kirin and the Five-coloured Kirin. All three were unique extra-terrestrial creatures with extraordinary talents. They were stronger than the average Gold Immortal.

The Five-coloured Kirin that they rescued was very strong. In terms of cultivation level and cultivation base, she was even stronger than the Dark Kirin. This gave the Six Daos Alliance a greater sense of confidence. It was also something of a deterring factor. 

Additionally, there were several other Gold Immortals as well. These Gold Immortals were from the Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Celestial Carefree Plane. 

That said, they did lose some Gold Immortals in the previous war. The Blood Plane had suffered the most. Their force was nearly wiped out. They had one Gold Immortal and three Gold Immortal clones. All of them were killed in action. 

There was also a Gold Immortal from the Celestial Malla Plane who led a group of cultivators over. This person was from the Blackwater Tribe, someone who supported Magiris. Only, this Gold Immortal kept a very low-profile. With the exception of cultivating himself, he would almost never take action. Even now, in the face of this Heavenly Tribulation, all he did was send out a strand of his divine sense. 

“Who is undergoing their tribulation?”

“Which force is this person from? Divine Sovereign Heavenslip, is it someone from your Celestial Carefree Plane? I can sense the power of space-time.”

“I don’t think so. I sense a formidable power of genes belonging to beasts. Could it be a demonic beast from the Demon Plane?”

“It’s not someone from our Demon Plane.”

As they were chatting, the Heavenly Tribulation began. A massive extra-terrestrial creature appeared amidst the Heavenly Tribulation and the formidable atmosphere of power that it emanated attracted the attention of all the Gold Immortals there. 

“So, it’s this little fellow. His cultivation speed is quite fast.” The Dark Kirin then shook his head before leaving together with the Five-coloured Kirin. 

“It’s a formidable extra-terrestrial creature under the Alliance Lord. It is said to be a unique space-time creature from the great wilderness of the cosmos. It is very strong.”

Someone had finally recognized the extra-terrestrial creature that was undergoing the tribulation. 

“In other words, the Six Daos Alliance will have another Gold Immortal.”

“The Six Daos Alliance will have four Gold Immortals now. Additionally, Young Master Longevity Celestial’s combat power is also at the Gold Immortal level. I hear that more than one Gold Immortal have died to him.”

“Advancing to the Gold Immortal stage is not easy. Don’t fail now.”

“Humph! What are you talking about here? Are you cursing him so that he would fail?”

“I didn’t mean it that way.”

“That’s clearly what you said.”

The cultivators there chatted noisily. The few Gold Immortals had already left, but their divine senses continued to sweep around. That was particularly true of Heng Ri, who kept watch nearby, on guard against anyone with ill intentions. 

“This fellow.” Speaking of which, Heng Ri and this space-time extra-terrestrial creature could be considered as companions in an adventure. That was especially so when considering the fact that they were both subdued by Chen Feng. Due to that, their connection grew closer. Heng Ri knew that the extra-terrestrial creature’s genes were in no way inferior compared to his genes. Thus, he should have no issues advancing to the Gold Immortal stage. 

“Dark Night, this space-time extra-terrestrial creature should be able to succeed, right?” Cai Yi, the Five-coloured Kirin, asked.

“Of course it will. This space-time extra-terrestrial creature is not to be underestimated. His genes are actually slightly more noble when compared to that variant wyrm. After he advances, more potential within his genes will be stirred forth. When that happens, he will have no issues surpassing the variant wyrm.”

“That Chen Feng kid, though, will be getting a bargain here.”

“Why do you say that?” Cai Yi asked, puzzled. 

“These two formidable extra-terrestrial creatures are Chen Feng’s soul slaves. Last time, when the variant wyrm advanced to the Gold Immortal stage, Chen Feng managed to gain some benefit from it. It’ll be the same this time.” A look of envy appeared on his face.  

“What background does this Chen Feng possess? Why is he so strong? From what I can see, he is only a Heavenly Immortal. How could his combat power be so high?” Cai Yi asked curiously.  

“Surely, you know of the Celestial Longevity Plane?” The Dark Kirin cast a look of surprise at her. 

“Of course I do, but not even the Celestial Planes have such a genius. Through the many years I had spent on the path of cultivation, I have never heard of such a character before. As long as he can stay alive, this friend of yours will definitely accomplish great things,” Cai Yi said. 

“Naturally. This kid is indeed formidable.” Although the Dark Kirin and Cai Yi were chatting, they did not let their guards down. Their divine senses kept scanning the place, on guard against any unexpected situations. 

After a short period, one that seemed to last for a very long time, the tribulation clouds finally disappeared. A concentrated golden light then pierced through the void to stir the clouds in every direction. The massive extra-terrestrial creature then released an unparalleled atmosphere of savagery, causing the Gold Immortals who were keeping watch to secretly feel shocked. 

He possesses such a formidable power right after advancing. The Six Daos Alliance now has another expert in its ranks. Looks like joining forces with the Six Daos Alliance is not a bad choice.

“How I envy Longevity Celestial,” Magiris muttered as well. 

Chen Feng, who was in the midst of cultivating himself, suddenly snapped open his eyes. His sea of wisdom churned and wave after wave of life force swelled up within him. A mysterious power entered him, making his soul power slightly stronger. 

He has successfully overcome his tribulation. The strength of my soul power increased by nearly 10%. It is the same as when Heng Ri advanced last time. Looks like my decision back then was the right one. If so, I will have to find the opportunity to subdue some strong fellows in the future. Golden light kept revolving within Chen Feng’s eyes without emanating outwards. It was contained within and Chen Feng’s cultivation base improved yet again.

With this, our Six Daos Alliance now has four Gold Immortals. Looks like our position in the Immortal Plane is becoming increasingly secure. It’s just a matter of time before we finish off the East Extreme Immortal Palace, Chen Feng thought. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the space-time extra-terrestrial creature’s advance to the Gold Immortal had given Chen Feng a greater ambition and feeling of dominance. 

In the Immortal Plane, Gold Immortals are the symbol of power and status. Although the sects with half-step Gold Immortals appear formidable, the truly formidable do not consider them as a threat at all. Just take the East Extreme Immortal Palace for example. One move from it could easily sweep aside first-rate sects like the Six Daos Sword Faction. Moreover, the Immortal Plane also has the Immortal Court, an even stronger force. 

Time. Chen Feng thought to himself. 

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and a clump of golden light flew out from his grotto-mansion, making its way through space to arrive before Da Feng.

The clump of golden light then opened up and a pile of weapons spread out, hovering in the air. 

“So many magic treasures! So many Divine artifacts!” Da Feng was somewhat shocked to see that. Even though he was from the Longevity Clan, he would rarely get to see something like this. 

“There are 200 top-grade Immortal artifacts and 100 Divine artifacts. I now hand them over to you. You have full authority to manage them.” Chen Feng’s voice made its way to Da Feng’s ear. 

“Affirmative, Young Master!” Da Feng quickly and respectfully responded. 

Chen Feng waved his hand again and another clump of golden light flew out to rapidly arrive before Tun Ri. This time, it contained large amounts of cultivation resources. Most of them were spiritual objects and divine objects. 

With these, we should be able to increase the strength of a number of cultivators. A pity, I failed to obtain the Spiritual Fountain Water of Agelessness, otherwise we will be able to nurture even more cultivators. 

Thinking about the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up before a worried expression appeared on his face. 

The East Extreme Immortal Palace possessed so many magic treasures and valuable objects. It even possessed the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. If so, no matter how much the Six Daos Alliance developed, it would not be able to match the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s rate of development. 

If Chen Feng could nurture out an expert, by using even more resources, the East Extreme Immortal Palace would be able to nurture two or three or more experts. Should this be allowed to continue, they would be in trouble. 

No wonder the Immortal Court would launch a full assault. The East Extreme Immortal Palace attacked so many forces at the same time, mobilizing so many cultivators for this. It is because they have the resources for it. Their confidence came from these resources.

Reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng’s mind then fell into a slight state of turmoil. Within his sea of wisdom, several cracks suddenly appeared out of nowhere to tear a portion of his soul power. Shocked, Chen Feng quickly recollected himself, stabilizing the state of his soul. 

Thinking too much about it is pointless. What I need to focus on now is to improve my strength. The various Celestial Planes have sent reinforcements down. I would like to see how much power the Immortal Court can unleash.

Next up, Chen Feng continued cultivating himself. Another 100 years went by and Chen Feng finally managed to heal up all the hidden injuries within him. At the same time, he had also refined and absorbed the remnant Gold Immortal blood essence within his body.

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