Chapter 1226 Returning to the Six Daos Alliance


“This opportunity is rare even in the span of a billion years. I am already very satisfied with this harvest,” Dong Wang said with a smile. 

“Not necessarily. Once I advance to the Gold Immortal stage, sweeping my way through the East Extreme Immortal Palace will not be an issue,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

Dong Wang snorted. Just as he was about to retort, however, he stopped himself. A slight feeling of shock came over him. Chen Feng was presently only a Heavenly Immortal. And yet, he could already fight against Gold Immortals. How much stronger would he become after advancing to the Gold Immortal stage?

Just thinking about it caused Dong Wang to feel highly shocked. 

How could there be such a Heaven-defying character?

“If so, I will have to congratulate you in advance, friend. I want to head back now,” Dong Wang then said with a smile. 

“You’re heading back?” Chen Feng was surprised. Dong Wang had made use of this chaos to plunder the burning house. In Chen Feng’s opinion, Dong Wang, who had gained a lot from this, should be running as far away as he could. And yet, he actually wanted to return. This shocked Chen Feng.

“No matter how you cut it, I still possess the position of immortal palace envoy. I am not the only one who fished in troubled waters this time. Besides, it will not be easy to find out what I did. Friend, there is no need to worry about it. Should the day come when I have nowhere to go, I will go seek refuge from you. I’m just worried that you won’t accept me when the time comes,” Dong Wang said, still smiling. 

“Very well. If there is anything, you can head to the Six Daos Alliance to find me. Given your abilities, I believe that you will be able to quickly find out my background.” Chen Feng nodded.

After that, Dong Wang turned and returned to the East Extreme Immortal Palace. As for the Dark Kirin and the Five-coloured Kirin, they were discussing something secretly. 

“Fellows, let’s talk after we return,” Chen Feng said.

“Chen Feng, that kid named Dong Wang is not to be underestimated. I keep getting the feeling that there is something amiss with him, but I cannot figure out what,” the Dark Kirin suddenly said. 

“Naturally. Even I cannot figure it out. Maybe he is the reincarnation of a formidable character.” Chen Feng didn’t think too much about it. There were many cultivators who had their own secrets. So long as it did not endanger him, he would not go around speculating randomly.

Following that, the three of them returned to the Six Daos Alliance.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, although the East Extreme Immortal Palace was embroiled in chaos, the army besieging the Six Daos Alliance did not retreat. Rather, their numbers were increasing. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense rapidly scanned the battlefield and found that the Gold Immortal clones overseeing the battle had left. Even so, they still had half-step Gold Immortals who directed the Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals to attack the Six Daos Alliance again and again. 

The Six Daos Alliance was in a terribly unfavourable position. It had suffered from heavy casualties and even the Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos was already on the verge of falling. 

“So, the guys from the Demon Plane, Celestial Carefree Plane and some others fled here. Due to that, their enemies were brought over to our Six Daos Alliance.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“Although the East Extreme Immortal Palace is in a state of chaos, it only managed to tie up some Gold Immortals. A high number of soldiers below that level is not affected.”

“Without Gold Immortals, one charge from the three of us can disperse them all,” the Dark Kirin said, killing intent billowing out from him. 

“Attacking these ordinary soldiers will damage your reputation. Of course, as a Heavenly Immortal, I have no scruples in doing that,” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Soul Demise Bow. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Arrows of varying colours flew out, targeting the enemy half-step Gold Immortals. Firstly, Chen Feng was killing off the enemy to resolve the crisis gripping his side. Secondly, Chen Feng was using the Soul Demise Bow in various other ways. It was a form of training. It just so happened that he was also bullying the other party while doing so. 

Watching Chen Feng attack, the Dark Kirin shook his head. Then, together with the Five-coloured Kirin, the two of them entered the great array. Chen Feng was right. The two of them were Gold Immortals. For characters like them, attacking minor soldiers was too much of a bullying action. In all of the Immortal Plane, it was very rare for Gold Immortals to take the initiative to attack cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage. 

That said, defending the great array was not an issue. 

The Dark Kirin and the Five-coloured Kirin landed on the great array and stream after stream of ageless power flowed out from their bodies. Next, the Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos that had been on the verge of breaking down released a strong radiance. Its power refuelled, it continued operating.

With two more Gold Immortals defending the great array, the various forces within the great array felt the pressure on them lightening. Some shouted in excitement. 

They then grew shocked to notice that chaos had broken loose within the enemy camp. In the beginning, it was only one corner. Then, various other parts were affected as well. It was as though countless meteors had fallen into a lake, causing ripples to spread across the entire surface.   

“Look! Someone has killed the enemy commander!”

“It’s the Alliance Lord! Every one he kills is a half-step Gold Immortal!”

Although they were inside the great array, they could clearly see what was happening outside. Chen Feng was standing steadily up in the sky, the Soul Demise Bow in his hand as he kept firing one arrow after another. 

Every arrow would reap the life of an enemy half-step Gold Immortal. 

To have one or two half-step Gold Immortals fall in such a large battle could be swept aside as a normal occurrence. However, what if up to 30 half-step Gold Immortals were killed?

More, Chen Feng was casually reaping their lives here.

As the half-step Gold Immortals were the highest combat power within the army, their fall led to a drastic change in the entire situation. 

In the beginning, it was chaos. Then, some began to flee. Naturally, there were also those who organized some forces to attack Chen Feng.

Only, it was not that effective.

Two half-step Gold Immortals organized a group of over 100 Heavenly Immortals to launch an attack on Chen Feng. With a flash, Chen Feng’s figure disappeared. The very moment he re-appeared, a beam of light shot out from the Soul Demise Bow in his hand to pierce through the team of 100 plus Heavenly Immortals. This attack instantly killed off around 10 Heavenly Immortals while further wounding tens of them. 

Sou! Sou!

Two more arrows flew forward and the two half-step Gold Immortals were killed as well. 

“This kid sure knows how to bully others.” The Dark Kirin shook his head. 

Heng Ri, who had been defending the place, grunted. He felt very unhappy to see that Chen Feng’s strength had increased.


Tun Ri was completely covered in wounds, but he forced himself to charge forward nonetheless.


The other cultivators from the Longevity Clan responded and followed him. 


The sword cultivators from the Six Daos Sword Faction were right behind them. 

Their opponents were already defeated. This was the time to chase after victory. Anyone who could still move and attack would charge forward.

And so, the situation became even more chaotic. Chen Feng, on the other hand, stopped attacking. After casually killing off two more half-step Gold Immortals, he entered the great array. 

“Sigh! This time, the alliance has suffered from serious losses. We will need some time to recover from this.” Chen Feng sighed. His formidable divine sense swept out like a tidal wave to inspect the Six Daos Alliance’s situation. 

“The ones who survive the war are the elites. Don’t worry. I will transfer more cultivators over from the Dark Plane,” the Dark Kirin said with a smile. 

Ever since saving the Five-coloured Kirin, the Dark Kirin’s aloof expression had melted away. At that very moment, as he was talking, a smile had appeared on his face. Seeing that came as a surprise for some. Of course, the Dark Kirin was their boss and an exalted Gold Immortal. And so, those thoughts remained as thoughts within their minds. No one dared to make fun of the Dark Kirin. 

“The Dark Plane is a very powerful world. It also has a long history of war with the Immortal Plane. Honestly, your Dark Plane has many experts as well. Only, it would appear that you are still incapable of mobilizing those guys,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration. 

“Humph! Although the Immortal Court is the ruler of the Immortal Plane, do not forget that there are many places in the Immortal Plane that are beyond the Immortal Court’s control. And as my strength grows, it is just a matter of time before I truly take control of the Dark Plane. Every creature of the Dark Plane would have to fight for me,” the Dark Kirin said, releasing a domineering aura that shocked even Chen Feng.

No wonder his cultivation base can rise so quickly. It turns out he has such a strong will, Chen Feng thought. 

This phase of the war had come to an end. Next up, the entire Six Daos Alliance entered a busy state once more. The previous battle had badly damaged the entire Primordial Mountain Range. Many spirit veins were destroyed in the battle. And while they had many experts with formidable magics, some time was needed to fully repair all the damaged areas and rebuild the Six Daos Alliance. 

Chen Feng practically had no time to rest, swamped with work for a total of three months. Finally, several batches of reinforcements arrived and Chen Feng was able to take a breather.

Naturally, the first batch of reinforcements were the cultivators from the Dark Plane that the Dark Kirin transferred over. Many of them were unique creatures. This time, however, the number of Heavenly Immortals was not too high. Rather, many of them were True Immortals. 

In addition, some cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane also came down. They were the men that Sha Shen and the others had been cultivating. They were men loyal to Chen Feng. However, their numbers were limited.

For the sake of fighting off the attacks from the East Extreme Immortal Palace, the cultivators from the Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Blood Plane and Celestial Carefree Plane did not leave the Primordial Mountain Range. Due to that, for the time being, their reinforcements were also stationed there with the Six Daos Alliance. 

Chen Feng then handed over his management duties to Dao Monarch Heavensdao and the others. At any rate, these fellows have some experience in managing the affairs of a sect. Only, they were also still suffering from some wounds. Due to that, they would occasionally be lazy and focus on their recovery and cultivation instead. 

In truth, Chen Feng had yet to fully repair the hidden wounds that he took back when he was going all out in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. The tens of drops of Gold Immortal blood essence were not the kind of items that he could so easily absorb. Chen Feng had been suppressing the issue all this time. 

After deciding to enter a cultivation retreat, Chen Feng then allowed the wounds to act up. And so, a violent power churned within his body and a power of chaos and devastation kept smashing about. Due to that, Chen Feng felt as though his body would disintegrate away.

He then utilized the Primary Self-anchoring Mantra and – with the help of his magic treasures – stabilized his body. After that, bit by bit, he began repairing the wounds on his body. 

Chen Feng had suffered from an unprecedented level of injuries this time, but it also stimulated the various potential within him again. After healing up his wounds, Chen Feng’s cultivation base would improve again. 

Of course, this recuperation session would take a very long time. And so, Chen Feng brought out a drop of blood essence and casually refined it into a clone. Although this clone did not possess a particularly striking combat power, it was good enough to manage the affairs of the Six Daos Alliance.

As for the Dark Kirin and the Five-coloured Kirin, they had – back when Chen Feng was swamped with work – hid themselves in their grotto-mansion to focus on their recuperation and cultivation. Finding out about that had caused Chen Feng to secretly groan. 

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