Chapter 1225 Rescuing the Five-coloured Kirin


Although Chen Feng appeared to be focused elsewhere, he was secretly on guard so as to be able to respond instantly to any attack. But when he saw Dong Wang’s actions, he grew relieved.

Chen Feng’s trust in Dong Wang was entirely one following his heart. It was a most basic form of instinct.

“Don’t be impatient. Just wait. I will deal with these puppets.” Despite saying that, the Dark Kirin had already tried everything in his disposal. Due to that, he began feeling apprehensive. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Little kirin, as long as you promise to become my mount, I will help you save this Five-coloured Kirin. What do you think?” As the combat puppets fought, they fired out words to disrupt the Dark Kirin’s mind. 


Suddenly, a beam of sword light flashed towards the Five-coloured Kirin. The Dark Kirin was initially taken aback, only to quickly become relieved. Next, he focused on fighting the combat puppets. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sword beam flashed about, changing its position constantly as it stabbed again and again. It did not take long before one of the seals on the Five-coloured Kirin’s body was destroyed.

“This!” The Five-coloured Kirin was surprised. 

“It’s my friend!” the Dark Kirin shouted, the War Butcher in his hand stabbing forward to pierce a big hole through the combat puppet before him. Next, he unleashed a series of ferocious attacks to rip the combat puppet into bits. 

The Undying Heaven Sword flew around non-stop, either launching bursts of sword light or descending curtains of sword light. Although Chen Feng was controlling the sword from afar, every attack from the Undying Heaven Sword contained formidable power of devastation. It was as though Chen Feng was personally using the sword to execute those attacks. 

This will take too long. Chen Feng directed his mind to utilize the one multitasking mind and brought out the Soul Demise Bow as well. 

Three arrows shot out in quick succession, going through layer after layer of spatial arrays to pierce one of the combat puppets that were fighting the Dark Kirin. 


After using the Soul Demise Bow to attack for a brief moment, Chen Feng kept it. Given his current level of strength, using two mid-grade Divine artifacts was still too difficult. That said, the fact that he could help the Dark Kirin finish off one of his opponents meant that the amount of time they needed here will be shortened. 

As expected, thanks to Chen Feng’s assistance, the Dark Kirin was able to swiftly defeat the other two combat puppets. Following that, he turned around and focused his all to break the seals around the Five-coloured Kirin.

Patriarch Thousand Works did not take action anymore. Seeing that, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. However, he quickly grew concerned. Patriarch Thousand Works had lost four combat puppets. Would he simply let this slide?

Perhaps, his next attack would be even more formidable. Chen Feng prayed that they would be able to rescue the Five-coloured Kirin as fast as possible. 

“Hey, friend, are you done yet?” Dong Wang could already sense some people coming. He could not stop himself from feeling anxious. 

Chen Feng did not respond. At the same time, he was inwardly complaining. This attack on Blackfang Prison had led to the escape of a good number of cultivators. But why were there still so many seals on the Five-coloured Kirin?

That said, the Dark Kirin was going all out inside. Thus, Chen Feng could not simply back away. After accumulating his power, Chen Feng brought out the Soul Demise Bow to fire three arrows in a row once more to break a high number of the seals there. 


The colossal body of the Five-coloured Kirin abruptly stood up and an aura of peerless savagery swept outwards. 

It was a sign that it was about to break free. Due to that, the Dark Kirin attacked with even greater ferocity.

“What’s going on up ahead?” A group of soldiers rushed over. The ones leading the group were all half-step Gold Immortals. Even as they were forwarding the question, they were already prepared to charge and attack.

“It’s me. There’s something important going on here. You fellows need to hurry up and leave.” Dong Wang waved his command flag to create a passageway, revealing himself. 

“It’s Sir Dong Wang! What is happening? Do you need our help?” the leaders of the team said respectfully. 

“This place does not concern you fellows. The palace is now in a state of chaos and a high number of experts have appeared. You fellows should find a safe place to hide,” Dong Wang waved them off. 

“Affirmative! Thank you, Sir Dong Wang!” The leaders revealed a look of delighted. With those words, they could relax and just run away.

Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. However, he did not keep the Soul Demise Bow in his hand. If those fellows had charged in, he might have attacked to kill them off.

Dong Wang sighed, shaking his head. Once again, he regretted his decision to come here.

That was only the first wave of soldiers. Next, came two more groups of cultivators. As they were all low-level patrolling soldiers, Dong Wang was able to easily send them away. 

However, it did not take long before three immortal palace envoys appeared. These fellows had quite the status. Due to that, Dong Wang became troubled.

“Dong Wang, this is the Great Malevolence Array that you set up, right?” one of them, a half-step Gold Immortal, stood outside the great array and asked.

“Hurry up and open a way to let us in.”

“Junior brothers, please just leave. There is no need for you three to get involved with this,” Dong Wang said with a chuckle.

“Dong Wang, you’re not doing something sneaky here, are you?” another envoy said with a derisive grin. 

Helpless, Dong Wang had to open a passageway. One by one, the three half-step Gold Immortals entered.

“What’s going on here?” Upon entering the array, all three noticed Chen Feng.


The Soul Demise Bow’s bowstring was pulled and an arrow of light flashed forward to kill off one of the envoys.

“Why did you fellows have to do this? You’re begging for death here.” Dong Wang waved the command flag in his hand to close up the passageway. Astral blades, formed using sinister winds and streams of malevolent energy, then assailed the other two envoys.

“Dong Wang, you actually colluded with outsiders!” The two envoys were astounded and they quickly attempted to charge out.

“Colluding is a very ugly way to paint this. In this entire East Extreme Immortal Palace, there are who knows how many who are doing the very same thing that I am. You can only consider yourselves unlucky to bump into me,” Dong Wang replied. 



Dong Wang controlled the magic array to entangle the two envoys while Chen Feng pulled the Soul Demise Bow twice to kill them both. 

“Thankfully, the ones who came are half-step Gold Immortals. I’d be in trouble if it’s a Gold Immortal,” Dong Wang said with a wry smile.

Chen Feng did not say a word. The rescue process was currently at a critical juncture. There were only a few more seals left before the Five-coloured Kirin could break free.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

A very loud sound suddenly rang out and a group of one-metre-long poisonous bees suddenly appeared. The poisonous bees were very fast. Surprisingly, their bodies contained ageless laws.

With a swing and a stab of the War Butcher, the Dark Kirin killed off several of the poisonous bees. Chen Feng, controlling the Undying Heaven Sword, also killed off a number of the bees.

“They’re puppets. Puppets containing ageless power. They also contain potent poison. Every single one of them has the power of a half-step Gold Immortal. Looks like Patriarch Thousand Works is messing with us again,” Chen Feng said frostily, the Undying Heaven Sword transforming into a Heavenly curtain to stop the charging poisonous bees. 

However, there were simply too many poisonous bees. Additionally, every one of them possessed a formidable offensive power. After a series of collisions, the Undying Heaven Sword was knocked away. Some of the poisonous bees then landed on the bodies of the Dark Kirin and Five-coloured Kirin and their stingers elongated before stabbing into their bodies. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 

After entering their bodies, the poison blew up to instantly blast out bloody holes of varying sizes. More, ferocious poison continued to invade their bodies to destroy their life force. 

The Dark Kirin roared and the Dark Scripture in his hand fired out a majestic, black-coloured river. It swept out to engulf tens of the poisonous bees. 


Another booming sound rang out and the Five-coloured Kirin finally regained its freedom. Its colossal body rapidly shrank, transforming into a female cultivator with a slender body. Clad in beautiful five-coloured robes, she had a very beautiful appearance. A look of excitement could be seen in her eyes and she waved her hand. Next, a five-coloured geocompass flew forward. Then, with a swirl, tens of the poisonous bees were ripped to bits. 

Such power! Even stronger than Dark Night. Ha ha! I wonder, in the future, will Dark Night be able to get her to follow him, Chen Feng pondered. At the same time, he grew relieved. Now that the Five-coloured Kirin had broken free, by working together with the Dark Kirin, they should have no issues charging out. 

And so, Chen Feng summoned back the Undying Heaven Sword. However, he pulled the Soul Demise Bow again to fire out 10 arrows of light in one go. Chen Feng’s attacks struck another part of Blackfang Prison and an extra-terrestrial creature that was bound by chains roared continuously as it broke free from the chains. Quickly, it charged out. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha, I am finally free! Thank you for the assistance, fellow friend!” Although this extra-terrestrial creature did not appear particularly big, it emanated the aura of true agelessness. 

“Don’t mention it. It is just a minor matter for me. If you want to thank me, you can help me deal with some troubling guys on your way out.” Chen Feng pointed at a certain direction. A Gold Immortal was heading towards them there.

“Not a problem.” The extra-terrestrial creature was quick to agree. It swiftly left the great array and it did not take long before sounds of battle rang out. 

Chen Feng pulled the Soul Demise Bow again. Thanks to Chen Feng’s assistance, one by one, three more Gold Immortals managed to break free. At the same time, the Dark Kirin and the Five-coloured Kirin managed to charge out. Judging by their auras, Chen Feng could tell that the poisonous bees had caused them a good number of troubles.

“Friend, you sure can stir up a hornet’s nest. Why did you let out so many savage characters?” Dong Wang frowned. 

“So that we can leave.”

After that, Chen Feng, Dong Wang, the Dark Kirin and Five-coloured Kirin no longer tarried. They quickly left. To their surprise, the process of leaving proceeded smoothly and they quickly made their way out of the East Extreme Immortal Palace. 

Looking at it from afar, they saw that the East Extreme Immortal Palace was enveloped by an atmosphere of chaos. Chen Feng, who had experienced it for himself, knew that it was experiencing great chaos. Every now and again, cultivators would either fly into the East Extreme Immortal Palace or fly out. Those who dared do something like this were practically all Gold Immortals. 

“Regardless, the East Extreme Immortal Palace is now in a terribly chaotic state. In the days to come, it will probably have too many problems on its plate. Hopefully, this can give us some breathing room,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“We have likely bought ourselves some time. However, when it comes to those below the Gold Immortal stage, the East Extreme Immortal Palace did not suffer too much,” the Dark Kirin said. 

“The most important matter is that this trip is rewarding enough. A pity, we failed to find the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. We’ll have to set aside some time to come here again in the future.” The humongous harvest that Chen Feng gained here was something that he could not have imagined. He had obtained a high number of spiritual objects, divine objects and also a considerable number of Divine artifacts. While delighted, he was also shocked at the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s foundation. It also triggered new speculations on how strong the Immortal Court was. 

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