Chapter 1224 Divine Monarch Six Senses


“What, so strong?!” Premier Divine Lightning and the Dark Kirin cried out at the same time. As they had fought against the massive palm before, they knew how strong it was. Unexpectedly, the eerie face was able to punch holes through it. 

Just what was this eerie face?

“Hurry, let’s run! Looks like we will not be able to get the Spiritual Fountain Water of Agelessness.” Chen Feng appeared beside the Dark Kirin. 

“Let’s go!” The Dark Kirin was aware as well that they could not stay here anymore. The current situation was simply too dangerous. There was no telling when another formidable character might pop up. 

Looking at the entrance to Blackfang Prison, the Dark Kirin hesitated for a moment. However, he had not received any response. He could not wait anymore.

Naturally, Chen Feng knew what was on the Dark Kirin’s mind. And so, he said, “Should I try to check it out again?”

“Forget it. Let’s just go.” The Dark Kirin shook his head. However, just as he was about to utilize his spiritwalking technique to run away, he halted.

“There’s a response?” Chen Feng asked. 

“There is a response.” The Dark Kirin became somewhat excited. Just now, he had finally received a response. Additionally, the other party was also utilizing the technique from the kirin race.  

After a moment’s silence, the Dark Kirin said, “I want to enter.”

“Very well. I will stand guard.” Chen Feng nodded. He knew then that they would not be leaving yet. 

Without hesitating in the slightest, the Dark Kirin entered Blackfang Prison. Interestingly enough, as he was entering, another prisoner broke out. When the prisoner saw the Dark Kirin charge in, he revealed a look of surprise. 

“To think that something like this would happen!” This person, a young cultivator, blurted out. Then, he saw Chen Feng. With a puzzled look on his face, he walked over. 

“Fellow cultivator, was that just now a friend of yours?”

Although this young cultivator had a somewhat unassuming appearance, he was a genuine Gold Immortal. The arrays restraining him had been wiped out before he broke out.

“Yes. Congratulations on successfully breaking free, senior.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Ha! You think that this Black-whatever Prison can hold me? If I want to break out, nothing can stop me. The reason I stayed inside is because I had something to do inside.” The young cultivator sneered. Standing upright, he then emanated a wave of formidable power, one that gave Chen Feng a sense of pressure. 

“Senior is truly formidable!” Chen Feng said in awe.

“How about it? Do you believe that I’m strong now?” The young cultivator was feeling somewhat pleased with himself. 

“Junior, you may address me as Divine Monarch Six Senses. How about it? Have you heard of my renowned name before?” 

Chen Feng merely pondered for a moment before exclaiming, “So, senior is the highly renowned Divine Monarch Six Senses! Your achievements are known to the entire Immortal Plane! This junior has always admired senior.”

“Humph, at least you know how to talk. By the way, that earlier is your friend? Now is not a good time to be going in.” It would appear that this Divine Monarch Six Senses had not spoken to anyone for a long time. When he heard Chen Feng’s reply, he became so excited that he kept blabbing non-stop.

“Why is that? Senior, please enlighten me.” Chen Feng grew shocked to hear that. 

“At present, some changes are happening within Blackfang Prison. Several old guys have awakened. At any rate, the prison is in a state of chaos. That friend of yours will likely encounter trouble after entering,” the young cultivator replied nonchalantly. 

“Trouble.” After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng quickly utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. His gaze pierced through space-time to quickly locate the Dark Kirin. 

Moving about, his gaze also swiftly found the massive Five-coloured Kirin. The Five-coloured Kirin had been staying silent there all this time, imprisoned inside. But sensing the summons from the Dark Kirin, it began struggling violently. However, the restraining arrays on it were simply too strong. Breaking out on its own was somewhat difficult. 

“Kid, what is it?” the Dark Kirin asked Chen Feng.

“You be careful. It looks like there is something happening inside.” Chen Feng warned the Dark Kirin. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.” The Dark Kirin had only just said that when two strange-looking combat puppets stopped him. 

“Not bad. To think that a little kirin would break in. It just so happens I can subdue it to serve as my mount,” one of the combat puppets opened its mouth and said. 

“Who? Pretending to be a ghost!” Due to this obstruction, the Dark Kirin became enraged. Immediately, he stepped forward to fight the two combat puppets. Unexpectedly, the two combat puppets were very strong. Additionally, they displayed a very good degree of cooperation. They were actually able to entangle the Dark Kirin. 

Chen Feng retracted his gaze, feeling somewhat concerned. 

Turning around, Chen Feng noticed that Divine Monarch Six Senses was staring at him. 


“Tsk, tsk. Kid, impressive. I didn’t think that you would have this move up your sleeve. However, your soul has yet to cultivate out the Ageless Light, otherwise your eye technique will be able to level up again,” Divine Monarch Six Senses said thoughtfully. 

“Thank you for the advice, senior. I wonder, are you familiar with the situation inside Blackfang Prison?” Chen Feng asked respectfully. 

“Am I familiar with it? Of course I am. Is your friend in trouble? Let me have a look,” Divine Monarch Six Senses said, his right eye turning white in colour. Next, a beam of divine light pierced its way into Blackfang Prison.  

Eh! Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. This technique was clearly a very formidable eye technique, known as the Divine Yin Yang Eye Technique. This eye technique was stronger than the Magic Eyes of Darkness, way stronger. Naturally, how much of its power one could display would depend on the user’s cultivation base. 

“Your friend is in quite the spot.” Divine Monarch Six Senses retracted his gaze. 

“The two puppets are from Patriarch Thousand Works. This Patriarch Thousand Works is a very formidable character amongst Gold Immortals,” Divine Monarch Six Senses said. 

“How strong is he?” Chen Feng hastily asked. 

“In short, very strong. Although he is sealed and incapable of breaking out, just some of the puppets he sends out would have the combat power of Gold Immortals. In Blackfang Prison, there are very few who would offend him. This friend of yours will have a hard time coming back out,” Divine Monarch Six Senses said, shaking his head. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, four beams of formidable power charged through the sky to assail Chen Feng and Divine Monarch Six Senses. 

Those were the energy cannons from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Although the East Extreme Immortal Palace appeared to have sustained serious damage due to this chaos, a number of enemy Gold Immortals had also died to the bombardment here. 

“Energy cannons!”

When Divine Monarch Six Senses saw that, light flashed out from his hand and a geocompass – black and white in colour – appeared to defend him. The circular geocompass spun and the four beams of power were deflected.

“Strong!” Chen Feng was truly shocked. The Divine Yin Yang Eye Technique and this Yin Yang Geocompass proved that this was an expert. 

“Eh, what a formidable aura!” Divine Monarch Six Senses noticed a power coming from the sealed zone and his right eye shone with white light once more as he inspected the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace.

“Ha ha ha! Little brother, I will be leaving first. Chatting with you feels like chatting with a kindred spirit. I hope we can meet again in the future.” After saying that, Divine Monarch Six Senses’ eyes sent out two streams of light, one black and one white. The two streams of light rapidly intertwined to form a spatial passageway. After that, he stepped into the passageway. Before leaving, however, the geocompass in his hand spun to fire out several streams of black and white light, which slipped into the void to destroy the energy cannons of the East Extreme Immortal Palace. 

“Thank you, senior!” Chen Feng said sincerely.

Divine Monarch Six Senses merely chuckled before his figure swiftly disappeared from sight. 

Chen Feng observed the devastated black hole, a look of uncertainty on his face. He wanted to enter. However, given his level of strength, should something unexpected happen, he can forget about coming out. 

On the other hand, waiting here was making him even more anxious. Additionally, he would also become the target of the other cultivators from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. 

I should check out what’s happening first. Chen Feng then utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight again. 

Within Blackfang Prison, the Dark Kirin fought the two puppets while moving around. It did not take long before he found the Five-coloured Kirin. 

When they saw one another, they became highly excited. The Dark Kirin unleashed an even greater power and the arrays suppressing the Five-coloured Kirin began loosening as a result. Even so, it was still quite difficult for the Five-coloured Kirin to break out on its own. 

“Ha ha ha! No wonder a little kirin like you would break in. So, you came here for this Five-coloured Kirin.” Again, a voice rang out from the combat puppets. 

“Don’t be impatient. I will save you!” the Dark Kirin said. Next, he waved his hand to summon the semi-transparent silhouette of the Dark Plane to suppress the two combat puppets. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

No longer entangled, the Dark Kirin began blasting the arrays sealing up the Five-coloured Kirin’s body. As expected, thanks to the Dark Kirin’s help, the rate at which the Five-coloured Kirin was breaking out from the arrays rose significantly. 

“The Dark Plane. Ha ha ha! So, you are the ruler of the Dark Plane. Very well. Subduing the ruler of the Dark Plane and turning it into my mount will give me quite the reputation.” Following those arrogant words, two more combat puppets appeared. Rushing forward, they entangled the Dark Kirin again, infuriating him greatly. However, these combat puppets were truly formidable, forcing him to use every move in his arsenal against them. 

“It’s not looking too good.” Chen Feng frowned.

“Friend, why are you still here?” It was at that moment that Dong Wang appeared out of nowhere. There was a look of surprise on his face as he regarded Chen Feng.

“Right on time. Protect me.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. 

“Protect? Protect what?” Dong Wang was taken aback. 

“Enough nonsense. Just make sure no one disturbs me.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Undying Heaven Sword transformed into a stream of light to enter Blackfang Prison. Next, Chen Feng’s soul flame raged as he focused on controlling the Undying Heaven Sword. 

“Hey! Seriously? I’m just passing by here!” Dong Wang shouted. 

“I have already left earlier. Why did I have to come here again? I say, friend. What are you trying to pull here? This place is very dangerous. Our previous partnership has ended. I cannot get involved with you anymore. I need to leave now.

“Friend, did you hear a word I just said? It’s very dangerous here. Hurry up and leave. I did not promise you that I will protect you.”

But no matter what Dong Wang said, Chen Feng did not reply. It was as though his mind was somewhere else entirely. 


In the end, Dong Wang sighed. 

“Fine, just consider this bad luck on my part. But you better hurry.

“Still, you sure are willing to trust me? Are you not afraid that I might turn on you? At any rate, we are not even friends. I don’t even know your name.”

After saying that, Dong Wang brought out a command flag and waved it. Sinister winds blew and killing energy filled the place before forming a great array to protect the place.

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