Chapter 1223 Eerie Face


Chen Feng had poured all his strength into it, all for the sake of running away. At that very moment, Chen Feng came to realize that the true experts amongst the Gold Immortal stage were existences that he simply could not face. If it weren’t for the Dark Kirin, who was holding the rear, that massive palm earlier could have slapped Chen Feng to his death. 

The Dark Kirin had brought out the Dark Scripture, utilizing the power of the Dark Plane to fight against the massive palm. As the two sides fought, an uncountable number of the surrounding magic treasures were destroyed. 

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Although the pressure on him had lightened, Chen Feng’s body was in a most wretched state. If it weren’t for the Goldshine Combat Armour’s support, his body would have broken into bits. 

Suddenly, Dong Wang, whom Chen Feng was carrying, did something. Next, a stream of fountain water entered Chen Feng’s body. 

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the wounds that not even his longevity-type primary energy could heal were actually healing up at record pace. After but one breath’s worth of time, his disorderly body began stabilizing. Then, with a thought from Chen Feng, his longevity-type primary energy began circulating and scouring his body and his rate of recovery rose again. At the same time, his Longevity Wings also became more stable. With but a few flashes, Chen Feng and Dong Wang arrived outside the palace. 

“That earlier is the Spiritual Fountain Water of Agelessness!” By the time Chen Feng put Dong Wang down, the wounds on his body were already almost all healed. Even his broken Heavenly laws had reconnected.

“Yes, that’s my most valuable item. I’ve given all of it to you. Don’t you think you should give me something as compensation?” Dong Wang said, a pained expression on his face.

“Humph! If I hadn’t taken action back then, you would have died back inside.” Chen Feng grunted, the blood-red Longevity Wings slowly retracting into his body. All the pores on his body opened up and ageless power kept blowing out from them. During certain occasions when Chen Feng lost control over them, the power ejecting out from his pores would punch holes through the surrounding buildings. 

Seeing that, Dong Wang reflexively backed away. 

“How are you holding up?” Dong Wang stared with widened eyes. It was as though he had seen a ghost. At that very moment, the aura that Chen Feng was emanating was simply too terrifying. 

“Not too well. I had utilized a large amount of Gold Immortal blood essence in one go. I can already count myself lucky that my body did not blow up into bits. Refining the power and recovering is not something that I can accomplish quickly. Do you have any more of the Spiritual Fountain Water of Agelessness? Hurry up and give me,” Chen Feng said unabashedly. After that, two beams of bloody light burst out from his eyes, creating surging rivers of blood everywhere they went. There was no way to tell just how many buildings were demolished by them. One strike from the rivers of blood was all it took to destroy the arrays there. 

“I don’t have anymore!” Dong Wang shouted.

“That amount is something that I have been accumulating since I first came to this East Extreme Immortal Palace. I have given you all of it. I have not benefited from them in the slightest.”

“If you don’t have anymore, then take me to it. We’ll head directly to the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness!” Chen Feng howled. A formidable aura burst skywards from his body to form vaulting waves of blood-red energy. 

Chen Feng was like an erupting volcano, with a formidable and endless power within his body. 

“You’ve gone mad! The big boss has already taken action. If you fellows do not leave East Extreme Immortal Palace as soon as possible, death will be the only thing waiting for you fellows!” Dong Wang shouted again. 

“Only death. Big boss, which one? Was that earlier Grand Emperor East Extreme?” Chen Feng recalled the massive palm from back then, particularly the purple light on the palm. Immediately, a feeling of dread rose up from within Chen Feng’s heart.  

Chen Feng knew what it meant. It was a law, one at a higher level compared to Ageless laws. Paramount laws.

Upon entering the Gold Immortal stage, cultivators would study the Ageless dao. Due to that, they would be known as Ageless Gold Immortals. Generally speaking, their powers and laws were golden in colour. However, should it transform into a purple-gold colour, they would be known as Paramount Gold Immortals. 

“I don’t know if that’s Grand Emperor East Extreme or not, but I believe this person is even stronger than Immortal Emperor Blackfang. When facing the hand earlier, I did not even have the strength to run away.” Thinking back to what happened earlier, he broke into a cold sweat. Only then did he realize how big of a difference there was between him and Chen Feng.

“Tsk, tsk. This will be one hell of a party. To think that it’s a Paramount Gold Immortal. The grand dao of paramountcy! I didn’t think that the East Extreme Immortal Palace would have such a character.

“No. The purple colour is very limited. This means that the other party must have only just made contact with the dao of paramountcy. If it weren’t for that, one jab of its finger would have been enough to wipe us out.” After considering that, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Paramount Gold Immortal? Grand dao of paramountcy? What are you talking about? Isn’t it an Ageless Gold Immortal?” A puzzled look flashed across Dong Wang’s face. 

Chen Feng was taken aback. Turning towards Dong Wang, he then determined that Dong Wang truly did not know of that level. 

“Regardless, we would do well to leave this place.” Chen Feng did not want to talk too much about it. He had no qualifications to involve himself with this battle.


The gate of the palace blew up and the Dark Kirin, in the form of a beam of black light, rushed out. 

“What are you fellows doing here? Hurry up and leave!” The Dark Kirin was clearly on the run. The space behind him fluctuated as the massive palm came after him. 

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng and Dong Wang’s faces sank sharply. Without saying a word, they quickly ran away. At that very moment, escaping from the golden palm was more important. Everything else can be put aside. 


The Dark Kirin turned around to clash head on against the massive palm once, resulting in the destruction of countless buildings there. Even the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace shook as a result of their clash. 

Sensing the auras spreading out from the clash, the Red-robed Daoist and some other Gold Immortals became secretly astonished. Some who believed themselves to be relatively weak began thinking about retreating. 

“Senior brother, let’s book it! This time, a high number of people have escaped from Blackfang Prison. Something even happened to the sealed zone. The old guys from the East Extreme Immortal Palace must surely be throwing a fit due to this. The way I see it, even the Immortal Court will intervene.” Both the Red-robed Daoist and his senior brother, Divine Monarch Blackfiend, were covered in wounds. The two of them had managed to survive the earlier attack from the energy cannon, but the others were not as lucky. Over 10 Gold Immortals were killed by the attack. Most of them were cultivators who broke out from Blackfang Prison.  

“Yes. We should hurry up and run away. Thankfully, Immortal Emperor Blackfang did not take action. The others also went to the sealed zone. If it weren’t for that, running away would have been difficult.” Divine Monarch Blackfiend nodded. He had been imprisoned in Blackfang Prison for the longest time. And while he was filled with hatred for the East Extreme Immortal Palace, his desire for freedom outweighed it. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I am finally free! I will not leave just like this. I want the East Extreme Immortal Palace to pay! Fellows, are there any of you who is willing to follow me?” The one who spoke up was an old monster with streams of demonic energy swirling around its body. After breaking free from the arrays, it waved its hand and a giant demon hand swiped towards one of the tall buildings there. 

No booming sound rang out. In the face of the demon hand, the building became like a mountain of snow in the face of a blazing sun, rapidly melting away.

“And me!” This time, it was a two-headed Hell Dog. It roared, spraying out a devastating power from its mouth. 

A Nether General whose body burned with nether fire did not even say anything as it rushed into a building, where he massacred all the cultivators inside. 

“These idiots just came out. They still do not know how powerful the East Extreme Immortal Palace is. Breaking out has not been easy. In order to get revenge, they should first recover their strength.”

“Let’s go!”

Some chose to leave while some others chose to stay and start a bloodbath to vent the feelings within them. 

It was then that the Dark Kirin and the massive palm fought their way over. Despite their shock at the power displayed by the two parties, some chose to take action. They wanted to work together with the Dark Kirin to fight the massive palm.

Naturally, the Dark Kirin was happy to see some cultivators charging forward to help alleviate the pressure on him. However, the massive palm gripped before abruptly stretching out all five fingers, causing a purple-gold colour to flash out. As a result, one of the Gold Immortals who rushed forward was instantly killed off. 


All of them cried out in shock. The Gold Immortals who had been moving forward hesitated for a moment before turning around to flee instead. The massive palm, however, pulsed to push the Dark Kirin away. Next, it flicked again and again. Beams of purple-golden light flashed and several more Gold Immortals were grievously wounded.

“That’s a Paramount Gold Immortal! Hurry up and run!”

Witnessing the highly formidable and savage combat power, the Gold Immortals no longer have any desire to stay and stir up troubles. All they could think of was to quickly leave this terrifying place. 

Naturally, not everyone chose to flee. A mighty-looking cultivator with a bare upper body charged forward, a copper hammer in his hand. Lightning flashed as he exchanged a few blows with the massive hand. 

“What Paramount Gold Immortal? This guy has only just made contact with it!” The lightning cultivator scoffed and the copper hammer in his hand abruptly grew in size to swing forward again. 

“Friend, thank you for the assistance.” The Dark Kirin made use of the opening to fire out a Cosmic Slash of the Dark Night to finally leave a deep crack on the surface of the massive hand. 

“Don’t mention it. If it weren’t for you and your friends, it would have been very difficult for us to break out from Blackfang Prison. You can address me as Premier Divine Lightning. We’ll be friends in the future!” the lightning cultivator said, laughing loudly. 

“Don’t forget about me!” A dashing-looking sword immortal charged forward. The sword energy coming off his body was fleeting, but his attack power was roughly on par with the Dark Kirin. 

“Phew!” Thanks to the assistance from the two cultivators, the Dark Kirin was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Looks like Blackfang Prison has some truly formidable experts. However, just now, Chen Feng said that there is a Five-coloured Kirin inside Blackfang Prison. I wonder, did the kirin manage to escape? After reaching that line of thought, the Dark Kirin utilized a summoning technique unique to the kirin race. Even if the other party was still inside Blackfang Prison, they would be able to sense the summoning power that the Dark Kirin released. 


Suddenly, another formidable aura burst out from within the black hole, making its way through the sealing power over it. The gigantic hand that emerged from the black hole earlier had already disappeared. It was unknown if it was because the hand had been sealed again or not. This time, the one that charged out was a clump of black energy. After flying up into the air, the black energy transformed into a gigantic human face. Opening its mouth, the human face abruptly sucked. The energy within countless layers of space within a radius of half a million kilometres was stirred. In the end, the energy transformed into a hurricane, which then surged into the mouth.  

As the mouth continued to devour the surrounding energy, the face became increasingly tangible. In the end, light began shining from the eyes of the face. 

This imagery shocked the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace. Even the various cultivators who were in the midst of fighting one another stopped. Looking at the eerie face, even the Dark Kirin felt uneasy. On the other hand, the massive and highly formidable palm that the Dark Kirin had been fighting against charged through space to appear before the eerie face. The palm formed a fist and smashed its way towards the eerie face.  

Chi! Chi!

To everyone’s surprise, two beams of light shot out from the eyes on the eerie face to pierce two holes through the massive fist that had displayed unparalleled power just now. 

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