Chapter 1222 Great Crisis


After learning that this formidable Dark Kirin was Chen Feng’s partner, Dong Wang became secretly shocked. He also kept away some of the other thoughts that he had in mind. 

This time, various Gold Immortals had invaded the East Extreme Immortal Palace and even the savage characters from Blackfang Prison had broken out. Additionally, something had happened to the sealed zone. Due to that, Dong Wang and some others who had their own personal interests in mind decided to take action. 

For some reasons, Dong Wang chose to partner up with Chen Feng. At the moment, it would appear that they had managed to obtain quite the sizable harvest. However, the strength that Chen Feng displayed was gradually causing him to fear Chen Feng.

The Dark Kirin’s appearance had tilted the balance within their partnership. But for the sake of obtaining even more, Dong Wang continued to work together with Chen Feng.

“I do not know the details myself.” Chen Feng displayed a cryptic response towards the question, causing Dong Wang to become even more bewildered.

In truth, Chen Feng was also feeling puzzled. He did not understand how the Dark Kirin could possess this ability. It did not take long before – under the Dark Kirin’s lead – they found yet another mid-grade Divine artifact. 

It was a bamboo mace with sharp edges. With a total of 13 sections, there were runes flashing on each of the sections. It hovered in mid-air, layer after layer of seals set up around it. 

Even so, Chen Feng could still sense the power of a Divine artifact that it exuded. 

“The Soul Subduing Immortal Spirit Mace. This is a soul-type offensive magic treasure. Dark Night, there is no one here. Hurry up and collect it.” As Chen Feng had already obtained one mid-grade Divine artifact, he would not try to snatch this one. 

“Alright. I want this magic treasure. However, you two will have to deal with the enemies next.” After saying that, the Dark Kirin brought out the Dark Scripture and beams of black light shot towards the Soul Subduing Immortal Spirit Mace. 

“A mid-grade Divine artifact!”

As predicted, two Gold Immortals charged forward. Even from afar, they could sense the aura of the Soul Subduing Immortal Spirit Mace and a look of delight appeared on their faces.

“Dong Wang, one each,” said Chen Feng, who was already charging towards one of them. Even before clashing, Chen Feng had already pulled the bowstring of the Soul Demise Bow in his hand. 

“A mid-grade Divine artifact!” Seeing the Soul Demise Bow in Chen Feng’s hand, the expression on this Gold Immortal’s face flickered. He then waved his hand and a massive shield appeared before him. 


An arrow of light flew forward, piercing through the shield. However, the Gold Immortal was able to easily shatter apart whatever remained of the attack.


Chen Feng released the bowstring of the Soul Demise Bow a second time and the Gold Immortal’s fingers moved quickly to create a rapidly-rotating vortex. Surprisingly, it managed to divert the arrow of light to another direction. In the end, with a flick of his hand, he caused the arrow of light to fly at a slanting angle before piercing a low-grade Divine artifact.

“Worthy of the title Gold Immortal. He has some skills.” Chen Feng did not feel disappointed. Instead, with a wave of his hand, the Soul Demise Bow then released nine motes of starlight. The motes of starlight then flew forward through a peculiar path. 

Chen Feng’s objective was not to fight to the death with this Gold Immortal. Rather, it was to stop him for a moment. 

On the other side, Dong Wang also had the same thought as him. He had promptly taken out the Immortal-locking Rope. This mid-grade Divine artifact rampaged through his surroundings and no matter how hard his opponent tried to attack, he was not able to swiftly charge in.

“Fellow friend, if I am you, I would quickly leave. Once my friend collects this magic treasure, you fellows will have no chance to even run away.” Chen Feng’s figure moved about while relying on the Soul Demise Bow to hold his opponent, who was incapable of taking even a step forward.

“It wasn’t easy to find a mid-grade Divine artifact. Do you think I would leave?” The Gold Immortal scoffed.

“If so, let’s see what happens next.” Chen Feng shook his head indifferently as he pulled the Soul Demise Bow’s bowstring again. This time, he decided to resort to some tricks. An arrow flew out before exploding like fireworks, resulting in countless streams of light that enveloped and sealed the surrounding space. 

Following that, Chen Feng brought out the Withered Bone and nocked it upon the Soul Demise Bow. 

The Withered Bone was also a mid-grade Divine artifact, obtained from the Withered Bone Daoist. Should this attack make contact, the other party would – even if he was a Gold Immortal – suffer from the loss of his flesh and a withered soul. 

The Gold Immortal sensed danger. But the attack pierced him before he could evade and the life force within him plummeted at a terrifying rate.

Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and the Withered Bone flew into his hand. Just as he was about to finish off his opponent, however, raging flames suddenly burst out from every part of his opponent’s body. The increase in the Gold Immortal’s aura shocked Chen Feng for a moment. After that, the Gold Immortal transformed into a ball of flames. Flashing a few times, he disappeared from sight. 

He didn’t even leave any parting words.

Witnessing that, the Gold Immortal who was fighting Dong Wang no longer had any desire to stay as well. He turned around and took a step forward, entering a grand avenue of golden light. After several steps, the Gold Immortal and the avenue of golden light disappeared into the magic treasure-filled space. 

“A waste of time,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head. 

As the Dark Kirin was still in the process of collecting the magic treasure, Chen Feng decided to look around. Although the magic treasures here were also low-grade Divine artifacts, their quality was slightly higher compared to those he obtained earlier. And so, Chen Feng pulled the bowstring of the Soul Demise Bow again and fired an arrow at a sealed sword. 

The first arrow broke the seals on the sword while the second arrow suppressed the power of the sword. With a beckoning hand, Chen Feng then grabbed the sword. 

Next up, Chen Feng continued collecting the magic treasures there, using two arrows for each. The speed at which he was collecting the magic treasures made Dong Wang so envious that his eyes turned red. 

Finally, after Chen Feng collected his 36th magic treasure there, the Dark Kirin managed to collect the Soul Subduing Immortal Spirit Mace.

“You two have managed to obtain quite the harvest. Now, it’s my turn!” Dong Wang shouted.

“Of course. As long as you can find a mid-grade Divine artifact, we’ll help you get it,” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

“Finding a mid-grade Divine artifact is not that simple.” Dong Wang sighed.

“Ha ha! There’s nothing I can do about that.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Fine. I have one method. However, you two will have to help me obtain two mid-grade Divine artifacts after this,” Dong Wang suddenly said, gritting his teeth. 

“That will depend on what kind of ability you have.” Chen Feng gave a noncommittal reply. 

Dong Wang nodded and brought out a round bead. Jabbing a finger at it, he caused images to flash across its surface. Countless magic treasures could be seen flashing by. Occasionally, they could even see some cultivators flashing by.

“Eh, this treasure!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He had noticed his own image on it. 

“It’s the Domain Bead,” the Dark Kirin said. 

“Senior, you have discerning eyes. This is indeed the Domain Bead.” After saying that, Dong Wang jabbed his finger at it again and motes of light flashed out from within. 

Each of the motes of light represented a mid-grade Divine artifact. In the end, cracks spread out across the Domain Bead and it blew up into a cloud of essence power, which scattered about. 

“So, it is a one-time consumable. Even so, it can still be considered a low-grade Divine artifact.” Chen Feng nodded. 

“I found a total of seven mid-grade Divine artifacts. I only need two of them.” Dong Wang sighed. Mobilizing the Domain Bead earlier had exhausted his divine sense somewhat. 

“We’ll have to go get it first,” Chen Feng said. 

Although they had found the locations of the mid-grade Divine artifacts, whether or not they could obtain them was still up in the air. Additionally, it had been some time since they entered the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Every moment spent here could give birth to new variables.

“Let’s go!”

Thanks to the Domain Bead, the three of them were able to quickly find one of the mid-grade Divine artifacts. To their surprise, it was a talisman that shone with seven-coloured lights.

“It’s the Glassy Seven-coloured Talisman, a defensive-type magic treasure. Against enemies, it can release a Glassy Seven-coloured Dimension. It’s pretty good.” Chen Feng nodded. This talisman had the same function as the Goldshine Combat Armour, the suit of armour he obtained earlier.

“Ha ha ha! I won’t hold back now,” Dong Wang said, laughing. 

The Dark Kirin and Chen Feng stood guard around him. In the end, Dong Wang managed to obtain the talisman. 

Following that, the three of them kept making their way through the magic treasure-filled space. Although they did end up fighting some other cultivators along the way, in the end, they managed to obtain four more mid-grade Divine artifacts. 

The Dark Kirin obtained two while Chen Feng and Dong Wang obtained one each. 

The one that Chen Feng obtained was a stone lance. It contained chaos energy and the law of stone. 

With a swing, he was able to easily break open the arrays on a low-grade Divine artifact. Chen Feng was very satisfied with it. Just as the three of them were about to continue onwards, however, a massive golden palm charged through space to arrive before them. With a swing, it enveloped the three of them. 

The East Extreme Immortal Palace has mobilized an expert. Only, I wonder who? With a thought from Chen Feng, the Soul Demise Bow attacked. 

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the massive palm merely shook slightly to quake the arrow to pieces. Chen Feng was able to notice an evident hint of purple flashing across the golden palm. 

“This is bad! That’s a Paramount Gold Immortal! Hurry up and leave!” The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and his heart palpitated violently. 

The Dark Kirin roared to send an incomparably black pillar of light to collide against the palm, but it failed to break apart the palm. All it did was slow it down. 

Turning to look at Dong Wang, Chen Feng saw that he had already fled. 

This fellow sure is fast. This was the biggest danger Chen Feng had to face since entering the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Due to that, he concentrated all of his power into his Longevity Wings. All the laws that he had refined were mobilized and they surged forward. Due to the formidable power, Chen Feng felt as though his body might be ripped to pieces.

Even with that, the surrounding space felt terribly viscous to Chen Feng. His will became suppressed and his ability to think began slowing down. Even his speed had become unprecedentedly slow. 

Dong Wang was even worse. Given his movement speed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was crawling across space. 


The Dark Kirin howled, having transformed back to his original form. His gigantic body overflowed with the power of darkness, giving him a formidable atmosphere of majesty. Next, a beam of black light flashed forward to strike the golden palm. 

The two forces collided and a hint of purple light flashed out from the golden palm again to break the Cosmic Slash of the Dark Night from the Dark Kirin. 

Chen Feng, though, felt his body lighten. Gritting his teeth, he then blew up the clump of blood essence – from a Gold Immortal – that he had prepared beforehand inside his body. Instantly, his Longevity Wings turned blood-red in colour and he roared in pain. He grabbed Dong Wang and charged, blazing a path through the space there.

Chen Feng was aware that this was his only chance. Should he fail to charge out, he would die here. In just one breath’s worth of time, the life force within his body became terribly battered and cracks appeared across the bodily worlds that he had recently developed. 

That clump of blood essence he blew up was the equivalent of 30 drops of blood essence. The resulting power could destroy a Gold Immortal. The Goldshine Combat Armour that he had only just obtained covered his whole body so as to stop his body from disintegrating away due to the power of the blood essence. 

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