Chapter 1221 Fierce Competition


“A Heavenly Immortal?!

“No way. A Heavenly Immortal can come here?”

The Gold Immortal had attacked Chen Feng earlier only for Chen Feng to counter attack. And so, he became stunned. Next, the sword in his hand jabbed in Chen Feng’s direction and a line shot towards Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng could see that this line of light contained the will of the sword dao and laws of space-time. But the Longevity Wings behind him spread out with a booming sound and he evaded this attack. Swiftly, he arrived beside the Dark Kirin. 

“The Longevity Wings! So, it is a friend from the Longevity Clan. However, even amongst the Celestial Planes, there are none who can withstand the attack of a Gold Immortal at the Heavenly Immortal stage. Friend, you must be hiding your strength, no?” The mighty-looking Gold Immortal said as he regarded Chen Feng, not attacking anymore.

“You can consider it that way.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Next, he turned his gaze towards a distant metallic sphere. A thick and shocking atmosphere of power emanated out from it. 

“That is quite a good mid-grade Divine artifact. As for the exact details, I have yet to figure it out. Perhaps it is a suit of armour,” the Dark Kirin said. 

“There are many arrays on it. Additionally, there are also several sets of great killing array there. Still, we should be able to obtain it,” Chen Feng said after assessing it for a moment. 

“But doing so requires some time. What I am worried about are these contenders,” the Dark Kirin said. 

The Dark Kirin aside, there was more than one Gold Immortal there. Chen Feng sensed at least three other Gold Immortals. But due to the power of the magic treasures and the arrays there, Chen Feng’s divine sense was affected. 

“Fellows, this is not the only mid-grade Divine artifact here. You can always go check out other places,” Chen Feng said, smiling. 

“I want this item. You fellows can leave.” Another cultivator, with an even more overbearing appearance, stepped forward. The ones they were on guard against here was the Dark Kirin. They did not actually consider Chen Feng as a threat. After all, no matter how strong he may be, he was only a Heavenly Immortal. 

“I’ll hold these fellows back. You go collect the treasure,” Chen Feng said, the fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding that he was refining within his body appeared to form a suit of armour. With this armour, Chen Feng had more confidence in his ability to face these Gold Immortals.

“No. I’ll hold them back. You go collect the treasure,” the Dark Kirin said and he promptly brought out the Dark Scripture. Next, the Dark Scripture opened up and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Dark Plane was summoned. 

“Since you fellows have a death wish, do not blame me for being rude.” The Dark Kirin’s actions were swiftly and thunderous and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Dark Plane charged towards the three Gold Immortals. The pages of the Dark Scripture kept flipping, black light brewing and accumulating there. Occasionally, streams of black light would shoot out from it. 

“The Dark Scripture! A semi-transparent silhouette of the Dark Plane. You are the ruler of the Dark Plane!” The instant the Dark Kirin took action, someone exclaimed. 

“Ha ha ha ha! If that’s the case, I’ll bid you fellows farewell. I should go check out some other places.” Unexpectedly, one of the Gold Immortals actually turned around to leave. He did not hesitate at all as he turned around before disappearing from sight. 

“Two left. This will be easier to handle.” The Dark Kirin’s atmosphere of power rose again and the power of darkness enveloped their surroundings. 

Chen Feng did not say anything. He had rushed towards the metallic sphere the moment the Dark Kirin took action. As he was rushing forward, he used the Soul Demise Bow to fire one arrow after another at it. 

The arrows would pierce everything in their path, be it space, arrays or seals.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, as this metallic sphere was only a mid-grade Divine artifact while he was equipped with a mid-grade Divine artifact as well, it was just a matter of time before he broke the seals and collected this Divine artifact.

However, Chen Feng also knew that obtaining it hinged upon zero interruptions. While the Dark Kirin was holding back the Gold Immortals, there was no telling if anyone would suddenly appear and take action.

Due to that, as he was breaking the seals, he also secretly contacted Dong Wang. Chen Feng decided to take a gamble and trust Dong Wang here. 

Back then, Chen Feng had collected 1,000 plus magic treasures. Even then, the pressure he felt back then was not as great as the pressure that he was feeling now. The difference between a low-grade Divine artifact and a mid-grade Divine artifact was practically the equivalent of an insurmountable chasm. 

Naturally, the greater the pressure, the more delighted Chen Feng became. This meant that the magic treasure was simply that much more powerful. 

In addition to the countless arrays and seals, the greatest obstacle Chen Feng faced was the counter attacks from the magic treasure itself. Chen Feng was quick to determine that the metallic sphere was indeed a defensive-type magic treasure. Perhaps, the Dark Kirin’s speculation that it was a suit of armour was correct. 

Of course, there were different types of armour as well. Some were for defence, some were for combat and some were for support. However, whichever one this may be, it would only give Chen Feng more problems. 

Already, Chen Feng could sense that someone was spying on them. The other party was not taking action, but Chen Feng could not stop what he was doing.

These fellows will definitely try to snatch it, but it won’t be that easy. Chen Feng sneered. 

“Dong Wang, can I trust you?” Chen Feng secretly asked. 

“If there is profit to be had, of course.” Dong Wang was quick to answer.

“Very well. When someone takes action later, help me stop them. In return, when you find a suitable magic treasure, I will help you,” Chen Feng said.

“Not a problem. I trust in my allies and partners,” Dong Wang replied with a smile. 

The fact that Dong Wang had been so quick to answer left Chen Feng somewhat anxious. However, he had no other choice but to trust him. That said, Chen Feng did come up with a decision. Should Dong Wang turn against him, even if it meant giving up on this Divine artifact, he would have to teach Dong Wang a lesson. 

Naturally, Chen Feng himself had several mid-grade Divine artifacts. This item here was not all that necessary. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The arrows that Chen Feng fired out finally broke down all of the seals on the magic treasure, leaving only the defensive power of the magic treasure. 

Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. But before he could even take a breather, he saw that the broken seals were rapidly recovering. 

Like an active and irregular volcano, power burst out from Chen Feng’s body again and he pulled the Soul Demise Bow once more. 

Following that, Chen Feng fired out 13 arrows in a row. As the attacks came from a mid-grade Divine artifact as well, the acts of resistance from the metallic sphere began weakening. 

“Tsk, tsk!” Chen Feng was highly delighted. What did all of this meant? It meant that by wearing this suit of armour, one could stop at least 13 attacks from a Gold Immortal. 

Despite believing that his own fleshly body was already very strong, his heart was still moved by this suit of armour. At any rate, the suit of armour he currently wore was only a transformed product of the Great Wilderness Ding’s fragment. It was not actually meant to be a suit of armour. Due to that, it was not perfect.

“Ha ha ha ha! This magic treasure is mine!”


“Fellow cultivator, thank you for breaking the arrays.” 

The hidden cultivators finally took action. Sensing about for a bit, Chen Feng felt his heart turning chill. There were actually two Gold Immortals and three half-step Gold Immortals. Additionally, the fact that the three half-step Gold Immortals could make their way here proved that their strength was not to be underestimated.

“I’ve been waiting for you fellows!” Chen Feng pulled the Soul Demise Bow again. This time, Chen Feng utilized the blood essence of a Gold Immortal to form two arrows. Additionally, the arrows also contained soul flame, the power of laws, Ageless Blazelight and the power of primordial end. In short, Chen Feng had – as fast as he could – chosen to bring out his strongest might to bear.

Sou! Sou!

The two arrows, seemingly capable of destroying everything in their path, shot towards the two Gold Immortals respectively. Chen Feng did not care if they could wound the two Gold Immortals. What he cared about was whether or not they could delay them. 

As for Dong Wang, there had been no need for Chen Feng to say anything. Dong Wang, who had been lurking around, took action. His Immortal-locking Rope suddenly appeared, twisting around to stop the other three half-step Gold Immortals. The viscous restraining power from the Immortal-locking Rope was actually capable of slowing down the three half-step Gold Immortals. 

“The Immortal-locking Rope! It’s Dong Wang!” 

“Dong Wang, do you know what you’re doing?”

This fellow is pretty reliable. By then, Chen Feng had already grabbed the metallic sphere. As he had no time to inspect it in detail, he simply threw it into his Longevity acupoint. The Primary Spirit Bead, Wicked Sceptre and Six Daos XXX, all mid-grade Divine artifacts, moved in at the same time to suppress the metallic sphere. 

Only then was Chen Feng able to breathe a sigh of relief. Now that he had obtained the item, the rest would be easier to handle. The Soul Demise Bow in his hand fired three more arrows in a row to grievously wound two of the three half-step Gold Immortals. As for the third, he ducked before fleeing away. 

“Hand over the item!” The two Gold Immortals from earlier charged forward. The previous attack from Chen Feng had failed to wound them. 

“Ha ha! To think that I would meet fellow seniors here. What a coincidence,” Dong Wang said with a smile. 

“Dong Wang, you actually colluded with outsiders to steal the magic treasures of our immortal palace!” one of them shouted coldly, jabbing the air with his finger to fire out a clump of lightning. The clump of lightning then transformed into a lightning net, which moved to envelop Dong Wang only for Dong Wang to cut it apart with one sword slash. 

“Ha ha! I am just temporarily working together with this fellow. You two, though, did not go fight the enemies outside. Instead, you chose to stay here. And don’t give me the tripe about guarding this place. No one will believe that,” Dong Wang answered with a frosty tone. He did not display any fear when facing the two Gold Immortals.

Bang! Bang!

In a display of might, the Dark Kirin knocked his two opponents back. Then, he darted forward to appear beside Chen Feng, the Dark Scripture in his hand. 

“Fellows, I have obtained the item. You fellows will not be able to snatch it away. There is not much time left. You should go check out other places first. This should not be the only mid-grade Divine artifact in this treasure room,” Chen Feng said. 

“Humph! If you dare take action, it will mean a fight to the death,” the Dark Kirin threatened.

“Let’s go!”

The two Gold Immortals merely hesitated for a moment before quickly leaving. There was no death grudge between them, after all. There was no need to attack. Besides, every moment wasted here could instead be used to obtain another magic treasure.

“Thank you, Brother Dong Wang. I will be sure to help out next.” Chen Feng nodded towards Dong Wang. Next, he waved his hand to grab yet another magic treasure nearby. It was a shield. Although its defensive power was quite good, it was only a low-grade Divine artifact. It could not stop this grasping move from Chen Feng.

“Don’t waste your time on these things. Follow me. I know where there is another mid-grade Divine artifact,” the Dark Kirin said with a serious tone before taking the lead.

“From what I know, although this treasure room does have mid-grade Divine artifacts, there aren’t too many of them. How did your partner find them?” Dong Wang asked quizzically.

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