Chapter 1220 Looting Treasures


Observing Dong Wang’s actions, Chen Feng could not stop himself from letting out a laugh. “You are quite insidious.”

“Just a little trick,” Dong Wang replied. 

Chen Feng secretly utilized his detection technique again, but he did not find anything abnormal about Dong Wang. That said, he was feeling somewhat wary of Dong Wang. 

Although Chen Feng could already fight Gold Immortals, he did not look down on other cultivators. At any rate, he himself was only a Heavenly Immortal. This Dong Wang was a half-step Gold Immortal. He may have some formidable cards up his sleeve. 

“Friend, we don’t have much time left. Let’s hurry up,” Dong Wang then said with a smile. 

It did not take long before they entered yet another hall. Upon entering, they were greeted by strong waves of power from magic treasures. Most of them contained offensive wills.

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Magic treasures qualified to be stored here were, at the very least, top-grade Immortal artifacts. Though, most of them were Divine artifacts. However, they were mostly low-grade Divine artifacts. 

While they weren’t that useful for Chen Feng, he had many subordinates. By looting this place, he would be able to arm the cultivators of the Six Daos Alliance. 

Naturally, the magic treasures were not easy to obtain. Not only were there combat puppets guarding the place, even the magic treasures themselves were capable of attacking. 

It was similar to the previous hall. The only difference was that the seemingly-endless space there played host to various magic treasures and weapons, which floated in mid-air.

“The seals here are of a higher grade. How much we can obtain will depend on our respective abilities.”

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the combat puppets here were actually created from the power of magic treasures. In just the blink of an eye, over 10 combat puppets had appeared. All of them charged towards Chen Feng and Dong Wang at the same time. 

“As expected, it is not easy. However, we are not the first to come here.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone and a black beam of light burst out, forming threads which tied up the charging combat puppets. 

But even more combat puppets appeared. These puppets were formed from the power of the magic treasures. They were unparalleled in combat, capable of perfectly displaying their strengths. For Chen Feng, though, they were still non-living objects. 

“As expected, someone came before us. Friend, let’s work together,” Dong Wang said.

“Are we not working together right now?” Chen Feng replied. Within this seemingly endless place, Chen Feng could sense several formidable auras. One of them was none other than the Dark Kirin. In addition, there were also other Gold Immortals. 

“Friend, I know that you are from the Longevity Clan. I believe that you must have some secret techniques. As long as you can disable these combat puppets for a moment, even only for a brief moment, I can resolve this problem,” Dong Wang said after a moment’s consideration.

“You can do that? If so, I will give it a shot.” Chen Feng nodded. The technique that Chen Feng utilized for this was none other than the Soul Subduing Mantra. Although the combat puppets were not living creatures, they did possess their own wills and spiritual attributes. External forces had also been used to craft them. For Chen Feng, just a strand of will within them was enough.

Chen Feng’s soul flame raged and the Soul Subduing Talisman swept out in the form of a light wave. Every one of the combat puppets that came in contact with the Soul Subduing Mantra would freeze for a moment. 

“My turn.”

A golden-coloured rope appeared in Dong Wang’s hand. Following that, the semi-transparent silhouettes of ropes flew out to rapidly make their way into the bodies of the combat puppets. After the effects of the Soul Subduing Mantra ended, the combat puppets simply fell to the floor. They could not move or even struggle. 

“Immortal-binding Rope. No. It’s the Immortal-locking Rope. Additionally, it is a mid-grade Divine artifact.” Light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes as he became even more wary towards this Dong Wang.

“Friend, you have discerning eyes. Next up, by working together, we will surely be able to net a great harvest,” Dong Wang said, smiling. 

The two of them rapidly approached a sword that was hovering straight in mid-air; there were thick streams of sword energy enveloping it. The sword was faint-blue in colour and it fired out eye-piercing sword beams at the two the moment they approached. 

Chen Feng did not evade. Upon making contact with Chen Feng’s body, the sword beams shattered apart. After that, Chen Feng stretched his hand out. Ignoring the counter attacks from the sharp power and seals on the sword, he then grabbed the sword. Following that, a series of popping sounds rang out, accompanied by the wails of the artifact spirit. Then, the light disappeared and the sword returned to its normal state. 

“A low-grade divine sword with lightning attributes. Its offensive power is quite good.” Waving his hand, Chen Feng then kept it. Swords at this level could either be given to his subordinates or broken down and fused with the Longevity Sword. 

Dong Wang simply smiled and said nothing. 

Next up, the two of them took action simultaneously. Occasionally, they would take action individually and occasionally, they would work together. It didn’t take long before around eight magic treasures there fell into their hands. 

Given their level of strength, it was only natural that they would not go after the top-grade Immortal artifacts. All of their targets were low-grade Divine artifacts. And while this place should have some mid-grade Divine artifacts, they had yet to encounter any. 

There was a high number of magic treasures there and the two of them were quite strong. Even so, the rate at which they were collecting the magic treasures was very slow. Not only did they have to deal with the attacks from the magic treasures, there were also the arrays and seals on the magic treasures. Some high-quality magic treasures had many layers of seals on them. In order to collect those magic treasures, they would have to break open the seals one at a time. 

Soon, the degree at which they complemented one another rose higher and higher. Before Chen Feng’s attack dissipated away, Dong Wang had already followed up with his attack to break apart the remaining seals in one fell swoop. 

“This copper hammer is not bad. I’ll attack first.” The sword in Dong Wang’s hand fired out a curtain of light at it again and again, colliding against the attacks from the copper hammer. As for Chen Feng, he stretched his hand out to break the arrays on the copper hammer before grabbing it. 

“This is yours.” Chen Feng tossed the copper hammer to Dong Wang.


Like a tidal wave, the sword energy that Dong Wang sent forth assailed yet another magic treasure. In the end, a sceptre fell into Chen Feng’s hand.

“It contains the ability to initiate soul attacks. Not bad. I want this.” Chen Feng kept the sceptre. 

Perhaps it was because the two of them were too fast or perhaps it was simply due to the arrays there, but over 100 of the magic treasures there attacked. Their attacks converged into a torrent of power, which charged towards Chen Feng and Dong Wang. Additionally, its power kept spreading outwards. 

Sensing danger, Chen Feng and Dong Wang stopped grouping together. With a flash, they rushed away in different directions. 

Having reached this level, magic treasures had – in terms of their nature of life – gained something in common with the average cultivator. They had gained wisdom. And so, sensing danger, the magic treasures began working together. 

“A group of low-grade Divine artifacts,” Chen Feng said with a derisive grin. The Undying Heaven Sword in his hand slashed, sending a sharp and formidable beam of sword light forward to cleave apart the torrent of power before continuing to charge forward. In the face of the suppressive aura of a mid-grade Divine artifact, the auras of the magic treasures there grew weaker. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng grasped and two flying swords fell into his hand.


Chen Feng waved his hand and the Undying Heaven Sword floated up. Next, an endless power of sword swept out into his surroundings. 

Affected by the power from the Undying Heaven Sword, the magic treasures there – be it swords, short swords or flying swords – began vibrating at varying degrees of intensity. The power that the Undying Heaven Sword released became increasingly strong and the affected swords began displaying formidable powers to break free from the arrays sealing them.

Chen Feng’s eyes then turned black in colour. Rays of light shone and one of the swords finally broke free. Following that, it flew towards the Undying Heaven Sword. 

In response, Chen Feng shouted and his soul flame flew out to land on the Undying Heaven Sword. Due to that, the mid-grade Divine-tier Undying Heaven Sword became several times stronger. 

Dong Wang had just managed to shake off the attacks from the magic treasures on his end when he noticed various swords flying towards Chen Feng. He gaped as over 100 swords gathered up around the Undying Heaven Sword. 


Chen Feng breathed out, thick blood energy within the breath. He’d had to pour in a portion of his essence, energy and soul power in order to execute the earlier move. 

“This fellow! To think that he would have such a move up his sleeve. I wonder, can I do the same thing?” Dong Wang’s eyes lit up. Next, he waved his hand and brought out a mid-grade Divine-tier sword as well. 

By then, Chen Feng had already collected a high number of divine swords. He also kept the Undying Heaven Sword. 

After that, he brought out the Wicked Sceptre and repeated the same move. 

This time, the number of sceptre-type magic treasures was smaller. Chen Feng only managed to collect several sceptres. Of course, thanks to the suppressive power of his mid-grade Divine artifact, Chen Feng was able to make use of the opportunity to collect some other items. 

The Soul Demise Bow, Primary Spirit Bead, the Withered Bone and Six Daos XXX took turns to fly out from Chen Feng’s body. By the time Chen Feng finally felt a slight sense of weakness from doing all that, he had already collected over 1,000 magic treasures. Nearly half of those were top-grade Immortal artifacts. 

Observing the amount of harvest on Chen Feng’s end, Dong Wang became so envious that he felt the urge to puke out blood. 

“Kid, hurry over! I found a mid-grade Divine artifact.” Chen Feng suddenly received a secret vocal transmission from the Dark Kirin. 

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. The various worlds within Chen Feng’s body ceaselessly provided Chen Feng with the power of life, allowing him to quickly replenish the power he had consumed earlier. Then, brandishing the Soul Demise Bow, he headed deeper inside. 

“Hey, friend! Going alone is very dangerous. Wait for me!” Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, Dong Wang swiftly shouted. But Chen Feng’s movement speed was simply too much of a defiance of Heaven and Dong Wang quickly lost sight of him. 

“This fellow. He doesn’t even know how to wait for me. No matter how you cut it, I am the one who brought you here.” After complaining, Dong Wang brought out a talisman and crushed it. Following that, light enveloped his body and his speed became several times faster. He flew past various magic treasures quickly and the attacks from the magic treasures could not even make contact with the edges of his body.

Chen Feng, who was wielding the Soul Demise Bow, would fire out an arrow the moment he met any obstructions. And so, he charged forward. Not a single magic treasure there could stop the attack from the Soul Demise Bow. 


Even from afar, Chen Feng could already see the silhouette of the Dark Kirin. However, before he could approach, 10,000 beams of sword light swept towards him.

Scoffing, Chen Feng pulled the Soul Demise Bow to instantly punch an opening through the 10,000 beams of sword light. Quickly charging through the sword beams, Chen Feng then pulled the bow again. This time, he did not fire an arrow. Rather, he fired out three shooting stars repeatedly. 

After flying out, the three shooting stars kept swirling and circling around before finally fusing as one. Then, it blew up with a booming sound. 

“Who? You have some skills.” A mighty-looking cultivator charged out from amidst the chaos. With a gentle wave of his hand, the surrounding space was stabilized. 

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