Chapter 122: Temptation


Chen Feng and Ye Ziming exchanged glances before secretly communicating with each other.

“Brother Chen, this person is quite ruthless. What do you think?” asked Ye Ziming.

“Let’s observe the situation first. If the place they are going to is too dangerous, we can choose to give up on the task. At any rate, we are not in need of those pills,” answered Chen Feng with a smile.

“That is true.” Ye Ziming agreed.

After the woman in black was done inspecting all the cultivators present, she nodded her head and spoke up, “I believe everyone here is feeling very curious about where we will be going?”

“That is correct. Lady, can you give us a more detailed explanation of this task? Even though the rewards are very generous, we cannot simply go in blind,” said a calm-looking middle-aged cultivator.

“We are heading to Demon Soul Valley,” said the woman in black coolly.

“What! Demon Soul Valley?” Every one there screamed out, their faces contorted as they began discussing amongst themselves.

“Demon Soul Valley? I will not be accepting this task.”

Someone quickly stepped forward to reject the task before walking away.

“Demon Soul Valley. I will not be going as well. It is too dangerous. Although 100,000 Basic Yang Pills are important, my little life is more important.”

“That is right! If I had known that we will be going to Demon Soul Valley, I would not have come. Are you joking? What kind of place is Demon Soul Valley? It is not a place that ordinary cultivators can enter. Even Sky Human stage cultivators would die inside that place.”

“Isn’t this just a deception? Forget 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. Even if you give me 200,000 Basic Yang Pills, I will still reject this.”

Upon hearing the words Demon Soul Valley, the cultivators there began dispersing in groups of twos and threes.

“Unexpectedly, it is the Demon Soul Valley.” Chen Feng was stunned. Naturally, he knew how dangerous Demon Soul Valley was. It was an infamous danger zone in Eternal World. And yet, despite its danger, there was a medicinal herb that Chen Feng needed growing within that place: Soulguard Flower. With the Soulguard Flower, Chen Feng would be able to refine and absorb the two strands of Demongod blood, enhancing the strength of his fleshly body.

Considering that, Chen Feng began hesitating. Originally, he had intended on visiting Demon Soul Valley after his cultivation base had improved. However, he had encountered this situation right now. The abacus in his mind began clicking.

“Brother Chen, it’s Demon Soul Valley! I remember that the Soulguard Flower you need grows there. However, that place is simply too dangerous. We will need to consider this carefully,” said Ye Ziming through secret vocal transmission.

“Let’s observe the situation first. The woman in black has not finished speaking,” said Chen Feng.

“The reason I am entering Demon Soul Valley is to search for an item. You fellows are the bodyguards I am hiring for this endeavour. However, you can all rest easy. We will just be searching the peripheral areas of Demon Soul Valley and will not be entering the core area,” the woman in black continued.

“The peripheral areas? Even the peripheral areas are incomparably dangerous. As for the core area, even Sky Human stage cultivators do not have the guts to casually enter that place. I hear that there are Primordial Demongods there. Even Immortal Humans have to run and hide when they encounter those things. Small fries like us will die if we go,” said one of the cultivators. 

“Everyone can consider it. If you are unwilling, I will not force you. If I do find what I am looking for after entering Demon Soul Valley, I will bring out three Prized artefacts to thank everyone. Additionally, each of you will be given 100 Human-tier medicinal pills,” the woman in black said slowly.


The moment those words came out, some of the cultivators who were about to leave halted their steps. A fervent look appeared over each of their faces.

“Is this woman nuts? She is willing to give 100 Human-tier medicinal pills to each cultivator and even three Prized artefacts? I am now suspecting the veracity of her words,” Ye Ziming could not stop himself from sending another vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

“I too, suspect this woman may have another objective. Hearing what she just said, I too, have this impulse to go rob her,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“Rob her? It won’t be that easy. Those four bodyguards behind her are hard enough to deal with. Not to mention, she herself is an unfathomable existence. Moreover, there are more bodyguards around her. Unless a Sky Human stage expert steps up, that is not possible,” Ye Ziming slowly said.

“Are those words true? What type of Prized artefact and medicinal pills are you talking about?” a cultivator could not help but ask.

After all, if the benefits were sufficient, many would be willing to risk their lives.

“Regarding what kind of Prized artefacts and medicinal pills they are, there is no need for you fellows to know for now. At any rate, I will not lie to you,” said the woman in black.

“Words are cheap. If you are lying to us, then what should we do when the time comes? We are putting our lives on the line here!” one of the cultivators shouted.

“All right.” The woman in black nodded her head. With a wave of her hand, a stream of light flew out and a dark-red lance was thrust into the ground.

Suddenly, a bloodthirsty and violent aura surged out and some of the nearby cultivators were affected by the aura; their eyes instantly turned bloodshot.


Two amongst them were incapable of suppressing it and they went mad. With bloodshot eyes, they began attacking the surrounding cultivators.

After a short commotion, the two cultivators were quickly subdued. As for the others, they backed away in fear of getting affected by the strange lance.

“What kind of weapons is that? It possesses such a violent aura and is even capable of affecting other people’s minds?” Chen Feng was stunned. The lance looked ordinary, with a blunt and dim lance point. As for its handle, it looked like an ordinary iron handle. However, its surface was completely stained with spots of blood. The lance was constantly radiating a bloodthirsty aura.

“That is a demonic artefact!” a cultivator suddenly shouted, a look of dread appearing on his face.


The woman in black reached out with her hand and the lance, which was inserted into the ground, instantly transformed into a stream of light. The stream of light flowed into her hand and disappeared.

“How about it, fellows? This is an authentic Prized artefact. If you all can help me find the item I am looking for in Demon Soul Valley, I will bring out another two Prized artefacts that are in no way inferior to this lance. As for the medicinal pills, everyone will be given 100 Cultivating Essence Pills,” the woman in black said coolly.

“But that lance just now is a demonic artefact!” one of the cultivators shouted out.

“Oh, and what of it? Do you mean to say you are not interested in this Prized artefact? Fine, I don’t want to talk anymore. If there are any who remain unwilling, you may leave. I have so much cultivation materials, would I worry about not finding enough cultivators to risk their lives for me?” The woman in black’s voice turned icy. Clearly, she had grown impatient.

Hearing her words, everyone began discussing amongst themselves once more.

“That fellow is really foolish. Who cares if that is a demonic artefact? As long as it is a Prized artefact with enough power to improve our strength, that is good enough. Or should we follow those so-called orthodox cultivators and go slay yaos and purge demons?”

“That is right! Besides, there are also 100 Cultivating Essence Pills. Tsk tsk! Those are Human-tier medicinal pills. Even disciples from the immortal dao sects would get bloodshot eyes when they see so many of those pills, no?”

“Do it! I will accept this task!”

“Where else can we find such a good opportunity? At any rate, we will not be entering the core area of Demon Soul Valley. Moreover, we cultivators are always putting our lives on the line to cultivate. If we truly end up dying there, that is simply our fate. Demon Soul Valley, I am going!”

The cultivators were not the only ones surprised. Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were also incomparably surprised. They did not expect the woman in black to be so generous. She actually did possess a Prized artefact on her. Additionally, everyone will be given 100 Human-tier medicinal pills each. At present, Chen Feng don’t even have 100 Human-tier medicinal pills on him.

“Brother Chen, what should we do? The value of those 100 Human-tier medicinal pills have exceeded that of the 100,000 Basic Yang Pills. I am feeling tempted myself. Although the Cultivating Essence Pills are of the lowest tier amongst Human-tier medicinal pills, there will be some wondrous effects after taking them. Most importantly, it can cultivate the essence within our bodies, making our cultivation base more stable and solid. Also, that demonic artefact is a shocking item as well. If I am not mistaken, that lance just now is no ordinary item. It is probably somewhere in the upper middle-grade amongst Prized artefacts,” Ye Ziming hastily said.

“When I saw the lance earlier, I almost lost control of my mind. If someone attacks me with that lance, I don’t think I can fight back. Let’s not even talk about the Prized artefacts. The 100 Cultivating Essence Pills are very tempting as it is,” said Lu Ta.

“Even without all those, I will be going to Demon Soul Valley. However, to have so many people move out together will surely be safer than going alone. This is quite the opportunity for me,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“In that case, it’s set. We can also use this opportunity to experience the legendary forbidden zone. Not to mention, there are rewards waiting for us. Could there be anything else better than this?” replied Ye Ziming cheerfully.

“I am willing to go.”

“I have no objections.”

“I will accept this task.”

The cultivators there began speaking up. The financial power, Prized artefact and medicinal pills displayed by this woman in black had thoroughly enticed these cultivators. If it were not for the fact that the mysterious woman possessed formidable power, everyone there would probably be swarming forward to rob her.

Chen Feng glanced around and saw the five fellows that he had eavesdropped when he was in the restaurant that day. After hearing their discussions, Chen Feng had found out their names. They were known as the Five Heroes of Pot Mountain. Normally, the five of them would live a reclusive life while practicing cultivation in a place called Pot Mountain. Sometimes, they would venture out to perform some tasks. Their cultivation bases were fairly good and they possessed quite some reputation in the surrounding areas.

Having felt Chen Feng’s gaze, one of the five heroes, the calm cultivator, turned to give Chen Feng a genial smile.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt a malicious gaze stabbing towards his face. Turning, he saw the Four Great Fiends of Plum City. The four of them were standing within the crowd of cultivators and were casting vengeful, vicious and bloodthirsty gazes at Chen Feng’s group. They looked like four ravenous wolves, ready to pounce at any moment.

“I did not expect those four fiends to actually show up. And here I was wondering how to finish them off. To think they would send themselves up on a platter, they really don’t understand how to live properly,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

Since their two sides had already become enemies, Chen Feng decided he would get rid of this problem by pulling out the roots in order to stave off any future issues. This was another rule of this world that Chen Feng had learned throughout the years.

“Should we get rid of them on the way, or do it after we enter Demon Soul Valley?” asked Ye Ziming.

“No hurry. I think there is a high likelihood that they will be making their move first,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

Originally, there had been over 300 cultivators there. At that moment, however, there were only less than 100 left. After adding the cultivators that the woman in black brought with her, however, the total number of cultivators rose to 120. The weakest amongst them was at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Thus, this group of 120 cultivators could be considered a force to be reckoned with in the Northern Plains. It would not be an issue to establish a kingdom or even a small immortal dao sect with this group. Not even the Six Great Sky Grottoes possessed this level of power.

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