Chapter 1219 Bountiful Harvest


The two Gold Immortal puppets were made from the fleshly bodies of dead Gold Immortals. Their bodies had been refined and some durable energy crystals, magic treasures and ores had been fused with their bodies. That led to a slight increase in their offensive and defensive powers.

The Ageless laws within their bodies were left intact and they also retained their vast reservoir of combat experience. Their display of fearlessness exceeded that of a living Gold Immortal.

However, they were combat puppets without life in the end. Despite possessing ageless wills, the combat puppets were no match for those who were alive.

They lacked emotions, the ability to think, be flexible and weigh the pros and cons of their attacks. All of those could be taken advantage of in battle. 

As for Chen Feng, this was not his first time fighting Gold Immortals. He had also killed Gold Immortals before. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng had, in his mind, put himself on the same level as a Gold Immortal. And if they were on the same level, Chen Feng would be able to kill his opponent. 

After several rounds, Chen Feng finally discovered some of their weaknesses. Firstly, the Gold Immortal puppets were not fast enough. Secondly, they could not destroy the treasures within the palace. 

Those two weaknesses were sufficient to give Chen Feng the upper hand. 

After clashing head on with one of the Gold Immortal puppets, Chen Feng charged into the stretch of stars. With a wave of his hand, a booming sound rang out and he collected several of the stars.

The Gold Immortal puppet caught up to Chen Feng. But while its attacks remained ferocious, it was deliberately avoiding the surrounding stars. 

Chen Feng was secretly smiling. Quickly shaking it off, he took action to collect some more stars.

And so, Chen Feng continued to collect the treasures around him while fighting the Gold Immortal puppet. Although it was somewhat slow, Chen Feng was very satisfied. 

Treasures that are more valuable have stronger restrictive arrays. Looks like if I do not deal with this Gold Immortal puppet, I will not have the time to obtain more valuable items. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng then went looking for the young man. 

When he saw the young man, Chen Feng became shocked. 

The other Gold Immortal puppet who went after the young man had, through some unknown means, become restrained. It simply stood on the floor, not moving at all. As for the young man, he had charged into the expanse of stars to ceaselessly collect various treasures.  

I had underestimated him. Light then flashed out from Chen Feng’s eyes and two streams of light flew out to quickly tie up the Gold Immortal puppet coming after him. 

A drop of ageless blood essence from a Gold Immortal floated out, burning as it squirmed before finally elongating into an arrow. At the same time, Chen Feng opened his mouth to blow out a stream of lifebound essence onto the arrow. 

Bringing out the Soul Demise Bow, Chen Feng then fired this arrow forward, piercing the body of the Gold Immortal puppet with it. After that, Chen Feng rushed forward and a curtain of sword images appeared, descending upon the Gold Immortal puppet to destroy its main arrays. 

Although Chen Feng managed to finish off the Gold Immortal puppet, he did not become overly delighted. He had wasted another drop of blood essence from a Gold Immortal. For Chen Feng, this was quite the costly investment. At the same time, he was also able to determine the level of his strength.

After finishing off his opponent, Chen Feng immediately utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. Everywhere his gaze went, the seals on the stars around him would break apart. 

After one joss stick’s worth of time, over 100 treasures had fallen into Chen Feng’s hands.

However, Chen Feng was not satisfied. Instead, he began venturing deeper into the starry space while his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight began focusing down on stars with stronger seals. The treasures there were more valuable. 

Five Elemental Metalcore, Paramount Water of First Origin, Immeasurable Eversand, Divine Jade of the Nine Heavens, Profound Origin Blood Crystal, Watersoft Crystal of Myriad Importance and various other rare and unique divine objects kept appearing. It was a dazzling sight to behold. If it weren’t for the fact that there were formidable seals on each of them, Chen Feng would have collected them all, even if they were as numerous as the stars in the sky.

A pity, the Longevity Tower is not here, otherwise the rate at which I can collect them will be even faster. Chen Feng abruptly fired out over 100 threads from his eyes. Every single one of the threads was going after one of the treasures there. Next, Chen Feng howled and a formidable power coursed through the threads to charge forward. As a result, over 100 stars there shone with an eye-piercing light. When the light subsided, a large empty space could be seen around Chen Feng. He had collected over 100 divine objects at the same time. 

The power of laws is truly strong. Chen Feng nodded and he continued to mobilize his Heavenly laws in concert with his eye technique. This allowed him to collect the treasures there faster. Only, doing so increased the amount of power consumed on his end. 

Suddenly, a sense of alarm flashed across Chen Feng’s mind and his Heavenly laws rapidly gathered to form a shield. Following that, a beam of sword energy suddenly pierced through the starry space, shooting towards Chen Feng like a comet.

The shield contracted before bursting forward to deflect the sword beam, which reduced several of the stars there into fragments. 

“Fellow friend, be careful! There are some other traps and arrays inside!” The young man then appeared out of nowhere. It would appear that he had obtained quite a lot from this place. 

“You should know where the central area is, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“I do have some knowledge about it. However, it will be quite problematic. There is simply no need for us to do that. See? We have managed to gain quite a lot here. Next up, I can bring you to some other halls. For example, the places where magic treasures are stored. There are also medicinal pills. If you are interested in immortal techniques and secret techniques instead, I can also figure something out,” the young man said. 

“What, you want to leave now? There are still countless treasures here. Are you not going to take some more?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. 

“We should not be too greedy. Just some is enough.” The young man laughed. 

“Makes sense. If that’s the case, let’s go.” Chen Feng’s swift decision surprised the young man. In truth, Chen Feng had his own opinion about this. He had managed to enter this place now. In the future, when he was stronger, he would simply figure a way to come back. Then, he would be able to loot them all. 

“Alright, let’s leave.” The young man nodded.

It was then that a look of surprise appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Looks like we’ll need to wait a bit.” The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back flapped and he made his way across one star after another to quickly disappear from sight. 

“What did he find this time?” The expression on the young man’s face flickered and he followed. 

I didn’t think that there would also be a fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding here. I nearly missed it. Chen Feng mumbled to himself. The suit of armour on his body kept releasing waves of invisible power to lead Chen Feng. 


Another beam of sword light appeared. Chen Feng slashed with his sword to cut the beam of sword light before continuing ahead. 

Finally, Chen Feng stopped. Before him was a planet-sized fragment of a magic treasure. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s eyes nearly burst into flames.

It was none other than a fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding. 

Back then, the Great Wilderness Ding had blown up into 108 fragments. This massive fragment before him was not just one of the 108 fragments. Rather, it was the result of fusing tens of the fragments. 

Sensing Chen Feng’s appearance, the massive fragment immediately released a notion of surprise. Without any summons from Chen Feng, it surged towards Chen Feng, shrinking as it did to finally flow – like a stream of water – into the suit of armour that Chen Feng was wearing. 

After that, the suit of armour kept wriggling as it underwent a transformation. In order to prevent any unexpected incidents, Chen Feng chose to take off the suit of armour and tossed it into his Longevity acupoint. There, he used his essence, energy and soul power to slowly refine it. 


A lightning bolt shot towards Chen Feng, moving much faster compared to the earlier beam of sword light. Only after it had arrived before Chen Feng did he fire out a punch to shatter it. However, he was also sent tumbling from the impact. 

The arrays here are indeed very strong. Since I have already obtained the item, it is time I leave. Chen Feng felt somewhat satisfied. He had managed to obtain a high number of spiritual and divine objects, but the most valuable one was still the fragments of the Great Wilderness Ding.  

“Friend, looks like you’ve obtained the treasure.” The young man finally caught up to him. 

“It’s time we leave. I sense danger coming.”

“It is time.” Chen Feng nodded. 

Sword light, lightning, fire of devastation and various types of attacks kept appearing. Chen Feng and the young man had to spend quite some effort to fight their way back to the entrance.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The great array that the young man set up earlier exploded and several figures charged in. 

“Dong Wang, it really is you!” one of them shouted, but he did not attack. Instead, he grew astounded at what he saw.

“Fellows, you are a little slow,” the young man replied with a smile. He appeared unconcerned about being discovered. 

“If it weren’t for your arrays, we would have been able to come in a long time ago,” another one said, killing intent billowing out from him. 

“Dong Wang, you are actually colluding with an outsider!” 

Chen Feng watched as the situation unfolded. There were four cultivators there, all half-step Gold Immortals. Only, they were not together. It was likely that they had only chosen to work together for the time being. 

Their cultivation bases were quite good, but they were not as good as the young man. 

“Fellows, enough nonsense. We are all here for the same reason. There are so many treasures here that even if 10,000 more people come, it would still be impossible to snatch them all up. I’ll be leaving now. But if you fellows want to fight, I do not mind exchanging blows with you fellows,” the young man said, stepping forward.


The cultivators hesitated for a moment. In the end, they chose not to attack the young man. However, just as the young man and Chen Feng were about to leave the hall, one of them attacked. A flying sword shot towards Chen Feng.

“You’re asking for it!” A cold light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes and he grabbed the flying sword. Next, a formidable power poured into the flying sword to erase all the imprints placed inside it. 

“Oh, no!”

The one who attacked instantly realized that he was in trouble. And so, he rushed into the starry space. However, Chen Feng waved his hand to send the flying sword forward, piercing the body of the cultivator with it. The Ageless Blazelight placed on the flying sword quickly wiped out the cultivator’s life force. 

The young man snickered and said nothing about it. As for Chen Feng, he did not continue to attack. The two of them quickly left the hall. 

The remaining three cultivators then exhaled deeply. Due to what happened earlier, their bodies had broken out into a cold sweat. 

“That person?”

“What’s the point in saying anything? We didn’t see anything! All I know is that there are countless treasures here.” 

The eyes of the three half-step Gold Immortals shone with light and they charged into the starry space. 

“Your name is Dong Wang? That is quite the domineering name,” Chen Feng said after they emerged from the palace. 

“My master gave me that name,” Dong Wang replied with a chuckle. 

“Who are those fellows?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up, but asked again.

“Envoys of the immortal palace. Like me, they are acting on personal desires. However, they will likely be incapable of getting out,” Dong Wang said, bringing out a water bead. With a wave of his hand, the water bead transformed into a curtain of water to seal up the gate of the palace. 


Dong Wang. Raw: ‘东王’, pinyin: ‘dōng wáng’ can be roughly translated as East King/Prince.

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