Chapter 1218 Immortal Palace of Treasures


Hearing what the young man said left Chen Feng somewhat surprised. And so, he gave the young man a deeper look. By utilizing his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight, he found that there was indeed something special about this young man. 

This fellow is not to be underestimated. Chen Feng nodded. He believed that, even if he were to take action, he may not be able to finish off this young man quickly. 

“What is your objective?” Chen Feng asked. 

“I want to get some good items,” the young man said with a smile. 

“Good enough. Lead the way,” Chen Feng said. After giving it some thought, Chen Feng decided to take a gamble.

The young man then led Chen Feng around, turning here and there without triggering any of the arrays. Even when they came across some soldiers, the young man was able to order them away. 

Chen Feng, meanwhile, simply watched it all happen, acknowledging this young man’s ability. This young man was very familiar with the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Secondly, he also possessed some status here. Chen Feng had noticed some half-step Gold Immortals displaying a look of respect towards him.

Chen Feng did not say a single word throughout it all because the young man was headed towards the Dark Kirin. 

“Is it the Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness or the Immortal Palace of Treasures?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. 

“Fellow cultivator, which one do you want to go?” the young man said smilingly. 


“Alright, that’s not a problem. As long as we work together, I can bring you there. Only, we might meet some obstructions. Naturally, that will require you to take action,” the young man replied.

They then arrived at a modest-looking grand hall. However, the words ‘Immortal Palace of Treasures’ on top of the grand hall caused Chen Feng’s eyes to light up. At the same time, he could clearly sense the aura of the Dark Kirin as well. In addition, there were several more formidable auras that clearly belonged to Gold Immortals.

“The Immortal Palace of Treasures! I wonder what kind of harvest I can obtain this time. However, there are Gold Immortals guarding this place. This will likely not be easy,” Chen Feng said.

“No need to fret, my friend. The Gold Immortals here will be moving away soon enough. Let’s just find a place to wait first.” A peculiar look flashed across the young man’s face.

“That’ll happen?” Chen Feng turned to look at the young man, a thoughtful look on his face.

“Of course.” The young man nodded confidently. 

Chen Feng sent his divine sense out and saw the Dark Kirin in the midst of fighting two Gold Immortals. The two Gold Immortals were very strong. Even though the Dark Kirin had already utilized the semi-transparent silhouette of the Dark Plane for the fight, the two parties were still well matched. Thus, the Dark Kirin simply had no time to go search for any treasures.

“Kid, what are you spacing out for? Hurry up and come help! There are a lot of good items here!” The Dark Kirin became somewhat anxious and he sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

“Senior, don’t be impatient. Leave this place first. Either that or find a place to hide.” Chen Feng did not reveal himself. Given the circumstances, all he could do was to trust the young man. 

“Hide? What are you talking about?” The Dark Kirin became shocked. 

Even so, the Dark Kirin chose to believe Chen Feng. Retracting his magic treasures and magic techniques, he then transformed into a clump of black light and flew away, quickly disappearing from sight. 

“Humph, don’t give chase. It is crucial that we keep watch over this place.”

The two Gold Immortals only hesitated for a moment before they stopped their pursuit of the Dark Kirin. And so, the entire Immortal Palace of Treasures became tranquil once more and the damaged places automatically repaired themselves. 

“Is your information accurate?” Chen Feng asked dubiously. 

“It should be accurate.” The young man hesitated for a moment before replying.

“Should.” Chen Feng muttered. He thought to himself. In the event that this kid was deceiving him, he would swiftly attack to kill him.

As Chen Feng was starting to become impatient, the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace shook and Chen Feng grew astounded. The earlier battle between Gold Immortals had resulted in waves of highly devastating power. And yet, even their battle failed to cause such a scene. 

After the trembling ground stabilized, a wave of energy swept out. Chen Feng was quick to determine that this was the embodiment of an expert’s will.

What a wicked will! Just this will alone is enough to determine that this person is ten times stronger than the clone of Immortal Emperor Blackfang. Only, I wonder what level Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s main body has reached? Chen Feng then turned to look at the young man. As expected, he revealed a look of excitement. 

“It’s coming! Get ready,” the young man whispered.


The entire East Extreme Immortal Palace shook again and Chen Feng felt his vision blurring. A gargantuan palm appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. The ferocious atmosphere of dominance it emanated gave Chen Feng a suffocating feeling. 

“It’s an illusion of the will.” Within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, his soul flame burned to get rid of the vision and he recovered.

Could it be an existence surpassing the Ageless Gold Immortal stage? However, I do not sense the aura of Paramount laws? Maybe it is because my level is not high enough to sense it, Chen Feng thought. 

“Eh, why did the Gold Immortal guards leave?” Chen Feng was surprised to notice them leaving.

“Fellow friend, do you still not know why?” the young man said with a smile.

“Something happened to the sealed zone?” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. 

“Yes. Looks like you know a lot about our East Extreme Immortal Palace.” After saying that, the young man revealed himself and openly walked forward.

“Something has happened to the sealed zone. As of now, there are no longer any Gold Immortals in the entire Immortal Palace of Treasures. Naturally, even if there are, we still have to enter and check it out.”

Chen Feng then sent a secret vocal transmission to the Dark Kirin. While he appeared still, he was actually regarding his surroundings. 

“Senior brother, please hold.”

As the young man was walking towards the grand hall, two half-step Gold Immortals stepped forward to stop him. 

“I’m just looking around,” the young man said with a smile.

“This is an important place. Senior brother, please stop.” The two half-step Gold Immortals refused to give way.

The young man continued to smile. Next, he took a large step forward and the two half-step Gold Immortals who wanted to stop him found that their bodies had become stiff, incapable of moving anymore. Due to that, they could not stop the feelings of dread from rising to the fore. 

Bang! Bang!

Both of the young man’s hands pushed the air and the two half-step Gold Immortals were sent flying. Hitting the ground, their lives came to an end.

“Now that the immortal palace is in a state of chaos, many people would try to fish in troubled waters. Why are you two so stubborn?” A cold light glinted across the young man’s eyes.

“What a malevolent poison!” Chen Feng said. 

“This is just a minor trick.” The young man responded with a laugh. 

After that, the young man stood before the hall and brought out a token. Streams of golden light flowed out from the surface of the token, intertwining with one another before melting into the gate of the hall.

“Inside this grand hall, there are combat puppets at the Gold Immortal stage. Later on, you will need to take action.” The young man said, his eyes focusing on the gate.

“Combat puppets at the Gold Immortal stage!” Chen Feng jolted to attention. 

“This is also why I wanted to partner up with you,” the young man continued.

“Is that so? I could have killed you back then,” Chen Feng said coldly.

“I’m confident in my ability to run away,” the young man replied calmly.

The doors of the gate opened slowly and a thick immortal energy gushed out from within. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. This stream of immortal energy alone was enough for him to figure out many things.

Looks like there some good items inside this hall. However, getting them will not be easy. Chen Feng too, strode into the hall. 

Right after entering the hall, Chen Feng sensed some other powers there. Spatial power, ageless power and the will to fight palpitated forth from the centre of the grand hall.  

What attracted Chen Feng the most were the items laid out before his eyes. 

Before him was a vast space and small, star-like objects hovered all around the space. Every one of the stars represented a treasure. Chen Feng’s gaze swept out and he beheld an endless river of stars.

“Tsk, tsk. Just this East Extreme Immortal Palace could already possess such a large treasure hoard. I wonder how big the Immortal Court’s treasure hoard is?” Chen Feng said, snickering. 

“I have wanted to come here for a long time now. To think that I would finally get the chance to do so,” the young man said, waving his hand to send a command flag out. The command flag hovered in the air. Following that, more command flags – identical in appearance – kept appearing, flying about until there were 18 of them there. In the end, they all turned invisible. 

“What are you doing?” Chen Feng asked. He could see that this was a set of high-grade magic array. Even a Gold Immortal would need some time to break through it. 

“I’m not the only one who wants to fish in troubled waters. This is to prevent others from breaking in.” The young man then waved his hand again and light shone out from the token in his hand to land on the star nearest to him. 

Every star was a treasure, but there were arrays on each of them. There were even talismans suppressing them. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out and the arrays and talismans on the star blew up. Next, the young man grasped and the star ended up in his hand. 

The star was only the size of a fist. After falling into the young man’s palm, its light was retracted and it transformed into a gold-red colour. 

“Starry Coppercore. It’s quite a good material for artifact forging.” One glance was all Chen Feng needed to identify it. It was indeed a very good material for the forging of magic treasures. Even for him, it was a useful item. 

The young man, though, appeared somewhat dissatisfied. Keeping the Starry Coppercore, he then grasped at the second star. This time, however, the token blew up and a massive palm appeared out of thin air, swinging towards the young man. 


The young man moved so fast that he left an after-image at the very spot he was standing on. The massive palm then smashed down against the floor. 

Next, a human-looking cultivator, with an impassive expression on his face, appeared before the young man. 

“A Gold Immortal puppet.” Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light. He began utilizing his eye technique while his mind started a divination technique to divine out the cultivation state and weaknesses of this combat puppet. 

“If it’s just one, this will be easy,” Chen Feng said.

“I fear it’s not just one.” The young man shook his head. Following that, another Gold Immortal puppet walked out. 

“This is just one of the many halls here. And yet, there are two Gold Immortal puppets standing guard over it! The East Extreme Immortal Palace sure is putting on a grand display here.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Even two is manageable. Only, it will be somewhat problematic.” Chen Feng’s figure charged into the sky. Stretching his hand and grasping, two of the stars there fell into his grasp. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

After Chen Feng obtained them, the arrays on the stars gradually broke down. One transformed into a crystalline, jade-like ball of water while the other one transformed into a ball of raging fire. 

“Water Essence of Extreme Yin and Fire Essence of Extreme Yang. Not bad.” With a gesture from Chen Feng’s palm, the two clumps of power entered his body. After that, the longevity-type primary energy flowed. It took just a few scouring processes to melt down and fuse with the two clumps of power.

Then, one of the Gold Immortal puppets arrived before Chen Feng, swinging a great halberd down upon Chen Feng.

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