Chapter 1217 Prison Break


The Divine Domain Lightning that Chen Feng brought out was effective. It had broken part of the black hole, causing all the prisoners inside to stir.

However, golden-coloured webs formed from light appeared, intertwining with one another as they sliced about to quickly shred the hands that charged out into pieces.

The killing arrays around the black hole were still functional. 

Bang! Bang! 

Chen Feng was struck by one attack after another. The Gold Immortals had seemingly gone mad as they attacked Chen Feng. They simply didn’t care if the prisoners would break out.

“Fellow cultivators, help!” Chen Feng shouted.

No matter how strong Chen Feng may be, he could not stop the attacks of several Gold Immortals. However, the fact that Chen Feng had diverted away so many of the Gold Immortals delighted the other cultivators. Why would they help him? Even the Red-robed Daoist pretended to not see him. 

These fellows!

Chen Feng scoffed inwardly. He felt a strong sense of danger. This was a very dangerous situation. Fighting these opponents head on was not an option. All he could do was to channel all his power into the Longevity Wings to have it display its strongest abilities. At the same time, he also utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art, doing his best to devour the streams of power that had invaded his body. 

Despite having done all that, Chen Feng was aware that his opponents’ attacks could still blow him up at any moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, something unexpected happened to pull Chen Feng back from the edge of death. Surprisingly, an unknown cultivator actually brought out an energy cannon to bear. Space was ripped apart as beam after beam of devastation roared forward to bombard the black hole. 

The effects of the energy cannon’s bombardment were even better. Cracks kept spreading out across the black hole. Every crack represented the destruction of a high number of arrays.

Due to that, the Gold Immortals who were attacking Chen Feng hesitated for a moment before turning away. Ignoring Chen Feng, they then charged towards the energy cannon. 

“You want to leave? Not so fast!” With the pressure on Chen Feng lightened, he finally unleashed the power that he had been accumulating. Over 100 Heavenly laws shot out from the Undying Heaven Sword, intertwining one another as they did. Spiralling forward, they then entered one of the Gold Immortal’s body.


A bloody hole the size of a bowl appeared on the Gold Immortal’s body. For Gold Immortals, even recovering from a broken body could be done in the blink of an eye. But as the Gold Immortal was drawing upon the power of his laws, he felt the power within him gushing madly out of his body. Even his Ageless laws were shaking. 

Terrified, the Gold Immortal did not hesitate to utilize a secret technique, exhausting a portion of his essence to break away from Chen Feng’s devouring move. After healing up his wound, he found that he has lost 30% of his strength. 

“It’s the Heavengulping Absorption Technique! As I recall, this secret technique should not be this overbearing.” After stabilizing his state of mind, this Ageless Gold Immortal gave Chen Feng a deep look. Next, his figure darted away to stand guard beside the black hole. Surprisingly, he had chosen to stop attacking Chen Feng.


Chen Feng took a deep breath and the wounds on his body rapidly disappeared. Next, his figure flashed away as he hid himself in some inconspicuous location. At that very moment, he was no longer the main character of this stage.

Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka!

One was a massive hand as white as jade while the other was a hideous monster hand filled with spikes. The two hands, emanating two different kinds of aura, emerged from the black hole and furiously grasped about. Following that, a series of popping sounds rang out. 

Chen Feng could already see countless talismans floating in the void. Flashing with light, the talismans were in the process of bursting apart. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that this black hole was about to break.


A large ox head abruptly poked out from the black hole. The great killing arrays there descended upon the ox head non-stop, creating flashes of bloody light and eliciting howls from the ox head. However, they failed to kill the ox. On the contrary, the ox head’s large body was continuously pushing its way out.

The two Gold Immortals standing guard beside the black hole swiftly attacked, two beams of sword light shooting out from them to sever the ox head.

Suddenly, another beam of sword light shot towards them from afar to stop one of their attacks. As for the ox head, it opened its mouth and roared to send a ball of light forward, blasting the Gold Immortals attacking him away.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As the ox head struggled, the black hole would occasionally expand and shrink. But no matter how hard the ox head tried, it could not break out. 

The Gold Immortals who came to stir up troubles began becoming anxious. Chen Feng himself could sense a hint of danger, but he simply could not figure out where this danger would come from.

“Little brother, hurry up and take action. The other party wants to utilize their energy cannons!” the Red-robed Daoist shouted anxiously towards Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng grew surprised, only to snicker. Instead of stepping forward, he put some more distance between himself and them. He had sensed a total of six Gold Immortals giving up on fighting their respective opponents, giving it their all to charge towards the black hole. At the same time, the feeling of danger was becoming increasingly strong. 

“Little brother, hurry up and attack!”

Someone else called out to Chen Feng again. Now that they had come this far, failure was unacceptable. Every additional force they could muster was important.

Chen Feng ignored it. His figure flashed away, disappearing from sight. He had a strong hunch that staying there would bring down a great calamity upon his head. 


Someone finally broke through the defensive perimeter and a beam of sword light struck the black hole. The black hole cracked and the ox head roared again. Finally, it had managed to push half of its body out. 

Following that, the jade-white hand appeared again. This time, there were two of them. With an abrupt pull from the two hands, an ox-headed monster charged out. The ox-headed monster grew in size quickly, reaching a length of at least 100 zhang. With a smash, it sent a Gold Immortal flying. 

The top part of the ox-headed monster began swelling and a singular horn protruded out within its body. Lightning flashed across its surface. In but a short moment, it had formed a huge ball of lightning. Next, the ball of lightning flew forward to explode against the black hole. 

A crack flashed with light and a tall cultivator with a jade-white face and a calm and confident expression on his face walked out. He exuded a mountain-like air of steadiness, not revealing any surprise at his breakout. He also did not appear moved by what was happening before him. 

“I didn’t think that minor characters like us would be the first to come out,” the confident-looking cultivator said with a smile. With a grasping motion, a sword appeared in his hand. Sword light flashed and all the chains binding the ox-headed monster’s body broke apart. Following that, raging flames burst out all around them and one steel needle after another was forced out from their bodies. 

After that, the auras of the confident-looking cultivator and the ox-headed monster rose steadily. It did not take long before their power exceeded that of the Red-robed Daoist.

“Fellows, did you see my senior brother, Divine Monarch Blackfiend?” the Red-robed Daoist shouted.

“Blackfiend? He should be coming out soon.”

“But the entrance needs to be enlarged a little bit more.” The confident-looking cultivator was in no rush to leave. Instead, brandishing his sword, he began attacking the black hole. The ox-headed monster, on the other hand, was in charge of stopping the cultivators from the East Extreme Immortal Palace.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Junior brother, I am out!” A daoist in black robes laughed loudly as he flew out. The moment he emerged, a black and highly fiendish energy spread out from his body. 

Sou! Sou!

Two more Gold Immortals charged out. One was a human cultivator while the other was a huge and colourful butterfly. This butterfly was very strange. With a gentle flap of its five-coloured wings, a fragrant aroma spread out. Due to the fragrance, the Gold Immortals there felt themselves becoming weaker. 

“Immortal Five Colours, figure out your targets before attacking!” the confident-looking cultivator said. 

“Sorry, I was too happy after coming out.” A flirtatious voice rang out and everyone there felt the strength in their bodies flowing away again.

So many Gold Immortals have broken free. Looks like I cannot stay here anymore. Chen Feng stood within a faraway building, observing what was happening to the black hole. 


A blood-red river suddenly appeared, streaking its way across the sky. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s heart froze. He knew, the East Extreme Immortal Palace had decided to utilize its energy cannons. 

When it came to the quality and power of energy cannons, the ones in the Immortal Court’s possession were stronger. The reason they did not use them from the very beginning was because the devastating power of energy cannons was too great. They did not want to devastate the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace. But the situation had changed. The other party had broken open Blackfang Prison. The situation would spiral out of control if they do not use the energy cannons.

Time to go!

Chen Feng quickly left, not staying to see what would happen there. That said, he was feeling somewhat puzzled. Although some savage characters did come here to stir up chaos, it should not have been so easy for them to break open Blackfang Prison. The power that the East Extreme Immortal Palace displayed was not as strong as he had expected. 

Take Immortal Emperor Blackfang for example. Despite his might, he had only mobilized a clone for this. If his main body had come, he would have no issues repelling one or two of the invaders. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Formidable energy waves swept out from behind Chen Feng and he suppressed the desire to turn back. Instead, he made use of the chaos to explore the East Extreme Immortal Palace.

“Kid, hurry up and come! I found something good.” Chen Feng suddenly received a secret vocal transmission from the Dark Kirin. Delighted, he then moved in a different direction. 

However, when Chen Feng was making his way past a modest-looking building, a swift and forceful sword beam suddenly stabbed towards him. 

This person had hidden himself very well. He actually managed to evade Chen Feng’s scanning efforts. Even the timing of his attack was very good. He only launched his attack the moment Chen Feng was about to pass by.

Despite his shock, Chen Feng did not evade the attack. He simply allowed the other party’s sword to stab his body.

A formidable sword energy blew up against Chen Feng’s body and he shook slightly before gently landing on the ground. Light shone from his eye and a young man in faint-blue clothes was revealed. The young man cast a look of utter shock at Chen Feng.

A small hole had appeared on the suit of armour that Chen Feng wore, but it quickly disappeared. 

“So, it’s a half-step Gold Immortal. You have the strength to assassinate a Gold Immortal. Unfortunately for you, you encountered me,” Chen Feng said, the sword in his hand swinging down. For Chen Feng, this young man was likely incapable of taking a few attacks from him. 

“Hold it!”

Unexpectedly, this young man would promptly wave his hands, keeping the sword in his hand as a show of sincerity.

“Are you begging for mercy here?” Chen Feng asked.

“Sir, you must have a reason for breaking into the East Extreme Immortal Palace. We can partner up,” the young man said calmly.

“Partner? No need. Whatever I need, I can go find them myself.” The Dark Kirin had sent Chen Feng some more information. Due to that, Chen Feng could not be bothered to talk too much with the young man. 

“No, you need me. This will make things more convenient for you. The East Extreme Immortal Palace is very big with a high number of arrays. More, there are countless experts standing guard over it. Without me leading the way, it will not take long before Gold Immortals stop you.” A smile appeared on the young man’s face. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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