Chapter 1216 Divine Domain Lightning


“That means we share the same objective. As long as we break open Blackfang Prison, the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace will fall into a state of chaos.” The Red-robed Daoist’s eyes lit up. 

“Could it be that easy?” Chen Feng felt curious. Earlier, just the clone of Immortal Emperor Blackfang had been sufficient to stop the two of them. Who knows how many more experts there were inside the East Extreme Immortal Palace?

“Naturally, it is not easy. Speaking of which, this is not the first time I came here. Additionally, other forces have come as well. All we need to do is to break open a small hole on the Blackfang Prison.

“Ha ha ha! You probably do not know how many savage characters are imprisoned inside Blackfang Prison. Just letting one or two of them out will be enough to stir up a serious commotion within the East Extreme Immortal Palace,” the Red-robed Daoist said, laughing.

“I am from the Celestial Plane,” Chen Feng said.

“Hah! I don’t care where you are from. All that matters is that you are hostile towards the Immortal Court.”

Suddenly, a cloud of black energy appeared out of nowhere. After absorbing just a strand of the black energy, Chen Feng felt his blood burning up, shocking him. Turning around, he saw that the same thing was happening to the Red-robed Daoist.

“What kind of power is this? How peculiar!” Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised. Although he was capable of refining the power, it required quite some effort. Additionally, even though he did not sense any laws within the black energy, it was still very strong. 

The face of the Red-robed Daoist sank but he then recollected himself.

“Maybe is it the power of darkness. Come, brother. I will lead you to Blackfang Prison.”

The two of them then made their way through layers of arrays. After one joss stick’s worth of time, they finally came to a halt. Hanging in the air before them was a massive black hole, which emanated a cold aura. It was unknown just where it led to. 

Moreover, this place was likely the most chaotic place in the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace. Several battles were taking place across the small space. Every single one of the cultivators there was a Gold Immortal. 

Chen Feng’s gaze quickly swept around and found that the East Extreme Immortal Palace was still holding the upper hand in the fight. To Chen Feng’s surprise, however, he did not see the Dark Kirin there. 

Where did he go to? Chen Feng then turned his attention to the black hole. This was the entrance to Blackfang Prison. Although it appeared simple, entering it was not that simple. A high number of experts had reinforced this prison and those imprisoned inside would have a very hard time trying to break out. 


The massive black hole shook slightly and energy waves emerged from within. Chaotic thought waves burst outwards like fireworks.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Someone has come again!”

“Fellow cultivators, thank you for your assistance! All you need to do is to smash this damned hole a few times and I will be able to break out.”

“Kill! If I ever manage to break out, I will tear down this East Extreme Immortal Palace!”

“Ha ha ha! It won’t be long before I am free!”

“Hu hu hu! I have been imprisoned here for a hundred million years. I can’t take this anymore!”


A formidable wave of power surged out from the hole. Shockingly, it caused a crack to appear across the hole. Next, a massive palm emerged from within, attempting to rip apart this black hole. 

“Ha ha ha! Someone actually blew himself up! Excellent!”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Soon enough, however, the palm was neatly cut to pieces. Following that, a clump of flames appeared to utterly incinerate the palm. 

“Divine Flames of the Nine Infernos born from the primordial!” someone cried out in shock. 

Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and his gaze was swiftly stopped by the layers of arrays on the black hole. In response, Chen Feng shouted and flames burned within his eyes. Finally, his gaze managed to pierce its way into the black hole. Through his blurry vision, he saw a mighty-looking cultivator. This cultivator stood upright, seemingly capable of supporting both Heaven and Earth. Raging flames emerged from his body but there were several chains piercing trough his body. No matter how much he roared, he was incapable of charging out. 

“Eh, someone’s here! Fellow cultivator, hurry up and help me break out! I will surely reward you generously for this!” Sensing Chen Feng’s aura, the cultivator swiftly shouted. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense moved away from the cultivator, going through layer after layer of space to see an unfamiliar creature howling loudly. Like the cultivator before, this creature was also bound by chains. 

Next up, Chen Feng found several more cultivators inside. Every single one of them was without exception, a highly formidable cultivator. Even though they had been chained and imprisoned here for who knows how long, they continued to emanate an aura of power and savagery.


Chen Feng’s eyes lit up even as his divine sense was cut off. A look of interest had appeared on his face. Back then, at the very moment that his divine sense was cut off, he saw something that interested him. 

Due to that, Chen Feng’s divine sense entered Blackfang Prison again. It did not take long before he saw a massive extra-terrestrial creature suppressed there. In truth, there were many extra-terrestrial creatures imprisoned there. At that very moment, however, the one that had caught Chen Feng’s attention was a Five-coloured Kirin. 

The number of kirins is even smaller than divine dragons. This time, Dark Night has finally found one of his kin, Chen Feng thought. 

Sensing Chen Feng’s gaze, the gigantic, star-like kirin, opened its eyes to give Chen Feng a glance. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his divine sense on the verge of collapsing. 

After that, Chen Feng’s divine sense continued to roam within the prison before he finally disturbed a sleeping monster. With just a harrumph from the monster, Chen Feng’s divine sense collapsed. 

After his divine sense collapsed three times in a row, Chen Feng retracted his gaze. Earlier, he had only managed to go through a very small portion of the entire Blackfang Prison. Just from that, he could imagine how big of a tempest the East Extreme Immortal Palace would have to face should something happen to Blackfang Prison.

Next up, Chen Feng was no longer free to act as he liked. Someone had attacked him. A Gold Immortal jabbed his finger at the air, causing the surrounding magic arrays to spin into action. Then, eight wyrms emerged from the void to attack Chen Feng.

“How troublesome!”

Chen Feng’s figure moved in an attempt to evade the attack from the wyrms, but a beam of sword light then transformed into a river of sword energy before charging towards him. 


The moment that the other party attacked him, Chen Feng had known that he was most likely no match for this person. Due to that, he wanted to evade. But the river of sword energy had locked down Chen Feng’s position. No matter where Chen Feng went, it would be of no use. 


Chen Feng stopped moving and fired out a river of sword energy as well. The two rivers of sword energy collided for a moment before the river of sword energy from Chen Feng was engulfed. 


A warning sign emerged from Chen Feng’s heart and he saw a golden pillar of light sweeping towards him. The power of devastation within it was even greater than that of the river of sword energy.

Ageless Light! This person is strong. Chen Feng had long since expected such a situation. With a thought, a high number of Heavenly laws emerged from his body, swiftly intertwining with one another to form a thick shield. 

Following that, the Ageless Light swept across the shield that was placed defensively before Chen Feng. With Chen Feng in the centre position, the golden pillar of light then spread out to form a massive concave shape.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Those were the sounds of Heavenly laws snapping. However, the Heavenly laws vibrated violently and the Ageless Light was steadily unravelled. 

After successfully blocking this attack, Chen Feng grew more confident. He quickly retracted his 200 Heavenly laws and the broken ones were quickly restored to their original state. 


Using the Longevity Wings, Chen Feng evaded the attacks from the wyrms. Next, a sword beam from him struck the black hole. 

The black hole only shook slightly before stabilizing itself. Even so, the Gold Immortals of the East Extreme Immortal Palace grew apprehensive. A beam of Ageless Light and a beam of sword energy shot towards Chen Feng.

This time, two Gold Immortals attacked Chen Feng. 


Chen Feng’s face turned grim. His figures flitted in and out of sight. Even so, he could not evade the targeting power of the two attacks.

Just as Chen Feng was wondering if he should take the two attacks head on, a massive hand emerged from the void. With a swing of the hand, the Ageless Light and sword beam changed their trajectory to strike the black hole instead, causing tiny cracks to appear upon the black hole. 


The sudden appearance of the palm alarmed the cultivators on either side. Although they did not know who the other person was, its earlier display had shown that this was no ordinary Gold Immortal. 

Chen Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief before rapidly ducking away. Swinging his hand, he then hurled three beams of light at the black hole. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All three beams of light blew up at the same time. The power created by the explosion was not that much inferior compared to the previous attack from the Gold Immortal. 

“He blew up his Divine artifacts!”

I’m really putting a lot into this. The Divine artifacts on me are almost all gone now. Though, I still have one good item. Chen Feng then brought out a black bead. Giving it a perfunctory glance, one would have assumed it to be Tun Ri’s Blazing Sun. However, there was a high number of runes engraved on the surface of this black bead.

“Oh, no! That’s a Divine Domain Lightning! Hurry, stop him!” When one of the Gold Immortals saw what was in Chen Feng’s hand, he immediately bellowed. He ignored the entangling attempts by his opponent, a black-robed cultivator, and rushed towards Chen Feng instead

“This is indeed the Divine Domain Lightning. However, I have modified it.” Chen Feng smiled and tossed the black bead into the black hole. Next, his figure flashed, darting far away. 

The Gold Immortal who was charging towards Chen Feng also turned around and ran. Following that, every other cultivator there, having heard the words ‘Divine Domain Lightning’, stopped fighting one another and simply ran. 

Unlike the other Divine Lightnings, this Divine Domain Lightning did not blow up. There was also no world-shaking boom. Like a black solution that had been inserted into clear water, a black, ink-like colour spread out. Everywhere the black-coloured energy went, space would be corroded and the chaotic energy streams there melted before disappearing away. In the end, even a corner of the black hole disappeared.

Not bad. A pity, though. The value of this divine lightning is already comparable to a mid-grade Divine artifact. Chen Feng shook his head, but he was very satisfied with the result. 

“Kid, even if it means putting my life on the line, I will kill you!” Chen Feng did not have the time to be happy as more Gold Immortals charged towards him. 

It was not just one Gold Immortal or two. A total of five Gold Immortals gave up on fighting their respective opponents for the sake of killing Chen Feng.

Seeing that scared Chen Feng so much that his hairs stood on end. He swiftly flew away while shouting, “You guys should go patch up the hole. If you don’t, the savage guys inside will come out.”

“It can wait until after we kill you!” Unexpectedly, they did not hesitate at all. 

“Guys, are you fellows still not going to attack?” Helpless, Chen Feng shouted. He had to face five Gold Immortals. Even if he were to level up again, he would likely be incapable of stopping them. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

One side of the black hole had disappeared and cracks appeared over it, causing the energy streams coming from it to become even more chaotic. Two thick arms emerged from the black hole to ceaselessly rip apart the restraining power within the black hole.

“Ha ha ha! Blackfang Prison has broken! Fellow cultivators, let’s charge out together!”


Note: Divine Domain Lightning. The ‘Lightning’ word here is translated from ‘’, pinyin: ‘léi’. Generally translated as lightning, it can also mean bomb. 

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