Chapter 1215 Immortal Emperor Blackfang


I wonder who they are and what objectives they have for coming here? However, they must be the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s enemy. Chen Feng made use of the chaos to advance. His movement speed increased and he was able to find a lot of places, but he was still unable to find the places that he was looking for. 

At the same time, Chen Feng found that he had lost contact with the Dark Kirin. While it made him more vigilant, he could not stop himself from secretly praising the profundity of the East Extreme Immortal Palace. 


A world-shaking collision rocked the ground and Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. This level of clash could already threaten him. 

That previous collision had led to the collapse of who knows just how many arrays and buildings. Chen Feng speculated that the two opposing parties must be utilizing mid-grade Divine artifacts. Additionally, both sides were able to unleash the full power of their magic treasures. 

The two sides were moving as they duked it out. Coincidentally, they happened to be moving towards Chen Feng. They were so fast that Chen Feng simply had no time to avoid them. 

Chen Feng cursed silently and energy streams surged around him. Next, he transformed to take the appearance of a soldier of the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Even the aura that he was emanating felt similar to that of a soldier.  


The massive building beside him abruptly blew up into countless fragments, shocking Chen Feng yet again. Although this building did not appear particularly strong, it actually contained countless arrays and talismans. The concentrated ageless power within it was so strong that Chen Feng had been careful not to make contact with it earlier. 

Unexpectedly, the other party could so easily shatter the building apart. These fellows were stronger than him. 

Both appeared human. One of them, wielding a spear, was clad in a terrifying-looking suit of armour. The other one was clad in fiery-red robes, a blade in hand. Every clash between the two would result in a power that could destroy everything.

Even at the same level, there were distinctions between certain cultivators’ combat power. 

The same was true for Gold Immortals. There were varying levels even in the Gold Immortal stage. 

The moment the two cultivators appeared, Chen Feng had realized that they were experts amongst Ageless Gold Immortals. The Gold Immortals who attacked the Six Daos Alliance were simply incapable of standing on the same pedestal as these two Gold Immortals. 

Boom! Boom!

The two cultivators smashed into one another. The collision blasted both of them backwards, smashing down a high number of buildings. Unfortunately for a group of patrolling soldiers, they were sucked into the shockwaves of the battle. Making contact with the golden light, the soldiers were incinerated to ash. 

In the face of the two Gold Immortals, the team of ten Heavenly Immortals were even weaker than ants. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Blackfang, you cannot stop me with just your clone!” The cultivator in fiery-red robes held the upper hand and he laughed loudly, pleased at himself.


Chen Feng’s heart palpitated. He had thought of someone. Immortal Emperor Blackfang, the one in charge of the Blackfang Prison. Could this person be Immortal Emperor Blackfang?

Thinking about it, Chen Feng then determined that this person should be Immortal Emperor Blackfang. But after the cultivator in fiery-red robes finished speaking, Chen Feng’s feelings of surprise turned into utter astonishment.

Just his clone was already so strong. If so, what of his main body? A character with the title of Immortal Emperor was certainly no ordinary person. 

His main body was most likely standing guard over Blackfang Prison. 

When he thought of that, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Is the other party also going after Blackfang Prison? This is a rare opportunity!

“Against you, my clone is enough,” Immortal Emperor Blackfang said coolly. He stretched his hand and grasped. Next, the surrounding arrays gathered up and the demolished buildings were restored to their former state. Even the primary spirits of some Heavenly Immortal soldiers, killed in the earlier clashes, were collected by Immortal Emperor Blackfang and teleported to some other place.

“If that’s the case, I will just kill your clone!” The cultivator in fiery-red robes unleashed even more violent attacks. 

“You can try.”

“Seriously. Why bother with all this? As long as you let my senior bother out, we can end this peacefully. If you do not, one day, I will flatten your East Extreme Immortal Palace.”

“Our East Extreme Immortal Palace has existed for billions and billions of years. Countless others have said those very words before, but none of them ever succeeded. In truth, there is no need for you to throw such a huge commotion over this. As long as your senior bother obediently stay in Blackfang Prison for 200 million years, he will be released,” Immortal Emperor Blackfang said with a smile.


Even as they were talking, the two Gold Immortals never stopped attacking one another. Their fight wrought about a great power of devastation.


Light glinted across Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s eyes and his face revealed a look of surprise. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that he had been found out.

Chen Feng had assumed that the two of them would – as they fought one another – quickly pass by. As for him, by taking the form of a soldier of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, he would be able to slip away unnoticed. Unexpectedly, Immortal Emperor Blackfang was a highly meticulous person. Even as he was in the midst of battle, he was still carefully observing his surroundings. 

That said, the fact that a minor Heavenly Immortal could remain unscathed amidst the fight between two Gold Immortals was a giveaway.

Due to that, the very moment that Immortal Emperor Blackfang released a sound of surprise, Chen Feng attacked. The Undying Heaven Sword slashed towards Immortal Emperor Blackfang.

“A Heavenly Immortal?!”

Both Immortal Emperor Blackfang and his opponent were shocked. Initially, they had assumed that Chen Feng was an expert in disguise. However, this attack from him revealed his aura of a Heavenly Immortal. 

More shockingly, in the face of an attack from a Heavenly Immortal, Immortal Emperor Blackfang was actually feeling threatened.


The cultivator in fiery-red robes shouted, his offensive power jumping all of a sudden. He had noticed that Chen Feng’s attack contained the power of a Gold Immortal. 

“Little brother, where are you from? What business do you have with our East Extreme Immortal Palace? I suggest we sit down and talk about this.” Despite his surprise earlier, Immortal Emperor Blackfang was quick to recollect himself. Chen Feng’s participation did not cause him to panic. Every move he made gave off the impression that everything was in the palm of his hand.

“There is no need to sit down and talk. There is a death grudge between us two!” Chen Feng replied with a laugh. He fired three sword beams in quick succession to force Immortal Emperor Blackfang back, again and again. However, Chen Feng felt his heart sinking. This other party’s level was very high and his mastery over the utilization of laws had reached a mysteriously unfathomable level. And while he was only a clone, he was still very difficult to deal with. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! So, there is a death grudge between you two! Looks like your East Extreme Immortal Palace has quite a number of enemies. Little brother, my name is the Red-robed Daoist. How about we work together to kill off this guy?” The cultivator in fiery-red robes laughed loudly. 

“Not a problem.” Chen Feng nodded.

“In the path of cultivation, there is only power and interest. There is no such thing as a death grudge. Given little brother’s cultivation talent, even if there is any conflict between you and our East Extreme Immortal Palace, I, Immortal Emperor Blackfang, promise you that I can make the conflict go away.”

“Little brother, don’t listen to his forked words! There isn’t a single good person from the Immortal Court,” the Red-robed Daoist shouted.

“Forget it! Not even Grand Emperor East Extreme can make it go away,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“If that’s the case, you can forget about leaving.” Immortal Emperor Blackfang maintained an impassive look on his face. Even though he was facing the attacks from two cultivators, he remained steady.

After one breath’s worth of time…

“So, little brother is from the Longevity Clan. Let me divine this. Tsk, tsk. How unexpected! It is actually Young Master Longevity Celestial! How disrespectful of me.” Immortal Emperor Blackfang managed to figure out Chen Feng’s identity in the end. That said, he did not let up on his attacks. Quite the contrary, he instead focused more on attacking Chen Feng. This proved that, in Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s mind, Chen Feng was a more important target. 

“The Celestial Longevity Plane!”

The Red-robed Daoist’s eyes flashed with light, but he said nothing else about it. 

“Looks like Young Master Longevity Celestial is here for the sake of the Six Daos Alliance. Why bother? As long as Young Master Longevity Celestial is willing to bring your men back to the Celestial Longevity Plane, we can still be friends.”

“Friends? The great Immortal Emperor Blackfang, a famed expert from the East Extreme Immortal Palace, is willing to be friends with a minor cultivator like me?” Chen Feng smirked.

“There are not many people with the qualifications to befriend me, but Young Master Longevity Celestial is definitely qualified.”

“Is that so? As long as your East Extreme Immortal Palace withdraws your army, we can talk about it.”

“That means no.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Red-robed Daoist utilized a killer move and fired out three fiery-red astral blades in quick succession. The three astral blades then linked up, transforming into a disc of death, which then enveloped Immortal Emperor Blackfang.

At the same time, Chen Feng also fired out the power of primordial end and Ageless Blazelight. 

Immortal Emperor Blackfang succeeded in stopping the disc of death from the Red-robed Daoist, but he underestimated the power that Chen Feng could unleash. Next, the two powers of devastation struck him, inflicting some wounds upon his body. 

Given the level of this battle, even a minor issue could alter the result of the battle. And so, Immortal Emperor Blackfang began falling into an unfavourable position while the power that the Red-robed Daoist unleashed grew increasingly strong. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, even if Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s main body were to come, he would only be a notch stronger compared to the Red-robed Daoist. His clone, however, was not quite as strong. That being said, this was Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s territory. He could mobilize the forces of the East Extreme Immortal Palace while fighting his opponents here. 


The Longevity Wings unfurled and Chen Feng’s speed began rising rapidly, but he did not attack Immortal Emperor Blackfang. Instead, he flew around.

Soon enough, the eyes of Immortal Emperor Blackfang, who had remained calm all this time, glinted with light and his aura became several notches weaker.

“Good! Little brother, not bad!” the Red-robed Daoist shouted. 

Chen Feng had utilized the Longevity Wings to cut off the connection between Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s clone and his main body. He even cut off the connection between the clone and the East Extreme Immortal Palace. 

Due to that, Immortal Emperor Blackfang was no longer a match for the Red-robed Daoist. Add Chen Feng into the equation, Immortal Emperor Blackfang’s defeat or even death became a real possibility. 

Only, Immortal Emperor Blackfang was very decisive. After exchanging a few more blows, he found an opening and fled.


Chen Feng became somewhat dumbfounded. He had already planned various methods to fight Immortal Emperor Blackfang. Unexpectedly, this highly renowned Immortal Emperor of the Immortal Plane would actually run away instead. 

“Humph! This fellow sure can run away.” The Red-robed Daoist showed no interest in giving chase.

“He is an Immortal Emperor, after all.” Chen Feng sighed.

“What Immortal Emperor? That’s just a title. What’s so great about it? Little brother, surely you did not come alone?” The Red-robed Daoist cast a look of interest at Chen Feng. 

“Ha ha ha! Senior, didn’t you come alone as well?” Chen Feng responded.

“You brat! Don’t worry, I have no ill intentions. The reason I came to this East Extreme Immortal Palace is to save my senior brother who is imprisoned inside the Blackfang Prison. Naturally, I also have a few companions. The way I see it, little brother’s cultivation base is quite good. I wonder, are you interested in joining us?” The Red-robed Daoist invited Chen Feng. 

Pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng then said, “I came here to stir up chaos in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. The more chaotic it is, the better.”

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