Chapter 1214 East Extreme Immortal Palace


After receiving Chen Feng’s order, Heng Ri did not hesitate to punch out a spatial passageway for a long-range teleportation. For a Gold Immortal, this was a simple matter.

“This time, we managed to kill off five enemy Gold Immortals. With this, I believe that the enemy will restrain themselves somewhat. And now that Heng Ri is there to defend the alliance, there should be no other issues there. Next up, it is time we go check up on the enemy lair.” Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin exchanged glances before disappearing from sight. 

Upon his return to the Primordial Mountain Range, Heng Ri instantly transformed back to his original body. His massive body charged into the enemy camp, flying back and forth to smash apart the enemy energy cannons. When the enemy dispatched their Gold Immortal clones to attack him, he swiftly flew back into the great array.

As expected, with the presence of a Gold Immortal, the faltering morale of the Six Daos Alliance gradually improved.

“Even though the other party has lost their energy cannons, they still have a high number of soldiers. They will not retreat. I wonder, how long will this go on?” Da Feng voiced out his concern. 


Suddenly, a spatial gate rippled outwards and the aura of Magiris emerged from the gate.

“Open it!”

Da Feng only hesitated for a moment before deciding to open the spatial gate. 

Magiris was the first to charge out, followed by a steady stream of cultivators. When they saw that, Da Feng and the others were taken aback only to quickly become delighted.

“It’s the reinforcements from the Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Blood Plane! There are even some ghost cultivators. Ha ha ha! With this, we will be able to deal with our situation.” Tun Ri laughed loudly.

“Something’s not right.” The expression on Da Feng’s face then flickered.

“Indeed. They are not reinforcements. They are running away,” Magiris said with a wry smile. Only then did the others realize that almost every one of the cultivators who came out from the spatial gate was wounded. Their auras were faint. This was clearly a group of badly battered cultivators.   

“Running away!” Tun Ri’s eyes widened in shock.

“The Demon Plane’s force has lost. More than half of their men were killed. All they can do now is to retreat here. Even two of the men I brought with me were killed there.” Magiris sighed. Although only two died, those two were half-step Gold Immortals. For Magiris, this was a serious loss.

“Will the other party come after us?” That was what Da Feng was most concerned about. 

At that very moment, the Six Daos Alliance didn’t even know if they could defend themselves. There was no telling when their great array would be broken down. They all knew what would happen if the enemy force attacking the Demon Plane’s force came after them

“Forget it. Even if it happens, it would just shorten the amount of time we have before we are defeated.” Da Feng shook his head at last.

By then, Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin had entered the Starsource Order’s headquarters, going into the small world located underground. 

“Back then, I was ambushed here. I believe that this teleportation array is connected to the East Extreme Immortal Palace,” Chen Feng said, pointing at the small teleportation array. 

“Are you sure about this? This is a very dangerous move. The headquarters of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, the strongest force in the eastern part of the Immortal Plane. There is a high chance that we will die if we teleport there. If we are unlucky, there will be nothing left of us,” the Dark Kirin said. 

“Let’s hope we’re lucky,” Chen Feng said, walking into the teleportation array. Shaking his head, the Dark Kirin walked in as well. At that very moment, the Dark Kirin could already utilize the power of the Dark Plane against his enemies. Even some veteran Gold Immortals were likely no match for him.


The teleportation array activated. Next, space and time intertwined to form a passageway and both Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin entered it. 

“We’re almost there.”

“Jump!” Chen Feng said, yin yang energy surging out from his eyes before intertwining. As a result, an explosion blew up a hole upon the spatial passageway. Following that, a devastating power engulfed the two of them and the entire spatial passageway broke down. In the end, even the teleportation array on the other end blew up into bits.

“What happened?”

“Someone broke in!”

“Find them!”


Several formidable thoughts pierced through space to sweep about non-stop before finally disappearing. 

“That was dangerous!”

Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin then fell down from space. Despite their strength, staying within the chaos of the void had still left them in a rather wretched-looking state.

“The passageway was reinforced by a Gold Immortal. Additionally, the structure of the Immortal Plane is firmer, its space more stable. It is tens of times stronger compared to outer space,” Chen Feng said while retracting his aura. In the end, it felt as though he simply did not exist within this space.

Naturally, as someone who had gained control over the Dark Plane, the Dark Kirin’s stealth technique was even stronger than Chen Feng’s stealth technique.

“I wonder, is this the East Extreme Immortal Palace?” Chen Feng’s gaze swept about while his divine sense expanded.

Seemingly endless majestic buildings, grand and noble immortal energy, spirit animals darting around and neatly lined-up soldiers. Chen Feng swiftly decided that this was probably the East Extreme Immortal Palace.

“Let’s just find someone to check it out.”

Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin took action simultaneously. One by one, their divine senses slipped into the seas of wisdom of two patrolling soldiers. 

It did not take long before the two of them retracted their divine senses, having gained some of the information that they were looking for. As for the two soldiers, they were unaware of what just happened. 

“As expected, we are within the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s territory. More, this is the central area. This will save us some time.”

“If that’s the case, let’s split up. We can cover more ground that way.” 

Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin exchanged nods before silently turning invisible.

Their objective was to stir up trouble within the East Extreme Immortal Palace. However, in order to force the East Extreme Immortal Palace to withdraw its soldiers, it had to be a very big commotion. Although Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin were very strong, enough that they could kill off Gold Immortals by working together, they were not strong enough to take on the East Extreme Immortal Palace head on. 

Thus, after a round of discussion, Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin decided to attack several places within the East Extreme Immortal Palace.

These places were very important for the East Extreme Immortal Palace. By triggering some commotion in those places, they would be able to curb most of the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s power.

The Blackfang Prison. An important prison in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Imprisoned within it were various criminals and savage characters. There was a high number of them, accumulated throughout billions of years. Layer after layer of soldiers stood guard over it. 

The Spiritual Fountain of Agelessness. This was truly a Heaven-defying existence. Small in size, the waters flowing out from this fountain were the essence power of the Immortal Plane. There was also ageless power within them. Chen Feng speculated that the formidable cultivators that had suddenly appeared in the war back then had been nurtured here. 

The Immortal Palace of Treasures, built as a replica of the treasure room of the Immortal Court. It contained countless magic treasures. All of the East Extreme Immortal Palace’s cultivation materials were stored inside this place.

In addition, Chen Feng also managed to discover an even greater secret. There was a sealed zone within the East Extreme Immortal Palace. No one knew what was sealed there. Perhaps, it was a formidable extra-terrestrial creature. Or perhaps, it was a peerlessly savage character. Or perhaps, it was a passageway leading to some strange place.

The information that Chen Feng found were fragmented and nothing more than rumours. Even so, he believed it to be true. 

All those places were the objectives that Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin had in mind this time. They were the best places to stir up chaos within the East Extreme Immortal Palace. At the same time, however, they were the most difficult to accomplish. 

According to the information they managed to obtain, in addition to the high number of elite soldiers tasked with guarding those places, there were also Gold Immortals there. Additionally, there were also layer after layer of restrictive and magic arrays that were near-impossible to defend against. Even Gold Immortals would have a hard time avoiding detection in those places.

Due to that, Chen Feng exercised great caution as he moved. Along the way, he would also send his divine sense out to enter the seas of wisdom of the soldiers he found. All the information he found were the same. 

Chen Feng knew. In order to obtain more useful information, he would need to find stronger soldiers. However, he dared not take this risk. In the event that there was an imprint left by an expert within his target’s sea of wisdom, his action would alarm the other party. That would be bad. 

Suddenly, a formidable divine sense swept forward to envelop the entire East Extreme Immortal Palace. Chen Feng quickly utilized a secret technique to become one with the spiritual tree beside him. Due to that, the scanning efforts of the divine sense failed to find Chen Feng.

The ageless divine sense of a Gold Immortal. Although the other party’s divine sense had finished sweeping the place, due to its ageless power, it would take some time before it completely dissipated away. Should one fail to notice that and make even the slightest move, they would be detected.

Chen Feng, however, was very patient. He waited for a long time before finally moving again. 

However, Chen Feng was only able to move for a brief moment before a second wave of divine sense swept forward. It was the divine sense of another person. But this person was also a Gold Immortal.

This time, Chen Feng fused himself with a piece of boulder. At the same time, he pondered to himself. There were many Gold Immortals in the East Extreme Immortal Palace. If every single one of them were to release their divine senses to sweep the place, he would have a hard time doing anything here.  

During the third time, Chen Feng could not stop himself from wondering. This is not the way to go. I wonder, how is the Dark Kirin doing?

On the one hand, Chen Feng was worried about the Six Daos Alliance. On the other hand, he also had to evade the scanning efforts of the Gold Immortals’ divine senses. Add the endless number of hidden magic arrays there, Chen Feng suddenly felt that his decision to come here was not a good one.

Should I just go back? But if I do that, I will not be able to stay in the Primordial Mountain Range anymore, Chen Feng thought. 

Suddenly, the divine sense sweeping the area fluctuated violently, becoming like surging waves of water. 

Sensing that shocked Chen Feng, who thought that the other party had discovered him. However, the wave of golden light continued to sweep forward, charging into the distance.

Following that, countless arrays emerged and a beam of golden light shot into the sky only to be stopped by a thick layer of barrier up in the sky. The resulting flash of golden light kept spreading out to quickly encompass a huge expanse of the sky. More divine senses appeared and they kept sweeping around. The many waves of divine senses intertwined with one another to become like a web. As for Chen Feng, he dared not be careless at all. A single mistake on his part would allow the divine senses to notice him. 

Formidable energy waves spread out from the distance and Chen Feng grew both surprised and delighted. It would appear that someone else had broken in. For some unknown reason, this person was found out and was in the middle of fighting the guards there. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the fact that this intruder could alarm so many ageless divine senses meant that this person was at least a Gold Immortal.

It’s not the Dark Kirin. Eh? And there’s more than one. Good. The stronger they are, the better. Chen Feng waited for a moment before emerging from void space. Finding an opening within the web of ageless divine senses, his figure flashed forward, disappearing from sight. 

The scale of the battle there became increasingly large. Already, a high number of soldiers had been dispatched over. Due to that, the defences of the East Extreme Immortal Palace fell somewhat, making it more convenient for Chen Feng to move around. 

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