Chapter 1213 Killing a Gold Immortal


“The Alliance Lord, Senior Dark Night and Senior Heng Ri have reinforced it. I personally witnessed the Alliance Lord bringing out several Divine artifacts and putting them into the array cores,” Dao Monarch Asura said weakly.

Within the six daos cycle, Asura was geared towards carnage the most. Due to that, in this battle, Dao Monarch Asura had killed the most when compared to the other five. He was also the one with the most serious wounds. 

“This is the final barrier. Hopefully, it can stop the enemy’s attack.” Dao Monarch Secularism sighed. In this war, a good number of the disciples from the Six Daos Sword Faction had died.

“It managed to stop them this time, but who knows if it can stop them next time. When will the Alliance Lord return?”

“Even the two seniors were lured away. This is worrisome.”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the battle, the cultivators on the Six Daos Alliance’s side began working on their recovery when they heard booming sounds coming from outside the great array. In the beginning, they had assumed that the enemy was attacking the great array and did not think too much about it. Quickly, however, formidable energy waves spread towards them and even the great array began shaking.

“Such formidable attacks!”

“No, the enemy is using energy cannons!”

“Yes, it’s energy cannons. The Immortal Court must have provided them. This will be problematic.”

“Humph! Even though energy cannons possess a shocking offensive power, they require energy to use. I will head out to investigate.” After saying that, Sha Shen’s figure flashed away.

The booming sounds continued for one joss stick’s worth of time before stopping. The faces of Dao Monarch Heavensdao and the others were ugly to behold. The bombardment had damaged the great array somewhat and some of the lesser killing arrays within it became slightly loose.

Sha Shen swiftly returned, the sword in his hand utterly stained with blood. However, his body was also covered in deep wounds.

“The enemy has brought out twelve energy cannons. Their power is comparable to the Energy Cannons of Darkness. Due to the earlier bombardment, cracks have begun appearing on the great array. If they attack with the energy cannons a few more times, I think there is no need for me to tell you what will happen,” Sha Shen chuckled as he said that. Then, he fell limply on his buttocks. 

Da Feng swiftly stepped forward and his hand performed a grasping motion. Next, strands of black energy flowed out from the wounds. Like snakes, they wriggled about even after Da Feng had pulled them into his palm.

“What a formidable power of malevolence,” said Da Feng, flames surging out from his palm to burn them. Sharp cries rang out as they burned.

Sha Shen then opened his mouth to release a black stream of energy. His skin and flesh kept bursting open before healing up, again and again. After repeating the process several times, he was finally able to recover. 

With Da Feng’s help, Sha Shen was able to gradually recover.

“It was the clone of a Gold Immortal, but I did kill off a half-step Gold Immortal along the way,” Sha Shen said with a smile.

“We should leave before the Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos is destroyed.” Dao Monarch Heavensdao and Dao Monarch Secularism went to meet them.

“Leave?” Da Feng felt somewhat puzzled.

“Yes, leave through the teleportation array. This way, we can preserve our strength. Even going through the spatial gate to join up with another force is better than waiting for our deaths here,” Dao Monarch Secularism said, a gloomy look on his face.

“You fellows are willing to give up the Primordial Mountain Range?” Da Feng said, chuckling.

“Of course not. However, I do not think that we can survive this.”

“Going to other places will net us the same result. Besides, do you fellows think that all we need to do to teleport out from here is to construct the spatial gates? While we’re teleporting out, the enemy experts will surely seal up the surrounding space.”

“What should we do, then? Do we just wait for our deaths here?”

“If you believe that death is all that awaits us, then you can consider this as us waiting for our deaths,” Da Feng replied before ignoring them. 

“Sigh!” Dao Monarch Secularism turned and left. Dao Monarch Heavensdao also sighed.

Chen Feng had finally found the Dark Kirin. In the beginning, Chen Feng had been preparing to fight to the death. But when he saw what was happening, he became astounded.

The Dark Kirin had transformed back to his original form, a body spanning a width of at least half a million kilometres, as big as a planet. Above his head was a black cloud. Chen Feng tried to get a more detailed look at the cloud only for everything before his eyes to flash with light all of a sudden. Essence power, grand dao laws, mountains and rivers, animals and birds of various types and other life forms grew in numbers. Time sped by and various images flashed about ceaselessly. Chen Feng then closed his eyes. It had only been an instant, but Chen Feng felt as though ten million years had gone by.

That’s the entire Dark Plane! Has Dark Night become so strong? Chen Feng was secretly surprised.

Opening his eyes again to look forward, Chen Feng saw the Dark Scripture flickering in and out of the black cloud, its pages turning continuously and black streams of light would occasionally shoot out from it. 

The power behind the enemy’s attacks would be either blocked or absorbed by the black cloud.

The Dark Kirin singlehandedly suppressed two Gold Immortals. More, one of them was gasping profusely. He was already on the brink of death. Even the other one was badly wounded. Every now and again, the two of them would attempt to charge out only to be stopped by the power of the Dark Plane.

Chen Feng found it hard to believe that the Dark Kirin was so strong.


Wielding the War Butcher, the Dark Kirin unleashed a sudden attack and the Gold Immortal who was already at Death’s door finally blew up. A mote of his primary spirit attempted to fly away only for the suction force from the Dark Scripture to suck it in. 

The second enemy Gold Immortal was so frightened, his soul nearly dropped out from his body. It was then that he spied Chen Feng there. Next, his figure flashed as he charged towards Chen Feng.

Naturally, the Dark Kirin had also noticed Chen Feng. But he did not feel apprehensive about it. Instead, a smile appeared on his face as he simply watched.

The Gold Immortal simply didn’t care about Chen Feng, a minor Heavenly Immortal. What he was looking at was the spatial passageway behind Chen Feng. Naturally, there was the question of how this spatial passageway appeared. Only, due to the danger to his life, the Gold Immortal could not be bothered to think about it.

He charged forward, thinking of Chen Feng as nothing more than an insignificant bug that was about to be squashed to death.

However, Chen Feng then brought out the Undying Heaven Sword and his body grew larger and larger within the Gold Immortal’s eyes. It was then that the Gold Immortal suddenly realized that something was amiss. How could a minor Heavenly Immortal approach the battlefield of Gold Immortals? Even the average half-step Gold Immortal would become badly wounded if they came too close. 


The slash from Chen Feng was like a river of stars, almost cleanly cleaving the Gold Immortal into two.

“So weak. No wonder you can fight two of them.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Humph, you sure know how to talk. This kid only has 30% of his former combat power left. Still, the fact that you can do this is already quite good,” the Dark Kirin said and jabbed forward with his finger. Next, countless black threads emerged from the Dark Scripture to pierce the Gold Immortal’s body. Chen Feng also took action, grasping with his hand to pull in the Gold Immortal’s essence power.

“You sure know how to get yourself a bargain.” The Dark Kirin returned to his human form. As usual, he took the form of an aloof youngster in black.

“Congratulations! Unexpectedly, your strength has improved yet again. Though, I’m no slouch myself. Just now, I managed to kill off a Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng said proudly. An Ageless law arrived at Chen Feng’s hand, stopping only for a moment before disappearing.

“Stinky brat, you’re stealing my stuff. What? You said you managed to kill off a Gold Immortal? Did you use the Longevity Tower?” The Dark Kirin was shocked. Still, he continued to quickly extract the remaining few Ageless laws from the Gold Immortal. 

“Of course not. I did it by relying on my own power. I say, Sir Dark Night, why are you even grabbing up all these things? You are already a Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng had only devoured one third of the Gold Immortal’s power.

“Even though I am already a Gold Immortal, I still need ageless power to improve my strength. Besides, I am now the ruler of the Dark Plane. I need to develop the entire Dark Plane. What do you think I need these items for?” the Dark Kirin replied bluntly.

“Alright, let’s head towards Heng Ri. There are also two Gold Immortals on his end,” Chen Feng said.

“Let’s go. Where is the variant wyrm?” The Dark Kirin’s will to fight soared. He had just made a breakthrough in his strength. Thus, he wanted more battles to further hone himself.

“Running,” said Chen Feng after sensing for a moment.

Heng Ri was indeed on the run. Even though his genes, the genes of a variant wyrm, a unique extra-terrestrial creature of chaos, were very strong, he was inferior compared to the Dark Kirin. The Dark Kirin had fused with the Dark Scripture. More, he also had the entire Dark Plane backing him up. After just a brief clash with the enemy cultivators, Heng Ri chose to run away.

Speaking of which, in the event that the difference in strength was not too high, it was very easy for a Gold Immortal – by putting all his strength into it – to flee. 

Heng Ri had been running away from his pursuers for quite some time now. Thanks to the might of his genes, he was able to deal with several instances of danger.

Upon sensing the presence of Chen Feng and the Dark Kirin, though, Heng Ri’s heart immediately grew excited. He abruptly turned around and a blazing sun smashed towards one of the Gold Immortals pursuing him. 

“My turn!” Fearful that the other Gold Immortal would flee, Heng Ri’s gigantic divine sense firmly locked down on him.


The Dark Kirin promptly summoned the semi-transparent silhouette of the Dark Plane. In the face of the Dark Plane’s power, one of the Gold Immortals was instantly wounded, terribly so. As for Chen Feng, he utilized the same move he used to kill off the Gold Immortal back then. The power of the six daos cycle appeared. This time, however, Chen Feng no longer possessed the primary spirit fragments of Gold Immortals. Instead, he brought out a drop of blood essence from a Gold Immortal. After the Soul Subduing Mantra was injected into it, it fired out a beam of bloody light, piercing the firmament, continuing all the way forward to pierce the Gold Immortal who was fighting Heng Ri. 

Yet another blazing sun appeared, elongating to form a blade of light to swiftly slash down, cleaving the badly wounded Gold Immortal in half. 

Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward, not hesitating to extract the Ageless laws, essence, energy and soul power from the Gold Immortal. Even though Heng Ri wanted to object, he dared not say anything about it. That earlier attack from Chen Feng had given him a great feeling of dread. Thinking about how Chen Feng had become even stronger, Heng Ri felt himself sinking into an endless pit of despair. Following that, however, he felt somewhat comforted to see that Chen Feng had only taken half of the Gold Immortal’s power, leaving the other half for him. 

Next up, the two of them worked together to kill off the other Gold Immortal. Naturally, Chen Feng helped himself to another piece of the pie along the way.

Five Gold Immortals had died to the three of them. Chen Feng felt as though he was in a dream. At any rate, in his opinion, Gold Immortals were very hard to kill.

“Most of these Gold Immortals have clones. Although we have killed off their main bodies, once their clones become stronger, they will surely come for revenge,” the Dark Kirin said after a moment’s consideration.

“Come for revenge?” Chen Feng laughed instead.

“Even their main bodies had died to us. Would their clones have the courage to come?”

After that, Chen Feng stretched his finger out to draw a circle. Energy waves spread out and images began playing on the screen he created. They were the images of what was happening in the Six Daos Alliance.

“The situation appears somewhat unfavourable. Heng Ri, hurry back and destroy the enemy’s energy cannons. Just protect the great array.” Chen Feng pondered for a moment before giving Heng Ri the order.

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