Chapter 1212 Retreating


Gold Immortals cultivated ageless power to train an ageless body. They studied the Ageless laws. Even if only a strand of their soul or even a drop of their blood essence managed to escape, there was a chance that they could revive themselves and make a comeback.

The very nature of a Gold Immortal’s life made it so they are very difficult to kill. This was also why they were known as undying existences. 

Of course, very difficult to kill was not the same as unkillable. It simply meant that killing them was rather difficult.

If one could grievously injure a Gold Immortal, then one could potentially also kill the Gold Immortal.

The repeated attacks from Chen Feng had already broken down huge chunks of this Gold Immortal’s power of life. If it weren’t for that, he would not have fled.

A Heavenly Immortal murderously pursuing a Gold Immortal. Thankfully for the Gold Immortal, there was no one there to witness this scene, otherwise those spectators would surely laugh their pants off.

“Kid, keep on chasing! Later, you will suffer a fate worse than death!” Even though he was fleeing, the Gold Immortal was not feeling too concerned. His reinforcements were about to arrive.

Naturally, the reinforcements for a Gold Immortal would also be a Gold Immortal.

Time’s running out. Let’s try this. A wisp of flames appeared on Chen Feng’s fingertip. Various faces could be seen revolving and roaring within the flames. A detailed look would reveal that those were the faces of Divine Monarch Six Daos, Demon Monarch Wickedness, Sword Immortal Life Death and the Withered Bone Daoist. They were the remnant notions left behind after Chen Feng devoured their primary spirits. Keeping them was pointless but throwing them away felt like a waste. Thus, using them now was the equivalent of making the best use of them.


A small disc appeared, swirling around the wisp of flames while radiating six different colours. This was a secret technique from the Primordial Scripture of Six Daos.

The very moment that the wisp of flames appeared, an intense feeling of crisis gripped the fleeing Gold Immortal’s heart. And so, flames burst out all around him as he increased his speed by a notch.

The Gold Immortal began praying that his reinforcements would hurry up and come to his rescue, but Chen Feng did not give him the opportunity. The wisp of flames suddenly flashed and four talismans shot into the wisp of flames. They were the Soul Subduing Talisman, Soul Refining Talisman, Soul Anchor Talisman and Soul Lock Talisman. The four talismans fused as one. This was the true Soul Subduing Mantra. This was Chen Feng’s first time unleashing its full power. Moreover, he also had to resort to some trickery.

The disc flew faster and faster. Chen Feng’s eyes then flashed with light and the power of yin and yang flowed into it. In the end, the disc abruptly compressed to the point where a black hole appeared in the middle part of the disc. Entering the wisp of flames, the disc then elongated, creating a tearing sound as it did. It extended endlessly, jumping through layer after layer of space while ignoring the existence of space-time.  

By then, the fleeing Gold Immortal had already ripped open space. He was about to perform a spatial jump when his body suddenly stiffened. His soul froze. An overbearing power was ceaselessly erasing all the life within his body.

The elongated wisp of flames had shattered apart, its fragments dissipating within space. As for the remnant notions of the four Gold Immortals’ primary spirits, they too disappeared entirely. 

There was a see-through hole on the fleeing Gold Immortal’s body and it expanded non-stop.

Finally, Chen Feng caught up. His palm pressed down on the Gold Immortal’s head and the Gold Immortal’s raging essencebound flames were immediately extinguished. Next up, the Gold Immortal’s powers, be it his essence, energy and soul power or his divine sense, all were pulled out and devoured. That included the Ageless laws within him.

No wonder he’s so weak. He has only formed three Ageless laws. He didn’t even manage to give birth to Ageless Light. Looks like it hasn’t been all too long since he reached the Gold Immortal stage. If this person had focused on forming just one more Ageless law, he would’ve been harder to deal with.

For someone like Chen Feng, the ageless body of a Gold Immortal had scant little impurities. In the end, all of it was turned into essence power, which Chen Feng devoured. Naturally, Chen Feng would have to refine them again and again. There was no telling just how long he had to spend on refining them before this power could completely become his own. During that process, some impurities and redundant parts would be ejected.

This time, Chen Feng had managed to kill off four Gold Immortal clones and one Gold Immortal. Due to that, Chen Feng’s understanding towards his own combat power rose by one level. At the same time, he came to realize that there were more variations in the various secret techniques that he cultivated.

The harvest he obtained here was simply too great. He had managed to defeat his enemies and improve his own strength. And so, Chen Feng decided to contact the Dark Kirin. Before he could successfully contact the Dark Kirin, however, he sensed great danger. With his divine sense, he sensed two golden beams of light tearing their way through space, charging towards him.

What?! Two more Gold Immortals! I cannot handle this. Next, golden-coloured patterns appeared on his Longevity Wings before they flapped furiously, throwing the surrounding space into a state of turmoil as he shot into the distance.

Finally, Chen Feng managed to make contact with the Dark Kirin. He was within a mysterious space. More, Chen Feng also sensed the aura of the Dark Scripture.

He’s utilizing the Dark Scripture. Looks like the situation is not looking too good for Dark Night. Chen Feng grew somewhat concerned. The number of Gold Immortals on his side was too small.

As Chen Feng was feeling concerned, the Six Daos Alliance – after several days of peace – faced yet another war. This time, the cultivators from the Dark Plane took the lead and their six Demonic Energy Cannons of Darkness fired twice to sweep away a large stretch of the enemy soldiers before exhausting their energy reserves. After that, the soldiers began engaging in melee combat.

In the previous battle, the Starsource Order trio had taken serious casualties, but the reinforcements from the East Extreme Immortal Palace had completely replenished their forces. Seeing that caused Tun Ri and the others to become concerned. Even if each of them managed to take down two enemy cultivators, the enemy would still be able to overwhelm the Six Daos Alliance with sheer numbers.

More, it was not just cultivators from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. There were also some other forces participating in the war. Da Feng and the others quickly discovered that those forces were not from the Starsource Order trio or the East Extreme Immortal Palace. They were the cultivators from other places within the Easternmost Region. Some were loose cultivators and some were from other forces. While their number was not particularly high, most of them were Heavenly Immortals. 

When they realized that, Da Feng and the others grew even more concerned. This showed that the Immortal Court was already mobilizing forces from other parts of the Immortal Plane. Given how big the Immortal Plane was, if just a small number of cultivators there were willing to join the Immortal Court’s army, they would be able to drown out outsiders like them.

This time, only some tens of forces chose to participate. Next time, however, it might rise to hundreds or thousands or even more. 

At any rate, the rightful ruler of the Immortal Plane was still the Immortal Court. All the Immortal Court needed to do was to hand out some benefits to attract billions of cultivators to join up.

“This is not the way to go. We need to get troops from the Celestial Planes, or more reinforcements from the Dark Plane.”

“As if it’s that easy. Senior Dark Night has only just taken control of the Dark Plane. Many forces there are still unwilling to acknowledge him. The fact that he can mobilize this many cultivators is already quite the decent feat.”

“Enough nonsense! Work together to link up with the Celestial Longevity Plane!”

Next up, Da Feng and the others established a link with the Celestial Longevity Plane, causing the will and aura of the Celestial Longevity Plane to gush down and support them. Immediately, the strength of the cultivators from the Longevity Clan increased by 20%. Thanks to that, they were able to turn the tide somewhat. But it did not take long before another spatial passageway appeared and another 200 enemy Heavenly Immortals emerged.

“As expected, some of these Heavenly Immortals are loose cultivators. Some are from other forces.”

“The fools! Are these loose cultivators all fools? They are so easily swayed!”

“The Immortal Court must have brought out some good items.”

“Commander! The first layer of great arrays has fallen!” Someone came to report to Da Feng.

“Activate the second layer of great arrays!” Da Feng was quick to say.

“Commander, the second layer of great arrays has fallen as well!” Another cultivator came over to report. The two outermost great arrays on the Primordial Mountain Range had been broken down and more enemy cultivators charged in. And so, the cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance began a steady retreat.

“Then, activate the third layer of great arrays. Also, notify Brightmoon to activate the illusion arrays and notify Dao Monarch Heavensdao to activate the Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos. 

Chi! Chi!

Two enemy assassins had managed to sneak inside. The two of them were half-step Gold Immortals from the Immortal Slaying Pavilion. Since this war began, the Immortal Slaying Pavilion had lost a high number of assassins. These two had no choice but to take a gamble to sneak inside. 

It had to be said. These two veteran assassins were very strong. After breaking through the defensive arrays, they did not alarm anyone. It wasn’t until their swords stabbed into Da Feng’s body that they released a formidable wave of killing intent.

The fact that these two could silently creep up to his side and execute an attack on him shocked Da Feng. However, he was quick to react. The very moment a wound appeared on his body, he transformed into his original form. His massive body, that of a divine bird, unleashed waves of formidable power to quake the two assassins and send them flying. Next, Sha Gui and Sha Shen emerged from void space, each brandishing a sword to entangle the two assassins. At the same time, tens of Longevity Chains emerged from the void to seal up their surrounding space. The two assassins could no longer escape. 

Despite his formidable body, taking the sneak attacks from the two assassins did a number on Da Feng. His combat power fell again. 

Two Demonic Shadow Panthers joined the fight, working alongside Sha Gui and Sha Shen to finally finish off the two assassins from the Immortal Slaying Pavilion. This incident, however, led to them diverting a good number of their men away, causing the defensive power of their magic arrays to plummet. As a result, even more enemy cultivators managed to break in.

The third layer of great arrays was broken through as well and even the illusion arrays began breaking here and there. In the end, only the Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos, the strongest great array of the Six Daos Sword Faction, something that was passed down for billions of years, was left standing. This was their final line of defence. Every single one of the cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance had retreated into this great array.

Should this Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos fall, the alliance would fall as well and everyone would be forced to run away. In the end, they would be killed. Perhaps, only the high-ranking members would be able to escape. 

That said, this Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos was created by a Gold Immortal. Later, it was even reinforced by Chen Feng and the others. In recent years, they had even added many hidden magic arrays of varying sizes into this great array. Chen Feng had also inserted a number of his Divine artifacts into it.

Chen Feng was confident that even a Gold Immortal would need some time to break this enhanced great array.

As for half-step Gold Immortals, if there were less than ten of them, entering would most certainly end with their deaths. 

And so, after all the cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance retreated into this final line of defence, the power of the great array was put on display and the cultivators who broke in, be it half-step Gold Immortals or Heavenly Immortals, were easily killed by the great array.

After two hours, both sides fell into a still state. The enemy side stopped sending their soldiers to attack. Since the Great Primordial Array of the Six Daos was activated, over 200 Heavenly Immortals and ten half-step Gold Immortals had disappeared into it.

“It’s so powerful?” Dao Monarch Heavensdao was at a loss of words. He had been in charge of the Six Daos Sword Faction for many years now, but he had never activated this great array before.

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