Chapter 1211 Demonic Energy Cannon of Darkness


Magiris headed out to help the cultivators from the Demon Plane but found himself incapable of extricating himself. As for the Six Daos Alliance, it enjoyed two days of peace before the enemy army attacked them again.

This time, there were even more cultivators in the opposing army. Although no Gold Immortals were sent forward, just the number of half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals was high enough to bring frowns upon the faces of Da Feng and the others.

“Use the Alliance Lord’s name to seek help from others.”

“No one will send help.”

“It’s just for show. Besides, a miracle might happen and some reinforcements might actually come.”

“Let’s attack! How unexpected, I actually have to face more battles here in the Immortal Plane compared to my time in the Celestial Planes,” Tun Ri said as he led his men forward. 

“Assemble our men and attack! This time, we will have to give it our all!” Da Feng moved quickly and it did not take long before he singlehandedly faced off against two half-step Gold Immortals. Even so, the other party still had more half-step Gold Immortals at their disposal.

In a war with no Gold Immortals, a half-step Gold Immortal was the strongest combat power.

The Starsource Order, Immortal Sword Sect and Immortal Slaying Pavilion had also dispatched a high number of soldiers for this. However, the high-level soldiers were mostly those who had teleported over from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. The quality of these soldiers was very high, far higher than those from the Six Daos Alliance. The loose cultivators were even less capable of facing them. 

The cultivators from the Longevity Clan were the only ones capable of facing them. Tun Ri and the others who had once served as Chen Feng’s bodyguards in the past were experts amongst the cultivators from the Longevity Clan. Even Tie Zhen and the rest were also soldiers from the Boundless Corps, experts tempered by hundreds of battles. In terms of combat power, they were superior to the soldiers from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Only, there were simply too few of them there. Due to that, they fell into a disadvantageous position.


A feather – glowing with a faint cyan-golden light – flew out from Da Feng’s body at an extremely high velocity. Next, it pierced through the body of a half-step Gold Immortal. The colours on the feather became slightly dimmer, but it flashed forward again to pierce into the body of another half-step Gold Immortal. This time, it simply blew up inside the half-step Gold Immortal’s body. 

Da Feng had killed off two half-step Gold Immortals in quick succession. Seeing that, all the enemy soldiers around him, despite their icy countenances, felt a chill running down their hearts. They reflexively put some distance between them and Da Feng. However, following the loss of his lifebound feather, Da Feng ended up suffering from some backlash. His face paled and his aura became somewhat chaotic. 


Two half-step Gold Immortals took action simultaneously, setting up a dimension to trap Da Feng while over 100 Heavenly Immortals attacked. Their attacks engulfed Da Feng.

Sha Xian’s figure darted and he pulled Da Feng out. The attacks had left Da Feng terribly wounded and his vitality suffered from a serious decline.

“You went too far.” Sha Xian swung his sword to send a wave of sword light forward, cleaving several enemy Heavenly Immortals into two each.

“The enemy has too many half-step Gold Immortals. I just want to kill some of them.” A booming sound emerged from Da Feng’s body and the wounds on him rapidly disappeared. Even the aura of his life force began rising.

“You’re burning up your essence!” Sha Xian exclaimed.

“No. It’s a Longevity Pill. I had to pay a great price of obtain this pill. It is something that a Gold Immortal concocted.” Da Feng’s aura was still rising. It had already exceeded that of his normal level.

“To think that you have such a good item! Do you have any more? Lend me one!” Sha Xian blurted.

“How can I give something so precious to others?” Da Feng said, brandishing the Divine Shadowless Sword as he charged into the enemy soldiers.

“Tun Ri, do you have any more Blazing Suns? Bring them out and blow them up!” Tian Wu shouted. At that very moment, the enemy soldiers were swarming forward. If Tun Ri could release a Blazing Sun now, they would be able to kill off at least tens of Heavenly Immortals.

“You think it’s that easy for me to create a Blazing Sun? Since advancing to the half-step Gold Immortal stage, I’d only managed to create one. I used it up last time.” Tun Ri, facing the siege of several enemy cultivators, became badly wounded.

Such was the situation for the half-step Gold Immortals on the Six Daos Alliance’s side. And so, those with lesser cultivation levels such as Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals ended up with an even greater number of casualties. For the Six Daos Alliance, every death was a loss. Given how it was still a developing force, this was a loss they could ill afford. 

“Should we mobilize the force from the Dark Plane?”

“No, that is our final force. We can only use them during a critical juncture.”

“If that’s the case, I cannot hold back as well.” Tian Wu then fired out two sharp centipede legs. The two centipede legs spun rapidly, containing the grand dao of carnage and metal. Everywhere it went, it reigned supreme, instantly killing over 10 Heavenly Immortals. They continued to cut a half-step Gold Immortal into two before two half-step Gold Immortals stopped them.

“You sure are going all out!” Tun Ri shouted.

Tun Ri, Da Feng and Tian Wu were all unique extra-terrestrial creatures with their own Heaven-defying skills and ultimate killer moves. Only, as there was a certain price involved, they would only utilize those moves as a last resort.

Tun Ri’s Blazing Sun possessed an astonishing ability to destroy. However, a great deal of power and time was needed to nurture and create one. Every Blazing Sun Tun Ri hurled out was the equivalent of blowing up a formidable Divine artifact. It also brought Tun Ri’s body bouts of pain.

The same was true for Da Feng’s lifebound feathers. They had been infused with Da Feng’s essence, energy and soul power. Even though they were very strong, every use of the lifebound feathers would consume large amounts of energy. In more serious cases, it could even affect his essence.

The centipede legs that Tian Wu hurled out earlier possessed shocking killing power, but a long time was needed for him to regrow his legs to the same level of strength.

The fact that these extra-terrestrial creatures had to use their strongest moves proved just how dire their situation was.

“Cyclical Array of the Six Daos!”

It was then that Dao Monarch Heavensdao’s team of six formed the strongest great killing array from the Six Daos Sword Faction. The power of the six daos spun in a circle and the massive halo of light they created expanded ceaselessly, stopping ten half-step Gold Immortals. With the support of the array, they killed two half-step Gold Immortals and tens of Heavenly Immortals.

The six of them were veteran half-step Gold Immortals, after all. This power they displayed was very strong, enough to shock even Da Feng and the others. Even though Da Feng and the others were from the Celestial Longevity Plane, they had only just reached the half-step Gold Immortal stage not too long ago. Their foundation in this level was still lacking.

Tie Zhen, Brightmoon and six other half-step Gold Immortals had also formed another battle formation. While it looked simple, this formation was from the Longevity Scripture. It did not possess an extraordinary offensive power, but its defensive power was quite good. With eight cultivators, they could stop over ten half-step Gold Immortals.

Although they did manage to stop some of the enemy cultivators, they were still incapable of changing the situation. The opponent had dispatched too many men for this. As for the Six Daos Alliance, even their Ascendant Immortals had been sent to battle. This was truly a desperate move.

“We cannot hold on anymore. It’s time for our partners from the Dark Plane to attack!”

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Finally, the cultivators from the Dark Plane took action, blotting a large stretch of the sky there. Only, they did not immediately join the battle. Instead, they brought out six massive energy cannons. Six gigantic and devastating pillars of light shot into the enemy camp to inflict serious casualties upon them. 

The six energy cannons fired three times in a row and the casualties they inflicted with their attacks exceeded that of the battlefield. 

“Those are Demonic Energy Cannons of Darkness! Even in the Dark Plane, these things are rare. How can they appear here?” the enemy soldiers began falling into a state of chaos.

The six Demonic Energy Cannons of Darkness were all forged by Gold Immortals. Their fully-powered attacks could even fatally damage Gold Immortals. These cannons would shine in wars. However, the amount of power required to operate them was simply too much. Those three waves of attacks earlier had fully exhausted all of their energy reserves.

Following that, over 1,000 formidable cultivators from the Dark Plane charged, their mighty auras sweeping forward. The many creatures of darkness, in particular, changed back to their original forms and their incomparably massive figures blotted out the sun. Even the weakest amongst them was a Heavenly Immortal. As for half-step Gold Immortals, there were tens of them there. Upon their arrival, they smashed their way forward, again and again. They had been held back for too long. And so, the killing intent and power that they had accumulated were released through their acts of carnage.

Due to that, the enemy soldiers retreated. And although the cultivators from the East Extreme Immortal Palace suffered from considerable casualties, they retreated in an orderly manner. The ones with the greatest number of casualties were the Starsource Order, Immortal Sword Sect and Immortal Slaying Pavilion. The quality of cultivators from the three sects were not as good as that of the Six Daos Alliance. Back when the Demonic Energy Cannons of Darkness were fired, they had already fallen into a complete state of chaos. Later, in the face of the charge from the creatures of darkness, they were practically lambs waiting for slaughter.

However, the Six Daos Alliance’s losses were only slightly lower compared to that of the enemy. They had sustained serious losses and many of their half-step Gold Immortals were badly wounded. Thankfully, though, none of them died. This came as a pleasant surprise for Da Feng and the others. 

That said, the number of casualties amongst the Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals was quite high. A considerable number of cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane and Celestial Malla Plane were killed in action. Their success in repelling the enemy should have delighted them, but seeing the number of casualties dampened the mood once more.

We managed to repel the enemy this time, but the whole Six Daos Alliance was almost devastated. If so, what will happen next time? If the enemy unleashes such numbers on us once again, will we be able to stop them? Many cultivators had the same thought. Having this thought spread out would lead to a shaky morale. In fact, since the war began, cultivators on their side had been constantly deserting. Most of them were loose cultivators, followed by those from smaller alliances.

This was a natural occurrence. Even if Chen Feng was here, he would have been incapable of stopping it. 

“I wonder how the Young Master is doing?” After recovering from their feelings of fatigue, they thought back to Chen Feng. They could not stop themselves from feeling worried.

Despite all that had happened, Chen Feng was still fighting against his opponents.

Clashing again and again, they had changed their battlefield several times. Chen Feng had long since finished off the four Gold Immortal clones who besieged him back then. However, a genuine Gold Immortal then appeared, nearly inflicting a grievous wound on Chen Feng as he did.

After a brutal battle, Chen Feng succeeded in grievously wounding the Gold Immortal instead. And so, this Gold Immortal whose background remained a mystery began fleeing. Chen Feng, on the other hand, pursued him relentlessly.

Chen Feng would never miss out on the opportunity to hunt down a Gold Immortal. Taking down a Gold Immortal clone would already give him a great haul, let alone a genuine Gold Immortal with pure ageless power.

Naturally, Chen Feng’d had to pay quite the price in order to grievously wound a Gold Immortal. He had utilized the power of primordial end and Ageless Blazelight. Even the stockpiled power of his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight was nearly used up. More, he also had to blow up several Divine artifacts. Already, there were nicks and cracks on the Undying Heaven Sword in his hand. That being said, when compared to killing off a Gold Immortal, all of the above was worth it.

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