Chapter 1210 Attacks Everywhere


It didn’t take long before the sky was turned black, blotted by the creatures of darkness. They were the reinforcements that the Dark Kirin summoned over from the Dark Plane. Human cultivators only make up one third of this force. As for the rest, they consisted of Demonic Dragons of Darkness, Demonic Shadow Panthers, Divine Skyroar Wolves and other extra-terrestrial creatures of darkness. Every one of them was a native creature of the Dark Plane. 

Although the Dark Plane was not on the same level as the Immortal Plane, it was still on par with the Demon Plane and Nether Plane. It had also fought the Immortal Plane many times before. Only, it lacked a leader. Due to that, its forces had been somewhat disorderly.

And even though the Dark Kirin had fused together with the Dark Scripture to become the ruler of the Dark Plane, he was still incapable of mobilizing the true powerhouses of the Dark Plane. Still, the Dark Kirin had paid a hefty price to mobilize this force from the Dark Plane. Their objective, to fight the forces of the Immortal Court and seize the cultivation resources of the Immortal Plane.

There were not many half-step Gold Immortals amongst the creatures of darkness. In fact, there was only a handful of them there. On the other hand, many of them were Heavenly Immortals. Additionally, they were all formidable extra-terrestrial creatures of chaos that had cultivated the power of darkness. Their combat power exceeded that of the average Heavenly Immortal. 

After a total of 500 creatures of darkness emerged, the spatial passageway collapsed. In order to teleport more reinforcements over, they would first have to construct another teleportation array.

“You fellows have one joss stick’s worth of time to familiarize yourselves with the laws of the Immortal Plane. We have a series of battles waiting for you all next,” a mighty cultivator in a suit of armour shouted. He was one of the Dark Kirin’s strongest subordinates, a Demonic Dragon of Darkness at the half-step Gold Immortal stage.


After that, a loud and chaotic burst of power charged out from them, spreading through the surrounding space to shake the mountains within a radius of 50,000 kilometres.

“What is up with the cultivators under Senior Dark Night. Why aren’t they coming yet?” Dao Monarch Asura felt somewhat puzzled.

“Don’t think too much about it! We’ll head to Stonecliff Summit. The stronghold there is under attack.”

“Let’s go!”

The thousand plus cultivators led by Dao Monarch Heavensdao changed their path of advance and another brutal battle erupted.

Soon enough, the cultivators from the Dark Plane finished their preparations, but after the leader there inspected the situation, he stopped his men from heading forward.

“What’s going on? I can wait no longer! War!”

“Kill! I hunger for battle!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! To think that I’d see such a large-scale war in my first trip to the Immortal Plane! Excellent!”

The cultivators from the Dark Plane that had been staying silent all this time suddenly burst into an uproar and even the Demonic Dragon of Darkness, the leader there, was incapable of quieting them. Some of those who roared earlier were half-step Gold Immortals.

“Master Dark Night handed the command here to me. Are you fellows thinking of rebelling now?” the Demonic Dragon of Darkness said coldly. At the same time, a will appeared from the void.

“The will of Master Dark Night!”

And so, the agitated group of cultivators gradually calmed down. Even so, there were still some who questioned the decision of the Demonic Dragon of Darkness.

“If you want battle, there will be plenty of that coming. But not now. Fellows, just rest up for now.” The Demonic Dragon of Darkness did not explain anything. While he was the strongest amongst all the cultivators from the Dark Plane there, he was not a Gold Immortal, after all. Due to that, there were many who were unconvinced.

The beginning phase of this war was very violent and Tun Ri’s group was nearly engulfed by the enemy army. However, they quickly sensed the pressure on them lessening and found that the enemy was retreating. 

“What is going on?” Although they felt somewhat puzzled, having the enemy pull their forces back was a good thing. And so, the cultivators from the Six Daos Alliance began cleaning up the battlefield.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Da Feng, Dao Monarch Heavensdao and the others quickly appeared before the cultivators from the Dark Plane.

“Why didn’t you fellows take action?” Dao Monarch Asura asked.

“The situation back then was not too pressing. It was not yet time for us to take action,” the Demonic Dragon of Darkness replied. 

“Are you fellows not members of the Six Daos Alliance? Do you know how many of our men died earlier? Things would have been different if you fellows had taken action back then.” Dao Monarch Asura was very angry. He was already on the verge of attacking the Demonic Dragon of Darkness.

“I was the one who told them to do that,” said Da Feng as he made his way over.

“Why?” Dao Monarch Asura asked again.

“The way I see it, unless absolutely necessary, we should not reveal all of our forces. Besides, we still haven’t figured out the reason why the enemy suddenly mobilized their forces against us.”

“Friend, I suggest that you fellows hide first. You fellows have important roles to play,” Da Feng turned to address the Demonic Dragon of Darkness. 

“Not a problem.”

“At present, the Young Master is not around. We only need to focus on defending the alliance. There is no need to think about other matters,” Da Feng continued.

Despite their dissatisfaction, Dao Monarch Asura and the others did not say anything about it. They simply left, dark looks on their faces.

Due to the suppression from several of their leaders, the cultivators from the Dark Plane hid themselves. They were also feeling dissatisfied, but nothing serious happened.

“Not having a Gold Immortal to monitor the situation is not a good thing.” Da Feng sighed, shaking his head. In the Six Daos Alliance, the force from the Celestial Longevity Plane was the strongest. However, the hundreds of cultivators from the Dark Plane were also a considerable force. If they were to disobey orders, the situation would become very problematic.

Naturally, now was not the time to be thinking about that. What he needed to do the most now was to figure a way to deal with their present crisis.

Even though the enemy forces had retreated, Da Feng did not let his guard down at all.

Sha Xian soon returned. Sha Xian was someone who had immersed himself deeply in killing cultivation techniques right from the very beginning. When the war began, he led some assassins with him to greatly disrupt the enemy forces. During that brief battle, two half-step Gold Immortals and several Heavenly Immortals had died to him. 

“Did you find out?” Da Feng asked.

“No, but Sha Gui is following them,” Sha Xian said. Suddenly, the skin on his body burst and streams of devastating power sprayed out from the wounds.

“Are you alright?” Da Feng’s face sank.

“Just a minor wound. The other party also has some cultivators who are proficient in assassination techniques. They are not easy to deal with.” Sha Xian shook his head.

“What’s this? Even someone like you can utter out such pessimistic words?” Da Feng smiled.

“Not pessimistic. The other party simply has too many men on their side. The number of half-step Gold Immortals on their side is several times higher than ours. Strangely enough, they did not send all their forces forward.”

“No matter. It is a good thing for us. Next up, we will be depending on the magic arrays to defend. I also do not like defensive battles, but there is no helping it. This is the force that our Young Master will be relying on to charge back into the Celestial Longevity Plane,” Da Feng said solemnly.

“But they still need to undergo the baptism of fire and blood.”

“Naturally, but there is a need to control the heat. I am worried that the fire will be too strong, going beyond our control.”

As Da Feng and Sha Xian were chatting, a spatial power spread towards them from afar. Although it was not particularly formidable, it was very concentrated. Its ability to penetrate through objects was very strong. Due to that, the two of them were able to almost instantly sense it.

“The energy waves of a spatial gate. Come, let’s go check it out.”

Da Feng and Sha Xian swiftly arrived at a humble-looking valley. Water-like ripples had appeared in the once tranquil valley as the frame of a spatial gate was revealed. The moment they arrived, the two of them received the distress signal – formed using divine sense – there.

“It’s a distress signal from the Holy Light Clan.” Da Feng chuckled.

“What do you think?” Sha Xian asked.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” There was a blank look on Da Feng’s face. 

Following that, even more distress signals emerged from the spatial gate and Sha Xian found it hard to hold himself back.

“Is this alright? Our Young Master is the Alliance Lord, after all.”

“Our Young Master is the Alliance Lord, not us. What does this have to do with us?”

“That is true.”

It was then that Magiris flew over. Observing the quivering spatial gate, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Young Master Magiris!”

Da Feng and Sha Xian displayed quite the respectful attitude towards Magiris. In the earlier battle, while Magiris himself had not stepped forward, he did dispatch a group of his men for the battle. His appearance now was due to this spatial gate.

“The energy waves from this distress signal are quite strong,” Magiris said thoughtfully.

“In other words, the Holy Light Clan is not doing too well. I am curious though. How are the other forces doing?”

“Young Master Magiris, how should we deal with this?” Da Feng asked.

“It’s very simple. We also send out a distress signal. Say that our Six Daos Alliance is under attack and that the other party had sent six, no, eight Gold Immortals and 300 half-step Gold Immortals. We will not be able to hold on for much longer. Send the message using the Alliance Lord’s name,” said Magiris after a moment’s consideration.

Nodding, Da Feng then sent the distress signal to the Holy Light Clan. As expected, the spatial gate then fell silent. No more distress signals were sent over.

“This is quite the insidious move.” Da Feng and Sha Xian exchanged glances.

However, it did not take long before another distress signal came. This time, it was not from the Holy Light Clan. Instead, it was the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane.

“The Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane’s force is also under attack! Should we send some men over to check it out?”

“No. Send the distress signal we sent earlier again,” Magiris said.

Following that, the Celestial Carefree Plane, Celestial Eight Divisions Plane, Demon Plane, Nether Plane and their other allies also sent out distress signals. Seeing that, Magiris was finally incapable of staying idle. 

“The East Extreme Immortal Palace has gone crazy. They are actually attacking so many forces at the same time!” Magiris uttered in shock.

“No, our enemies here have retreated. Could this be a ploy from the other party?”

“If we really send some reinforcements over, what do you fellows think will happen?”

“We can’t just do nothing. How about this? I will lead a group of men over to the Demon Plane’s side.” In the end, Magiris decided to head out. 

“If that’s the case, Young Master Magiris must exercise caution. Hurry back the moment you see danger,” Da Feng reminded him.

“Of course. If anything happens here, notify me immediately.”

And so, Magiris led several half-step Gold Immortals with him into the spatial gate leading to the camp of the cultivators from the Demon Plane.

Upon arriving, he found that the Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Blood Plane had already grouped up. Even so, they were still incapable of stopping the tsunami-like attacks of the enemy.

“What’s the situation?” The moment Magiris appeared, a sword-like gaze shot out from his eyes and an enemy half-step Gold Immortal who had only just charged forward was sent flying, badly wounded from the move.

“The enemy has over 100 half-step Gold Immortals and over 3,000 Heavenly Immortals. There are even Gold Immortal clones overseeing this battle. The only good news is that there are no actual Gold Immortals involved,” Demon Monarch Boombear shouted.

“How’s the situation in the Six Daos Alliance?”

“The situation is not looking too good. The other party dispatched actual Gold Immortals. As of now, we still do not know the results of their fight.” Magiris shook his head and brought out the Illusory Demon Edge. He and his subordinates then attacked. After that, he found it hard to focus on anything else due to the flood-like waves of enemy soldiers. It did not take long before Magiris and his group were pulled into it.

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