Chapter 1209 Another War


Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The four cultivators kept attacking. The attacks they launched using their spears left small holes upon the surrounding web, but the holes rapidly closed up. Chen Feng’s Heavenly laws had fused with ageless power. A stronger attack was required in order to break through them.


Exchanging glances, the four cultivators then attacked the same spot at the same time. This time, their attacks managed to bear fruit. The combined might from all four managed to blast a large hole through the webs that Chen Feng created. And so, the four of them scrambled to rush out.

One by one, three of the four cultivators managed to rush out. The fourth, however, was pierced by Chen Feng’s sword. Following that, all of the webs gathered up to firmly wrap up the stabbed cultivator. The power of primordial end then broke open holes upon the stabbed cultivator’s body and his essence, energy and soul power flowed out. And so, the cultivator, a clone of a Gold Immortal, became like a deflating balloon. His body rapidly withered away.

“Tsk, tsk. As expected, facing Gold Immortals is more enjoyable. A pity, this is only a clone. Now, there are three more of you left. This fight should be easier now.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. For the present Chen Feng, the Gold Immortal clones were no longer too dangerous. These fellows were simply committing suicide by attacking him. Naturally, Chen Feng was hoping that more of them would come after him. He needed large amounts of ageless power.

Chen Feng had come up with a good idea, to utilize ageless power to construct his bodily worlds. But doing so required even more ageless power.

Due to that, Chen Feng had to capture and kill even more Gold Immortals, a lot more.

Killing Gold Immortal clones was just the beginning.

As Chen Feng and the Gold Immortal clones were about to clash again, Heng Ri and the Dark Kirin, who had been cultivating all this time, came under attack. When compared to Chen Feng, the pressure that the two of them faced was even greater. Each of them had to face the attacks of two Gold Immortals.

In order to avoid inflicting wholesale destruction upon the Six Daos Alliance, the Dark Kirin and Heng Ri immediately charged into the starry space. However, the enemy cultivators caught up to them before they could make it out of the Immortal Plane. After that, a great battle began. The battle between Gold Immortals would create formidable shockwaves. Additionally, as they were the result of ageless power, the shockwaves would continue to spread out until something stopped them. In the endless starry space, this power could continue spread across a distance of billions of billions of li. If they were to fight in the Immortal Plane, just the shockwaves from their battle would result in the deaths of countless lives.

Be it in the Immortal Plane or Celestial Planes or even some other regions in outer space, Gold Immortals possessed the highest combat power.

This combat power could easily destroy a great world or an entire river of stars. Rather, it could even destroy an entire star region or more.

The moment the two Gold Immortals of the Six Daos Alliance left, Tun Ri and the others figured that something was amiss. They swiftly prepared for war.

As expected, it did not take long before several massive teleportation passageways appeared at the boundary between the Six Daos Alliance and the Starsource Order. Teams of soldiers kept charging out from the passageways.

True Immortals seemingly covered the sky while Heavenly Immortals served as the vanguard. Half-step Gold Immortals could be seen hovering up in the sky, monitoring the situation and not attacking directly. There were even some Gold Immortal clones hiding in the dark.

“Another war has come.”

Dao Monarch Secularism sighed. Back then, the Dao Monarchs had felt very pleased at the fact that the Six Daos Sword Faction was able to endure. Unexpectedly, after just a short time of development, one war after another would befall them. The matter that worried them the most was that they were in a highly unfavourable situation.

The ones they were facing were the East Extreme Immortal Palace and the Immortal Court. Although the Immortal Court had yet to gain full control over the Immortal Plane, for a force like the Six Daos Sword Faction, going against the Immortal Court was something that they wouldn’t even dare think about. The Immortal Court was the Heaven of the Immortal Plane. Just the East Extreme Immortal Palace was enough to easily destroy the Six Daos Sword Faction.

However, the Six Daos Sword Faction had already joined up with Chen Feng. Backing away now was no longer an option. 

Joining this war seemed like suicide. But with the Celestial Planes as their backer, there was a chance that they could survive.

“Don’t think too much about it. Our Six Daos Alliance has the forces of the Celestial Longevity Plane, Celestial Malla Plane and even the Dark Plane. In comparison, our old Six Daos Sword Faction’s force is one of the weakest here. The current situation may appear unfavourable, but what if we win?” Dao Monarch Asura said.

In recent years, the six leading Dao Monarchs had been growing stronger at a very rapid pace. Part of it was thanks to Chen Feng’s men. Occasionally, they would also receive the guidance from the Dark Kirin and Heng Ri. It would be strange if their rate of cultivation was not fast.

“But the Immortal Court is simply too strong. Besides, Chen Feng and Magiris Blackwater are but members of the Celestial Planes. How could they stop the Immortal Court?” Dao Monarch Secularism was still feeling worried.

“Humph, what’s the point in saying that now? If Chen Feng hadn’t appeared, our Six Daos Sword Faction would have faced extermination in the hands of the Starsource Order and the others. Now, not only did we manage to preserve our sect, it is also becoming increasingly strong. It hadn’t even been all that long, but we already have two new half-step Gold Immortals. There are also a few more who are only a step away from reaching the half-step Gold Immortal stage. If it weren’t for the Alliance Lord’s actions of bringing out so much cultivation resources for this, who knows how long it would have taken them to reach the half-step Gold Immortal stage?” Dao Monarch Hell said coldly.

“One’s perspective will change depending on their level. Our Six Daos Sword Faction had been steadily declining back then. And now, we have established a connection with the Celestial Planes. This is a good thing in itself. And while the number of casualties amongst our disciples is high, the number of elites in our sect is growing bigger and bigger. The path that we cultivators tread upon has always been that of strength. Even though we are facing continuous wars, the voices of dissent within our sect are decreasing,” Dao Monarch Asura continued. 

“Humph! I am just worried about the future of our sect.” Seeing two others disagreeing with him, Dao Monarch Secularism grew somewhat displeased.

“There is no longer a Six Daos Sword Faction now. We are now part of the Six Daos Alliance. Moreover, if we do not work hard, we could end up at the very bottom of the alliance,” said Dao Monarch Hungry Ghost, who had been staying silent all this time.

“Heavensriver, what do you fellows think?”

The few rookie half-step Gold Immortals exchanged glances. Finally, Dao Monarch Heavensriver took the lead to speak up.

“Seniors’ words are logical. But in my opinion, the most important thing in the path of cultivation is to continuously grow stronger. What do you say, Demolisher?”

This person that Dao Monarch Heavensriver addressed was none other than the former Sword Premier Demolisher. After receiving some guidance from the Dark Kirin and the cultivation resources that Chen Feng brought out, he managed to – not long ago – reach the half-step Gold Immortal stage and become one of the high-level powerhouses of the Six Daos Alliance.

“Considering my previous rate of cultivation, reaching the half-step Gold Immortal stage would have taken me at least 10,000 years. That is the most conservative estimate.”

“Grand Origin, what do you think?”

“The Alliance Lord is very generous. Following the Celestial Planes is very promising.”

“Heavensdao, say something,” Dao Monarch Asura then said.

“Prepare for war,” Dao Monarch Heavensdao said.

As the Dao Monarchs from the Six Daos Sword Faction were discussing the issue, Da Feng had already led a group of men to face the enemy vanguard.

Da Feng’s subordinates had over a thousand war chariots and they trampled their way forward to promptly smash away the enemy vanguard, throwing them into a state of disarray. However, the number of enemy soldiers emerging from the spatial passageways was simply too high. It did not take long before the enemy soldiers surrounded them and they ended up falling deeper into the enemy lines, incapable of charging out. Eventually, they had to change their actions, from offence to defence.

Tun Ri’s men swiftly arrived. At the same time, Sha Xian also led his assassins forward, sneaking into the enemy camp. It did not take long before several enemy team leaders were assassinated. Even a half-step Gold Immortal commander fell without making a sound. Sha Xian had personally taken action there.

“Where are Heavensdao and his men?” Tun Ri muttered with dissatisfaction.

“Are they still in a meeting? These fellows from the Six Daos Sword Faction would usually get a considerable amount of resources, but once a need to contribute arises, they’ll shrink back!”

“Tun Ri, just shut up,” said Tian Wu, who was beside him. 

“Can I not even talk about it?” 

“Of course you can, but not now. Save your strength to deal with our present situation. The Young Master is currently not here and our two Gold Immortal seniors are also engaged in battle. Our opponents came prepared. This will be another bitter war.”

“Bitter? Humph, I don’t think so. Are situations like these rare back in the corps?”


Wave after wave of astral blades flew forward to block the swords shooting towards Tun Ri. The power behind the swords was so great that even Tian Wu was forced to take several steps back.

“Are you alright?”

“Attacks from a Divine-tier longbow! They also contain a hint of ageless power. Be careful not to be taken down by surprise.”

“As if there is a need for you to say that! They want to launch a sneak attack against me? I have some good stuff to give them!” Tun Ri said, bringing out a black-coloured bead.


The black bead blew up within the enemy camp. Wherever the resulting light of devastation went, all the cultivators there – be it True Immortals, Heavenly Immortals or even half-step Gold Immortals – were either incinerated or ripped to pieces.

That one Blazing Sun killed off several hundred enemy cultivators, bringing silence down upon the entire battlefield. However, a fiercer battle broke out after that.

Witnessing the power of the Blazing Sun, the Gold Immortal clones that were lurking around analysed it for a moment before coming to one conclusion. Even if their main bodies were to come, they would still be badly wounded by this blast. As for their clones, the explosion would most certainly had blown them up to bits. 

“Is this the innate skill of an extra-terrestrial creature of chaos? How dangerous!” The Gold Immortal clones had been thinking of taking action. After seeing that, however, they decided against taking action. They would observe the development of the war first.

“Humph, you fool! Such a formidable killer move should be saved for when we are dealing with experts.” As Tun Ri was feeling pleased with himself, Sha Gui’s voice made its way to his ear.

“You’re the fool. Just don’t stop me from killing the enemy!” Tun Ri thus became displeased.

At the same time, somewhere within the Primordial Mountain Range, the cultivators from the Dark Plane were gathering up. The experts from the Dark Plane who should be joining the war worked together to open up a spatial teleportation array.

Back then, the Dark Kirin and Chen Feng had constructed this teleportation array together. Even Heng Ri had helped out somewhat. Originally, the Dark Kirin was the one who should operate this teleportation array. At that moment, however, the Dark Kirin was not around while the Six Daos Alliance was embroiled in a war. It was in need of assistance. Due to that, these experts decided to work together to open the spatial passageway.

Finally, the teleportation array began operating and the power of the Dark Plane emanated out from it. Next, various types of the creatures of darkness flew out from the passageway.

Although the creatures of darkness appeared ferocious, bloodthirsty and diverse, they did not raise a ruckus. After emerging from the teleportation array, they quietly hovered up in the sky.


1 li = 0.5 km

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