Chapter 1208 Ambushed


As expected. Observing one cultivator after another walking out from the teleportation array, Chen Feng nodded to himself.

Observing the teleportation array and sensing its energy waves, Chen Feng was able to determine that not many cultivators would teleport over.

That said, the cultivators who came were all very strong. The number of half-step Gold Immortals had exceeded ten while the number of high-level Heavenly Immortals exceeded a hundred.

The matter that piqued Chen Feng’s interest here was that these fellows had identical suits of armour. Part of the armour had fused with the cultivators’ flesh while the outer surface revealed a ferocious outline. One glance was all Chen Feng needed to sense the power within the armour and the orderly runes on them. Additionally, they also contained various types of power of laws.

Chen Feng made a swift analysis of the suits of armour and determined that it was a very formidable type of armour. Forged using various precious materials, the power of laws had been engraved onto the surface of the armour. Various types of offensive, defensive and even spirit gathering magic arrays were compressed together into the engravings. Most importantly, there was also ageless power coursing through the armour, indicating that a Gold Immortal was involved in their creation.

These cultivators came from the same place as the mysterious cultivators who attacked the Six Daos Alliance. However, these cultivators were stronger. Every single one of them was like a combat puppet.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, these cultivators were already at the same level as the elites of the Ministry of Heavenly War.

When he thought of that, Chen Feng felt a chill running down his spine. Perhaps, the strength that the Immortal Court usually revealed was something done deliberately to deceive others. It had kept its true strength hidden all this time.

Could this force before him be one of their hidden forces?

There were 20 half-step Gold Immortals and 200 high-level Heavenly Immortals, all in an orderly formation. They had an impassive look on their faces, not uttering a single word amongst one another. Instead, they simply stood there coldly, as though they were not humans at all. Looking at these high-level cultivators who had gone through strict training, Chen Feng grew incredibly shocked.

The group of cultivators swiftly left the small world and silently hid themselves within the Starsource Order’s headquarters.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, had left some imprints on them. He would be able to investigate them at any moment.

The teleportation array activated again and the energy waves that it emanated this time were even stronger than before. Yet another 20 half-step Gold Immortals and 200 Heavenly Immortals appeared.

As the third teleportation process was about to proceed, Chen Feng finally attacked. The Great Longevity Palm smashed its way towards the teleportation array.

The timing that Chen Feng chose for his attack was very good. By breaking the teleportation array at this very moment, he could throw the incoming cultivators into the void. While it may not be able to grievously wound them, it could still trouble them somewhat. Who knows? They might end up encountering a formidable void storm. That would be great.


Chen Feng’s attack failed to break the teleportation array. Rather, it seemingly made contact with something instead. Next, mysterious patterns began spreading out to envelop the surrounding space. By the time Chen Feng attempted to retreat, it was already too late. A formidable power dug out an entire volume of space with Chen Feng in it.

I fell for their trick. It’s a spatial shift. The thought flashed through Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and he launched a heavy punch forward. This punch contained the power of over a hundred laws. However, it only managed to create several cracks upon the dimensional barrier. More, the cracks were quickly repaired.

It has been reinforced with ageless power. No wonder it is so durable. Chen Feng then fired out another punch, adding the power of another 20 laws into it.


The dimensional barrier entrapping Chen Feng finally burst apart and Chen Feng leapt out. Promptly, he brought out a teleportation platform. He then channelled his magic power into the teleportation platform, causing it to shine with light. Next, it began working on opening a spatial passageway.


Suddenly, a spear flew forward to pierce right through the teleportation platform that Chen Feng had brought out. After that, four swift and forceful attacks shot towards Chen Feng, enveloping his surroundings. 


A total of 200 Heavenly laws burst with power at the same time and their formidable power caused the surrounding space to become turbulent. Sword light then swept out to disperse the incoming attacks. 

Four clumps of golden light opened up to transform into human figures wielding a spear each. That said, there was no way to make out their specific facial features. 

“You fellows really think highly of me. You actually sent four Gold Immortals over.” Chen Feng laughed.

“Oh, that’s not right! You fellows are the clones of Gold Immortals. Ha ha ha ha! Why didn’t you come with your main bodies?”

“Against you, clones are enough,” one of them replied. At the same time, he swung his spear. The trail of his swing appeared to stabilize the surrounding space. Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. The move earlier was simple, without any redundant use of power. And yet, that simple move contained the power of grand dao laws that the opponent had cultivated. It was something that seemingly embodied the purity of essence.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt thankful. Thankfully, these fellows did not come with their main bodies, otherwise he would be incapable of dealing with them.

After reaching a certain level, strength alone was no longer as important. Instead, it was the comprehension of the grand dao laws. Naturally, it would still be possible to defeat the opponent with brute force. However, that would require his strength to be a thousand times if not ten thousand times stronger than his opponent’s strength. Short of that, the opponent’s power of laws would be able to suppress him to his death.

Chen Feng’s gaze swept forward, making its way through layer after layer of void space to look into the small world that he entered earlier. The teleportation array was still operational and cultivators kept emerging from the teleportation array before entering the Starsource Order’s headquarters. In the beginning, they had hidden themselves. Later, they began revealing their power. This power was over a hundred times greater than that of the Starsource Order’s original strength. Given how strong they were, they no longer had to worry about exposing their existence. Even if the Six Daos Alliance were several times stronger, it would still be incapable of stopping this force. 

Chen Feng maintained a calm expression on his face, but he was inwardly feeling apprehensive.

“Your heart is already in a state of turmoil. I can give you an opportunity. As long as your Six Daos Alliance announce that you will submit to our East Extreme Immortal Palace, you and your subordinates will be fine. What do you think? This is a very worthwhile thing to do,” one of them said, his voice brimming with soul power. Chen Feng could sense the majestic power of the other party. 

“What a kind gesture!” Chen Feng said with a smile as he utilized his soul link to contact Heng Ri. The result was not too good.

“No need to try anything funny. We will naturally be dispatching someone to deal with the two Gold Immortals from your Six Daos Alliance. Without Gold Immortals to help defend, the remaining forces will be incapable of stopping our attack.”

“Our Immortal Court has no desire to be an enemy of your Celestial Longevity Plane. I can give you my personal guarantee. All you need to do is to not get involved in this matter.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng laughed loudly. It was as though he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“I dare not believe your personal guarantee. I will only believe it if Grand Emperor East Extreme himself guarantees it,” Chen Feng said with a derisive smile.

“Insolence! A minor Heavenly Immortal like you are not qualified to even mention his name! Your Celestial Planes may be lofty existences, but they are nothing in our Immortal Court’s eyes!”

“Just attack!”

Seeing the change in attitude from the other party, Chen Feng revealed an even bigger sneer. The words they uttered earlier were nothing more than horseshit. They had already started attacking the Six Daos Alliance. And yet, now they wanted to recruit him? It was clearly an attempt to weaken his will to fight.

The reason they did that was because they too were not confident in their ability to deal with him.

“This force alone is likely insufficient to deal with my Six Daos Alliance,” said Chen Feng, who sent his sword out to collide against two spears. With a flash, his figure then clashed against the other two opponents. 

The formidable force from the enemy was unravelled before it could enter Chen Feng’s body. The 200 Heavenly laws within Chen Feng’s body were different from the Heavenly laws of the average Heavenly Immortal. They contained various types of power.

There were ageless power, the power of Ageless Blazelight, the power of primordial end, the power of darkness, longevity power and even the essence power of the Demon Plane. Combined, the force that these powers could unleash was in no way inferior compared to the genuine Ageless laws.

Moreover, Chen Feng’s opponents were only Gold Immortal clones. For him, facing one or four did not make too much of a difference.

“I hear that you possess the Longevity Scripture. This time, we would like to witness the power of the number one scripture in the Celestial Longevity Plane.” A spear arrived before Chen Feng only to suddenly retract. Next, a clump of energy abruptly exploded before Chen Feng to transform into a small black hole. The black hole then moved to envelop Chen Feng.

The formidable suction force caused Chen Feng’s body to twist somewhat. Following that, the opponent’s spear swung towards Chen Feng’s body. The power of Ageless laws erupted against Chen Feng’s body to send him flying.

The other three quickly attacked Chen Feng from three different directions. The formidable ageless power transformed into the power of devastation, equal in might, to tear open Chen Feng’s defence. And so, four streams of power surged into Chen Feng’s body.

The streams of power were strong enough to threaten even a Gold Immortal. However, inside Chen Feng’s body, four vortexes appeared at the same time. Like monsters, they utterly devoured the four streams of power. Chen Feng, though, did not immediately refine their power. Instead, he stored them within his body. Every single one of his insight acupoints was a world in its own right. Chen Feng had many such worlds, all in need of power to develop. He would slowly transform the power from these Gold Immortal clones into nutrients to enrich his worlds.

Naturally, this process will not be easy. But for Chen Feng, dealing with his present situation would not be an issue.


The fact that Chen Feng was not as badly wounded as they expected surprised the four enemy cultivators. Next, Chen Feng rushed forward as fast as he could to attack one of them. The power of primordial end rapidly surged out from his sword, becoming a beam of light to pierce its way into the cultivator’s body.

“The power of primordial end!” the cultivator became somewhat terrified.

This power was specifically meant to deal with Gold Immortals. Most cultivators would encounter this power of devastation when undergoing their tribulation to become Gold Immortals. Due to that, Gold Immortals should be able to handle this power. Only, these fellows were clones. Dealing with this power was slightly above their pay grade.

After seriously wounding one of them, Chen Feng stretched his palm out and tens of laws swirled out from his palm. Like spiderwebs, they enveloped the sky and their number grew increasingly high. In the end, a total of 200 Heavenly laws intertwined together to form an inescapable net that encompassed their surrounding space, entrapping all four Gold Immortal clones. Chen Feng had seemingly transformed into a giant spider preying on mosquitoes trapped within his web.

“These are the Heavenly laws that I cultivated. Fellows, you are all seniors. Please give me some pointers.” Chen Feng chuckled.

As predicted, the four Gold Immortal clones lost their composure. Even though the laws appeared thin, they were incapable of breaking free, no matter how hard they tried. The laws radiated restraining powers and became one with their surroundings. At that very moment, the four cultivators truly did seem like mosquitoes that had fallen into a spiderweb.

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