Chapter 1207 Two Types of Power


Chi Chi Chi Chi! 

To the assassin’s dread, the life force within his body was not destroyed in the same manner as his sword. Rather, it was quickly flowing away. Coursing through a special passageway, it entered Chen Feng’s body. 

“The Heavengulping Absorption Technique!” the assassin exclaimed.

“Good that you know.” Chen Feng did not even open his eyes throughout it all, but his voice boomed out within the assassin’s sea of wisdom. The voice broke apart the power that the assassin had just managed to muster.

Following that, the assassin kept unleashing secret techniques; some were famed immortal techniques belonging to the Immortal Plane. However, Chen Feng easily unravelled them all.

“I want to see if you can avoid dying when faced up against the power of primordial end and the Heavengulping Absorption Technique!” Chen Feng scoffed, finally opening his eyes. The assassin then released a cry of misery as his soul finally collapsed.

“This assassin is actually the clone of a Gold Immortal. They really do think highly of me.” Chen Feng gave a harrumph before extracting all of the assassin’s power away, leaving behind only some useless impurities.

In truth, at Chen Feng’s level, Gold Immortals did not have any impurities. Only, he could not utilize them. Additionally, he would also have to refine them tens of thousands of times after absorbing them. In the end, only a small portion of the power could be transformed into his own while the rest would go to waste.

Naturally, as this opponent was a Gold Immortal, Chen Feng would mostly analyse his power of laws and life essence. That would become the foundation to keep on improving his strength.

After finishing off the assassin, Chen Feng did not move at all. Instead, he closed his eyes and continued cultivating. This time, Chen Feng increased the rate at which he was burning his life force. One day outside would give him 200 days of cultivation, double that of his previous rate. Doing this briefly was not an issue. However, even though Chen Feng was a Heaven-defying existence, doing this for a long time was not something he could handle.

But Chen Feng was not able to spend too much time cultivating before yet more assassins sneaked in.

This time, it was not the clone of a Gold Immortal, but two half-step Gold Immortals. When the two saw that Chen Feng was in the midst of a cultivation session, they decided to openly take action. Revealing themselves, they launched attacks at Chen Feng using their magic treasures.

Chen Feng jabbed the air with his finger twice and two streams of five-coloured light wrapped up the two half-step Gold Immortals. In but the blink of an eye, the two half-step Gold Immortals had their flesh ripped apart before their essence, energy and soul power were all extracted. Even the remnant impurities were burned away.

The strength of the Ageless Blazelight is quite good. Unfortunately, the two who came are only half-step Gold Immortals. That doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. Chen Feng sighed.

The opening was something that Chen Feng had deliberately left there. If it weren’t for that, not even a Gold Immortal could think about breaking in while Chen Feng was cultivating without triggering any alarm.

That said, Chen Feng did feel somewhat dissatisfied with the openings in the Six Daos Alliance. And so, he utilized his divine sense to contact Da Feng. He instructed Da Feng to deal with the issue. Additionally, he also had Da Feng spread the news that he was wounded.

Next up, Chen Feng began to fish while cultivating.

As expected, every now and again, some assassins would come to assassinate Chen Feng. Naturally, none of them ever left. Only, this matter did cause Chen Feng to worry somewhat. The assassins were all experts. While they were incapable of killing him, it would be a disaster if they were to target the others from the Six Daos Alliance.  

Due to that, Chen Feng contacted the Dark Kirin and Heng Ri. With two Gold Immortals scanning the place with their divine senses, it should be much safer. Naturally, they would allow it if the assassins were after Chen Feng.

After Chen Feng killed off four Gold Immortal clones and 20 half-step Gold Immortals, the other party finally stopped sending assassins after him. As for Chen Feng, he became somewhat annoyed. Although he was able to kill off some experts through this and exhaust the other party’s strength, this matter did distract him from his cultivation endeavours.

You want to assassinate me? Chen Feng sneered inwardly. Next, he sent a secret vocal transmission to Sha Gui, Sha Shen and Sha Xian. He instructed them to bring some assassins with them to the Starsource Order and its allies. It didn’t matter if those guys were the ones behind this or not. Since Chen Feng was feeling unhappy, those fellows must end up feeling unhappy as well.

After that, Chen Feng ended his cultivation session. Having refined the power of primordial end and Ageless Blazelight, Chen Feng now had two more cards up his sleeve. He could even give Gold Immortals a hard time.   

Chen Feng had finally lost his patience. Since the other party was remaining still, it was time he headed out.

Before Chen Feng could leave the Primordial Mountain Range, however, an enemy Gold Immortal arrived. It was quite the coincidence. Chen Feng, who had finished making the necessary arrangements, was utilizing their teleportation array to head out. As he was in the process of teleporting out, a formidable force blasted him back.

Chen Feng’s figure appeared amidst the chaotic streams of void energy, a thick energy shield protecting him from the explosion. Naturally, given how strong Chen Feng’s fleshly body was, this attack was of no concern to him. But it did leave him in a wretched-looking state. More, he was presently within his own territory here. All that left Chen Feng somewhat enraged. He waved his hand and sword light surged forth. Even though he had yet to see the other party, Chen Feng was already using his formidable divine sense to lock down the place where the attack against him was launched.


Wave after wave of golden light spread out and a high number of the restrictive and magic arrays of the Six Daos Alliance were destroyed as a result. Some tall mountains were destroyed as well and some unfortunate disciples were dragged into it. The other party had managed to block Chen Feng’s attack, revealing that this was a Gold Immortal.

Chen Feng harrumphed and swiftly rushed forward, the Undying Heaven Sword in his hand slashing out again. This attack finally managed to repel the other party. It was a mighty-looking cultivator with a spear in hand. His whole body shone with golden light and the aura he emanated was most formidable, like an ancient God of Demons. 

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng had wanted to move forward to fight him when two streams of golden light suddenly appeared, one from the left and one from the right. The two streams of golden light promptly dispersed to form two sets of great killing arrays, stacking together upon the Gold Immortal.

Heng Ri and the Dark Kirin appeared the very next moment. It would appear that these two Gold Immortals had been preparing for this for a long time. A series of attacks then flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and by the time Chen Feng arrived, the Gold Immortal who attacked him, the very same one who had given off the image of an ancient God of Demons, had been beaten to within an inch of his sorry life.

“Leave me some!”

Chen Feng shouted, the sword in his hand swiftly slashing down. But he was too late. The Dark Kirin and Heng Ri took action simultaneously to snuff out the final vestiges of this opponent’s life.

The two of them then worked on extracting the Ageless laws from the dead Gold Immortal. They were quick to split the spoils before leaving. It was as though they did not even see Chen Feng there. That said, they did leave an Ageless law and a pile of badly-beaten flesh behind.


Although feeling somewhat dissatisfied, Chen Feng said nothing about it. Keeping everything there, he went ahead and continued to teleport out. Judging from what happened earlier, Chen Feng could see that if a Gold Immortal were to charge into the Six Daos Alliance alone, he or she would most certainly end up dead. Even if two or three came, they would still be incapable of getting the upper hand. Due to that, Chen Feng could feel at ease about leaving for a while.

This time, nothing unexpected happened. Chen Feng’s first objective was the Starsource Order. He had been there before and had even marked its spatial coordinate. Thus, he was able to quickly teleport into the Starsource Order’s territory. Utilizing a stealth technique, he entered the central area of the Starsource Order.

Upon entering the Starsource Order’s headquarters, Chen Feng felt a majestic power of stars. It was also very pure, so much so that he felt a desire to stay and cultivate there.

But Chen Feng had a more important task at hand. And that was to investigate the Starsource Order.

After searching around for a bit, Chen Feng then spread out his divine sense. According to the past information that he had received about the Starsource Order, they did not have any Gold Immortals. Naturally, even if there were, the Gold Immortal would have a hard time finding Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s flood-like divine sense was able to swiftly discover a strange place. With a flash, his figure dived underground, making his way through layer after layer of space. After some time, he finally stopped. Deep beneath the Starsource Order’s headquarters was a pocket dimension. Judging by the energy waves that it was emanating, Chen Feng could tell that a Gold Immortal was the one who had left this pocket dimension here. He could sense the power of agelessness there.

Naturally, it could also be considered as a world. From the outside, Chen Feng could not tell just what was inside it or how big the space inside was.

Should I enter? Why do I sense a slight feeling of danger? Chen Feng merely hesitated for a moment before utilizing the Heavenstealing Technique to tear open a hole on the barrier of the dimension. After he entered, the hole rapidly disappeared.

As expected, it is a small world. No, wait. After entering, Chen Feng carefully inspected the place and determined that this was a world that had been compressed to a small size.

The fact that the other party could compress a world that they developed to this degree caused a foreboding feeling to rise up from Chen Feng’s heart.

This is not something that the average Gold Immortal can do. Should I head out first? Chen Feng was already beginning to sense danger.

Having reached this level, Chen Feng had quite the faith in his instincts.

But what he saw next changed his mind. Within the small space was a special-looking teleportation array. The teleportation array was constructed using various precious energy crystals. From the runes and energy waves it emanated, Chen Feng could see that this too was the handiwork of a Gold Immortal. 

That, however, was not the reason why Chen Feng decided to stay. Rather, it was because the teleportation array had suddenly activated.

Someone is teleporting over! With a thought, Chen Feng silently cloaked himself. He wanted to see who was teleporting over.

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