Chapter 1206 Assassins


“The other party is clearly well-prepared. We are outsiders. Establishing a foothold here in this Immortal Plane will not be easy,” Magiris continued. 

“That is why we have to be prepared for the worst. Construct a spatial passageway leading to outer space and gather more information. If the Immortal Court is also attacking other regions, it would mean that the Immortal Court’s power has reached a terrifying level,” Chen Feng said grimly.

“But something still feels strange to me. I keep getting the feeling that it is not that simple,” Magiris said.

“Heh! I feel that way too. Thinking about it, it sure is laughable. The Immortal Plane is trying to drive us out. And yet, the guys from our very own Celestial Planes chose to work together with them. It is true what they say. For the sake of personal benefits, one would do anything.” Chen Feng scoffed.

“The three of you supported me back then. I will not mistreat my friends.” Chen Feng then jabbed forward with a finger and three streams of light flowed into the bodies of Demon Monarch Boombear, Qing Gu and Ning Shan, from the Blood Plane, respectively.

The three were first taken aback, only to reveal looks of delight. 

“Thank you, Young Master Longevity Celestial!”

After the three of them left, Magiris gave Chen Feng an odd stare.

“Ha ha ha! I didn’t think you’re so generous,” Magiris said, smiling.

“I have always been very generous towards my friends and partners.” After saying that, Chen Feng jabbed again with his finger and another stream of light flowed into Magiris’ body.

“The cultivation method for the Magic Eyes of Darkness!” Magiris exclaimed.

The cultivation techniques and secret techniques of the Blackwater Tribe were geared towards darkness. Meanwhile, Magiris was born with the Magic Eyes. This cultivation method for the Magic Eyes of Darkness that Chen Feng brought out was a very important item for Magiris.

“In addition, there is also a strand of the purest power of darkness. Actually, you should get in contact with the Dark Kirin more often. He is the master of the Dark Plane. It will be helpful to your rise to the Gold Immortal stage,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Advance to the Gold Immortal stage? It’s not that easy. I have only been cultivating for a million years.” Despite those words, a strong look of self-confidence could be seen in his eyes.

“A million years is already a very long time. If nothing had happened to me back then, I would have entered the Gold Immortal stage long ago. I may even have walked farther ahead along the path of agelessness.”

“Compared to you? Doing that will drive me crazy. You are the bearer of the Chaos Constitution. And now, you even have the Longevity Tower and Longevity Scripture. Humph! The number one genius of the Celestial Planes. No one will be able to take this title away from you. I, on the other hand, cannot do it. During the one million years that you spent sleeping away, I had been going all out to cultivate myself. Unexpectedly, you could so quickly catch up to me. Even after I advance to the Gold Immortal stage, I will likely be incapable of defeating you,” Magiris said, a note of annoyance in his voice. He was already a genius amongst geniuses. And yet, when compared to Chen Feng, he felt so powerless.

After Magiris left, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom began replaying everything that happened earlier. All the cultivators who were inside the grand hall and everything they did were imprinted into Chen Feng’s mind. He also kept their auras, even those of the lurking Gold Immortals.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, facing a Gold Immortal would only be something that required his focus. It no longer gave him that terrible feeling of pressure.

Back then, the reason Demon Monarch Boombear would suddenly change his attitude towards Chen Feng was because he had secretly leaked out a strand of aura; the aura of the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Interestingly enough, Demon Monarch Boombear possessed the genes of Devourer Beasts within him. Although it was very weak, it was still enough to give him a crazed desire when facing the Demonic Heavengorging Art.

As Chen Feng expected, for the sake of obtaining the Demonic Heavengorging Art, he quickly changed his attitude towards Chen Feng. More, he even managed to convince the leaders of the Nether Plane and Blood Plane to support Chen Feng. Chen Feng himself had not expected that.

Still, for the sake of winning them over, Chen Feng also brought out some items as a show of sincerity. He gave Demon Monarch Boombear a small portion of the cultivation method for the Demonic Heavengorging Art. As for Qing Gu and Ning Shan, he gave them a rather decent immortal technique. Although it was no match for the core cultivation techniques of the various Celestial Planes, it could already be considered a high-level secret technique in the Immortal Plane. It was a technique that a Gold Immortal had cultivated before.

Chen Feng had devoured the primary spirits of four Gold Immortals before. Thus, bringing out some cultivation techniques and secret techniques was still a very simple matter for him. For these half-step Gold Immortals, some divine objects were far inferior compared to the cultivation methods left behind by Gold Immortals. More, Chen Feng had also mixed some of the comprehended knowledge of the Gold Immortal into the method he imparted them.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Qing Gu and Ning Shan had received a bargain here. The two of them would also continue to support Chen Feng for the sake of getting even more benefits. As for Chen Feng, those items were nothing for him.

Their present situation was somewhat bleak. Bringing out some items for the sake of gathering some forces together was worth it. 

“With the spatial gates, we will be able to help out if any one of the forces are in trouble. However, if the other party mobilizes a high number of cultivators to attack everyone at the same time, our alliance will not be able to do anything.” Chen Feng then thought back to what Magiris said before he left and reflexively nodded. Naturally, this alliance would still be able to help out. At the very least, they would be able to share information with one another.

Given how dangerous the situation is, one moment’s carelessness will result in the loss of our territory. In more serious situations, we might even die. Hopefully, these guys will not try anything funny. Even though they will not sincerely cooperate with us, as long as they do not do anything to destroy everything, it will be alright.

Next up came a period of great tranquillity. The Starsource Order, Immortal Slaying Pavilion and Immortal Sword Sect did not launch an attack at them at all. Chen Feng, meanwhile, continued to stay in the Primordial Mountain Range to cultivate. He was very happy to see the Six Daos Alliance in a state of tranquillity. However, he was also aware that, the longer the other party remained still, the more ferocious their next attack would be. 

On the other hand, taking the initiative to attack was not possible. The Six Daos Alliance may seem strong with its high number of members from various forces, but its overall strength was not that high. It simply had too many low-level cultivators. Time. Whenever Chen Feng thought about that, he would feel troubled. Given 10,000 years to develop, Chen Feng was confident that the Six Daos Alliance would no longer need to fear anyone in the Easternmost Region.

Naturally, thinking about it was all he could do. He did not possess the ability to accelerate time on such a large scale. Additionally, doing so would be the equivalent of forcibly interfering with the fates of all those cultivators. Initiating such a big move would result in the collapse of Chen Feng’s soul and his death.

Chen Feng would never entertain this idea.

In fact, when compared to some other forces, the Six Daos Alliance was already very strong. It had the combined forces of the Celestial Longevity Plane, Celestial Malla Plane, Dark Plane and the original Six Daos Sword Faction. Only, when compared to the force thrown at them by the Immortal Court, Chen Feng did not feel too confident.

Chen Feng was not the only one in cultivation. Heng Ri, the variant wyrm, and the Dark Kirin were also cultivating themselves. Having reached the Gold Immortal stage, a high cultivation level, trivial matters would no longer matter to them. Take the Dark Kirin for example. After making some arrangements back then, he had been staying in a cultivation retreat all this time. Even during the meeting with the other forces, the Dark Kirin had not appeared. All he did was release his strength for a moment to intimidate them.

After getting rid of those distracting thoughts, Chen Feng focused completely on himself, ignoring everything that was happening outside. His ability to think sped up. And while it appeared somewhat crazy, his power circulated in an orderly manner.

He was working on refining the power of primordial end and the Ageless Blazelight of the Five Elemental Cycle. These two powers were very strong, strong enough to nearly kill off Chen Feng back when he was undergoing his tribulation. In the end, Chen Feng had utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art to devour the two powers. However, he did not refine them back then. He had simply stored them.

And although the two powers were very dangerous, they were very strong. Born from the primordial, even Gold Immortals would have a very hard time finding them. For Chen Feng, they were good sources of power. Refining and absorbing them would give him a great deal of benefits. When fighting his enemies, by unleashing a power with these two attributes, his offensive power would grow stronger. He would be able to unleash a stronger attack against his opponent.

Chen Feng devoted a great deal of effort into refining these two powers, utilizing a secret technique that consumed his life force to speed up time for himself.

For Chen Feng, one day outside was the equivalent of a hundred days of cultivation for him.

After reaching a higher level, one could comprehend the dao of space-time. However, using the dao of space-time on oneself would be somewhat difficult. That was due to the cultivator’s high cultivation level. Utilizing secret techniques for this, one would face the suppression of the Heavenly dao laws. Due to that, they would need to pay a certain price for their actions. For example, the energy of Divine artifacts or the cultivator’s own life force, which would affect their life span.

One hundred days had passed for the outside world. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had spent ten thousand days in cultivation. Even though it had been so long, Chen Feng had yet to fully absorb the two powers. At the same time, Chen Feng had exhausted a portion of his life force. Life span wise, it was the equivalent of several hundred years. Naturally, for Chen Feng, this amount of life span was dispensable. He would be able to replenish it by just circulating the cultivation technique of the Longevity Scripture for a while.

One hundred days. It was not that Chen Feng did not want to continue cultivating after that. Rather, it was because someone interrupted him.

A dot of starlight slowly tore space open. Slow, without giving out any sound or energy fluctuations. It seemingly did not even exist in the same space. Then, it arrived within a distance of half a chi from Chen Feng. Finally, the dot of starlight abruptly elongated to become a sword, which promptly sped up to stab Chen Feng.

The speed at which the sword was stabbing forward had seemingly transcended the concept of space-time. Only cultivators with the corresponding level would have the divine sense to grasp this attack.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, appeared to be deep in a cultivation session. He appeared oblivious to it.

The tip of the sword finally stabbed Chen Feng’s skin. Even so, the enemy cultivator remained hidden. Additionally, the hidden cultivator also did not expose any other power. All of it was concentrated on the tip of the sword. Upon the tip of the sword was a small space, which contained the power of laws, ready to burst out at any moment to destroy everything before them. Judging by this method of attack, it was clear that the hidden cultivator was a highly experienced assassin.

Chen Feng did not move. However, strands of grey-coloured energy appeared to entangle the sword. Following that, the sword – beginning with the tip of the sword – began to shrivel up before shattering. The seemingly-invincible divine sword of the assassin was turned to ash. Even the power of laws within had decayed, dissipating away.

But that was not all. While the strands of grey-coloured energy appeared to be moving slowly, circling their way forward, they quickly slipped into void space and a cultivator in black appeared. The strands of grey-coloured energy had bound the cultivator and the more he struggled, the stronger the restraining power of the strands became. The terrifying power of devastation within the strands managed to strike fear into the assassin’s icy heart.

“The power of primordial end!”

The assassin cried out with a note of dread. By then, the sword in his hand had disappeared completely. And next, his body followed suit.


1 chi = 0.333 m

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