Chapter 1205 Alliance Lord


The cultivators there discussed the issue, each throwing recommendations out, but no one mentioned Chen Feng’s name. Magiris chuckled while Chen Feng said nothing as he observed what was happening there.

“I recommend Young Master Longevity Celestial.”

The unexpected recommendation caused the hall to fall into a sudden state of silence. Next, everyone turned to look at the Demon Plane’s Demon Monarch Boombear. They did not understand why he would try to ingratiate himself with Chen Feng. Or did they already discuss this beforehand?

“Since Demon Monarch Boombear has spoken, our Nether Plane has no objections. Young Master Longevity Celestial has a highly formidable combat power. He is strong enough to be our leader.”

“Our Blood Plane also supports Young Master Longevity Celestial.”

“Ha ha ha! Guys, don’t look at me like this. I have been friends with Longevity Celestial since we were kids. Besides, my Blackwater Alliance has already joined the Six Daos Alliance. I will unconditionally support Longevity Celestial,” Magiris said with a smile.

Following that, the faces of the cultivators there finally changed. That was especially so for the few cultivators who wanted to compete for the position of Alliance Lord. In the beginning, they had been recommending each other. However, it was just a hypocritical act. Unexpectedly, the Demon Plane would throw out this recommendation. More, it was supported by the Nether Plane and Blood Plane. And while Magiris had joined the Six Daos Alliance, his own force was strong enough to be considered a force in its own right. And so, there were four forces supporting Chen Feng for the position of Alliance Lord.

That was a high amount of support.

Many began to secretly curse Demon Monarch Boombear for being a busybody. Some felt certain that there was something going on between Demon Monarch Boombear and Chen Feng. 

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Chen Feng suddenly laughed loudly.

“Looks like I have the most recommendations. If so, I will not hesitate. I’ll be taking the position of Alliance Lord,” Chen Feng said without showing any scruples.

“I object.”

“I disagree.”

Immediately, two of the cultivators there objected. Some said nothing, but their faces revealed that they too objected to this. 

“So, it’s the Celestial Imperial Plane and Celestial Eight Divisions Plane. Oh, looks like the Celestial Absolute Plane is somewhat unwilling to accept as well. Alright. Now, I would like to ask for the reason behind your objections,” said Chen Feng, who finally stood up. One step from him caused an overwhelming atmosphere of power to sweep outwards. At that very moment, the impression that Chen Feng gave others was that of an ancient Demon God. Wild, formidable and possessing an unstoppable power.

“You object? Why? Who dares object to me becoming Alliance Lord?” Chen Feng said, taking another stride forward and a massive palm pressed down on the cultivator from the Celestial Imperial Plane, Tian Yi. 

“Show me the secret techniques of your Celestial Imperial Plane.”

Given the circumstances, all Chen Feng could do was to put on a display of might. The stronger, the better. Regardless of where or when, strength was the most important factor. Strength could suppress everything.

“You think I’m afraid of you?”

Tian Yi roared and a disc, shining with golden light, suddenly appeared. The light it radiated eroded their surrounding space, eliciting sizzling sounds from it.

“It’s the Divine Imperial Disc! To think that Tian Yi still has this move hidden up his sleeve.”

“The Divine Imperial Disc is capable of both defending and suppressing. Let’s see how Longevity Celestial plans on dealing with this. A minor Heavenly Immortal like him actually dares to act wantonly.”

“Let’s just watch.”

The cultivators there discussed the issue. Not one of them felt optimistic about Chen Feng’s chances here. Clearly, they had confidence in Tian Yi. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that they had confidence in the Divine Imperial Disc in his hands.

“You’re taking out your magic treasure right now? It is just a replica of the Divine Imperial Disc. Get wrecked!” Chen Feng sent a massive palm slapping towards the Divine Imperial Disc. Next, a formidable wave of energy burst out and the surrounding cultivators quickly took action to put up defensive barriers against it. Some were too late to take action and were forced to take several steps back.

They were all half-step Gold Immortals. And yet, the shockwaves from the battle had actually affected them. Due to that, some of them revealed a look of shock.

The Divine Imperial Disc was not destroyed from the exchange, but its light became somewhat dimmer. Meanwhile, Tian Yi’s face turned slightly ugly to behold. Only now, having fought Chen Feng, could he truly feel just how strong Chen Feng was. That overwhelming attack earlier had left Tian Yi badly wounded, but he did not let it show.

“Oh, it was not destroyed?” Chen Feng, on the other hand, became somewhat dissatisfied with his own performance. Next, he stamped a foot before sending a punch forward.

This punch was even stronger than the previous palm attack. Chen Feng was the only one who knew. Two more Heavenly laws had been utilized to launch this attack.


Tian Yi was sent blasting backwards. As for the Divine Imperial Disc, a crack appeared on its surface.

“Longevity Celestial, you’re being too arrogant here!”

“I will teach you a lesson!” 

This time, two cultivators attacked Chen Feng at the same time. They were Tian Wen from the Celestial Eight Divisions Plane and Xue Zhan from the Celestial Absolute Plane. Naturally, there were also some others who revealed an eagerness to take action. There was no telling when these people would attack. 

Demon Monarch Boombear and Qing Gu, from the Nether Plane, exchanged glances. They thought about stepping forward as well. But when they saw the smile on Magiris’ face, they sat down again.

“Is Longevity Celestial capable of dealing with two at the same time? Tian Wen and Xue Zhan are very strong.” As Demon Monarch Boombear was still feeling somewhat concerned, he sent Magiris a secret vocal transmission.

“Don’t worry about it,” Magiris replied nonchalantly. That said, he was feeling surprised to see the Demon Plane support Chen Feng. As for the Nether Plane and Blood Plane, it was clear that they were following the Demon Plane’s lead.

During that brief time, the state of the battle had changed.

Chen Feng had finally brought out his weapon. The Undying Heaven Sword swung once and Tian Wen was knocked back, seriously wounded from the attack.

Xue Zhan’s attack landed on Chen Feng’s body only to fail to break through his defence. Following that, Chen Feng swung his sword again to inflict a serious wound upon Xue Zhan while sending him flying.

Holding his sword, Chen Feng’s eyes then swept past everyone there.

“Two is not enough. I suggest that you all come at me together. Naturally, I will not be holding back anymore. Someone might die the next time,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Xue Zhan and Tian Wen were the strongest amongst all the cultivators there. And yet, even when attacking together, those two had still lost. As for them, going forward would simply be the equivalent of begging for a humiliation. Attacking together? They could not do that just yet. Besides, should they start an all-out fight here, they might not win either. There were quite a few forces supporting Chen Feng, after all.

Moreover, the reason they came here was to discuss forming an alliance, not to fight to the death against one another like bitter enemies.

“Tsk, tsk. I didn’t think that I would be able to see something like this. A two versus one. More, you guys are taking turns fighting. Fellows, you are all seniors that I have always admired. Isn’t this action a little inappropriate?” Magiris then stood up, light flowing within his eyes. Anyone who made contact with Magiris’ eyes would feel their hearts palpitating. It felt as though their souls were being pulled out from their bodies.

“What a formidable eye power!”

“Or does anyone want to fight me? Naturally, I represent the Six Daos Alliance,” Magiris said again with a smile.

“I agree with Longevity Celestial becoming the Alliance Lord,” Tian Wen said after a moment’s silence. His words immediately caused an uproar.

“Ha ha! If anyone disagrees, then please just leave. Honestly, this alliance doesn’t mean anything to me.” By then, the whole thing was starting to feel pointless for Chen Feng. Even if he were to become the Alliance Lord, could he instruct these men? Rather than having the need to deal with troubles in the future, it would be better to just deal with this right now.

Hearing the note of rejection in Chen Feng’s voice, some grew delighted, but many more felt their hearts lurching. They began feeling worried. Should they fail to establish an alliance here, or if a few forces were not part of the alliance, the strength of this alliance would become weaker. This was not the outcome that they wanted.

“I agree on Longevity Celestial as Alliance Lord as well,” Xue Zhan said.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial is the strongest here. He should be the Alliance Lord.”

“Greetings, Alliance Lord!”

“Our Dark Night Clan will obey Young Master Longevity Celestial’s orders!”

“Our Nine Abyss Clan has no objections as well.”

One by one, the cultivators there spoke up. Even if there were some who disagreed, there was nothing they could do about it. Be it in terms of overall strength or individual combat power, the Six Daos Alliance and Chen Feng were undoubtedly the strongest.

“Very well. Since the position of Alliance Lord has been dealt with, let’s have a proper discussion about the relevant matters.” Putting away his sword, Chen Feng then sat down on his chair again.

After Chen Feng’s display of might, they were able to proceed with the discussion faster. In but half a day’s time, their meeting came to an end. One by one, spatial gates opened up and the cultivators left.

Even though it was called an alliance, they did not group their forces together. However, should something happen, they would be able to support one another through the use of the spatial gates. In truth, this was just them agreeing to help assist and defend one another other. As for Chen Feng’s position of Alliance Lord, it would appear that the position was just a title. Still, Chen Feng, who had long since expected this, was not feeling disappointed.

This was simply how things were at the moment. Of course, no one could tell what would happen in the future.

But not everyone left. The forces from the Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Blood Plane had stayed behind. Clearly, they had some other matters that they wanted to do here.

“Greetings, Young Master Longevity Celestial!”

After most of the cultivators there had left, Demon Monarch Boombear’s attitude towards Chen Feng became even more respectful. Seeing that left the remaining cultivators there even more puzzled.

Just what is going on here? Qing Gu wondered.

In truth, Magiris, who failed to keep his curiosity in check, had long since asked Chen Feng about it secretly, but he failed to receive an answer from Chen Feng. According to Chen Feng, for the time being, it was a secret. Hearing that, Magiris secretly clenched his teeth. 

“Alright. Now that those annoying fellows are gone, let’s discuss it again,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Tun Ri and the others left the grand hall, leaving Chen Feng and the four cultivators there.

Chen Feng had his own opinions about this matter. The fact that he could get the Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Blood Plane on his side had already surpassed his expectations. Still, he was aware that, when compared to the forces from the Celestial Absolute Plane and Celestial Eight Divisions Plane, these three forces were somewhat weaker. At any rate, their worlds were not even comparable to the Immortal Plane. How could they be compared to the Celestial Planes?

“This time, the Immortal Court took the lead to attack. It is a very abnormal action. I speculate that the Immortal Court plans to attack some of the Celestial Planes,” Chen Feng took the initiative to say.

“Attack the Celestial Planes?!” Demon Monarch Boombear cried out in shock. Although he did consider such a possibility as well, he was still unable to believe it. 

“Is the Immortal Court so powerful?”

“It would be more accurate to say that the Immortal Plane is very powerful. The Immortal Court is only playing the role of unifying them. Naturally, it is undeniable that the Immortal Court is also very strong. Ha ha ha! Honestly, this time, there is the possibility that we will be incapable of holding on, not even with the alliance. Even if several more forces join us, we will still be incapable of holding on,” Magiris said.

Demon Monarch Boombear and the other two leaders were shocked yet again. They had not expected Magiris to paint such a grim picture.

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