Chapter 1204 Uproar


“If we are just a motley crew, then why did you fellows come here? Are you just bored? Or do you want to start a war with our Six Daos Alliance? By the way, I will repeat again. This is my territory. So long as I desire it, I can kill off everyone here,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Based on what? Do you think of yourself as a Gold Immortal now? Even a Gold Immortal wouldn’t dare say that,” someone shouted.

“I am not a Gold Immortal, but I can kill a Gold Immortal. More, our Six Daos Alliance also has two Gold Immortals.” After Chen Feng said that, everyone present sensed two peerless auras sweeping towards them.

“A Gold Immortal!”

“Two Gold Immortals.”

The two auras had been deliberately fused with a formidable power of oppression, making it unbearable for all the cultivators there. Some with slightly weaker soul powers revealed a look of pain and chaos broke out. At the same time, some of them cast a look of dread at Chen Feng.

It was as Chen Feng mentioned earlier. By adding his strength and that of two Gold Immortals together, even if Chen Feng’s side cannot wipe them all out, they would still be able to wipe out most of them. More, the Six Daos Alliance had more half-step Gold Immortals on their side. It would also appear that Magiris had joined Chen Feng’s side.

The two Gold Immortals merely swept the place with their wills once before disappearing. But even after the disappearance of the Gold Immortals’ wills, the cultivators there continued to feel uncomfortable.

“Ha ha ha! No wonder Young Master Longevity Celestial can stop the Immortal Court’s attack. So, you have two Gold Immortals. I’m impressed!” An old man from the Celestial Absolute Plane was the first to speak up. Judging by his tone, he had decided to admit defeat.

“However, Young Master Longevity Celestial should also know. We are all from the various Celestial Planes. We are able to stop the Immortal Court’s attacks because we have our own means of defence. Take my Celestial Absolute Plane and the Celestial Eight Divisions Plane for example. We were attacked by a few Gold Immortals as well. I believe that the pressure on the other forces is also in no way inferior compared to the one we faced,” the old man continued.

“Yes. The force that our Blood Plane established here was attacked by Gold Immortals as well. In addition, there were also over a hundred half-step Gold Immortals.”

“Our Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Ghost Plane are key targets of the Immortal Court. The other party mobilized four Gold Immortals, three hundred half-step Gold Immortals and over ten thousand Heavenly Immortals against us. The force from the Ghost Plane was broken down. Due to that, they do not have the qualifications to come here for the time being.”

“Hold it!” Chen Feng spoke up, interrupting them all. The grand hall then fell silent and everyone turned their gazes towards Chen Feng.

Their gazes were filled with curiosity instead of the previous oppression. Chen Feng was very satisfied to see that.

“Has the Immortal Court become so powerful?” Chen Feng stretched a finger out to tap his armrest.


Finally, the old man from the Celestial Absolute Plane spoke up. “The Immortal Court is indeed very strong. It is already strong enough to threaten the various Celestial Planes. That is especially so when considering their rapid pace of development through the past 100 million years. We from the Celestial Planes, on the other hand, are constantly waging wars upon one another. While wars can make us stronger, going past a certain threshold will instead weaken us.”

“Although it is said that the one above the Immortal Plane is the 24 Myriad Celestial Planes, there are presently more than 24 forces in the Celestial Planes.” After saying that, the old man’s gaze swept past some of the cultivators present.

Chen Feng knew what the old man meant. Some formidable Heaven-defying races were also constantly establishing their own kingdoms. Their overall strength was not much weaker compared to the Celestial Planes.

Throughout history, some Celestial Planes had fallen to ruins. However, the total number of the most ancient and powerful Celestial Planes remained at 24. They were the 24 Myriad Celestial Planes.

“Let’s not talk about that first.” Chen Feng then waved his hand.

“Everyone, I understand your intentions in coming here. What you want is for us to join forces to fight the Immortal Court. More accurately, to fight the East Extreme Immortal Palace. Let me first give my view on this. In the entire Easternmost Region, we are surely not the only ones that the East Extreme Immortal Palace attacked. In other words, for them, we only represent a portion of the forces here. I am, however, feeling curious about something. There are countless foreign forces here in the Easternmost Region. And yet, the Immortal Court decided to initiate such a large-scale attack. Their objective is very obvious, but their actions are unbelievable. I have thus summarized three points. 

“Firstly, the Immortal Court is sufficiently strong, strong enough to wipe out all our forces here. Secondly, the Immortal Court has another objective for doing this, one that we are unaware of. Thirdly, the one in charge of the Immortal Court has gone crazy.” After saying that, Chen Feng laughed.

“If the Immortal Court itself is dispatching its forces for this, we will indeed be incapable of stopping them. But according to the information we received, only the East Extreme Immortal Palace is attacking,” said one of the cultivators from the Nine Abyss Clan.

“The East Extreme Immortal Palace is indeed very strong. They are above all the first-rate forces here. The Immortal Court is the ruler of the Immortal Plane, its governing body. This East Extreme Immortal Palace, on the other hand, is the Immortal Court’s governing office. It is not something that the average sect can fight against. More, the Immortal Court can also mobilize the native forces of the Immortal Plane to attack us.”

“In recent years, the Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Ghost Plane and some other great worlds have been waging wars against the Immortal Plane. I believe that you fellows should have a certain level of understanding towards the Immortal Plane’s strength.”

“That’s not the same. Our Demon Plane, Nether Plane and Ghost Plane are also ancient life-bearing worlds, but no matter which aspect you look at, we are far inferior compared to the Immortal Plane. Even though we are always at war with the Immortal Plane to snatch resources from them, those were all minor fights. The level of the battles is not high and the Immortal Court also did not send out their true experts for the battles. Due to that, we only have a superficial understanding of the Immortal Court’s strength. Its real strength is still an unknown to us.”

A cultivator from the Demon Plane pondered for a moment before responding.

“Regardless, the power that the East Extreme Immortal Palace displayed this time is very strong. If we do not ask for help, we will surely be incapable of holding on.

“Perhaps, what they want is for us to ask for reinforcements. Then, when our reinforcements come to this world, their own territory, our forces will end up losing.”

“Our Celestial Planes are not afraid of the Immortal Plane. Only, our numbers are too limited.

“We should report what is happening here to the higher-ups. Maybe the Celestial Planes need to join forces to give the Immortal Plane a lesson.”

“That’s not a bad idea. All we need is for several of our 24 Myriad Celestial Planes to work together to give the Immortal Plane a lesson. No matter how strong the Immortal Plane may be, it is but a singular force.”

“No. The entire Immortal Plane is simply too big. If all the forces here choose to obey the Immortal Court’s orders, our Celestial Planes will be pulled into this matter. There’ll be no way for us to get out from this.” 

“Humph! No way for us to get out from this? I disagree. No matter how you cut it, the Celestial Planes are existences surpassing the Immortal Plane, after all.”

Several hundred half-step Gold Immortals gathered up. Every word they said could cause an uproar. Chen Feng had wanted to say something, but when he saw that, he chose to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he turned to look at Magiris, a wry smile on his face.

Naturally, some experts had also come. But these experts had been constantly staying silent. Even back when Chen Feng was throwing provocative words earlier, they had chosen to not stand out. Due to their strength, they were – compared to the others – better able to sense just how strong Chen Feng was.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, had managed to gain a clear grasp of the strength of all the cultivators there using his soul power. Even the few hidden experts were incapable of hiding from Chen Feng.

Rather, Chen Feng even noticed several Gold Immortals lurking around. However, they did not take any actions. It would appear that they had no intentions of interfering with this meeting. Due to that, Chen Feng ignored them.

After some time, the uproar began subsiding before the hall returned to a state of tranquillity. The cultivators knew that the words that they just exchanged earlier were nothing more than talk. Those that could truly make the decisions were the leaders who were seated on chairs there. Those cultivators had remained silent.

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, you are very strong. More, you are also the number one cultivation genius of the Celestial Longevity Plane. What do you think about this?” To their surprise, the leader of the Demon Plane was the first to speak up. Additionally, they were able to hear hints of an ingratiating tone in his voice. And so, some of them frowned.

“Honestly, my thoughts on this are simple. We will just have to adopt the appropriate measures depending on the circumstances. Surely, you fellows are not thinking of leaving the Immortal Plane, are you?” Chen Feng said with a smile while giving the leader of the Demon Plane a deep look.

“Of course not. We have been developing our force in the Immortal Plane for so long now, carving out our own territory here. They want to chase us off? Ha ha ha! We’ll be too embarrassed to even return!” someone was quick to shout.

“The way I see it, there are pros and cons to forming an alliance,” Magiris suddenly said.

“Oh? Please tell us.” 

Magiris’ words carried some weight there. Due to that, the moment he spoke up, some of the cultivators there chose to listen to him.

“The fact that the other party is capable of attacking so many of us at the same time proves that they are truly and unquestionably strong. If we join up, there is a danger that the other party could defeat all of us in one fell swoop,” Magiris said.

“If we do not join forces, won’t they just defeat us one by one?” The young man who had his place taken by Chen Feng had remained silent all this time, but he finally spoke up.

His force was from the Holy Light Clan. It was one of the weaker forces amongst the 18 forces there. Due to the great pressure, they were the most desirous of an alliance. 

“There is the possibility that they would take us down one by one,” Magiris said with a smile.

“What I wanted to say is that by grouping up, there is the danger of them taking us down together. That said, the advantage of grouping up is that we can concentrate our strength. That way, we may be able to stop the other party’s attack. Naturally, it will not be easy to perfectly combine our strength.”

Everyone there pondered the issue. In truth, they had all understood what Magiris meant. By adding the Six Daos Alliance into the equation, there would be a total of 19 forces within the grand hall. There were so many forces that were almost equal in strength. During times of danger, who should be the ones to give the orders and who should be the ones to listen?   Without a clear sense of hierarchy, disputes can easily arise.

“Actually, it’s a very simple issue. We just need to elect an Alliance Lord. The Alliance Lord can unify and arrange the affairs of this alliance. And if anyone secretly disrespects the Alliance Lord or deliberately stirs up trouble, the others will join forces to punish this person,” the leader of the force from the Celestial Eight Divisions Plane said. He was one of the strongest ones there.

“I agree. If so, let’s begin with the recommendations for Alliance Lord.” Everyone there agreed. In fact, this was the main reason they had come together. All those words exchanged earlier were actually unimportant.

“I recommend the Celestial Absolute Plane’s Xue Zhan.”

“Tian Wen, from the Celestial Eight Divisions Plane has a high cultivation base and formidable combat powers. He can become our Alliance Lord.”

“I think that Tian Yi from the Celestial Imperial Plane is also suitable.”

“Ha ha! Although it hasn’t been too long since Magiris started on the path of cultivation, be it talent or cultivation base, he is an elite amongst elites. I recommend Magiris.”

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