Chapter 1203 Show of Force


It was very obvious that these people wanted to put Chen Feng in his place. Some were even secretly firing out soul-type secret techniques to suppress him.


Chen Feng gave a loud harrumph and an invisible wave of soul power spread out. As a result, every one of the cultivators there felt as though they had been thrown into a stormy sea. That was particularly true for those who were utilizing soul-type secret techniques. Their faces sank as blood trickled down their nostrils.

Maintaining a look of indifference, Chen Feng then walked towards Magiris, who was also secretly shocked. Even though Magiris already had a high estimate of Chen Feng’s strength, that move from Chen Feng informed him that Chen Feng’s strength had still surpassed his expectations.

This fellow! Why is his rate of cultivation so high? Magiris muttered to himself. Only, thinking back to how Chen Feng had to go all out while undergoing his tribulation to deal with two Gold Immortals, he knew that this rate of cultivation was not just luck. Rather, it was one obtained by risking his life.

By then, there was no longer any seats left in the grand hall. And so, Chen Feng’s gaze swept out to land on a cultivator seated closest to Magiris.

“Scram,” Chen Feng said.

Instantly, an atmosphere of might was unleashed. Even though everyone there was an expert, this action from Chen Feng brought an intense feeling of oppression. Rather, they even felt somewhat suffocated.


The face of the young man seated on the big chair sank. An infuriated look appeared. He represented one of the forces here, after all. More, he was also a half-step Gold Immortal. And behind him was a line of 10 half-step Gold Immortals. And yet, this minor Heavenly Immortal dared to look down on him?

Next, Chen Feng stopped saying anything. Instead, golden light swept out from his eyes.

Kacha! Kacha!

The young man instantly felt a power with no equal surging towards him. The chair that he was on promptly shattered apart, but the intensity of the golden light coming from Chen Feng’s eyes only grew several notches stronger.

Teng! Teng! Teng! Teng! Teng! Teng!

The young man and the 10 half-step Gold Immortals behind him were forced to retreat.

“You’re courting death!”

The young man’s face alternated between flushed and pale. Chen Feng had forced him to retreat in front of so many people. It was no different from slapping him in the face.

And so, 11 half-step Gold Immortals released their killing intent, locking down on Chen Feng with their power, ready to unleash a ferocious attack the very next moment.

Dao Monarch Heavensdao, the other half-step Gold Immortals from the Six Daos Alliance and even the six half-step Gold Immortals behind Magiris stepped forward to simultaneously unleash their auras as well, smashing apart the atmosphere of power created by the 11 half-step Gold Immortals.

A big chair appeared before Chen Feng, who then sat down before saying, “This is my territory. If anyone has a problem with it, please stand up.”

The grand hall suddenly fell quiet. The only sounds left were of Tun Ri fighting his opponent.

“Chen Feng, you are offending our 18 forces here!” the young man shouted, clenching his teeth.

Chen Feng’s eyebrows jumped. Next, he stood up and threw a punch in the young man’s direction. Following that, the others watched as a gigantic fist smashed its way forward to pummel the young man and another two half-step Gold Immortals behind him away.

After that, Chen Feng turned his attention towards the central part of the grand hall. One glance was all he needed to tell that Tun Ri’s opponent came from the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane. Although Tun Ri was an extra-terrestrial creature of chaos, his opponent also possessed Heaven-defying genes. More, this person had reached the half-step Gold Immortal stage longer than Tun Ri. Due to that, Tun Ri ended up in a slightly disadvantageous position in the fight.

Chen Feng slowly stretched his hand out and a gigantic palm silhouette roared towards the central part of the grand hall. The instant Chen Feng took action, Tun Ri immediately jumped backwards to leave the cultivator with a mysterious pattern on his forehead alone at the centre of the grand hall. Sensing the power of the Longevity Palm, the cultivator’s face immediately sank. There was simply no way to evade. And so, he simply gave it his all to stop this attack.

“Hold it!

“You’re courting death!”

Several of the half-step Gold Immortals from the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane attacked Chen Feng. When their attacks landed on Chen Feng’s body, however, all they could do was cause him to shake slightly. Next, the Longevity Palm pressed the cultivator against the floor.

“Longevity Celestial, please show mercy!”

Some of the cultivators in the crowd shouted.


Chen Feng then waved his hand and the cultivator with the pattern on his forehead was hurled away. All the bones in his body were broken while his soul was sealed. As a result, he was knocked unconscious. 

“Longevity Celestial, aren’t you being too arrogant here?” one of the cultivators from the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane said. Following that, a total of 20 half-step Gold Immortals stood up. The Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane had a formidable force here. The moment they arrived, some of them had stepped forward to throw out provocations. That was why Tun Ri had chosen to fight the cultivator.

“I’ll say it again. This is my place. I will not tolerate any display of arrogance from others. Naturally, if there is anyone who is dissatisfied with me or if anyone wants to have a fight with me, I will accept. You can choose to fight me alone or fight me as a group. You can even send a Gold Immortal out.” Chen Feng lied down lackadaisically, but a chilling blade-like light flashed from his eyes.

The entire grand hall fell utterly silent. Some simply stayed silent, some revealed changes in their expressions, some secretly discussed it, but no one stepped forward. Even the cultivators from the Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane did not do anything.

The smile on Magiris’ face grew wider. Even before reaching the Heavenly Immortal stage, Chen Feng could already fight a Gold Immortal. And now that he was a Heavenly Immortal, who knows just how strong he had become? Although there were many cultivators there, the strongest was only a half-step Gold Immortal. For these people, attacking Chen Feng would be the equivalent of them begging for a humiliation.

“What is this? Is no one willing to step forward?” Chen Feng smiled instead.

“The Celestial Enduring Hatred Plane, Celestial Carefree Plane, Celestial Imperial Plane, Celestial Eight Divisions Plane, Celestial Absolute Plane, Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Blood Plane, Vajra Clan, Dark Night Clan and Nine Abyss Clan. There are also those that I don’t know. You fellows came all the way here, bearing such an aggressive aura. More, you fellows even sent so many experts over. Surely, this is not all you fellows have, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly, his gaze sweeping over them all.

“I’ll do it!”

Finally, one of the cultivators could not stand Chen Feng’s provocations anymore. A muscular cultivator, wielding a battle lance, stepped forward. Every step he took would create the sounds of metal clashing. More, gold-coloured runes could also be seen flashing from his eyes. A formidable power of blood surged out from his head, forming a pillar of energy that rose up to a height of several zhang.

“So, it is a cultivator from the Vajra Clan. Please take action,” Chen Feng said, maintaining the same smile on his face. He continued to remain seated, a lazy look on his face.

“Insolence!” Light flashed across the eyes of the cultivator and the battle lance in his hand flew out, shooting towards Chen Feng. Meanwhile, the cultivator’s body suddenly became several notches taller while his fists turned golden in colour. He swiftly ran after the battle lance and unleashed a punch at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng made a simple response to this attack. With a wave of his hand, he grabbed the battle lance and suddenly swung it, striking the cultivator to send him flying. The attack also broke the cultivator’s muscular arm.

“Cultivators from the Vajra Clan possess vigorous blood energy and formidable fleshly bodies. Their combat power and fighting spirit are astonishingly high. But why does it feel lacking to me?” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to send the battle lance flying. It then stabbed into the floor at a slanting angle, right before the cultivator.

An uproar broke out amongst all the cultivators from the Vajra Clan, but they did not swarm forward. Only, their faces had turned red from fury. Although Chen Feng did say they could gang up on him, none of them were foolish enough to do something that would turn their entire clan and Celestial Plane into a laughing stock. 

“I would like to ask for some pointers.” Despite what just happened, another cultivator from the Vajra Clan stepped forward. This person was slightly stronger compared to the previous one. He knew that he was no match for Chen Feng. Even so, he had still chosen to drum up his courage to step forward.

However, another cultivator stepped forward, placing himself before the cultivator from the Vajra Clan.

“Fellow friends from the Vajra Clan, leave this fight to our Celestial Carefree Plane.” A middle-aged cultivator in white clothes and an elegant demeanour stepped forward. For the cultivators inside the grand hall, every step this middle-aged cultivator took seemingly shook the very air within the grand hall. By the time they tried to get a better look at him, he had already appeared before Chen Feng. 

“It’s the Great Carefree Movement Technique! How will this kid deal with it?” A look of curiosity appeared on the faces of some. Previously, the cultivator from the Vajra Clan had attacked using brute force only to be defeated in the end. The Great Carefree Movement Technique, on the other hand, was a spiritwalking technique comparable to the Longevity Wings Technique. It had an unfathomable number of variations. By cultivating it up to a high level, one could truly transcend space-time and attain great carefreeness.

Even Chen Feng was revealing a look of interest. That said, his Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight was able to swiftly grasp the other party’s attack route. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng forced the middle-aged cultivator’s movements to come to a halt. Next, he punched, sending the middle-aged cultivator flying. But the middle-aged cultivator was able to land gracefully on the floor. Seeing that, Chen Feng secretly praised the Great Carefree Movement Technique. It was truly extraordinary.

“Who else?” Chen Feng said coolly, releasing a natural air of arrogance.

“I want to ask for some pointers!”

Next up, several more cultivators stepped forward, but Chen Feng easily beat them all back. The most miserable of them all was a cultivator from the Nine Abyss Clan. Surprisingly, he brought out a mid-grade Divine artifact and utilized a secret technique, aimed at grievously wounding Chen Feng. He wanted to put on a display of power in front of everyone. In the end, Chen Feng beat the living daylights out of him. 

The gazes of the cultivators within the entire hall thus lost the sharpness and oppression that they had in the beginning.

“Looks like no one is going to step forward anymore. I’m going to assume that everyone has accepted that they are guests here,” Chen Feng said with a smile before giving Magiris a glance.

“Ha ha ha! After that friendly exchange earlier, I believe that we’ll be able to get along better,” Magiris said.

Compared to Chen Feng, Magiris was more popular and he was able to quickly obtain some response from them.

“We are very clear on the reason behind this visit. I also do not want to beat around the bush. If there is anything, let’s just be frank about it. That will facilitate our subsequent discussion. Previously, my Blackwater Alliance and the Six Daos Alliance came under attack from the forces belonging to the East Extreme Immortal Palace and native cultivators of the Immortal Plane. The other party mobilized three Gold Immortals, several hundred half-step Gold Immortals and countless Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals. The battle inflicted some damage to both our alliances. I’ll be frank. If it weren’t for Longevity Celestial’s assistance, my force would have been wiped out. Due to that, my Blackwater Alliance has – while maintaining its autonomy – joined the Six Daos Alliance,” Magiris slowly said.

“You’re exaggerating. If the other party truly did dispatch three Gold Immortals, can you fellows still stand here unscathed?” one of the cultivators said dubiously.

“Fellows. Did you not inquire about our Six Daos Alliance’s strength before coming over?” A scornful smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“What strength? Aren’t you fellows just a motley crew?” someone laughed.


Note: The Great Carefree Movement Technique was translated as the Grand Carefree Movement Technique in the past. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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