Chapter 1202 Various Forces


Of course, given Tun Ri and Da Feng’s level of strength, they could charge out by themselves. However, doing so meant that the cultivators in their group, consisting of only 30 Heavenly Immortals and over a thousand True Immortals would die there.

Using this group to lure out Tun Ri and Da Feng. Looks like it’s a trap. Having sensed their whereabouts, Chen Feng leapt through the sky to re-appear beside Tun Ri.

Chen Feng’s sudden appearance shocked Tun Ri. But when he sensed his aura, Tun Ri stayed silent. The fact that Chen Feng dared to come meant that they would have no issues breaking free.

After Chen Feng appeared, the pressure bearing down on them – instead of lessening – actually increased somewhat. Chen Feng could clearly see six hidden half-step Gold Immortals walking out.

“So, they want to lure more people into this trap. Or perhaps, the one they want the most is me,” Chen Feng said coolly before bringing out the Soul Demise Bow.

After advancing to the Heavenly Immortal stage, Chen Feng sensed that a change had come over the very nature of his power. His Heavenly laws kept twisting as he pulled the bowstring. With a flash, a white arrow of light was formed there. With a thought from Chen Feng, several strands of golden light then emerged from the white arrow.


A half-step Gold Immortal was killed.

Chen Feng then pulled the bowstring eight times in a row to fire out eight arrows. Eight half-step Gold Immortals were killed as a result.

And so, the situation was completely turned around. The other party had gathered up a group of half-step Gold Immortals for the sake of luring out the key figures in the Six Daos Alliance. It was a great success. They lured out the number one figure in the Six Daos Alliance, Chen Feng. However, the result was not quite what they expected. The combat power that Chen Feng displayed was something that only a Gold Immortal should possess.

Due to that, the surviving half-step Gold Immortals ran with their tails between their legs. As for the enemy Heavenly Immortals and True Immortals, Chen Feng could not even be bothered with them. With the enemy half-step Gold Immortals on the run, Tun Ri and Da Feng were able to lead their men to charge through and disperse the remaining enemy forces. After a round of massacre, they then pulled their men back.

Chen Feng then attacked, practically sweeping up the entire battlefield. Wielding the Soul Demise Bow, he killed over 50 half-step Gold Immortals. He also killed several hundred Heavenly Immortals along the way. 

Most of them were reinforcements who suddenly appeared for the enemy side. After putting in a great deal of effort, Chen Feng finally managed to extract some information from the sea of wisdom of one of the cultivators. He ascertained that these reinforcements were from the East Extreme Immortal Palace. This time, the East Extreme Immortal Palace had mobilized a high number of men to not only deal with the Six Daos Alliance and the Blackwater Alliance, but also tens of other forces in the Easternmost Region. All those forces had one thing in common, they were not the native forces of the Immortal Plane.

The East Extreme Immortal Palace’s objective here was very obvious. More, the formidable display of might also shocked Chen Feng. That said, Chen Feng was able to see the shadow of the Immortal Court behind all this.

He did not believe that the East Extreme Immortal Palace would make such a big move without the support of the Immortal Court.

This action from the East Extreme Immortal Palace is clearly a purge targeting the Easternmost Region. I wonder, are there similar movements in the other regions? Looks like this is a precursor to the Immortal Court’s attack on the Celestial Planes. What gives the Immortal Court such confidence? Looks like there is a need to head to the Immortal Court and check it out, Chen Feng pondered.

Due to Chen Feng’s display of might, the Starsource Order and the other two sects began retreating. More, they generously returned the territories they conquered back to the Six Daos Alliance. In the face of someone who could so easily kill off half-step Gold Immortals, they could only choose to retreat. In order to continue attacking the Six Daos Alliance, they would first have to find a power that could deal with Chen Feng.  

“The overall strength of our Six Daos Alliance is still inferior compared to the other party. Although we managed to kill off a whole bunch of half-step Gold Immortals this time, with the support of the East Extreme Immortal Palace, it will not take long before even stronger forces come after us. Who knows? They might even mobilize Gold Immortals.” After a round of discussion, Da Feng and the rest came to talk to Chen Feng, a note of concern in their voices.

They had spent quite some time developing the Six Daos Alliance. It was a force under Chen Feng with quite the potential. Even the cultivators from the Longevity Clan had spent quite the effort on it. Due to that, they grew somewhat apprehensive in the face of the present situation.

“There’s no point in feeling anxious. We cannot depend on the forces from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Looks like we need to ally with other forces if we want to resist the attack from the East Extreme Immortal Palace.” After giving out some instructions, Chen Feng did not take action. Instead, he returned to his place of residence and began cultivating to stabilize his cultivation level of the Heavenly Immortal stage.

In just one month, Chen Feng had completely transformed all of his True laws into Heavenly laws. This speed was neither too fast nor too slow. That said, Chen Feng’s actions of transforming 108 True laws into Heavenly laws was truly a terrifying feat. As he was doing that, Chen Feng also did not stop breaking down the two Ageless laws within him.

Ageless. It indicated an everlasting existence. If he were to simply place the two Ageless laws there and did nothing to it, it would remain undamaged even after billions of years. Even with the use of force, one would find it very difficult to destroy the two laws. This was also why Chen Feng had to extract its power step by step.

The process of breaking down and extracting the two Ageless laws’ power was very slow, far slower compared to the rate at which his True laws transformed into Heavenly laws. Even so, Chen Feng was very satisfied. His ever-increasing strength proved that this was the right decision.

Naturally, the strongest Heavenly law was none other than the one Chen Feng had formed by himself. Even the second and third new Heavenly laws were beginning to take shape. 

Adding to the Heavenly laws that he already possessed, Chen Feng’s body now had over 200 Heavenly laws. Any cultivator, regardless of where he or she may be from, would find this number shocking.

The Heavenly laws supported Chen Feng’s body and even entered his insight acupoints to further support the framework of his bodily worlds, now at the level of life-bearing worlds, making them more stable, which led to a faster rate of development.

Of course, given how many Heavenly laws there were, Chen Feng would not simply let them develop on their own. Instead, he wanted to only keep the good ones and devour or get rid of the rest. Still, this was not something that he could do anytime soon.

After successfully advancing to the Heavenly Immortal stage, the very nature of Chen Feng’s life had undergone a monumental transformation. Even the level of his state of mind had soared while his overall combat power became at least 10 times stronger.

The matter that delighted Chen Feng the most was that he had managed to obtain the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Of course, Chen Feng had found out that it was Tower who did it. If it weren’t for this piece of Demonic Heavengorging Art, Chen Feng would have been incapable of dealing with his situation back then. Forget advancing to the Heavenly Immortal stage. He would – in the best-case scenario – lose his whole body. In the worst-case scenario, even his soul would be grievously damaged.

To Chen Feng’s chagrin, however, this piece of the Demonic Heavengorging Art was also just a fragment. After performing a divination, Chen Feng found that he had only cultivated one third of the whole Demonic Heavengorging Art. Thinking about that, Chen Feng felt a twinge of regret. He wondered when he would be able to obtain the whole Demonic Heavengorging Art.

Looks like there is a need to go visit the Demon Plane. Either that or go collect information about the Devourer Beasts. After having seen for himself how formidable the Demonic Heavengorging Art was, Chen Feng had a hard time suppressing his seething emotions.

I wonder where Tower went off to? Also, how much of his strength has he recovered? By utilizing a secret technique, Chen Feng was able to establish a faint link with the Longevity Tower. However, Tower had not responded at all. More, the position of the Longevity Tower was constantly changing. In the end, Chen Feng chose not to worry about it. Since Tower was not responding, he must surely be occupied with his own matters. Additionally, in Chen Feng’s opinion, there should be no need to worry for Tower. 

After that, Chen Feng contacted his two clones. The clones that he created had maintained a very low profile in the starry space, but their rate of cultivation was in no way slow. Through the connection between their souls, they exchanged their cultivation experiences and some powers and even laws before closing the connection. 

As Chen Feng was entering a state of cultivation, Da Feng quickly came to the area where Chen Feng was at.

Chen Feng knew that Da Feng and the others would never interrupt him unless there was something major going on. And so, he ended his cultivation session and appeared before Da Feng.

“Young Master, a total of 18 forces came to visit us.” Da Feng got straight to the point.

“Visit?” An amused look appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Looks like some fellows are even more anxious than us. Come. Let’s go check it out.” Chen Feng did not bother to continue inquiring about the matter. He already knew what was happening.

Several hundred cultivators were gathered in the Grand Hall of Six Daos. Some were unruly, some were as calm as mountains, some were as unfathomable as the depths of the ocean, some were exuding oppressive auras and some remained silent. All in all, every single one of them was very strong.

At the centre of the grand hall, Tun Ri was fighting a cultivator with a strange pattern on his forehead. Neither side was using magic treasures, but every move they made, even a single breath from them, could kill off a high number of Heavenly Immortals.

Dao Monarch Heavensdao and the other half-step Gold Immortals were there. Likewise, Magiris was also there, seated on an opulent reclining chair. Six half-step Gold Immortals stood in an orderly line behind him.

“Magiris, I hear that you were beat up pretty badly not too long ago. You actually had to get help from the Longevity Clan’s forces. More, I also hear that their leader is only a little guy at the Heavenly Immortal stage.” A handsome young man who was standing not too far from Magiris said provocatively.

“Yes. It’s Longevity Celestial. I believe you fellows must know of him.” Magiris nodded, the expression on his face not changing at all. Only, something of a sneering light glinted deep within his eyes.

“So, it’s Longevity Celestial!”

Hearing the name, the eyes of all the cultivators there lit up.

“Born with the Chaos Constitution. He was said to be our Celestial Planes’ number one genius. It doesn’t seem that way to me.”

“Not the number one genius, the number one constitution for cultivation. Only, I thought he fell during the war back then. Now, it would appear that he actually did not die. Still, he is only at the Heavenly Immortal stage. How can he stand on the same stage as us?”

“Hah! A minor Heavenly Immortal doesn’t even have the qualifications to enter.”

“You can’t say that. According to the information I received, this Longevity Celestial’s combat power is not to be underestimated. It should be in no way inferior to a half-step Gold Immortal.”

“I’m also a half-step Gold Immortal, but I’ve fought Gold Immortals before.”

After the name Longevity Celestial was mentioned, everyone there began communicating with one another using their divine senses. Some shot sarcastic comments about him while some remained silent. As for Magiris, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Upon his arrival, Chen Feng immediately sensed the messages that the cultivators there were exchanging. He scoffed inwardly, knowing that he would have to take action to shock them all before any proper discussion could be had.

“Longevity Celestial is here!” When Chen Feng entered the grand hall, everyone there fell silent. Several hundred gazes descended upon Chen Feng. This created a formidable atmosphere of oppression, one that the average half-step Gold Immortal would be incapable of withstanding.

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