Chapter 1201 Advancing to the Heavenly Immortal Stage


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 

The Ageless Blazelight swept forward and the vortexes on Chen Feng’s body blew up, inflicting even more damage upon Chen Feng. Following that, more vortexes appeared only to blow up yet again.

This time, Chen Feng’s use of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique was actually incapable of stopping the rampaging power of the Five Elemental Cycle. The power kept circling around him. And while Chen Feng was able to devour a portion of the power, the rate at which he was devouring it could not keep up with the rate at which it was destroying his body. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Power surged out from his various insight acupoints. Chen Feng even sucked out power from the newly-formed bodily worlds. He had decided to go all out and utilize even his essence power for this. 

And so, in less than one breath’s time, his broken body was fully restored.

The Undying Heaven Sword slashed around non-stop to finally break apart the Ageless Blazelight entrapping Chen Feng. But it did not take long before a second halo of Ageless Blazelight descended. This Ageless Blazelight was twice as strong as the previous one. With just one cycle, Chen Feng’s body was nearly split in half.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng. Huan Mie and Ye Luo – despite being Gold Immortals – were also having a terrible time. This Heavenly Tribulation was meant to deal with Gold Immortals, after all.

“Let’s see who dies first!” Chen Feng could no longer hold on and his body charged towards the two Gold Immortals.

“Kid, have you gone crazy?”

“You have a death wish!”

In the face of Chen Feng’s charge, the two of them chose not to fight back. Doing so would only provoke an attack from the Heavenly Tribulation. However, what happened next surprised them. The Heavenly Tribulation unleashed a violent attack on all three of them at the same time. Halo after halo of Ageless Blazelight surrounded the three of them. The two Gold Immortals began roaring furiously.

“This brat did something to the Heavenly Tribulation!”

Chen Feng seemingly went mad. He kept attacking Huan Mie and Ye Luo. As a result, the power of the Heavenly Tribulation kept increasing.


Finally, Chen Feng’s body blew up into two. Just as the Ageless Blazelight was about to wipe him out, the tens of laws within him immediately fired out a high number of tendrils, which pulled his broken body together, fusing them back. The hundred plus laws became like threads to seal up the wounds on Chen Feng.

Soon enough, though, in the face of the grinding force of the Ageless Blazelight, Chen Feng’s body blew up again. Even the laws were neatly cut apart.

While Chen Feng was facing imminent death, Huan Mie and Ye Luo were also in danger of dying. Certainly, their situation was not as serious as Chen Feng’s situation, but they were also incapable of letting their guard down in the slightest. More, they also had to mobilize all their power to deal with the Ageless Blazelight.

“This kid has truly done a number on me this time. Even if I can deal with this crisis, it will likely end up damaging a portion of my essence. I will not be able to recover any time soon. I cannot return to the Celestial Longevity Plane until then.”

When compared to Huan Mie, Ye Luo was feeling incredibly vexed. He was only here for Magiris. Unexpectedly, he would end up getting pulled into this. In the beginning, he had looked down on Chen Feng. But when he found himself incapable of extricating himself, feelings of regret began growing within him.

For some cultivators, the feeling of regret was something that could affect their future path of cultivation. And so, Ye Luo swiftly recollected himself and focused instead on dealing with his current situation.

At that very moment, in a certain location separated from the three by many parallel spaces was a small, shabby-looking, nine-storey tower. It drifted slowly through the starry space and a youngster with a bright smile could be seen seated at the top of the tower.

Appearance wise, the youngster was just sitting there, but images could be seen flashing non-stop across the surface of his eyes. The images were of Chen Feng undergoing his tribulation.

This kid sure is progressing quickly. However, it would appear that he has gone overboard this time. If I don’t do anything, he will likely fail to overcome this tribulation. And even though it will not kill him, it will definitely destroy his body. Thankfully, I have already made preparations for this. Let’s help him out. The youngster then jabbed with a finger and a small stream of light pierced through the many layers of space to enter Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

What is this? Initially, Chen Feng was slightly shocked. But when the light within his sea of wisdom transformed into a stretch of characters, he became so delighted that he nearly blurted aloud.

The Demonic Heavengorging Art!

The one cultivation technique that Chen Feng desired the most was unquestionably the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Fusing this overbearing secret technique with the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and his Chaos Constitution would bring about an outrageous effect. Foundation wise, this fused product would surpass that of the two cultivation techniques. Be it in the Celestial Longevity Plane or the Demon Plane, no one would be able to surpass Chen Feng when it came to the dao of devouring.

Chen Feng had no time to wonder where this piece of the secret technique came from. His divine sense burned and his speed of thought and reaction rate became ten times faster. He did this in order to comprehend this secret technique as fast as possible.

Soon enough, Ye Luo and Huan Mie noticed that Chen Feng had stopped attacking them. In the beginning, they had assumed that Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding on anymore. But they were quick to realize that they were wrong.

The rate at which Chen Feng’s body was breaking apart slowed down. In the end, his rate of recovery managed to gain the upper hand instead. Once Chen Feng’s whole body had recovered, the vortexes appeared once more. The vortexes did not appear particularly different compared to the past. They were of the same size and even the rate at which they were spinning was the same. And yet, the devouring power coming out from them was significantly stronger.

This difference allowed Chen Feng to break and devour the surrounding Ageless Blazelight into his body. Finally, after successfully growing stronger from this calamity, Chen Feng succeeded in resolving the crisis. 

After having dealt with his own problems, Chen Feng boldly smashed Ye Luo away with a sword attack. Seeing Chen Feng take the initiative to attack him first nearly caused Ye Luo to puke out blood. That said, Chen Feng also sent a slash towards Huan Mie.

Chen Feng had wanted to continue attacking when three halos of Ageless Blazelight enveloped him again and again. This time, the Heavenly Tribulation did not attack Huan Mie and Ye Luo. Instead, all of them were focused on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, though, was not worried. The sword in his hand kept slashing about and it did not take long before he finished devouring all three halos of Ageless Blazelight.

Finally, Chen Feng succeeded in overcoming this wave. However, he was still feeling worried about the next wave. At any rate, the aura of the Heavenstealing Technique that he released was too strong.

Unexpectedly, the tribulations clouds then dispersed and grand dao laws descended to swiftly form a Heavenly law within his body, one that belonged entirely to him. Chen Feng knew then that his Heavenly Tribulation was over and he had already become a Heavenly Immortal.

Following the formation of this Heavenly law, Chen Feng felt his whole body transform at an accelerated rate, several times faster than before. Of his 108 True laws, 36 of them were able to swiftly transform into Heavenly laws. A vigorous aura of life emanated from his body and Chen Feng knew that his life span was rising. The level of his existence itself was also changing.

Now is not the time to be cultivating. Chen Feng’s gaze then swept around. To his surprise, Ye Luo and Huan Mie had disappeared.

Chen Feng then scoffed. He had already locked down their auras beforehand. By utilizing some secret techniques, he would be able to locate them.

Only, he did not have the time to deal with them at the moment. There was still a great deal of matters awaiting his attention. While he had advanced to the Heavenly Immortal stage, the number of issues that he had to deal with had seemingly increased.

Next up, Chen Feng spent some effort to find Magiris. When he heard that the two Gold Immortals had left, Magiris became shocked and delighted.

“Your combat power is already comparable to mine.” Magiris patted Chen Feng’s shoulder, both happy and envious. There was also a sense of admiration.

“It is only natural for my combat power to be better than yours.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Oh, then let’s put it to a test.”

“Forget it. Now is not the time to be talking about that. We’ll have time for that in the future. How many men can you mobilize? My Six Daos Alliance is still waiting for reinforcements,” Chen Feng said.

“Not many. That said, I cannot stay here anymore. There is no telling when those fellows will come after me again. I’ll just head to your place and lie low there,” Magiris said.

“That would be for the best.”

Magiris then went to gather up his men while Chen Feng secretly contacted Heng Ri. Heng Ri then quickly transformed into his human form to appear before Chen Feng.

One glance at him was enough for Chen Feng to tell that Heng Ri was wounded, but it was not too serious. Through the soul shackle, Chen Feng could see the previous battle between Heng Ri and the enemy cultivator. Only, Chen Feng had no time to go through that.

In the face of Chen Feng’s gaze, Heng Ri felt a suppressive feeling gripping his soul. Noticing that Chen Feng had reached the Heavenly Immortal stage, Heng Ri’s heart then lurched, becoming incomparably depressed.

Heng Ri had managed to obtain some harvest from the earlier battle, but it was clear that Chen Feng’s harvest was greater. Considering how it would take even longer for him to break free, Heng Ri then grew slightly dispirited. Chen Feng, though, said nothing about it. Next, Heng Ri swiftly returned to the Primordial Mountain Range. 

The force that Magiris gathered up surpassed Chen Feng’s expectations. It had several half-step Gold Immortals, several hundred Heavenly Immortals and over 10,000 True Immortals. There were also some Ascendant Immortals. One glance was all Chen Feng needed to know that they were from the Immortal Plane.

“Unexpectedly, you could develop your force so quickly,” Chen Feng said in surprise.

“The high-level powerhouses are cultivators I brought over from the Celestial Malla Plane. Unfortunately, my force suffered serious casualties due to this battle. At present, many of them are wounded. Their overall strength has fallen by 30%.” Magiris’ face was somewhat ugly to behold.

“Don’t worry. We will be sure to settle this score eventually,” Chen Feng comforted him.

As they had large flying warships, it did not take long before the Blackwater Alliance’s force arrived at the Six Daos Alliance’s territory. Observing the smoke and ruined grounds there, Chen Feng’s face turned slightly contorted. Seeing that, Magiris nearly burst into laughter.

“Looks like this place of yours is also not doing too well,” Magiris said.

“Nonsense! This time, the other party must have received the support of the Immortal Plane, Given the strength of those sects, they would not have the courage to attack my Six Daos Alliance otherwise,” Chen Feng said with a scornful smile.

“The East Extreme Immortal Palace?” Magiris guessed.

“There should be no mistake about it. I believe we will be able to confirm it soon enough.” Chen Feng nodded and his divine sense swept out. Quickly, a group of cultivators came. Following Chen Feng’s instructions, they then made some arrangements for Magiris’ group.

“Should I lead some men to attack?” Magiris suggested.

“Don’t rush it. Let’s wait until they are finished recovering.” After saying that, his divine sense spread out to quickly locate Tun Ri and the others. He saw that the group led by Tun Ri was currently besieged. Layer after layer of enemy cultivators surrounded them. Despite trying ceaselessly to charge out, they were simply incapable of breaking free.

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