Chapter 1200 Power of Primordial End


When compared to the two Gold Immortals, Chen Feng appeared to be somewhat worse off. Wounds and holes kept bursting out from his body. He was the only one who knew that his situation was gradually turning for the better. Outwardly, his injuries appeared grievous, but there was no danger of his flesh breaking apart. He had devoured over 70% of the power of primordial end. In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to devour the Profound Origin Blood. However, as there was a higher-levelled power of devastation, it was only natural for him to devour the higher-levelled one.

It's actually Profound Origin Blood! I wonder, can he withstand it? Magiris, who was still in the midst of jumping through space, could sense the energy fluctuations from the Heavenly Tribulation. He spent some time praying for Chen Feng’s sake before speeding up to quickly disappear from sight.

“This kid should be incapable of holding on for much longer. Even my ageless body has become damaged.”

“It shouldn’t take too long. He will surely be incapable of withstanding the devastating power of the primordial end. A pity. This is a genius of our Celestial Longevity Plane.”

“Ha ha ha! If he is a genius of your Celestial Longevity Plane, why are you still attacking him?”

“Enough. Aren’t you also attacking Magiris Blackwater? He is also a genius. Each of us simply has things that we require. That’s all. The Celestial Planes is so big, losing one or two geniuses is a normal thing.”

“Something doesn’t feel right. The Profound Origin Blood has been descending for quite some time now. And yet, this kid is still holding on.”

“Don’t be impatient. Just wait.”

Soon, though, the two Gold Immortals grew apprehensive. The momentum behind the Profound Origin Blood only became more ferocious and the power of primordial end contained within it increased by 10%. One moment’s carelessness would cause several bloody holes to appear on their bodies.

The two of them could no longer remain calm. Neither did they have the luxury to think of other matters. Should they fail to properly deal with the power of primordial end, it could inflict serious injuries upon them.

“Huh!” Chen Feng stood in the middle of all the Profound Origin Blood, letting his flesh crack and even fall off. Despite all that, he remained immobile, his face an impassive mask. It was as though it was not his body that was undergoing the scouring process. The suction force exerted by the massive vortex within him grew increasingly strong. Chen Feng had adapted well to this cultivation regiment. By successfully dealing with the power of primordial end, even if his flesh and blood were to completely break down, Chen Feng would still be able to swiftly recover.

First, True laws emerged like spiderwebs, intersecting one another within his body while roaring with might. Next were the Heavenly laws. Finally, the two Ageless laws emerged as well.

Most of these laws had been obtained through plunder. However, Chen Feng had spent a great deal of effort on them, using his soul flame to refine them a great number of times, so much so that they had become part of his strength.

Their emergence here was a deliberate action from Chen Feng. The scouring power of the Heavenly Tribulation would wash away the final vestiges of the former imprints placed upon them, allowing them to reach a perfectly harmonious state. 

Additionally, while undergoing this Heavenly Tribulation, the 108 True laws within his body were also gradually transforming into Heavenly laws. This was the most important mark during cultivation. The mark of power.

Maybe I should go further. Chen Feng’s mind raced and golden light suddenly flowed out from his two Ageless laws. As that was happening, Chen Feng felt the pain of having his strength and divine sense stripped away from him. Even though he had a highly tempered state of mind, this feeling caused him to howl in pain.

“Looks like the kid cannot hold on anymore.”

“Ha ha ha! It’s nearly over. We just have to hold on for a while longer.”

Noticing Chen Feng’s howl, the two Gold Immortals grew somewhat relieved.

Chen Feng had made a monumental decision, one that would seriously affect his future path of cultivation. He would melt down his two Ageless laws and fuse strands of their power into the Heavenly laws. This included the core Heavenly law that he was forming within himself.

Will doing this cause his strength to decline or rise? Chen Feng himself was uncertain. But the moment the thought flashed across his mind, he had decided to execute it. He showed zero hesitation at all.

It was a very painful process and strand after strand of golden light were continuously pulled out. This was the process of breaking down the Ageless laws. It was not something that could be accomplished quickly. It also meant that Chen Feng would have to endure this pain for a long time. In comparison, the fusing process greatly relieved Chen Feng. It was as though colour had been injected into his Heavenly laws, causing minute bits of golden light to emerge from them. Next, the golden light slowly spread out to fuse with every part of the Heavenly laws. And so, the colour of his Heavenly laws changed. Naturally, a complete fusion would take a very long time. For Chen Feng, however, seeing the beginning phase proceed smoothly, he chose not to worry about what will happen in the future.

More, he was even thinking about fusing the power of primordial end into them after he was done refining them. Of course, it was not something that he could do right now.

Upon entering a cultivation state, time would seemingly fly by quickly. Even though it was a painful process, with time, he became numb to it. 

Finally, the wave of Profound Origin Blood ended. It was the second wave of Chen Feng’s Heavenly Tribulation, one that exceeded his initial expectations.

Chen Feng’s body then shook violently and the wounds on his body disappeared in one breath’s time. Sensing for a moment, Chen Feng found his fleshly body to be in a very good state. The absorbed power of primordial end was stored inside an insight acupoint. Chen Feng, however, had no time to feel happy about it. In but two breaths’ worth of time, a formidable aura locked down on Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He knew that the third wave was about to descend. Judging from the intensity of the aura, this wave would likely be even stronger than the wave of Profound Origin Blood.

“What?! The wave of Profound Origin Blood is over, but this kid is still alright?” Ye Luo stared with widened eyes.

“This will be problematic.” Huan Mie became somewhat flustered as well. He was well aware of what he was doing here. Even if he were to succeed here, he would still have to face the threat of death in the future. But if Chen Feng were to succeed in advancing to the Heavenly Immortal stage, he would most certainly die in the future. 

“What do we do?”

“There are no other options. We’ll just have to pay the price and kill off this kid.”

“Do we attack now? We don’t know what kind of Heavenly Tribulation will come next.”

“It doesn’t matter what the next Heavenly Tribulation is. We still have to attack. We no longer have the option to retreat from this.”

“If so, let’s attack together. Kill off this kid in one fell swoop!”

After making up their minds, the two Gold Immortals did not hesitate to charge towards Chen Feng. In order to prevent the Heavenly dao from interfering, the two of them made use of some secret techniques to instantly appear before Chen Feng. Two palms pressed against Chen Feng’s body at the same time.

The burst of power from two Gold Immortals could even wound a Gold Immortal, if not downright kill them, let alone Chen Feng.

“Bring it on!”

Knowing that he would not be able to evade, Chen Feng ignored the two palms. Instead, he sent both his fists punching forward at the two of them.

One against two. This time, Chen Feng felt as though the attacks would blow him up.

But the very moment the three of them unleashed their powers, a clump of five-coloured light descended from the sky. The clump of light then transformed into a halo to envelop the three of them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Next, three booming sounds rang out. Huan Mie and Ye Luo coughed out blood, a large hole appearing on each of their chests. Additionally, due to the five-coloured light enveloping them, their wounds kept growing bigger.

Chen Feng was in an even worse state. The suit of armour he wore was completely shattered apart and every part of his fleshly body was torn to reveal the white bones beneath. Not a single spot had remained unscathed. Even his internal organs were left exposed.

Forcing himself to take several steps back, Chen Feng then fell heavily to the ground. He had taken considerably wounds from this. His flesh was utterly ripped away and many of his bones had fallen down. Even his internal organs were mostly damaged. And yet, Chen Feng forced out a faint smile.

Earlier, only part of the two Gold Immortals’ power had managed to reach Chen Feng before the Heavenly Tribulation abruptly descended to interrupt their attacks. However, as Chen Feng had also attacked, the Heavenly Tribulation also launched a serious attack against him. Thankfully, there was the suit of armour, formed using the fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding. If it weren’t for the armour, that attack could have destroyed his body. Even his soul would be terribly damaged. Rather, it was even possible for it to break apart his soul.

Chen Feng’s soul flame scattered down like starlight to envelop his whole body. Next, his body, which had practically fallen apart, began to recover at a gradual pace. At the same time, the power within his various insight acupoints surged out and the rate at which Chen Feng was recovering increased again.

After just a few breaths’ worth of time, Chen Feng was able to stand up again. As for the two Gold Immortals, they had also recovered. Only, there was a look of shock on their faces. They were shocked at Chen Feng’s strength and the five-coloured light that descended earlier.

“It’s Ageless Blazelight. More, it even contains the power of the Five Elemental Cycle.”

“If not for the Heavenly Tribulation’s intervention, that one attack would have been enough to kill off this kid.”

“Keep attacking!”

Tsk, tsk! Ageless Blazelight of the Five Elemental Cycle. As expected, it is even stronger compared to the Profound Origin Blood. Even an ageless body can be destroyed by this power. Chen Feng chuckled as he observed the two Gold Immortals who wanted to kill him. 

Sou! Sou!

Two clumps of five-coloured light then locked down on the two Gold Immortals. Five colours swirled as the five elements moved in a cycle and the resulting formidable power of devastation began to grind Huan Mie and Ye Luo.

Observing the blood scattering out from their bodies, Chen Feng could tell that the two of them were not doing too well.

Naturally, Chen Feng was not foolish enough to attack the two of them again. Doing so would only bring down an even stronger attack from the Heavenly Tribulation on himself. He instead seized every second to heal up his body. This wave of Ageless Blazelight will not be easy to deal with.

As predicted, Ageless Blazelight swiftly descended. A huge, five-coloured stream of light split into three streams and all three of them received equal treatment from the Heavenly Tribulation, which engulfed them all. The two Gold Immortals, though, were in a somewhat wretched state. They’d had to face two waves of Ageless Blazelight, which grinded them non-stop. Even with their ageless bodies, it gradually became unbearable. Only then did they give up on trying to kill Chen Feng. They turned their attention towards dealing with their present situation, pushing all other matters aside.

Enveloped by the Ageless Blazelight, Chen Feng brought out the Undying Heaven Sword and slashed without respite. However, the effects of his actions were negligible. Considering its name, Ageless Blazelight, it could not be so easily dispersed. The suit of armour that had yet to fully reform was once again shattered and Chen Feng’s flesh and blood, which he had only just restored, fell off once more.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique once again. This process was different from the previous one. Streams of power flowed as one small vortex after another appeared on the surface of Chen Feng’s body. The vortexes furiously devoured the light of devastation.

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