Chapter 120: Four Great Fiends


“Hey! 100,000 Basic Yang Pills is enough for us to risk it.”

“That is right! With those 100,000 Basic Yang Pills, I can buy a better flying sword.”

“I don’t need a flying sword. With those pills, I should be able to buy a cultivation method for insight acupoints. Right now, I need a cultivation method for level 5 of the Concealed stage.”

“I want to buy a better magic robe.”

“Sigh! Don’t be so optimistic about it. We should wait until we know what the task is. Besides, there is no telling if we can get selected for it.” The calm voice spoke up once more.

“Big Bro, don’t say such ominous words. Besides, considering our five-man team’s level of strength, we can be considered above average when compared to all the cultivators here. There will surely be a spot for us within the 100 recruits,” said the rough and brutish voice.

“Fine, fine! Don’t talk so much. We don’t want to disturb others,” said Big Bro.

As he was listening in on their conversation, Chen Feng had already secretly analysed their cultivation bases.

The strength of those five fellows is pretty good. That Big Bro is the strongest. He should be at level 5 of the Concealed stage. The other four are all at level 4. When you consider that, their line-up is superior to us. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Within Chen Feng’s group of three, Ye Ziming possessed the highest cultivation base at level 4 of the Concealed stage. Lu Ta was at level 3 of the Concealed stage while Chen Feng was at level 1. However, if they were to consider soul power, Chen Feng, who had already condensed out his Soulflame, was the strongest.

Chen Feng knew. Although the five cultivators possessed higher cultivation bases, they would be no match for his group. Lu Ta could easily defeat any one of the five cultivators.

Since condensing out his Soulflame, Chen Feng could feel his sense gradually growing stronger. At present, he was not only capable of determining their cultivation bases, he could also determine their level of strength. Although the five cultivators’ cultivation bases were high, their fleshly bodies and primary energies were no match against Ye Ziming and Lu Ta’s. Naturally, they were even worse off compared to Chen Feng, who had fused with a Prized artefact.

“Humph!” Suddenly, a harrumph rang out and a beam of light pierced through the restaurant’s layers of walls to stab at Lu Ta.

“Careful!” Ye Ziming called out as he rapidly stretched his hand out to grab the beam of light.

A glove appeared over Ye Ziming’s hand as he gripped a small flying sword. The flying sword was bluish-white in colour and it appeared as though there was water flowing across its surface. It brimmed with spiritual attribute.

“Grade 3 Magic artefact.” Chen Feng was able to determine the grade of the flying sword with just once glance.

“Where did you kids come from? You don’t know the heights of Heaven and the depths of the earth! You dare spy upon us?!” Four ferocious-looking and muscular men approached, sending thick killing intent towards Chen Feng’s group of three.

Earlier, when Lu Ta was using his divine sense to eavesdrop on them, he was discovered. Thus, they had attacked him with the flying sword.

“Fellows, although we were in the wrong, for you fellows to try and kill us on the spot, isn’t that going overboard?” said Ye Ziming with a sneer. The flying sword in his grip squirmed ceaselessly as it sent out sharp sword energy again and again. However, it was incapable of extricating itself from Ye Ziming’s grasp. The glove that Ye Ziming wore was a grade 6 Magic artefact.

“They are the Four Great Fiends of Plum City! How did those three newcomers end up offending them? Who doesn’t know that the Four Great Fiends of Plum City have committed innumerable murders? They are incredibly vicious. For them to not go trouble others is good enough as it is. Now, those fellows actually went and offended them.”

“Those three fellows are not to be underestimated either. See how that youngster used just one hand to grab their flying sword?”

The other diners secretly discussed amongst themselves. Naturally, they were discussing in hushed tones as they were not brave enough to openly offend those four fellows.

One of the four fiends saw that Ye Ziming was grabbing his flying sword and his face turned grim. Next, he spurred his magic power to summon his flying sword back.


The flying sword in Ye Ziming’s hand suddenly erupted with a dazzling light. It was as though the sun was about to explode. However, no matter how much magic power the fiend channelled, his flying sword was incapable of escaping Ye Ziming’s grasp. As for Ye Ziming, he chuckled before revealing a sneer. His hand, which was gripping the flying sword, did not budge at all.

“Kid! Are you not going to let go?!” Another one of the four fiends attacked. He stretched his hand out to jab a finger in Ye Ziming’s direction and a chilling luminescence shot forward, aimed right at Ye Ziming’s forehead.


The chilling luminescence pierced right through Ye Ziming’s head before penetrating the wall behind him, making its way into the outside street.


A scream rang out from the street. Apparently, someone there was hit by the attack.

Unexpectedly, Ye Ziming remained unscathed. He stood there and calmly regarded the Four Great Fiends.

“That is quite the vicious move there. Originally, I did not want to tangle with you fellows. However, since you fellows want to kill me, don’t blame me for being rude,” said Ye Ziming with a sneer. Next, he tightened his grip and cracks slowly spread out across the surface of the small flying sword in his hand. Finally, it exploded and streams of light poured down from Ye Ziming’s fist before dissipating away.


As the flying sword had been cultivated by the fiend’s mind, the two were connected. Thus, the fiend immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face instantly turned pale.


Ye Ziming loosened his grip and pieces of scrap iron fell upon the floor. They were none other than the remains of the flying sword.

The effects of the Scarlet Blood Pills are truly tyrannical. It has only been a while since I took them, but my fleshly body has already improved by one whole level. Ye Ziming felt secretly overjoyed.

“That fellow is very powerful! He could actually crush a flying sword with his grip alone. Judging by the beautiful shape of the flying sword, it should at least be a grade 3 Magic artefact.”

“He heh! The Four Great Fiends have kicked the iron plate today. We’ve got a good show lined up, boys!”

Seeing a dispute arising, the other cultivators within the restaurant gathered over. They were all there to watch the show, eager to see the two sides enter a fight while they cheer on from the sides.

“Courting death! Attack!” The Four Great Fiends grew enraged. The four fiends had usually been the ones to bully others. When have they ever suffered so badly before? Additionally, with so many spectators around, not attacking would be bad for their reputation. How could they continue on in the cultivation world then?

“Inescapable rampage!”

“Devour Heaven and blot the sun!”


The injured fiend did not attack while the other three launched their attacks simultaneously. Their attacks were incomparably violent and tyrannical and the entire restaurant shuddered as a result. The three fiends had not utilized their flying swords. Instead, black energy waves radiated out from their bodies as they sent three large fists towards Ye Ziming. The sight shocked all present. Surprisingly, it was an extremely powerful offensive-type magic.

“It is the Godfist of the Overlord!” exclaimed one of the spectators.

Hearing that, Chen Feng considered the technique. The Godfist of the Overlord was quite the powerful magic technique for Concealed stage cultivators. While the specifics of its origin were unknown, it can be found within many sects. By spending some money, it was possible to purchase this technique from some trade associations. Still, despite its acceptable grade, it was not a rare technique.

Still, these fellows’ level of strength is quite good. Despite feeling the monstrously formidable energy coming off the opponents, Chen Feng did not take any actions. He knew that Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were strong enough to handle them.

“Ha ha ha ha! You fellows have Godfist of the Overlord? Behold my Godfist of the Hegemonic Sky!” Ye Ziming laughed aloud as he took the attacks head on by unleashing three punches with lightning-like speed. With every punch, the surface of his glove would gleam. Although the atmosphere he unleashed was not as strong as the three fiends, each of his attacks was more concentrated in terms of power.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three booming sounds rang out as the energy fists the fiends sent out were shattered by Ye Ziming.


A crashing sound rang out as their table blew up and thick wood chips shot out all around them, causing the spectators to dodge.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the chaos, four staff silhouettes abruptly smashed their way forward and the four fiends, even the one who had not attacked, released a grunt before tumbling backwards. Lu Ta had used the opportunity to attack them. He had attacked them when they were exhausted, quite the vicious move.

Lu Ta instantly struck them down with his attacks. Regarding the four sprawling fiends, Lu Ta laughed out. As he was just about to move forward and attack again, the four fiends roared out in fury and unleashed a potent energy blast to break apart the floor and walls of the restaurant. Next, the four of them turned around, smashed their way through the remains of the wall and fled.

“Forget it. Don’t give chase,” seeing Lu Ta wanting to go after them, Ye Ziming quickly said.

“They should consider themselves lucky. If I ever see them again, I will give them a good beating!” Lu Ta spat out.

“I believe you will have that chance later,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

The four of them had come to Scarlet Yang City at this time. They were most likely here for the task. Thus, there was no need to worry about not getting the chance to meet them again. And when they do meet, Chen Feng’s group can just beat them up again.

“Those two are so powerful! They could beat off even the Four Great Fiends! What are their backgrounds?” exclaimed one of the spectators.

“Every one of the Four Great Fiends is a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator. They had once joined forces to kill off a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator. Could all three of them be level 5 Concealed stage cultivators?”

“It seems they are also here for the task. How unexpected! The competition for this time’s task is so fierce!”

“Yes. 100,000 Basic Yang Pills is very attractive.”

Seeing the dispute end, the spectators dispersed while discussing amongst themselves. After the fight, Chen Feng noticed that many of the people there were sending glances their way. Some contained hostility.

However, most of their gazes were focused on inspecting Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. As for Chen Feng, his cultivation base at level 1 of the Concealed stage was insufficient to attract the attention of others.

“Let’s go. Waiter, we will cover the losses here,” said Ye Ziming generously.

“How disappointing! We can’t even eat a meal peacefully,” muttered Lu Ta.

After the three of them exited the restaurant, they found the nearest trade association. Once they mentioned the task, someone quickly stepped forward to entertain them.

“Fellows, please be seated.” A white-haired, genial-looking old man came out to receive them.

Unexpectedly, the old man was at level 5 of the Concealed stage.

I wonder. Is this fellow a member of this trade association or someone dispatched by the mysterious woman? Chen Feng pondered.

“May I have your esteemed names?” the old man asked with a smile after serving them tea.

“Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta,” replied Ye Ziming calmly.

“These are some of the requirements for this task. You fellows may check them out.” After saying that, the old man retrieved a one-chi square-shaped piece of paper and handed it to them (1 chi = 0.333 m).

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