Chapter 1199 Undergoing Tribulation Together


“Let’s give it a shot.” Chen Feng chuckled. His actions of linking up with the Heavenly dao had proceeded smoothly. Additionally, he had also deliberately revealed his Heavenstealing Technique to it, putting his previous actions of plundering the Heavenly Plot on display.

Sensing this provocative action from Chen Feng, the Heavenly dao created an even stronger Heavenly Tribulation. A perfunctory assessment of this Heavenly Tribulation gave Chen Feng an intense feeling of danger. He’d had to face many tribulations before, but this one will likely be the hardest ever.

This tribulation, for Chen Feng to advance to the Heavenly Immortal stage, was already a great hurdle to begin with. The attempt to perceive the Heavenly dao to become a Heavenly Immortal would bring about the Heavenly Tribulation’s power of devastation. Countless cultivators had died while attempting to make it pass this hurdle. Upon success, the cultivators’ True grand dao will advance to the Heavenly grand dao. Even the True laws that the cultivators cultivated would transform into Heavenly laws. Their life span would extend further to reach a hundred million years. Gradually, their cultivation would reach the realm of agelessness, stepping into the undying stage.

Due to that, this tribulation would usually be several times harder compared to the previous one. But Chen Feng chose to provoke the Heavenly dao further. Due to that, Chen Feng himself could not tell just how strong this Heavenly Tribulation will be. Naturally, according to Chen Feng’s plan, the stronger this Heavenly Tribulation was, the better it would be. 

In the beginning, Ye Luo and Huan Mie were feeling shocked and uncertain. After that, though, they laughed. They did not view Chen Feng’s Heavenly Tribulation as a threat at all.

“We can just stay here and watch as he undergoes his tribulation,” Ye Luo said, smiling.

“No! Even when he is not at the Heavenly Immortal stage, he could already put up such a fight against us. Can you imagine how strong he’ll become if he advances to the Heavenly Immortal stage? The Chaos Constitution is different from the average Heaven-defying races,” Huan Mie said.

“Makes sense. If so, let’s take action right away,” Ye Luo said, his fingers moving slightly to send a small Dark Malla Dimension forward to envelop Chen Feng.

However, before the minor dimension could approach Chen Feng, a lightning bolt shot out from the tribulation clouds to shatter it apart.

“Eh, something is wrong!” Ye Luo was somewhat taken aback.

“Let me try.”

Light shot out from Huan Mie’s finger. While it appeared simple, it contained a formidable power of life and death. Even a Gold Immortal would not have the courage to take it head on. In the end, however, the same thing happened. The Heavenly Tribulation intercepted it.

Additionally, their actions ended up angering the Heavenly dao and two lightning attacks surged towards Huan Mie and Ye Luo.

Pa! Pa!

The two of them attacked to smash the lightning attacks, but their brows jumped from the exchange.

“It’s useful!” Magiris felt delighted. After that, though, he said, “Wait, if they choose not to attack and just wait for your tribulation to finish, we will still be incapable of running away. Also, given how close I am to you right now, will I be in danger?”

“Enough with your nonsense. Just stay right there.” Chen Feng shook his head. Two streams of golden light within his hand flew into a mysterious passageway to disappear into the depths of the void. 

“Those are their auras!” Magiris could not stop himself from blurting out. At the same time, he understood what Chen Feng was doing.

“That’s right. Their auras have fused with mine and the Heavenly dao has locked down on them as well. When I start undergoing my tribulation, the Heavenly dao will be sure to take good care of them,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“A good move. How unexpected, after so many years, you’ve become even more insidious,” Magiris praised.

“Only, by doing so, the strength of this Heavenly Tribulation will rise to a terrifying level. I myself cannot tell just how strong it will be. Perhaps, it can even seriously wound Gold Immortals,” Chen Feng continued.

Magiris became worried. “In other words, it will be very dangerous for you?”

“Not very dangerous, extremely dangerous.” Chen Feng nodded.

“If so, I’ll have to move farther away.”

“Up to you.”

The prelude for the Heavenly Tribulation was a massive meteor. For most cultivators, this meteor could not actually be considered that big. Only, black flames of devastation were raging across the surface of the meteor. Add the speed of its descent into the equation, there was no question in their minds that this meteor could easily create a gigantic crater on the ground.

Its target, Chen Feng.

“A strange Heavenly Tribulation.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Careful, this meteor contains the laws of devastation!” Magiris had already moved away and he warned Chen Feng from afar.

“No need for you to tell me that.” Chen Feng stretched his hand and his palm rapidly grew in size to slow down the rapidly descending meteor. 


A formidable force spread out from beneath Chen Feng’s feet, causing the lands to crack and rise. Like ripples, they spread outwards.

What a formidable force! Chen Feng was surprised as well. The power of devastation within the meteor was even stronger than he had imagined.

Sou! Sou!

What happened next made Chen Feng feel relieved. Magiris also revealed a look of delight. Two other meteors appeared, smashing their way towards Ye Luo and Huan Mie respectively.

More, the size of the two meteors was even bigger compared to the previous one.

“Not good! We fell for his tricks!”

“This brat fused our auras with his. Now the Heavenly dao has locked down our positions as well!”

“That’s not the important issue here. Why is his Heavenly Tribulation so strong?”

And so, meteors wrapped in flames of varying colours kept descending from the tribulation clouds. The Heavenly dao was an impartial existence. Due to that, all three of them received the equal amount of attention from the Heavenly dao.

Every one of the meteors contained the laws of devastation and they swept through the entire sky without respite. It was as though a devastating river of stars had fallen down.

Magiris, Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons and the other cultivators had long since fled the scene. Given how strong this Heavenly Tribulation was, should they end up getting targeted, they would either die or be grievously wounded.

Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons had sustained serious injuries from the earlier battle and a good number of half-step Gold Immortals had died to Chen Feng as well. Even so, there were still too many enemy cultivators left. It did not take long before several of the half-step Gold Immortals there attacked Magiris.

This time, Magiris chose not to take them head on. Instead, light flowed out from his eyes to quickly form a vortex. Stepping into the vortex, Magiris then jumped through space.

“After him!”

Those who still had the strength to fight went after Magiris. As for Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons and the others, they found a safe spot to heal their wounds. With two Gold Immortals taking the centre stage, they will have to back away.

Even so, Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ chest was heaving up and down. His infamous name had been around for a long time now. Unexpectedly, he would end up suffering in the hands of two little fellows. Should they fail to finish off these two kids here, he will likely end up dying to them in the future.

“The Magic Eyes and Chaos Constitution. Humph!” Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons harrumphed. He himself was uncertain what was on his mind.

The descent of the meteors of devastation finally came to an end. Chen Feng, who had been keeping count, counted 300 meteors on his side. All 300 had descended consecutively. Since there were three of them, that meant a total of 900 meteors.

Observing the ground from the sky, one would see gigantic craters on a large stretch of the ground, spanning up to a radius of 5,000 kilometres. It was as though a meteor shower had just fallen down on this area. There were, however, two gullies, created through a series of craters, extending far into the distance. 

“Damn it! I failed to shake off the Heavenly dao’s targeting power.”

“This kid stole out auras and utilized the Longevity Scripture for this. As long as he lives, the Heavenly Tribulation will not end and we will not be able to shake it off.”

“Are we supposed to just continue enduring?”

“What are you afraid of? Longevity Celestial is not even a Heavenly Immortal. Can he be compared to us? The way I see it, it will not take long before he dies to this Heavenly Tribulation.”

“Why would I be afraid? This just feels embarrassing.”

“Not just embarrassing. We even look a little wretched. The wave of meteors of devastation is over. I wonder what’s next?”

Like a Heavenly river, a scarlet-red stream of water descended before splitting into three streams, each going after one of them.

“It’s Profound Origin Blood! Additionally, it’s scarlet-red in colour! The power of devastation within it can scour away the flesh. It can even blow away the soul. This is a Heavenly Tribulation that one would only encounter when advancing to the Gold Immortal stage!”

“A defiance of Heaven! This kid is a defiance of Heaven! No matter what the price may be, we have to kill him off! If we do not, we will not have a good future.”

“This is not the time to be talking about that. Let’s deal with this matter first. I sense some other powers of devastation within these Profound Origin Blood.”

Almost simultaneously, all three were drowned by the Profound Origin Blood. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his body trembling. If felt as though his flesh and blood were being pulled apart. At the same time, even the soul power within his sea of wisdom was affected. If it weren’t for the fact that his soul flame had reached the Gold Immortal stage, just one scouring would have caused his sea of wisdom to collapse.

Naturally, Chen Feng was not having an easy time. He had to push out all his strength to endure it. This wave of attack was far too strong when compared to the previous wave of meteors of devastation.

“I feel it now! There is also the power of primordial end within it! This is bad. As I recall, even when advancing to the Gold Immortal stage, this kind of power will not descend.” 

“I did encounter some back when I was undergoing my tribulation, but the amount I encountered was not this high.”

“The power of primordial end. We are Gold Immortals. We will be able to endure this. More, we can also comprehend the power of laws within. Who knows? This might be a chance for us. A pity, the kid will not be able to endure this.”

Ye Luo and Huan Mie were both Gold Immortals, with bodies that were somewhat ageless. Even so, in the face of the Profound Origin Blood’s assault, their souls loosened and their flesh became unstable.

Naturally, Chen Feng himself was not having a good time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was the most difficult tribulation that Chen Feng’d had to face. The attack of the Profound Origin Blood was very special. The suit of armour Chen Feng wore was useless against it. This power of devastation could ignore everything to scour Chen Feng’s flesh and soul non-stop. 

This power feels a little peculiar. Could it be the power of primordial end? Chen Feng finally noticed strands of peculiar yet formidable power within. Quickly, he thought back to the name and effect of this power.

Due to that, Chen Feng’s expression became somewhat ugly to behold. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he would have a very hard time enduring this high-level power born from the primordial chaos.

Seeing his flesh on the verge of breaking apart, Chen Feng gritted his teeth and a massive vortex appeared within his body. It began catching the strands of power of primordial end within the Profound Origin Blood. During this critical juncture, Chen Feng went all out, using the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art to devour the power of devastation within.

He had no other options, after all.


A stream of blood gushed out from Chen Feng’s mouth and several holes appeared on his body. Still, more blood, with power mixed within them, flowed out from the holes. It was quite the ghastly sight to behold. Chen Feng, on the other hand, revealed a smile.

Although he was badly wounded as a result, this move was effective. He had managed to refine a portion of the power of primordial end that the vortex devoured. While he was incapable of immediately absorbing this power, he could store them, helping him deal with his present crisis for now.


1 li = 0.5 km

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