Chapter 1198 Fighting Against Gold Immortals


Huan Mie, born in the Tower Corps, was someone with imperial blood. It had been tens of millions of years since he reached the Gold Immortal stage. He cultivated the grand dao of life and death. And although his cultivation talent was quite good, he would usually keep a low profile. In addition to cultivating himself, he would also go out on adventures. He had even participated in some wars against foreign forces before. He was someone who would usually not attract much attention, but his combat power was very high. 

The grand dao of life and death. The two daos had a high ranking amongst the many Heavenly dao laws. For him to be able to cultivate up to the Ageless Gold Immortal stage meant that he had truly grasped life and death. It was at a level where he could bring enlightenment towards life and death. 

“Genetic Deterrence!”

With a thought from Chen Feng, a drop of his blood essence – deep inside his body – burned and the power of his genes surged out to create a coercive atmosphere. At the same time, it gradually stabilized his churning essence, energy and soul power.

“It’s useless! Your genes may be more noble than mine, but your level is too low. It cannot affect me at all,” Huan Mie said with a derisive smile.

“Really? I don’t think so,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Next, a book – wrapped in faint cyan light – floated out to slowly spin on top of Chen Feng’s palm.

“The Longevity Scripture!”

A fiery light burst out from Huan Mie’s eyes, but a stream of light suddenly shot out from the book to enter his body. Even though he was a Gold Immortal, he was still incapable of stopping the stream of light. To his surprise, his strength became suppressed, falling by 20% before coming to a halt.

Damn it! I can only suppress it by 20%. If the Longevity Tower is here, I should be able to suppress another 20%. Chen Feng then waved his hand and the Longevity Scripture flew back into his sea of wisdom. Chen Feng then straightened himself and a Longevity Sword flew out to merge with the Undying Heaven Sword. Following that, his will to fight soared and he attacked Huan Mie.

“The Longevity Scripture is unquestionably the real deal!” Huan Mie felt as though his heart was about to burst. He was not feeling concerned at having his strength suppressed. In his opinion, just 10% of his power was enough to deal with Chen Feng.

Upon clashing against Chen Feng, however, Huan Mie then realized that he was mistaken.


The aura of oppression behind every one of Chen Feng’s attacks would bring down a small amount of oppression upon his soul. While it was very weak, it could snowball into something unbearable.

Their two swords collided and threads formed using the laws of life and death rapidly swirled towards Chen Feng, but Chen Feng swiftly fired out beams of Longevity sword energy to cut them all down. The Longevity sword energy that Chen Feng fired out was very strange. It actually contained ageless power.

“The Undying Heaven Sword! How did this Divine sword end up in your hands?” Huan Mie was surprised again.

“Do Gold Immortals like to spout so much nonsense?” Chen Feng responded with a scornful smile and the Longevity Wings on his back promptly elongated. Then, like a canopy, it swept forward to attack Huan Mie, enveloping the sky as it did.

Feeling looked down on, Huan Mie’s face turned livid. He swung the sword in his hand and the sword beam he fired out – fused with the laws of life and death – easily ripped apart Chen Feng’s Longevity Wings. He followed it up with a sword thrust and Chen Feng felt as though his soul was on the verge of being cleaved apart. Due to that, he rapidly backed away. As he was backing away, he swiftly threw out several small-sized iron balls.

“What is this?”

Huan Mie was somewhat taken aback. He had assumed that those were balls of divine lightning or something similar. Unexpectedly, chains with seemingly no end to them emerged from the iron balls to fly around in every direction. The high number of chains intertwined one another as they blocked Huan Mie’s vision. 

“The Longevity Chains!” Huan Mie’s eyes flashed with light and he slashed with his sword. Streams of sword energy swept forward wildly and the chains were all shattered apart.

But the shattered fragments seemingly became alive. Transforming into mysterious runes, they became like butterflies, dancing beautifully towards Huan Mie.

“Those are no ordinary Longevity Chains. Although they cannot do anything to you, holding you back for a moment should not be an issue.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from some unknown location.


Huan Mie’s eyes flashed with light and the power of life and death surged out to melt away the runes before him. This time, the attacks could no longer reform themselves.

Huan Mie took a step forward, heading towards a certain place. Given his strength of a Gold Immortal, locking down Chen Feng’s position was still a very simple matter for him. Soon, however, Huan Mie felt himself entering a certain space with layer after layer of seals around it. Waiting for him inside this space was a vast amount of hex power.

“Longevity Dimension Technique!”

“These things cannot hold me.” With a wave of his hand, Huan Mie broke the dimension. As for the hex power, all of them melted down in the face of his gaze.

This time, Chen Feng did not reply. It would appear that he had fled.

When compared to how well Chen Feng was seemingly doing, Magiris was in an unfavourable spot. Not long after his fight with Ye Luo began, he became badly wounded. That said, his will to fight remained strong, not showing any signs of giving up. Despite being in a disadvantageous position, he continued to face his opponent calmly. 

As the Gold Immortals had chosen to take action, it was only natural that the others would not interfere. Even Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons was only watching the fight from the side. Suddenly, Chen Feng appeared there to attack and wound several cultivators and not even Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons could stop Chen Feng from joining up with Magiris.

This fellow! What is Huan Mie doing? Seeing Chen Feng appear there, Ye Luo was taken aback. Next, he waved his hand and a stretch of dark light swept forward like a canopy to envelop Chen Feng.

Chi! Chi!

Sword light intersected one another and Chen Feng charged out. Chen Feng’s arrival caused Magiris’ combat power to surge higher. Working together, they besieged Ye Luo to turn the situation around.

Alone, both Chen Feng and Magiris would be in a disadvantageous position when facing a Gold Immortal. But by working together, they were able to gain the upper hand. Witnessing this astounded the onlookers.

Ye Luo’s face turned somewhat dark. Both his hands moved, forming hand seals. Next, Chen Feng and Magiris felt their surroundings turn black. Additionally, they could also feel a terrifying suction force pulling their souls.

“Careful, it’s the Dark Malla Dimension!” Magiris sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

“I know.” A ball of flames erupted to tear the surrounding darkness. After that, Chen Feng waved his hand to send out several small iron balls again. This time, they failed to do anything. Ye Luo had responded by waving his hand to create a minor dimension to seal the iron balls inside it.

Chen Feng, though, had already expected this. The Soul Demise Bow appeared in his hand and a drop of gem-like blood rapidly melted to form a flaming, fiery-red arrow. With a twang, the arrow then transformed into a beam of red light, tearing through the darkness to arrive before Ye Luo in an instant.

“Not good!”

Ye Luo had actually sensed danger from this. He jabbed forward with a finger and a shield appeared before him.


The arrow struck the shield, bursting into radiant flames which utterly melted away the surrounding darkness. And so, the Dark Malla Dimension that Ye Luo set up was utterly shattered.

Even the shield that Ye Luo brought out was shattered, a drop of blood trickling down the tip of his finger.

The moment Chen Feng fired the arrow, another drop of blood melted to form another arrow. Shooting two such arrows so quickly caused Chen Feng’s heart to palpitate intensely from the pressure, seemingly on the verge of bursting apart.


This time, Chen Feng did not attack Ye Luo. Instead, he fired the arrow at Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons.


Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons was thus nailed to the ground by the arrow.


A third arrow flew out to instantly rip apart a half-step Gold Immortal.

The fourth arrow.

The fifth arrow.

Two more half-step Gold Immortals were killed.


Chen Feng bellowed, the skin and flesh on both his arms bursting outwards as streams of power gushed out in a chaotic manner from within.

The sixth arrow killed off yet another half-step Gold Immortal.

The seventh arrow shot towards Ye Luo, who managed to block it. However, the power behind the arrow forced him back.

The eighth arrow shot towards Huan Mie, who had only just extricated himself. Huan Mie was quite unfortunate. He had only just broken out from the obstructions that Chen8 set up earlier when the arrow pierced through his arm.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Both of Chen Feng’s arms and shoulders blew up, nearly ripping apart his upper body. He had used eight drops of essence blood from a Gold Immortal in quick succession just now. And while he managed to inflict a great deal of damage upon the other party, he had pushed himself to his limits with this move. One more arrow and his whole body would likely break apart.

“You went way overboard. Still, it sure is enjoyable to watch,” Magiris said with a note of concern as he placed himself beside Chen Feng.

“A pity. These two Gold Immortals are too strong. Looks like we’ll be incapable of running away.” Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. Longevity energy surged out from within him and his damaged body rapidly repaired itself.

But before Chen Feng could fully recover, Ye Luo and Huan Mie stepped forward to surround the two of them.

“As a Gold Immortal, I truly admire the two of you. Should you be allowed to grow, there will be no way for the two of us to survive. That’s why you two must die,” said Huan Mie. His destroyed arm had fully recovered.

“Dead geniuses are not geniuses.” Ye Luo nodded as well. Back then, the two of them had been somewhat careless. Additionally, Chen Feng and Magiris’ use of secret techniques allowed them to unleash great powers that left them with no ability to counter attack. This time, they decided to go all out. And so, there was no longer any way for Chen Feng and Magiris to play any tricks on them.

“Actually, I still have a secret technique I can use. It should be able to help us get out from this predicament,” Magiris suddenly said with a smile.

Hearing that, both Ye Luo and Huan Mie’s eyes shone with light and their steps faltered.

“Well, use it,” Chen Feng said.

“The price is a little high,” Magiris said, a bitter smile on his face.

“Will you die?”

“It’s possible.”

“Forget it, then. I’ll do it.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“You have a way?” Magiris felt surprised.

“I do have some. Only, I’m not sure how effective it will be.” Chen Feng revealed a wry smile as well.

“How high is the price?”

“Not high.”

“Do it, then.”


Next, every single one there sensed the advent of Heavenly might. Tribulation clouds rapidly gathered to envelop the skies above. Lightning bolts surged in and out of sight while laws intertwined one another within. Rather, it looked as though there were wyrms raging about within the clouds.

“Heavenly Tribulation!” Magiris cast a look of shock at Chen Feng.

“Yes.” Chen Feng exhaled and his aura moved to ceaselessly sense and link up with the Heavenly dao.

“This, will this work?” Magiris mumbled. Many had used this move before to great effect. Only, their opponents this time were Gold Immortals who had cultivated out Ageless laws, laws superior to the myriad laws. They were practically undying existences. Could this Heavenly Tribulation work?

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