Chapter 1197 Gold Immortal! Gold Immortal!


This fellow!

Sensing Magiris’ aura rising severalfold did not surprise Chen Feng at all. In his opinion, while Magiris’ cultivation talent was not as good as a bearer of the Chaos Constitution like him, it was enough to make him a top-ranking genius amongst the Heaven-defying races. With the resources provided by the Blackwater Tribe, he was able to – in a million years’ time – reach the half-step Gold Immortal stage. If one were to inform Chen Feng that Magiris’ combat power was not better than him, Chen Feng would find it hard to believe.

Even so, Chen Feng decided to take action as well. This wave of enemy attack was strong enough that even a Gold Immortal would have to exercise caution in facing it.

“Fight!” Wielding his Illusory Demon Edge, Magiris had been about to unleash his strongest attack when he suddenly felt his body getting pulled. Next, he, together with Chen Feng, moved backwards.

“What are you doing? You’re not thinking about running away, are you?” Magiris did not unleash the power that he had been gathering. Due to that, it felt most unbearable.

“Of course,” Chen Feng said, releasing his grip on Magiris.

A mountainous wyrm suddenly appeared before the two of them. Its body curled around Chen Feng and Magiris, blocking all the attacks aimed at them.

“This is!” Magiris was surprised.

“My reinforcements,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“This is a Gold Immortal!” There was a look of delight in Magiris’ eyes. They might be able to turn the situation around.

“Of course it’s a Gold Immortal.”

Chen Feng had already summoned Heng Ri earlier with his soul. But even though Heng Ri agreed to come over, he attempted to avoid having to help out by deliberately moving slowly. And so, Chen Feng utilized the soul shackle to forcibly teleport Heng Ri over and have him take on this wave of attacks for him.

All the attacks from the enemy side fell upon this variant wyrm’s body. Secret soul attacks, magic attacks, power of law, killing arrays and Divine artifacts. The other party had mobilized all of it for this attack. If Chen Feng and Magiris had taken this wave of attacks head on, even if they managed to survive, they would still end up badly wounded.

Heng Ri, however, was different. He was a unique extra-terrestrial creature, with a fleshly body that was monstrously strong. More, he was also a Gold Immortal. And so, his appearance helped deal with the troubles that Chen Feng was facing.

Naturally, there was no way he could remain unscathed. Due to the attacks, several wounds appeared on Heng Ri’s body and he roared, sending a shockwave out. Two cultivators failed to evade in time and were instantly wiped out from existence.

Heng Ri’s massive body abruptly unfurled and his tail swiped out lightly to kill off two more enemy cultivators.

Chen Feng’s actions of forcibly summoning him over enraged Heng Ri to the max, but he dared not direct his displeasure at Chen Feng. And so, the enemy cultivators were in for a very bad time. In the face of this monstrously formidable variant wyrm, these half-step Gold Immortals became ant-like existences.

Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ eyes flashed with light as he started utilizing his poisonous art. Suddenly, however, Heng Ri’s gaze swept over and Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons felt the surrounding temperature rising sharply. It felt as though he had fallen into the heart of a star. Even the power within him had begun burning.

Oh, no!

Only then did Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons realize how strong his opponent was. Feeling terribly shocked, he hastily utilized another secret technique to escape.


A great golden palm appeared again. With a grasping motion, it caused the laws of space-time to surge forward, putting Heng Ri into a separate space.

But with a few lashes from Heng Ri, the space around him broke apart. Next, a blazing sun shot through space to attack the great golden palm.

The great golden palm responded by leaving the after-images of several more great palms – shining with golden light – in space before turning into a fist. Punching forward, it shattered the blazing sun, causing motes of star power to fall down. As a result, deep holes – with no end in sight – were created upon the grounds. In the face of the Gold Immortals’ power, the lands of the Immortal Plane became so very fragile.

“The Divine Origin Palm! I wonder, is it an envoy from the Immortal Court or the Immortal Palace?” Magiris uttered in surprise.

“Now that it’s come to this, why waste time thinking about that? Just take care of yourself first,” said Chen Feng, who brought out the Soul Demise Bow again. He fired out three arrows in a row to kill off three more enemy cultivators.

“Chance!” The power that Magiris had gathered earlier finally burst forward. Its target, Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons. Upon contact, Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons was forced to back away.

The Immortal Court dispatched a Gold Immortal against me. I will remember this! Chen Feng was inwardly sneering. After instructing Heng Ri to hold the enemy Gold Immortal back, Chen Feng flew, using the speed afforded by the Longevity Wings to pull away from the enemy cultivators. He then fired out another six arrows in quick succession. Every one of the arrows shot into one of the six teams of Heavenly Immortals. 

By fighting together, these Heavenly Immortals had the strength to take on Chen Feng. But Chen Feng’s speed was far too great for them. The arrows he fired out pierced through the teams of Heavenly Immortals. And while the attacks failed to disperse the teams, every arrow managed to kill off several Heavenly Immortals. With six teams, that meant tens of Heavenly Immortals were killed by that attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng desperately pushed forth all his power for this and there were seemingly no pauses between the arrows he fired out. Several half-step Gold Immortals had wanted to rush forward and besiege Chen Feng only to be forced back. In the end, the six teams of Heavenly Immortals were broken apart. More than 100 of their men had died to the attacks from the Soul Demise Bow.

In the face of Chen Feng’s overbearing attacks, the Heavenly Immortals had to move far away before they could regroup. They planned on attacking Chen Feng from afar, but Chen Feng’s Longevity Wings Technique was simply too much of a defiance of Heaven. Even a Gold Immortal would need some time to lock down Chen Feng’s position.


Finally, Magiris’ attack left Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons wounded. Chen Feng made use of the opportunity to fire an arrow, which pierced Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ body. In doing so, however, Chen Feng was finally surrounded by several half-step Gold Immortals. The Longevity Wings flapped vigorously but Chen Feng failed to break free. Next, three consecutive attacks landed on Chen Feng’s body to leave cracks on his suit of armour. Various types of power attempted to invade Chen Feng’s body only to be swiftly dispelled by Chen Feng.

Heng Ri and the enemy Gold Immortal who continued to hide himself had gone to another place for their fight. Meanwhile, Chen Feng and Magiris put on a display of might as they rampaged about. And yet, the two of them knew that whether or not they could escape was still up in the air.


A staff containing the grand dao of earth smashed Chen Feng’s body, causing his internal organs to roil. Knowing that Chen Feng’s defensive power was high, the enemy cultivators chose to utilize brute force in their attacks against Chen Feng. Sword beams were incapable of breaking through Chen Feng’s armour, but this type of attack – ones that focused on brute force – gradually became harder and harder to endure for Chen Feng.

At the same time, though, the Divine Sun Needle flew out from Chen Feng’s eyes to leave a bloody hole on one of the enemy cultivators.


Likewise, Magiris’ eye fired out the small black sword. It would appear that he wanted to make use of this opening to kill off Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons.

At that very instant, the badly wounded Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons suddenly laughed, seemingly unconcerned about Magiris’ attack at all.

Noticing the peculiar smile on Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ face, Magiris’ heart lurched and he pulled back his attack, swiftly taking two steps back. Following that, a torrent of golden light swept forward to strike Magiris. His flesh was twisted and his bones were cracked. His whole body became on the verge of disintegrating away.

The torrent of golden light continued sweeping forward, charging towards Chen Feng. Before Magiris could warn Chen Feng, the torrent of golden light had sent Chen Feng flying, blood spraying out from his mouth.

“Another Gold Immortal!” Chen Feng hissed through gnashed teeth.

“No, it’s two Gold Immortals.” Magiris’ eyes had become completely black. The power of his Magic Eyes spread out to reveal the truth. Two motes of golden light rapidly grew in size to become two clumps of golden light. His gaze then pierced through the golden light and he was able to clearly make out the appearances of the cultivators within the golden light.

“The Mal’Yama Tribe’s Ye Luo and Tower Corps’ Huan Mie,” Magiris said.

Magiris was not the only one. Chen Feng’s Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight was also able to see through their concealing technique.

“As esteemed Gold Immortals, is this the only way you fellows know how to reveal yourselves?” Chen Feng said, scoffing.

Following the appearance of the two Gold Immortals, the Heavenly Immortals and half-step Gold Immortals stopped attacking. Instead, they spread out to prevent Chen Feng and Magiris from escaping.

Realizing that they had been exposed, the two clumps of golden light wriggled slightly before disappearing. Then, two young-looking Gold Immortals appeared.

The two of them were handsome, giving off the same atmosphere of loftiness. Occasionally, lightning could be seen flashing out from their eyes, which seemingly contained the cycle of life and death. It appeared as though their gaze could peer into the depths of the universe. Facing these two Gold Immortals, everyone there felt themselves shrinking endlessly, becoming ants looking up at giants. 

The other party had not deliberately released their auras or anything of the likes. This was simply a natural feeling of awe that a lower lifeform had for a higher lifeform.

Boom! Boom!

The two Ageless laws within Chen Feng’s body roared and strands of golden light emerged from Chen Feng’s body. This gave Chen Feng an extraordinary appearance as a similar atmosphere of coercive power radiated out from his body. 

Magiris gritted his teeth and something within his body broke. Next, golden light radiated out from his body as well.

Only, the two of them had to deliberately stir up their auras. There was a significant difference between their auras and the casual gazes from the two Gold Immortals.

“Huan Mie, are you not afraid of causing troubles for the Tower Corps with your actions?” Chen Feng said, doing his best to calm himself down. He did not have any good methods of dealing with this situation. Even by fighting with his life on the line, he was likely incapable of escaping this calamity. 

Heng Ri is held down by another Gold Immortal. And yet, two more Gold Immortals appeared here. Tsk, tsk. Three Gold Immortals have been mobilized this time. Is this all for the sake of dealing with me and Magiris?

“Young Master Longevity Celestial, since I have chosen to appear here, I will not care about anything else. Naturally, if you can obey my instructions, I may let you live,” Huan Mie slowly said.

“Oh? I wonder, what instructions do you have?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Huan Mie knew that Chen Feng was simply trying to buy time, but he was not feeling worried at all. He continued, “I only have two requests. First, hand over the Longevity Tower. Second, hand over the Longevity Scripture. Once you do that, I will turn around and leave.”

“I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you. Both the Longevity Tower and the Longevity Scripture are not with me,” Chen Feng was quick to reply.

“Really? In that case, I will have to attack.” Huan Mie flicked his finger and Chen Feng felt as though the whole world was shaking. Next, the essence, energy and soul power within him churned, on the brink of burning up.

“The Disillusionment of Life and Death!” Chen Feng’s mind immediately figured out the secret technique that Huan Mie was using.

Huan Mie. Raw: ‘’, pinyin: ‘huàn miè’ is generally translated as ‘disillusionment/ vanish/ enlighten’.

Ye Luo. Raw: ‘’, pinyin: ‘yé luō’. This one is a little tricky. Ye seems to be just a phonetic character with no particular meaning while Luo is generally translated as ‘gather/ net/ sift’.

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