Chapter 1196 Dangerous Situation


“They’ve come. A Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng said.

“Will we be able to stop him?” Magiris’ face turned somewhat grim. As the genius from the Blackwater Tribe, this was not his first time facing a Gold Immortal. Thus, simply by sensing the energy waves coming from the great golden hand, he was able to estimate the strength of the other party. This was why he felt concerned.

“Even if we can’t, we must!” Chen Feng said, his figure then flashing away from sight.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The great golden hand slammed against the layers of magic arrays, which became like a spherical boulder, grinded again and again to bits while booming sounds erupted without respite.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Three sword beams shot out in quick succession to pierce the great golden hand. At the same time, the Wicked Sceptre in the middle of the magic arrays released a stream of wicked energy, which snaked around the great golden hand. And while the great hand managed to break free in the end, the wicked energy managed to make its way to the other party. Getting rid of this wicked energy will require quite some time.


Another sceptre was inserted into the ground and mysterious runes flew out like snowflakes before scattering down on the magic arrays. Following that, miserable shrieks rang out. When Magiris saw the sceptre, he grew stunned.

Two sceptres. One contains hex power while the other one contains wicked power. Additionally, their powers are so pure. This fellow sure has some good items on him. Magiris then charged into the magic arrays as well. There was no telling if Chen Feng had deliberately allowed this, but tens of enemy cultivators had successfully entered the magic arrays.

The great golden hand finally disappeared, but it had managed to damage the magic arrays that Chen Feng set up. That attack earlier had caused Chen Feng to lose two Divine artifacts.

After one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng re-appeared. In that short time, he had killed off tens of enemy cultivators who entered the magic arrays.

While Magiris was a step slower than Chen Feng, he did kill off the rest.

“Magiris, I am helping you out here. You’ll have to pay me for the losses,” Chen Feng said cheekily.

“Dream on!” Magiris was quick to refuse.

“If so, the spoils are mine,” Chen Feng said.

“Finders keepers.” Magiris said, black light flashing out from his eyes. Finally, the small black sword flew out from his eye to stab right through a half-step Gold Immortal who had only just appeared. Next, the half-step Gold Immortal became like a deflating balloon, his essence, energy and soul power flowing away rapidly. In but the blink of an eye, he fell limply to the ground.

Killing off a half-step Gold Immortal with one move. Even Chen Feng, who was standing nearby, was shocked to see that.

“Impressive,” Chen Feng praised.

“It’s nothing.” 

“If so, I’ll leave the Gold Immortal to you.” Chen Feng snickered.

Magiris simply grunted in response.

Black clouds surged forward, eroding everything in its wake. When the black clouds made contact with the magic arrays, popping sounds rang out and it did not take long before the outermost layer of magic arrays was eroded. A thread within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom snapped apart. Sensing that, Chen Feng knew that one of the Divine artifacts supporting the magic arrays had been destroyed.

“Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons. As expected, he came. Magiris, you should be able to feel at ease about your guys now, no?” said Chen Feng, who brought out the Soul Demise Bow to fire an arrow into the void. The soul-splitting arrow then blew up and a series of colliding sounds could be heard.

“The Soul Demise Bow!”

Several cultivators recognized the Soul Demise Bow in Chen Feng’s hand. Once again, Magiris was shocked. He was shocked to see Chen Feng in possession of so many mid-grade Divine artifacts. As for Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons, he became even more greedy. Instead of retreating, he unleashed an even greater level of strength, directing it to smash the magic arrays.

At the same time, Chen Feng could sense that there were now 13 half-step Gold Immortals besieging the magic arrays. One of them was even stronger than Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons. There was, however, one matter that puzzled Chen Feng. The Gold Immortal who attacked earlier had not attacked anymore.

In addition to the half-step Gold Immortals were six teams of Heavenly Immortals, who rushed over from every direction. Every team consisted of a hundred men. And so, a total of 600 Heavenly Immortals gathered their strength before firing out six radiant pillars of light at the magic arrays.

“Great Shift Array!”

Two Spatial crystals in Chen Feng’s hand abruptly shattered and four of the six pillars of light were teleported away into void space. The other two, however, made their way into the magic arrays and wreaked havoc within for a moment.

“Continue to attack!”

The six teams began gathering their power again. More enemy cultivators had made their way into the magic arrays. In addition to the half-step Gold Immortals, there were also some creatures of darkness and various poisonous creatures raised by the other party.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng had kept the Undying Heaven Sword. Instead, he held the Soul Demise Bow, his entire body as steady as the mountain. He kept stirring his essence, energy and soul power and one arrow after another flew out from the bow.

Every arrow meant one increased casualty for the other party. And so, everyone there watched in shock as Chen Feng fired out 18 arrows in quick succession.

Five variant-type poisonous creatures, six creatures of darkness and two half-step Gold Immortals were killed. Another five half-step Gold Immortals were seriously injured.

Chen Feng had gone all out to fire the 18 arrows, greatly exhausting his essence, energy and soul power. Due to that, his aura became somewhat weak. Promptly, two half-step Gold Immortals appeared within the magic arrays and charged towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right.

With no time to pull the bowstring, Chen Feng stamped his foot and several divine lightning attacks appeared to defend him. Following that, a booming sound rang out and both Chen Feng and the two half-step Gold Immortals were sent flying in opposite directions. 

Before Chen Feng could even get up, a creature of darkness had appeared before him. The creature’s sharp claws then stabbed towards Chen Feng.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

A grating sound rang out. The sharp claws had only managed to leave some marks on Chen Feng’s armour. Next, Chen Feng opened his mouth and spat out a spark, which set the creature of darkness’ body on fire. After releasing a few wretched cries, it fell to the ground, its body now a piece of charcoal.

“The Fire of Devastation!”

Two half-step Gold Immortals who were seriously wounded from the earlier attacks arrived before Chen Feng. A chain then shot out to wrap around Chen Feng while a battle lance stabbed towards him.

Chen Feng possessed considerable experience in close combat. Thus, he did not back away. Instead, he took a step forward, allowing the battle lance to stab towards his chest. Meanwhile he fired out the Divine Sun Needle, which pierced the other party’s body.

On the other hand, the chain rapidly contracted to bind Chen Feng. Next, a high number of spikes grew out from the chain, aimed at Chen Feng. The spikes would pierce through its target’s skin and release some poison to paralyze them. 

To the half-step Gold Immortal’s surprise, the spikes failed to pierce Chen Feng’s skin. Following that, a stream of light flew out from Chen Feng’s eyes and the cultivator was immediately engulfed by darkness. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng worked on extricating himself and the chain, a low-grade Divine artifact, released a series of popping sounds as it broke apart. 

Sou! Sou!

The Divine Sun Needle flashed forward, piercing through the sea of wisdom of the half-step Gold Immortal who was still trapped in an illusion.

“Huh!” Chen Feng took a deep breath before pulling the Soul Demise Bow again.

Before he could fire an attack, however, something flashed before his eyes and a golden light ripped off his shoulder. After that, a power of devastation surged in to attack his body from within.

I actually failed to detect any danger. It’s the Gold Immortal again. Chen Feng felt alarmed. His two Ageless laws appeared to easily sweep away the power of devastation within his body and stabilize the situation. 

Unfortunately, that also disrupted Chen Feng’s attempt to fire out another arrow. At the same time, several more enemy cultivators rushed forward to besiege Chen Feng.

“Heng Ri, come here right away!” Chen Feng swiftly issued the order before pulling the bowstring. Next, a creature of darkness that was charging forward was cleaved into two. Chen Feng then unfurled his Longevity Wings. The wings flapped vigorously and the resulting hurricane swept away all the surrounding enemies.

Chi! Chi!

Two more golden beams of light appeared, the magic arrays there seemingly incapable of stopping the golden beams of light at all. One of them attacked Chen Feng while the other one attacked Magiris. 

Ding! Ding!

Chen Feng and Magiris blocked the attacks at the same time and grouped up. By then, the magic arrays were already nearly destroyed and enemy cultivators emerged from every direction. Two of the cultivators rushed towards the two sceptres inserted into the ground.

With a wag from Chen Feng’s finger, the two sceptres rapidly flew up to smash the two cultivators before flying back into his hand. After that, Chen Feng utilized a secret technique, successfully affecting those cultivators with it somewhat. A few of them with lesser cultivation bases had their bodies invaded by the hex power and wicked power and they became lost.

However, Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons swiftly appeared. One grasping move from him allowed the affected cultivators to recover. The hex power and wicked power converged upon Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ hand to form a small ball before black flames burned it away.

“Are you two done with your little tricks?” Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons said with a grin.

The teams of Heavenly Immortals fired out another wave of attacks to finally destroy what remained of the magic arrays. The 13 magic arrays and 18 Divine artifacts that Chen Feng brought out were thus destroyed. That said, they did gain something from that. They had managed to kill off some of the enemy cultivators.

“This is bad. We’ll likely have a hard time charging out.” Magiris sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

“We can only go all out.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

“Go all out? How? The other party’s Gold Immortal hasn’t even revealed himself.”

“Don’t worry. My reinforcements will be coming soon.”

“You said earlier that there is only one person, no?”

“He can stop the Gold Immortal who’s lurking in the dark. Is that enough?”

“Very well. Get rid of the Gold Immortal. That leaves us with tens of half-step Gold Immortals to deal with. Just Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons and the envoys from the Immortal Palace are enough to give us a hard time.”

“That’s why I said we need to go all out.”

“Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons, are you not afraid that I will drag you down with me before I die?” Chen Feng suddenly said, grinning.

“Ha ha ha ha! Drag me down with you? That will depend on whether or not you have that ability.” Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons did not feel threatened at all. Instead, he stretched his hand, revealing a spinning vortex on his palm. Strangely-shaped, poisonous insects flapped their wings as they flew out.

“This is a little something that I had spent many years raising. I hope you two will like it.”


A high number of poisonous insects flew towards Chen Feng and Magiris while the other cultivators also attacked using their own methods. Even the 600 Heavenly Immortals charged through space to attack.

It was an extremely dangerous situation for the two of them.

“Is this truly the end? Hurry, use our secret techniques! Hopefully, a bit of our primary spirit will be able to escape.” Despite saying that, Magiris’ eyes shone with an intense will to fight. At the same time, some mysterious points within his body burst forth with great power. In that instant, the atmosphere bursting out from Magiris’ body shook even Chen Feng.

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