Chapter 1195 Dark Malla Dimension


Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The potent poison was like a slime that cannot be shaken off. It stuck itself upon their bodies, releasing a formidable power of erosion and destruction. At the same time, the surrounding black beads joined up to form a cage, imprisoning the two inside.

Shua! Shua!

Two streams of light flashed out and both Chen Feng and Magiris broke out from the cage of black beads. Chen Feng was wielding the Undying Heaven Sword, a mid-grade Divine artifact. Only magic treasures at the same level or a Gold Immortal would be able to resist an attack from Chen Feng.

As for the Illusory Demon Edge in Magiris’ hand, it was something that he had refined since birth. It had long since become part of his body. And while it was not yet at the mid-grade Divine tier, Magiris was able to unleash its full power.

“Longevity Celestial, let’s work together to open up a way out. If there is a chance, you need to run away,” Magiris said.

“Do you think the other party will let us run away?” Chen Feng said smilingly, swinging the sword in his hand non-stop to fire out beams of formidable sword light to cut away everything before them. Two more cultivators who were lurking in the dark were struck by the sword beams and were killed.

But that was not all. The Wicked Sceptre in Chen Feng’s hand was constantly putting on a display of power. The streams of wicked power that flowed out from the sceptre fused with the streams of myriad poisons from the other party, becoming like lightning making contact with water. A volatile reaction erupted to swiftly create a path out from the place.

Magiris, on the other hand, unleashed an even greater combat power. He was born with the Magic Eyes, capable of discerning truth from falsehoods. The magic treasure in his hand, the Illusory Demon Edge, could even cut space. Even the Demonic Blackwater Art that he cultivated was a highly overbearing technique. Due to that, by working together with Chen Feng, they were able to smoothly charge out.

“I didn’t think that we would end up fighting side by side in the Immortal Plane. Only, I wonder if our childhood wish will come true,” Magiris said, the Illusory Demon Edge flying out from his hand to kill off another two enemy cultivators.


One following the other, the two of them then charged out.

“Surely it’s not that easy?” Chen Feng felt somewhat dubious about it. However, the scene before them was indeed that of the real world and not some illusion.

“Hurry up and leave. I have to head back.” Magiris had wanted to enter the dimension again only for Chen Feng to stop him. 

“My companions are all inside. I will not leave them!” Magiris said.

“Do you still not see it? Their objective is you. These fellows will go wherever we go,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to fire out a spear at void space.

A mighty-looking cultivator then stepped out from void space to catch the spear that Chen Feng hurled out. It was a half-step Gold Immortal.

“A Divine artifact. Not bad.”

“Not bad at all.” A peculiar smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.


Following that, the Divine artifact blew up, eliciting a wretched scream from the half-step Gold Immortal. The explosion left his body in shambles, but he surprisingly managed to survive. He struggled to flee only for Chen Feng to catch up to him. The sword in Chen Feng’s hand flashed out and the sword beam he unleashed struck the half-step Gold Immortal’s wounded body to utterly shatter it.

“I had to waste a Divine artifact,” Chen Feng said. Earlier, when they were inside the dimension, the ones they killed off were only Heavenly Immortals. In Chen Feng’s opinion, only by killing half-step Gold Immortals would they truly be able to exhaust the other party’s strength.

With a thought, Chen Feng then brought out 36 small command flags. Floating in the air, they formed a magic array. Dark-blue streams of lightning kept flashing out from the command flags to ceaselessly intertwine with one another, ripping the surrounding space to the point where cracks appeared.

Following that, several cultivators fell out from space. Chen Feng then shouted and the 36 command flags blew up simultaneously. Shrieks of misery rang out as chaos reigned. There was no way to tell just how many of them were killed by that move. 

Without a single word from Chen Feng, Magiris quickly took action. The Illusory Demon Edge in his hand flashed non-stop with black light and all of the cultivators who fell out were killed in just a blink of an eye.

“Let’s go!” The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back spread open, its power almost sweeping Magiris aside.

“You actually managed to cultivate the Longevity Wings to this extent!” Magiris felt somewhat shocked. Next, Chen Feng became a blur before disappearing from sight.

“Although you are strong, your level is still too low.” Magiris hesitated for a moment before finally making up his mind. Light flowed out from his eyes to quickly form a rapidly-spinning vortex before him. Next, he took a step forward and disappeared from sight as well.

“I’ll be heading back if the other party doesn’t come after me.”

“We’re almost there.” Chen Feng kept jumping through space to finally stop at a desolate spot. The ground there was covered with craters of varying sizes. Additionally, there was also a grim atmosphere there, clearly indicating that this place was once a battlefield.

“Here.” After stopping there, Chen Feng threw out several sets of magic arrays, with him well-protected in the central position. There were even several sets of great killing arrays amongst them. They were the results of Chen Feng’s research in recent years. Only, he had never gotten the chance to test them out. Finally, he brought out the Wicked Sceptre and inserted it into the ground. Wicked energy then spread out like ripples of water and it did not take long before their surroundings became dark.

“Longevity Celestial, what are you doing here?” Magiris, who was outside the magic arrays, shouted. Although he knew that Chen Feng was inside the magic arrays, he dared not break in.

Chen Feng waved his hand to open up a passageway for Magiris, who swiftly rushed inside. However, two black silhouettes followed him in.

“What is this?” Chen Feng jabbed with a finger and the great killing arrays spun into action. A swift and formidable beam of sword light flashed out and one of the black silhouettes was pinned to the ground. Surprisingly, it was a black demonic panther.

“Oh, this is a creature of darkness.” Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised. This Demonic Dark Panther was clearly at the half-step Gold Immortal stage. 

Meanwhile, Magiris had begun fighting the other creature of darkness. Without any help from Chen Feng, Magiris was able to swiftly finish off this opponent. This creature of darkness, one that Chen Feng did not recognize, was cut in half by the Illusory Demon Edge.

“How can there be creatures of darkness?” Chen Feng’s face took on a serious look. Both his hand moved rapidly as he worked on strengthening the magic arrays.

“What’s so strange about it? We from the Celestial Malla Plane are always raising these guys. These two must be from Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons.” After saying that, Magiris grunted. Several deep cracks had appeared on his suit of armour and blood kept trickling out from them.

“I say, you’re a half-step Gold Immortal, after all. How can you end up getting hurt at every turn?” Chen Feng pursed his lips to the side as he set up some divine lightning attacks in the magic arrays.

“The clone of a Gold Immortal attacked me. The fact that I could escape is already not a bad feat,” Magiris said and he inspected their surroundings for a moment before sitting down.

“I didn’t think that you would have this card up your sleeve. These magic arrays are quite good. They should be able to hold on for some time.”

“I’m practically pulling out all the stops for this. If it weren’t for the severity of the situation, I would not have been willing to use them.” Chen Feng dared not let his guard down. He was aware of just how mysterious these creatures of darkness were. Although the magic arrays that he set up were very strong, some creatures might still be able to charge in.

“Honestly, you should leave. With your Longevity Clan’s spiritwalking technique, leaving this place should not be an issue,” Magiris then said.

“Do you think I’m the only one who has cultivated the Longevity Wings?” Chen Feng revealed a wry smile.

“What do you mean?”

“Idiot. This time, it is not just the Mal’Yama Tribe from the Celestial Malla Plane. There are also cultivators from the Celestial Longevity Plane. The guys from the Mal’Yama Tribe wants to kill you while the guys from the Longevity Clan are after me. As for the East Extreme Immortal Palace, it is more than happy to see us fight one another to the death. If I am not mistaken, the Immortal Court has been keeping constant watch over us. Also, if the Immortal Court did not choose to take action, would the guys from the Celestial Malla Plane and Celestial Longevity Plane choose to arrange all these to attack us both at the same time?” Chen Feng said smilingly. Although his words were quite shocking, he appeared very calm about it.

“They want to kill us? It won’t be that easy. Unfortunately, your level is too low. If only you are also at the half-step Gold Immortal stage like me, we’ll be able to kill off even a Gold Immortal.” Magiris stood up, the Illusory Demon Edge in his hand thrumming. His eyes shone with light and his will to fight surged.

“If I have reached the half-step Gold Immortal stage, I would be able to instantly kill off a Gold Immortal.” Chen Feng laughed. With a wave of his hand, the Undying Heaven Sword flew out. When it returned, blood could be seen on its surface, evaporating away.

This time, Magiris did not retort. Instead, he nodded, agreeing with what Chen Feng said.

After a moment of silence, Magiris said, “Truth is, when you went missing back then, I had assumed that you would never appear again. I actually felt sad for a while. Later, I heard that you ascended to the Immortal Plane from a low-level world. I thought to myself, the number one genius from back then has fallen low. Unexpectedly, I was mistaken.” 

“You are still the number one genius of the Blackwater Tribe. You reached the half-step Gold Immortal stage in one million years’ time. This is a very fast rate of cultivation. Only, when compared to me, you are still a notch slower,” Chen Feng said and he could not stop himself from bursting into a smile.

“Oh, you.” Magiris also could not stop himself from smiling. And so, the grim atmosphere there lightened considerably.

“If I can survive this, I will definitely give those fellows a good lesson,” Magiris then said, gnashing his teeth.

“I’m already used to this.” Chen Feng, though, put on a facade of nonchalance.

“Can it. I have a hunch that we are in a seriously unfavourable situation. However, once the enemy comes after us, my subordinates will be able to flee,” said Magiris, who brought out a small sword. The small sword was only three inches long and completely black in colour, but minute rays of golden light would occasionally shine out from it.

“Tsk, tsk. This flying sword of yours is quite good. It will be advancing to the mid-grade Divine tier soon,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“I wonder how many we can kill this time?” After Magiris said that, the small black sword transformed into a stream of black light to enter his right eye. Chen Feng knew, when the small sword emerged again, there will surely be deaths.

“Don’t worry. In truth, I did not come here alone. I did make some secret arrangements. Once our pursuers come, the cultivators from your Blackwater Alliance will be able to escape.” Chen Feng sent Magiris a secret vocal transmission.

As predicted, a look of delight immediately flashed across Magiris’ face and he asked, “How many men did you bring?”


Chen Feng raised one finger up and Magiris’ face froze.


A great golden hand formed in mid-air. Emanating the ageless aura unique to Gold Immortals, the great hand descended upon the magic arrays that Chen Feng set up.

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