Chapter 1194 Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons


For Chen Feng, his side had two Gold Immortals. Previously, he had even led some men over to give the three sects a show of force to deter them. Due to that, the Six Daos Alliance was able to gain the recent years of peace, which it used to develop itself.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, given enough time, the Six Daos Alliance would be able to keep on growing stronger. This sudden war, however, had disrupted Chen Feng’s plan.

“The war has been going on for one month now. Only, as Young Master was still in the midst of cultivation, we dared not disturb you. It is very strange. The other party suddenly started this war. We do not know what happened to the three sects, but their strength has risen greatly. According to the information we received, the total number of half-step Gold Immortals and Heavenly Immortals from the other side has increased tenfold. The increase in the number of their True Immortals is even higher,” Da Feng said, feeling puzzled as well. He had already dispatched some men to investigate the other party, but was unable to find out anything.

“Their strength increased by that much?” Chen Feng was surprised as well.

“Come, let’s go check it out.”

“Young Master, this is the prisoner that I just captured.” Suddenly, Tun Ri walked over, carrying a half-step Gold Immortal on his shoulder. Then, he simply tossed the half-step Gold Immortal on the floor.

“Let me see,” Chen Feng said, his divine sense invading the half-step Gold Immortal’s sea of wisdom.

“Eh?” Chen Feng felt shocked. There were formidable arrays defending this person’s sea of wisdom. Any attempts to forcibly break in would cause his divine sense to self-destruct, destroying the soul to wipe out any information there.

“Young Master, it is the same for all of them,” Tun Ri quickly said.

“What about the disciples of the Starsource Order and the other two sects? Is it also the same for them?” Chen Feng said, flicking his finger. His power pierced its way into the half-step Gold Immortal’s sea of wisdom and he grasped, bringing the destroyed soul fragments over to converge upon his palm, but the result was not very good. Chen Feng was incapable of finding anything useful.

“The disciples from the three sects do not know the background of these people. We even caught a few half-step Gold Immortals from those three sects, but they are also in the dark about this. Perhaps, only the true masters of the three sects would know. However, despite having attacked them several times, we are still incapable of charging into the central area of their sects. Twice, we were ambushed,” Da Feng continued.

“What of our casualties?” Chen Feng asked after a moment‘s consideration. 

“Very high!” Da Feng said grimly.

“Very high?!” Chen Feng frowned. Unexpectedly, the situation was even more severe than he had expected.

“Without the assassins that Sha Xian brought over, our forces would have been forced to retreat back to the Primordial Mountain Range. Additionally, in the face of the pressure brought by this war, a good number of our men deserted. They are mostly loose cultivators and those from smaller forces who came to join us,” Da Feng said.

Chen Feng nodded. Hearing that did not infuriate him. It was a very normal situation that would happen in every sect.

After receiving the news, Chen Feng swiftly weighed the situation. He was very well aware of how strong the members of the Longevity Clan were. Just the 100 assassins that Sha Xian brought over were enough to destroy an upper middle-sized sect. This enemy, however, managed to fight them to a stalemate. Should this be allowed to continue, the Six Daos Alliance would surely find itself in an unfavourable position.

“You say that there are more than a hundred half-step Gold Immortals on the other party’s side? If I am not mistaken, the other party should have Gold Immortals,” Chen Feng speculated.

“This doesn’t look like the handiwork of the Celestial Planes,” Da Feng interjected.

“If it’s the Celestial Planes, they will concentrate their forces to come after me instead of mobilizing so many forces for a war. This feels more like the native forces of the Immortal Plane. In this Eastern Region, the strongest force should be the East Extreme Immortal Palace, led by Grand Emperor East Extreme and the Immortal Court. Naturally, there are also some other formidable forces in the Eastern Region, but I cannot think of any reason why they would attack us.”

After thinking about that, Chen Feng fell silent for a moment before saying, “Did you try to get reinforcements from the Blackwater Alliance?”

“They did not respond,” Da Feng said.

“Looks like it is not as simple as it looks. I will head out.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Young Master, you should bring some more men with you. It is dangerous outside.” Tun Ri and the others volunteered to follow him.

“No need. It would be more convenient for me to go alone. As for you fellows, you need to stay here to defend this place.” Despite saying that, Chen Feng chose to secretly notify Heng Ri, the variant wyrm. Heng Ri had been spending all this time in deep cultivation to comprehend the grand dao of agelessness, not coming out at all. Naturally, he had also tried to break free from Chen Feng’s control. However, Chen Feng’s soul power had reached the Gold Immortal stage. Heng Ri tried to break free several times only to fail in the end. Helpless, he could only focus on his cultivation while waiting for a chance to break free.

Receiving Chen Feng’s summon, Heng Ri became delighted. He knew that his chance had come. Knowing what was happening to the Six Daos Alliance, he figured that Chen Feng had likely encountered some troubles. Should Chen Feng end up becoming terribly wounded, he would be able to break free from the soul shackle that Chen Feng put on him. Only, Chen Feng must not die before that, otherwise, he would become seriously wounded himself or worse.

It was as Chen Feng had predicted. The Blackwater Alliance that Magiris Blackwater established was also in trouble. Upon entering the Blackwater Alliance’s territory, Chen Feng could see that the Blackwater Alliance’s headquarters was shrouded by dark clouds. The dark clouds could even affect Chen Feng’s Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight.

The Dark Malla Dimension. This should be a technique from the Mal’Yama Tribe. Looks like it is an internal fight between those from the Celestial Malla Plane. Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light and his gaze pierced the dark clouds.

It did not take long before Chen Feng’s gaze made its way through and found Magiris’ aura.

“Longevity Celestial! What are you doing here?” Magiris sent a message over, a note of delight in his voice.

“Looks like you’re doing fine.”

Magiris’ suit of armour was utterly stained with blood, but his essence, energy and soul power remained vigorous. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt relieved.

“How many men did you bring with you?” Magiris asked anxiously. Only then did Chen Feng notice the black energy wriggling on Magiris’ face.

“I came here alone. You’re poisoned.”

“What? You came here alone?” Magiris exclaimed.

“Why did you come alone? Isn’t this just suicide? Hurry, mobilize your men and come help me.”

“Mobilize my men? What are you talking about? The Six Daos Alliance is currently under siege. I came here to request reinforcements.” By then, Chen Feng had arrived before the Dark Malla Dimension. The Undying Heaven Sword in his hand swung to cut open a crack on the dimension’s barrier.

“Hurry up and leave! The Mal’Yama Tribe and the East Extreme Immortal Palace have joined forces. They have besieged us for over a month now. You’ll just be committing suicide if you enter!” After saying that, Magiris charged into a cloud of black energy and the sounds of battle kept ringing out from within.

So, they came under attack at the same time as the Six Daos Alliance. The other party must have planned this for a long time now. Only, it’s somewhat strange. Nobody from the Celestial Longevity Plane appeared. Chen Feng then slashed with his sword to hack apart the cloud of black energy and the enemy cultivators who happened to be standing before him were killed at the same time.

Soon, however, a grey-coloured wyrm flew out from the cloud of black energy, charging at Chen Feng, who evaded it. Next, the wyrm blew up with a bang and chaotic grey-coloured energy streams assailed Chen Feng.

Flames expanded in circles around Chen Feng and a series of popping sounds rang out as the flames made contact with the energy streams.

“What a formidable poison! Looks like it is the Mal’Yama Tribe’s Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons,” Chen Feng said, his eyes firing out faint-cyan light, which then swept around to utterly wipe out the poisonous energy.

“Little fellow from the Longevity Clan, are you here to commit suicide?” Black energy streams swirled forth again and a sinister-looking old man in black clothes appeared before Chen Feng. With a wave of his hand, the crack that Chen Feng created earlier closed up. At the same time, black beads appeared to seal up the surrounding escape paths before closing in on Chen Feng.

“Old Myriad Poisons, do you know who the other party is? You’re provoking trouble for your Mal’Yama Tribe here.” Magiris’ voice rang out from an unknown location.

“Naturally, I know that this kid is Longevity Celestial. Born with the Chaos Constitution, his father is Boundless, the most noble member of the Longevity Clan. He is also the owner of the Longevity Tower and Longevity Scripture. Am I right?” Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons said coolly, a playful look in his eyes.


Magiris charged out from the streams of black energy, killing intent surging out from his body as a blood-red light flashed out non-stop from his magic treasure, the Illusory Demon Edge.

“Longevity Celestial, something’s not right! It looks like the other party has specifically set up a trap for you!” Magiris said, coughing out black blood.

Chen Feng waved his hand and a cyan-coloured fruit, smaller than a fist, flew into Magiris’ hand.

“A Longevity Fruit!”

Without hesitating, Magiris simply gulped it down. Longevity Fruits contained a great power of life, making it far more effective compared to medicinal pills. After just a few blinks’ worth of time, black streams of energy were forced out from Magiris’ body. Those were the poison that had invaded his body.

Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons, on the other hand, simply looked at them without attacking. It seemed as though he had everything under his control. He was not afraid that the two of them would be able to escape.

“Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons, you can already be considered as a top figure amongst the half-step Gold Immortals. The grand dao of myriad poisons that you cultivate is capable of stopping the attacks from a Gold Immortal even. However, you have killed off a good number of people from the Celestial Longevity Plane. Earlier, you even attacked me. Next up, I will think of a way to finish you off.” Chen Feng calmly regarded Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons.

“Is that so?” Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons replied in a noncommittal manner. Next, he turned his attention back to Magiris. “Did you actually think that the forces you have could stop us for so long? Your speculation is correct. You are but one of our objectives! We have another objective here. And that is to lure Longevity Celestial over! Looks like it is a great success. This kid actually came here alone.”

“You’re targeting me?” Chen Feng maintained a very calm appearance, but he was secretly on guard about this. After giving it some thought, he brought out a sceptre. Streams of wicked energy flowed out while releasing roaring sounds. Following the spread of the streams of wicked energy, a change began to come over the black-coloured energy streams in their surroundings.

“The Wicked Sceptre! How did this item end up in your hands?” Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons was first taken aback. Next, a look of greed appeared in his eyes. His hand then stretched out to grab the sceptre in Chen Feng’s hand.


Without saying a word, Magiris attacked. A sword-like gaze shot towards Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ forehead. Chen Feng, on the other hand, took the initiative to charge forward, the sceptre in his hand slashing towards Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ palm.


When the two sides made contact, Demon Monarch Myriad Poisons’ body blew up, transforming into billowing smoke, which enveloped both Chen Feng and Magiris.

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