Chapter 1192 Prince Dong Li


“Their numbers have increased,” Tun Ri was quick to say.

“Another force joined them,” Chen Feng said. Chen Feng could see that Princess Purplejade’s group was now twice as big as before. Additionally, there were several formidable auras amongst the group.

“Chen Feng!

Soon enough, Princess Purplejade emerged from the dragon chariot. At the same time, a tall and handsome young man emerged as well. The moment he emerged, he cast a highly oppressive gaze at Chen Feng.

Has it come to the point where anyone can unscrupulously offend the Celestial Longevity Plane? Chen Feng secretly scoffed. At the same time, though, he felt somewhat surprised. This young man’s strength was in no way inferior to Princess Purplejade. Rather, from certain aspects, he was even stronger.

The young man assessed Chen Feng, who was also assessing him in return. As Chen Feng observed him, all the information on the young man’s cultivation base appeared before Chen Feng.

A half-step Gold Immortal. The Divine-tier suit of armour he wore contained the will of a Gold Immortal. Meanwhile, his lifebound magic treasure was a great halberd, also containing the will of a Gold Immortal. His bodily world had already reached the standard of a great life-bearing world while the structural density of his fleshly body far exceeded that of a half-step Gold Immortal. As for his soul flame, it burned vigorously and the strength of his primary energy was high.

Despite his extraordinary background and extraordinary cultivation base, in the face of Chen Feng’s gaze, everything was laid bare. And so, this somewhat arrogant young man instantly felt a chill enveloping his whole body. An oppressive feeling, one that affected his very soul, caused his heart to lurch. Next, however, an unstoppable feeling of rage rose up from his heart. 


A slit opened up on the young man’s glabella. It was the same move as the one Princess Purplejade had utilized back then. Only, the power that shot out from the slit was different.

A soul attack!

Chen Feng revealed a faint smile and did nothing to counter it, allowing the young man’s soul attack to enter his sea of wisdom.

Following that, the young man’s face sank sharply. The attack that he fired out had utterly disappeared. It was as though there was a gigantic maelstrom within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, which easily devoured his soul attack.


The young man’s face grew somewhat ugly to behold. The soul power he sent forward had disappeared. Due to that, his soul became damaged.

But before the young man could react, a needle-like beam of power pierced its way into his sea of wisdom before blowing up, throwing his sea of wisdom into a state of chaos. In response, the young man cried out wretchedly. Blood flowed out from his seven orifices and his subordinates rushed forward to encircle Chen Feng.


Tun Ri roared, transforming back to his original body. The mountainous body instantly knocked tens of the cultivators back. Only a few of them, half-step Gold Immortals, could keep on clashing against Tun Ri. Streams of energy swirled around Da Feng, who appeared ready to join the fray.


Princess Purplejade shouted and the young man also commanded his subordinates to stop. Chen Feng, on the other hand, merely watched on with an impassive expression. Earlier, when the young man became wounded, the Gold Immortal clones that were secretly accompanying him did not take action. To have Gold Immortal clones protecting him, this young man must have quite the background.

In the end, the two sides did not engage in a fight. Tun Ri thus transformed into his human form again. Together with Da Feng and the others, they stood guard beside Chen Feng. Da Feng and the others revealed a fairly normal expression, but Tun Ri’s eyes kept flashing with cold light. He wanted nothing more than to start a fight.

By then, the young man had recovered. The blood on his face had evaporated away and a calm look was now etched on his face. Even the way he regarded Chen Feng was no longer as arrogant as before. It was as though what happened earlier never happened at all.

Even after taking that attack, he can actually hold back. His state of mind is quite good, Chen Feng thought.

“Sir, how should I address you?” the young man asked with a deep voice, but the hundred plus cultivators under him gathered up. Should a conflict erupt, they would be able to attack at the drop of a hat.

“You don’t even know me, but you actually attacked me? Has the Immortal Court become so arrogant now?” Chen Feng laughed.

“This is not arrogance. This is strength. You may address me as Prince Dong Li. I can sense the aura of the Celestial Planes on you,” the young man said, keeping his eye on Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, this is Prince Dong Li from the Immortal Court. He is a Mountain Guard Commander.” Princess Purplejade then did the introductions.

“A Mountain Guard Commander. It is said that most of them are elites amongst the War Immortals. However, the War Immortals are but a title given by the Immortal Court. For me, they are not worth mentioning. When it comes to those on the same level as me, be it those from the Immortal Plane or Celestial Planes, there are none who can match me. I am from the Longevity Clan. You may address me as Chen Feng,” Chen Feng said with an air of arrogance, causing the eyelids of Prince Dong Li to twitch. But he held himself back and said nothing about it.


Although Prince Dong Li said nothing about it, one of his subordinates, a half-step Gold Immortal, could not stop himself from stepping forward.

“Let me experience the secret techniques of your Longevity Clan.”

“Ha ha ha! Who do you think you are?” Tun Ri, who was standing nearby, laughed.

“Does everyone from the Immortal Plane likes challenging cultivators that are on a lower cultivation level than them? If that’s the case, let me challenge this fellow.” Tun Ri then pointed at a Heavenly Immortal before laughing again.

Only then did those people realize that Chen Feng was just a half-step Heavenly Immortal. One by one, their faces sank.

“How is this possible? He must have utilized a secret technique to conceal his true strength.” One of them voiced out their suspicions. Following that, even more of them followed suit.

Hearing that, Tun Ri became enraged. Just as he was about to attack, however, Chen Feng stopped him.

“You fellows have Gold Immortal clones on your side. Can you not know my real cultivation level? Oh, right! Given the Immortal Plane’s standard, even Gold Immortals are probably not that strong.” Chen Feng put on an even greater display of arrogance.

And yet, despite the verbal provocations from Chen Feng, the hidden clones continued to do nothing.

“Fine, then. I will accept your challenge.”

All Chen Feng did was to give this cultivator a glance before the cultivator, a half-step Gold Immortal, felt his world turning upside down. He found himself in a dark space and no matter what he did, he was simply incapable of breaking out.

Observing the display of arrogance from Chen Feng, Princess Purplejade was inwardly smiling wryly. She had been travelling with Chen Feng for some time. Naturally, she understood that part of this display from Chen Feng was a deliberate act. Only, this half-step Gold Immortal’s actions qualified him to receive the title of buffoon. The fact that Chen Feng was able to escape the murderous pursuit of a Gold Immortal should already be proof of his strength.

One glance from Chen Feng was all it took to trap a half-step Gold Immortal into an illusion. This was already at the level of a Gold Immortal. Prince Dong Li cast an entangled look at Chen Feng, the killing intent in his heart surging to the fore once more. Such a genius could not be allowed to live. He must kill him. However, he then thought about the consequences of killing Chen Feng. Even with the support of the Immortal Court, he would likely be incapable of handling the consequences.

Sacrificing him for the sake of eliminating a genius from the Celestial Planes? Unquestionably, the Immortal Court would accept this deal.

Additionally, whether or not he could kill off Chen Feng was still up in the air.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was secretly sneering. The moment Prince Dong Li’s killing intent rose up from his heart, Chen Feng had noticed it. Thankfully for Prince Dong Li, he had managed to suppress his killing intent. Chen Feng would have no scruples in teaching Prince Dong Li a little lesson otherwise.

“Prince Dong Li wants to partner up with us to snatch the Forget Worries Fountain Water. I wanted to discuss this with you.” After saying that, Princess Purplejade tossed a small jade bottle over to Chen Feng.

“This is?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“Earlier, you helped me block all those attacks. The Forget Worries Fountain Water inside it rightfully belongs to you,” Princess Purplejade said.

Chen Feng nodded. Without hesitating, he crushed the jade bottle and utterly devoured all the fountain water inside it.


Seeing the jade bottle crushed, Princess Purplejade harrumphed, seemingly displeased by it. In response, Chen Feng gave an apologetic smile. As for Prince Dong Li, he observed the two of them with a thoughtful look.

“There is no problem in working together. Next up, the amount of fountain water we get will depend on how much we contribute. Fair,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Are you so sure that more Forget Worries Fountains will emerge?” Prince Dong Li asked dubiously.

“If Prince Dong Li doesn’t believe me, there is nothing I can do about it either.” Chen Feng shrugged, an indifferent look on his face.

“By the way, there is one more thing I need to tell you. The guy who came in with you, Patriarch No Return, was not as lucky. He died in the chaos. Even his apprentices went missing,” Princess Purplejade suddenly said.

Chen Feng turned, casting a silent look at Princess Purplejade.

“Don’t look at me that way. By the time I found out, it was already too late.” Princess Purplejade understood what Chen Feng meant.

Next up, Chen Feng, Princess Purplejade and Prince Dong Li worked together to roam the Forget Worries Zone. As expected, Chen Feng’s divination turned out to be accurate. During the next several years, two more Forget Worries Fountains emerged and this small alliance managed to snatch away one third of the fountain water. It was quite the abundant harvest. The space within Chen Feng’s insight acupoints improved again to give birth to even more lives. They were already showing signs of becoming life-bearing worlds. Only, as there were too many insight acupoints, their rate of development was very slow when compared to cultivators who only developed one bodily world. 

Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng had successfully advanced to the half-step Gold Immortal stage, leaving Chen Feng surprised at how effective the fountain water was.

Unfortunately, no more Forget Worries Fountains emerged during the next few years. And so, Chen Feng said goodbye to Princess Purplejade and Prince Dong Li before returning to the Six Daos Alliance.

At the same time, Chen Feng also – at Princess Purplejade’s invitation – agreed to visit the Immortal Court in the future. He felt curious about the Immortal Court. More, he was feeling wary of it. Due to his interaction with Princess Purplejade and Prince Dong Li, Chen Feng could clearly sense that the Immortal Court was very strong. 

Chen Feng speculated that the Immortal Court will definitely attack the Celestial Planes. Meanwhile, the various Celestial Planes were continuously fighting one another, leading to a loss in their strength.

I wonder, is it too late to start making preparations now? Chen Feng wondered.

After spending all these years on development, the Six Daos Alliance could already – in terms of numbers – be regarded as a large sect. Chen Feng, though, felt concerned and apprehensive. Most of the members of the alliance had low levels. While they had many geniuses in their ranks, it would take them a very long time to develop.

And even though the Six Daos Alliance had two Gold Immortals standing guard over it, the Immortal Plane was a high-level world. There was no guarantee that nothing unexpected would happen.

Due to that, Chen Feng placed a great deal of emphasis on nurturing the members of the alliance and improving their strength. He brought out most of the cultivation materials on his person and selected reliable geniuses from the alliance to nurture them.


Prince Dong Li. Raw: ‘东离殿下’, pinyin: ‘dōng lí diàn xià’. The ‘dōng’ means ‘east’. The 'lí', though, could be translated as either ‘moving away’ or just ‘Li, one of the branches in the Eight Trigrams’. The 'diàn xià' generally means 'Your Highness' or some other way to address members of nobility.

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