Chapter 1191 Gold Immortal Retreats


Seeing that, Chen Feng could not stop himself from swearing. Then, he noticed that one of the Gold Immortals was coming after him while the two skeletons went after the other cultivators.

And so, the Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back flapped and he rapidly left the basin to run to some other place. Tun Ri and the others had wanted to come help him only for Chen Feng to stop them.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, given the present situation, running away by himself here was the best option. It was not yet time to be fighting to the death with a Gold Immortal. Especially not in such a dangerous place like this.

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, Tun Ri and Da Feng secretly followed him.

The other Gold Immortal went after Princess Purplejade. As for the other cultivators, they had to face the skeletons.

This time, over 10 cultivators had managed to get their hands on the Forget Worries Fountain Water. Amongst them, Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade had managed to obtain the most.

If it’s just one Gold Immortal, I can still handle it. Only, I wonder how far the other party is willing to take this? Chen Feng pondered as he was fleeing.

If he only needed to block one or two of the Gold Immortal’s attacks or even exchange a few blows with the Gold Immortal, Chen Feng would not feel worried. But if this Gold Immortal was willing to pay a certain price to kill off Chen Feng, or risk his life for this, it would still be a very dangerous situation for Chen Feng.

The Longevity Wings grew larger and larger and Chen Feng kept jumping through space, pushing his speed to its very limits. Even so, he was still incapable of escaping the pursuit of the Gold Immortal.

“Kid, I would like to see how long you can keep running.” The Gold Immortal did not doubt his ability to catch up to and kill Chen Feng. At any rate, in the eyes of Gold Immortals, all cultivators beneath the Gold Immortal stage were beings that they can instantly kill off.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, however, the Gold Immortal’s face sank. He then swung his hand to fire out a golden beam of light which transformed into a golden avenue before charging towards Chen Feng.

The sword in Chen Feng’s hand slashed to cleave the incoming golden avenue into two. Borrowing the power behind the Gold Immortal’s move, Chen Feng accelerated while yin yang energy poured into his Longevity Wings, allowing him to maintain a high velocity.

The expression on the pursuing Gold Immortal’s face flickered. Even after spending so long on this, he had failed to catch up to this minor cultivator. Should news of this spread, his reputation would fall into the gutter. It had to be said, there were many cultivators keeping an eye on what was happening here. 

And so, a mote of flames began burning within the Gold Immortal’s body, causing his movement speed to become somewhat strange. Although he seemed to be advancing at the same speed as before, he was able to shorten the distance between him and Chen Feng. 

Burning his Ageless power just for the sake of some Forget Worries Fountain Water? This Gold Immortal sure is giving it his all. Chen Feng was not too concerned about it. On the contrary, even as he was fleeing, he continued to ceaselessly absorb and refine the Forget Worries Fountain Water that he obtained earlier.

With every passing second, Chen Feng’s soul underwent an improvement. Life kept emerging within his insight acupoints’ space, some evolving and developing according to Chen Feng’s will.

The sky is not high enough while the ground is not thick enough. With just this amount of fountain water, I am still incapable of transforming them into real worlds. If only I can get my hands on some Self-renewing Soil or world essence fragments. However, by doing so, the bodily worlds I create will not be as pure. Still, to create life and even worlds from nothing but my own power will greatly slow down my rate of cultivation. Even though there was a Gold Immortal pursuing him, Chen Feng could still spare the time to think about all that. If news of this were to spread, others would surely think of Chen Feng as a mad man.

For others, the amount of fountain water that Chen Feng collected this time was quite considerable. It might even be enough for a Gold Immortal. But for Chen Feng, it was far from enough.

Members of the Longevity Clan who cultivated the Longevity Scripture possessed a more vigorous power of life compared to others. However, they would also find it very hard to resist spiritual items containing formidable power of life.

After leaving part of the fountain water for Tun Ri and the others, Chen Feng swiftly absorbed all the remaining fountain water as he fled. The bodily worlds within Chen Feng, on the other hand, had only just begun to form. They needed more power of life. In Chen Feng’s opinion, even if there were over 10 Forget Worries Fountains, he would still be able to stomach them all.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

As Chen Feng was pondering the issue, he subconsciously slowed down. And so, a massive golden hand descended to press down on Chen Feng.

The Gold Immortal had finally caught up to him.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Longevity Wings flapped at an increasingly higher frequency, generating countless small streams of strong winds that swept outwards, throwing the solid surrounding space into a state of chaos. Meanwhile, Chen Feng fired out a Great Longevity Palm to take on the golden palm head on.

“The Great Longevity Palm. You are indeed a member of the Longevity Clan.”

The golden palm broke the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng fired out as one would crush broken twigs. Chen Feng, though, made use of the opening to evade the golden palm. Wielding the Undying Heaven Sword, he observed the Gold Immortal. Since this Gold Immortal had caught up to him, he would have to fight this Gold Immortal. He had been wanting to fight a real Gold Immortal, after all.

“A half-step Heavenly Immortal?” Suddenly, a glint of shock flashed across the Gold Immortal’s eyes and several thoughts flashed through his mind.

Within the Immortal Plane, there were probably many who remained in the dark about the might of the various Celestial Planes. However, after reaching a certain level of strength, for example, the Gold Immortal stage, they would know more. They would come to realize how terrifying the various Celestial Planes were. Thus, even though they had cultivated the Ageless laws, reaching a stage which practically made them everlasting existences, they would not casually provoke the Celestial Planes. At any rate, the Celestial Planes were on a higher level than the Immortal Plane.

Of course, as a Gold Immortal, killing off some cultivators who came from the Celestial Planes was not that big of a deal. The Celestial Planes were myriad and vast. They would not come after a Gold Immortal for some ordinary cultivators.

And yet, this half-step Heavenly Immortal was clearly different.

To be in possession of such a combat power at the half-step Heavenly Immortal stage, he can no longer just be considered a monster. Even in all of the Immortal Court, a character like this does not exist. This kid must surely be an important person in the Longevity Clan. He likely has experts guarding him. Having reached that train of thought, the Gold Immortal cautiously looked around but found nothing.

If it weren’t for the fountain water in Chen Feng’s possession and the fact that there were people watching him, he would have turned around and left.

“Little brother, as long as you give me half of the Forget Worries Fountain Water on you, I will leave,” the Gold Immortal said with a relatively pleasant tone.

In the end, the Gold Immortal decided to let Chen Feng off. Cultivating up to the Gold Immortal stage had not been easy. There was no need to provoke unending troubles for such a minor matter. The Longevity Clan had many experts that he could not handle. If he were to kill this kid, the other party would send their men over to avenge the kid. In that scenario, he would 100% die. Of course, it would appear that this kid was also not that easy to kill.

The fact that the Gold Immortal was not attacking right after catching up to him surprised Chen Feng. When he heard those words, though, Chen Feng understood.

So, my identity as a member of the Longevity Clan is at work here.

“Senior, I have already used up the fountain water,” Chen Feng replied calmly, a nonchalant expression on his face.

“Used up?” Killing intent flashed out from the Gold Immortal’s eyes. Earlier, he had found a way out from this awkward situation. Unexpectedly, this kid refused to accept this solution. With so many cultivators watching him, what would happen to his reputation?

“Yes. I need the fountain water to cultivate a secret technique. The moment I obtained the fountain water, I had absorbed them all. If you do not believe me, there is nothing I can do about it.” Chen Feng shrugged.

“Of course, if senior insists on attacking, all I can do is run.”

“Can you run away from me?” the Gold Immortal sneered.

“Definitely.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Then, we’ll have to test it out,” the Gold Immortal said, arriving in front of Chen Feng the very next instant. Then, a fist smashed its way towards Chen Feng.

It was a simplistic-looking punch, but this punch caused their surroundings to transform completely. For the cultivators who were watching the fight from afar, their vision suddenly darkened. When they recovered, they saw that both the Gold Immortal and Chen Feng had disappeared.

“He managed to take the kid away so quickly.”

“The methods of a Gold Immortal are beyond our comprehension. Let’s go. Hopefully, a third Forget Worries Fountain will appear.”

“Makes sense. However, even if another spiritual fountain appears, we will have no chance at getting it.”

In the face of the Gold Immortal’s attack, Chen Feng felt himself falling into an abnormal state. Light flashed before him and his surroundings were transformed. A massive fist punched through the surging mists to descend upon him. This fist contained a world-annihilating will. No matter where Chen Feng went, he would be incapable of evading this attack.

This is the frontal attack from a Gold Immortal. It is truly extraordinary. The two Ageless laws within Chen Feng’s body then rumbled, freeing his body from its frozen state. Next, he roared, his Combat acupoint releasing booming sounds as he slashed at the incoming fist with his sword.


Once again, light flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and his surroundings transformed again. He found that he was on the ground. The massive fist had disappeared, the Gold Immortal along with it.

So, he is still fearful of the Celestial Longevity Plane. Chen Feng shook his head, feeling both fortunate and regretful. Still, from the earlier confrontation, Chen Feng could tell that there was still a large gap between his combat power and that of a Gold Immortal.

“Young Master!”

Tun Ri and Da Feng swiftly appeared beside Chen Feng. When they saw that he was fine, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m fine. Why are you two here? Didn’t I tell you two not to follow?” Chen Feng’s voice took on a somewhat strict tone.

Tun Ri and Da Feng did not know what to say. Chen Feng then shook his head and said, “Let’s go. According to my divination, there should be a third spiritual fountain.”

When they found Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng, Chen Feng brought out the remaining Forget Worries Fountain Water and divided it amongst the four of them. As expected, after absorbing the fountain water, Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng felt their cultivation bases moving vigorously. Any stronger and they would end up triggering their Heavenly Tribulations.

“Congratulations! Looks like you two will be advancing to the half-step Gold Immortal stage soon.” Tun Ri laughed.

“Humph!” Xuan Feng grunted and ignored Tun Ri.

“We still need some time to prepare. Also, congratulations to you two. Your cultivation bases have become more stable,” Tie Zhen said. 

“I wonder how Princess Purplejade is doing? Did she manage to escape the murderous pursuit of the Gold Immortal?” Da Feng suddenly said.

“It cannot be considered a murderous pursuit. She is a princess of the Immortal Court, after all. With so many cultivators around, the Gold Immortal will not kill her. On the other hand, Princess Purplejade herself is no weakling. She also has the clones of two Gold Immortals beside her. She should be fine,” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration.

As expected, after Chen Feng said that, they saw Princess Purplejade’s group appear in the distance. They smashed their way forward, seemingly even more overbearing compared to when they first met.

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