Chapter 1190 Chaotic Struggle


“Of course not. There is neither ghost fire nor nether fire there. The skeleton is merely another form of power. The bones left behind by a Gold Immortal must surely contain some ageless power. Perhaps, the Forget Worries Fountain here is the transformed result of this Gold Immortal’s flesh,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

As the two of them were chatting, the final cultivator trapped inside was killed off. Meanwhile, the two Gold Immortals finally succeeded in breaking through the golden light barrier.

After the two Gold Immortals entered the basin, the cultivators outside grew more agitated. They could do nothing but watch. There was such a large amount of Forget Worries Fountain Water, and yet, they were incapable of getting any. It was a terribly unbearable feeling, one that gave them the impulse to puke out blood.

The skeleton, however, was very fast. It swiftly rushed forward to stop one of the Gold Immortals. The other Gold Immortal, on the other hand, laughed loudly and charged towards the pool. 


The ground cracked apart and a massive skeletal palm emerged to repel the charging Gold Immortal, forcing him back. Before the Gold Immortal could stabilize his position, a second skeleton emerged from the ground. This skeleton was also wielding a curved blade and in possession of incomparable might. After its spiritual power locked down the Gold Immortal, it fired out a series of attacks at him.

Seeing the two Gold Immortals entangled there, the cultivators outside grew excited. By combining their attacks, they were able to quickly enlarge the opening on the golden light barrier. Next, tens of cultivators charged into the basin.

“Do we take action?” Princess Purplejade gave Chen Feng a glance.

“Naturally.” Chen Feng nodded before abruptly charging forward, flitting his way between the many cultivators there to swiftly overtake most of them.

Chen Feng had taken action the very moment he said he would. Seeing that, Princess Purplejade grew so infuriated that she stamped her feet. Then, she quickly followed him.


The two Gold Immortals who were fighting the two skeletons became somewhat apprehensive and they moved their hands to simultaneously fire out attacks at the charging cultivators. Golden light appeared and flesh scattered around. At least a hundred cultivators had died to the attacks from the two Gold Immortals.

Gold Immortals indeed. Chen Feng sighed to himself and he swiftly sent Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng a secret vocal transmission, telling them to not enter the basin. The situation inside was simply too dangerous. Even half-step Gold Immortals could die at any moment, let alone Heavenly Immortals. They would only become cannon fodders here.

“Young Master, be careful!” Da Feng hurriedly reminded Chen Feng. Tun Ri, on the other hand, grew somewhat worked up. That said, he was in no rush to snatch the spiritual fountain’s water. Instead, he kept attacking any cultivator who came close to him.

“Are there only these two skeletons?” After entering the basin, Chen Feng carefully sensed his surroundings and began slowing down.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” Princess Purplejade also stopped. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sudden booming sounds threw everyone there into a greater state of confusion. One by one, fist-sized objects flew into the crowd of cultivators.

Following that came the unending screams of misery.

With a grasping motion from Chen Feng, a white-coloured poisonous bee appeared on his palm. Its poisonous stinger gleamed with white light as it stabbed Chen Feng’s palm. However, before it could even pierce through his skin, the power that Chen Feng unleashed ripped it to pieces.

“A Bone Bee. It is a kind of poisonous bee that can be found in many places. It consists entirely of bones, possessing highly formidable defensive and offensive abilities. The poison within it mainly contains the power of death. By itself, it is easy to deal with. But it usually moves around in a swarm. Additionally, the number of bees in the swarm will not be less than 10,000,” Princess Purplejade was quick to say.

“Maybe even more than that,” Chen Feng said. Next, flames spread out to encase his body and all the Bone Bees that came close to him and made contact with the flames would be incinerated. 

“Using a soul flame at the Gold Immortal level to deal with these Bone Bees? Isn’t this a bit of an overkill?” Princess Purplejade chuckled.

“Not at all. Look.” Chen Feng pointed and a mote of fiery light flew out to pierce a one-chi-long Bone Bee. A Bone Bee at this size could already threaten a Heavenly Immortal. 


A Heavenly Immortal was stung by a Bone Bee and his whole body turned stiff. Next, his flesh began turning pale. More Bone Bees then rushed forward to sting him a few more times. As a result, the Heavenly Immortal’s body blew up into a cloud of bone powder and the Bone Bees’s mouthparts devoured all the bone powder.

“Such a big Bone Bee is indeed quite dangerous.” Princess Purplejade swung the humongous war blade in her hand easily and blade light filled the area, shredding apart all the surrounding Bone Bees. 

“Work together to charge forward!” Chen Feng winked at Princess Purplejade before brandishing a sword while striding forward. Countless Bone Bees slammed into Chen Feng’s body to create explosive popping sounds.

Observing the battle between the two Gold Immortals and the two skeletons for a moment, Princess Purplejade then rapidly went after Chen Feng.

Regardless of what the situation was, the most important matter here was to obtain the Forget Worries Fountain Water.

However, there were many there who shared the same idea as Chen Feng. Additionally, many of them were very strong. These cultivators endured the Bone Bees’ assault and continued charging forward. Under such circumstances, competition and fights to the death were inevitable. Only, in the face of Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade’s attacks, there were none who could stop them.

Tun Ri and Da Feng followed Chen Feng closely. As for Patriarch No Return, he left his apprentices outside the basin and came in alone. That said, despite being a veteran half-step Gold Immortal with quite the repertoire of cards up his sleeve, his life span was already nearing its end and his meridians had withered up. Due to that, his combat power was not particularly high. And so, facing the siege of the swarm of Bone Bees, the rate at which he could advance became very slow.

Chen Feng had no time to worry about all that. He brandished his sword and the tens of Bone Bees in his path were all shredded to bits. Even a half-step Gold Immortal was sent flying, badly wounded. Likewise, Princess Purplejade also put on a highly overbearing display of might. Her huge war blade hacked down again and again. By the time she arrived beside Chen Feng, several cultivators had been wounded by her.

“Spiritual fountain!”

The cultivators in the lead had begun snatching the waters of the spiritual fountain. Suddenly, several golden beams of light descended to pierce the bodies of those cultivators. At the same time, two blades of light flew over to cleanly cut several more cultivators.

Those attacks had come from the skeletons and Gold Immortals. The two sides share the same, simple objective, to stop the cultivators from obtaining the waters of the spiritual fountain.

However, two half-step Gold Immortals managed to evade the attacks. After collecting two streams of the spiritual fountain’s water, the two of them swiftly fled. They were not greedy. The moment they managed to get something, they quickly ran away.

Chi! Chi!

Golden light shot towards them again. One of the two cultivators had his body pierced by the golden light and fell down while the other one had his arm grazed by it before successfully running away.

It was then that Chen Feng took the lead. His hand stretched out and grasped and a stream of the spiritual fountain’s water flowed into his hand. Suddenly, a black-coloured blade of light slashed towards Chen Feng.

It was extremely fast, so much so that the normal cultivator would have been incapable of responding in time. More, the other party had also imbued their will into the attack to lock down Chen Feng’s position. Cultivators at the same level or lower as the attacker would find it very hard to evade.

“Be careful!” Princess Purplejade shouted.

“You should take care of yourself first,” Chen Feng said, his sword stabbing forward to collide against the incoming black-coloured blade of light. Taking several steps back, Chen Feng then kept the stream of fountain water. Next, he opened his mouth and sucked, causing another stream of water to enter his mouth non-stop.

As for Princess Purplejade, having blocking the golden light that attacked her, she brought out a small gourd. In but the blink of an eye, several streams of fountain water had entered the gourd.

In addition to Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade, several other cultivators had also managed to stop the attacks from the Gold Immortal. Those cultivators rapidly snatched the fountain water in the pool. And so, in less than one breath’s worth of time, the pool became nearly empty. The water spraying out from the spiritual fountain was no longer enough for the cultivators there. 

After successfully getting some fountain water, some of the cultivators left. However, there were also those who believed themselves capable of blocking the attacks from the Gold Immortals. These cultivators stayed behind. Then, for the sake of obtaining more, they began killing one another.

Almost simultaneously, two half-step Gold Immortals attacked Chen Feng. At the same time, two beams of golden light descended upon Chen Feng. 

“You guys have a death wish! You think I’m easy prey or something here?” Chen Feng revealed a derisive grin and stood still, his suit of armour rapidly expanding to block all the incoming attacks.

Next, sword light streaked forward and the two half-step Gold Immortals were sent flying, seriously wounded from the exchange. Those two cast a look of horror at Chen Feng. On the other hand, Chen Feng was surprised to see that his attacks had failed to kill the two half-step Gold Immortals. Meanwhile, due to that brief moment of entanglement, all the fountain water in the pool had disappeared.

“Consider yourselves unlucky.” Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward to catch up with the two wounded half-step Gold Immortals. After exchanging several more blows, he killed them off and collected their gears.

Princess Purplejade went even further. The Gold Immortal clones guarding her revealed themselves. Each of them held a sword in hand and sword light would flash out every now and again. Any cultivator who dared approach Princess Purplejade would be killed off.

Princess Purplejade was the first to arrive before the spiritual fountain.

That’s cheating. Chen Feng laughed, but he stopped moving forward. Instead, the Longevity Wings vibrated and his figure flitted about. He singlehandedly stopped over 10 half-step Gold Immortals. As for Princess Purplejade’s half-step Gold Immortals, they worked together to kill off the other cultivators. 

The competition to obtain this spiritual fountain’s water left a scene of extreme carnage. Half-step Gold Immortals could already be considered as an expert in the Immortal Plane. And yet, even such existences ended up becoming like grasses, mowed down ceaselessly.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Gold Immortals and skeletons had stopped fighting. Instead, they simultaneously charged forward. Golden light, sword light and blade light shot forward. Even though there were only experts left behind, they had still found it very hard to stop the attacks. And so, the half-step Gold Immortals began retreating.

“Purplejade, are you still not going to retreat?!” Chen Feng shouted just as several attacks landed on his body. He was capable of ignoring the attacks from half-step Gold Immortals. However, should he fail to take on the attacks from the Gold Immortals, he would die.

“Block them for half a breath’s worth of time for me!” Princess Purplejade was still in the midst of collecting the spiritual fountain’s water.

“Do you take me for a Gold Immortal here?!” Chen Feng blurted out. Next, he positioned himself before her. A massive power then descended upon his body, but before he could even unravel this power, a blade of black light hacked down upon him. 

Despite the protection afforded by the suit of armour, Chen Feng felt as though his bones had cracked from that.

Perhaps it was because Chen Feng had collected too much of the spiritual fountain’s water, but he came under attack from both the Gold Immortals and skeletons.

The Longevity Wings spread out and Chen Feng swiftly rushed away. Right before he flew away, large amounts of wicked flames sprayed out from his body in an attempt to stop the attacks of the Gold Immortals.

“Purplejade, I’m leaving first!”

Chen Feng had just shouted those words when he saw Princess Purplejade – with the help of the two Gold Immortal clones – rushing out of the basin. Surprisingly, she was even a notch faster than him.


1 chi = 0.333 m

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