Chapter 1189 Large Spiritual Fountain


There was no way to tell just how many cultivators had entered this Forget Worries Zone. Naturally, it also meant that many cultivators had witnessed Chen Feng snatching the Forget Worries Fountain Water earlier. As they did not have the courage to go after Gold Immortals, they came after Chen Feng instead.

Chen Feng was not afraid of them. However, he also did not want to fight them. At any rate, there was a high number of them there. Should a fight erupt, even if their side could kill off all the cultivators who came, they would still end up taking some damage from this fight. 

“I’m sorry. I did manage to obtain a bit of the fountain water earlier. However, I have used up all of them. You fellows are too late,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Who do you think you’re bluffing here? Everyone has been waiting here for so long, all for the sake of the Forget Worries Fountain. In the end, you fellows snatched it away. If you know what’s good for you, hurry up and hand it over, otherwise you will have to face our siege. Not a single one of you will survive!” one of the cultivators surrounding them shouted.

“He really does have a death wish.” Chen Feng revealed a derisive grin.


Chen Feng had yet to even do anything when Princess Purplejade gave the order to attack. Her subordinates then rode their war chariots to smash forward, killing off over ten enemy cultivators in an instant.


Tun Ri had long since lost his patience. With a roar, he transformed back to his original form and charged into the crowd of cultivators. In Tun Ri’s opinion, while the enemy had numbers on their side, the strongest one there was only a half-step Gold Immortal. Characters like these were not a big threat to him.

Seeing the rest attack, a wry smile then appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Next, his figure disappeared. Every time he re-appeared, at least one enemy cultivator or more would be killed.

Since they had decided to fight, he would not hold back.

Due to the speed of the Longevity Wings and the offensive power of the Undying Heaven Sword, Chen Feng was able to kill off the cultivators at a rapid pace. Additionally, thanks to the suit of armour on Chen Feng, the attacks from these cultivators were of no use.

In the beginning, Princess Purplejade had wanted to compete with Chen Feng to see who could kill more. But when she saw the clouds of blood left in Chen Feng’s wake, she wisely discarded the thought.

“This kid had a mid-grade Divine artifact! Everyone, attack together!”

The half-step Gold Immortal leading the enemy cultivators singled out Chen Feng. Next, a series of attacks from several half-step Gold Immortals finally struck Chen Feng, whose body smashed down into the ground like a meteor, creating a large hole as a result. However, he swiftly dashed out from the hole to defeat the half-step Gold Immortals who came after him with one move. The attacks from the half-step Gold Immortals had failed to even break Chen Feng’s suit of armour.

“This fellow’s body armour is at least a mid-grade Divine artifact as well!”

Chen Feng had put on a formidable display of combat power to kill off a high number of enemy cultivators, but even more enemy cultivators turned around to besiege Chen Feng instead.

The Undying Heaven Sword, suit of armour and Forget Worries Fountain Water. The enemy cultivators wanted all of them.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, had his savagery and killing intent stimulated. Power surged forward from his Combat acupoint. Due to that, Chen Feng, who kept receiving injury after injury, was able to continuously increase his combat power.


The massive Longevity Wings abruptly swept forward and two half-step Gold Immortals were sent flying. Swiftly going after one of them, Chen Feng then slashed and both sword light and blood became as one.

Chen Feng had wanted to go after the other half-step Gold Immortal when he noticed Tie Zhen besieged by a high number of enemy cultivators, resulting in him suffering from severe injuries. Xuan Feng was also not in a good situation. Tun Ri and Da Feng continued to fight valiantly, but were also suffering from a high number of injuries. 

Princess Purplejade’s soldiers formed an array to attack while the war chariots went on a rampage, killing off a good number of enemy cultivators. And yet, due to the high number of enemy cultivators, their side was beginning to take damage.

That said, the damage to the enemy side was even greater. That was even more so when considering the participation of Chen Feng, who was practically like a God of Carnage. Every second was spent killing off the enemy cultivators. Thus, in but a few breaths’ worth of time, the enemy cultivators who came together to target them were dispersed.

Those cultivators were simply a combination of various forces, after all. They did not truly unite under one banner. As they were fleeing, Chen Feng killed off two more half-step Gold Immortals. 

For Chen Feng, half-step Gold Immortals were becoming increasingly weak. Their ability to give Chen Feng a feeling of a challenge and oppression had fallen. Perhaps, only Gold Immortals would be able to give Chen Feng that now.

As the enemy cultivators were fleeing, another energy wave – filled with a concentrated power of life – swept outwards to shock everyone there. Instantly, someone shouted, “It’s the Forget Worries Fountain! The Forget Worries Fountain!”

“There’s actually a second Forget Worries Fountain!”

Earlier, seeing the Gold Immortals fight over the Forget Worries Fountain, most of the cultivators in the Forget Worries Zone had grown disappointed and a good portion of those cultivators left. Now, due to the second wave of the power of life, all of them stopped leaving. Some even regretted their decision.

The Longevity Wings began burning once more. This time, Chen Feng’s movement speed was several notches faster than before as he jumped through space, an act that practically defied the concept of distance.

Princess Purplejade was no slouch herself. She did not bother using the dragon chariot anymore. Instead, she personally flew forward. At the same time, golden light shone out from her and her speed was not that much slower compared to Chen Feng.

“No Gold Immortals!”

It did not take long before the two of them arrived before the spiritual fountain. This spiritual fountain was somewhat different from the previous one. After just spraying out for just a moment, the lands around it began quaking before sinking. Circle after circle of formidable power swept outwards and the cultivators who managed to make their way there, including Chen Feng, were sent flying.

Soon, a basin appeared before them all. In the middle of this basin was a pool of water. And in the middle of this pool of water was a gushing fountain.

“What a big spiritual fountain!” The eyes of all the cultivators there turned red and they all charged forward. By then, the energy wave had disappeared, but Chen Feng instead stopped moving. Likewise, Princess Purplejade and some other formidable experts hesitated for a moment before stopping.

Princess Purplejade and Chen Feng exchanged glances. Then, after a quick discussion with the Gold Immortal clones, Princess Purplejade waved her hand and her soldiers made ready to charge forward.


A black blade of light suddenly appeared and the cultivators leading the charge towards the basin were cleanly cut in half each. That one blade of light left tens of cultivators killed. One of them was a half-step Gold Immortal.

When compared to the half-step Gold Immortals, the perceptive abilities of the Heavenly Immortals were slightly inferior. And so, even though tens of cultivators had died to the earlier attack, even more cultivators charged towards the Forget Worries Fountain that was in the middle of the basin.


Another blade of light appeared. This time, it was not black, but an eye-piercing golden. It was like a highly compressed star. Although everyone had prepared themselves for it, another 10 or so cultivators were killed. The half-step Gold Immortals amongst them, however, were quick to evade. Due to that, all the killed cultivators were Heavenly Immortals.

After that, all the cultivators who were charging towards the basin stopped and a portion of them rapidly flew back. Suddenly, a circular wave of golden light shone up from the edge of the basin, creating a thin barrier that easily stopped those cultivators’ retreat. No matter how hard they tried to attack the barrier, they could not break it. 

“Where are these attacks coming from? Also, this golden light clearly contains the power of a Gold Immortal!”

“This is clearly the Forget Worries Fountain! How can there be any dangers here? Something like this has never happened before!”

“This has happened before. Did you fellows forget how the Forget Worries Fountains are created?” a cultivator suddenly spoke up. He was completely shrouded in golden light.

“The clone of a Gold Immortal!” some of the cultivators there exclaimed.

“The Forget Worries Fountains are not naturally-occurring existences. Rather, they are something formed from extrinsic means. It is said that the essence of Patriarch Forget Worries had formed the spiritual fountains.”

“Those are just rumours.”

“The last time a large spiritual fountain appeared, some other items appeared as well. I wonder what will appear this time?”

“Fellows, I suggest we charge in together. There is no telling when a Gold Immortal could appear.” Someone suggested.

Everyone there felt tempted. The moment Gold Immortals appear, they would lose the qualifications to compete for the spiritual fountain.

“It’s too late,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“What did you say?” some of the cultivators turned to look at Chen Feng. Even Princess Purplejade cast a puzzled look at Chen Feng, only for her face to immediately darken.

Two golden beams of light appeared from the distance. With but two flashes, the two beams appeared before all the cultivators there. One of the golden beams of light charged towards the golden light barrier at the edge of the basin.

“Gold Immortals!”

The cultivators there cried out. Some of the stronger half-step Gold Immortals grew somewhat excited.


The Gold Immortal slammed against the golden light barrier and a halo of golden light burst out. For the many cultivators there, it felt as though the whole world was shaking.

“He failed to charge in.”

This result surprised even Chen Feng. Although he was aware that this golden light barrier was not to be underestimated, he did not think that it could even stop a Gold Immortal.


The two Gold Immortals stopped. One of them had a tall figure and a sword in hand while the other had a muscular figure and a staff engraved completely with mysterious runes in hand.

The two Gold Immortals exchanged glances. The others, on the other hand, felt a chill running down their spines and their bodies stiffened.

“So, this is a Gold Immortal.” For some of them, this was their first time seeing an Ageless Gold Immortal.

Sou! Sou!

Next, the two Gold Immortals attacked at the same time. Golden light flowed like a river of stars, a river containing unique star-devastating powers. The staff swung forward, seemingly becoming the only thing within the world. Following that, the cultivators there felt their visions darken and their souls became on the verge of dispersing away.

The whole place fell silent and only golden light could be seen shimmering and vibrating in the air. The cultivators around the golden light barrier began retreating, leaving only a handful of them standing there. Some of the weaker ones had simply puked out blood or fell unconscious. One glance at the attacks from the Gold Immortals had been enough to seriously damage their souls. 

Princess Purplejade and Chen Feng stood side by side. Chen Feng maintained a calm expression on his face. As someone with the strength to fight half-step Gold Immortals head on, would he worry about something like this?

Chen Feng’s gaze had already made its way through the golden light barrier and he was able to clearly see what was happening inside the basin. Almost all of the cultivators who entered the basin earlier had died. Only less than 10 cultivators remained inside, doing their best to flee.

Inside the barrier was a tall, humanoid skeleton, which walked forward, a curved blade in its hand. Every slash of the curved blade would result in the death of a cultivator. Even half-step Gold Immortals were incapable of fighting back.

“Strange. The skeleton left behind by a Gold Immortal,” Chen Feng said.

“It is somewhat peculiar. It has no flesh or blood, only bones. And yet, it could still possess such a formidable combat power. Could it be an expert from the Ghost Plane or the Nether Plane?” Princess Purplejade, who was beside him, said in puzzlement.

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