Chapter 1188 Snatching the Spiritual Fountain


“The other party should only have a few Gold Immortal clones left,” Chen Feng said coolly. Brandishing the Undying Heaven Sword, he then launched a sudden attack at void space.

It was from this very spot that a Gold Immortal clone had attacked him earlier. In that instant back then, Chen Feng had realized that there was an array core here. Thus, attacking this place was surely not a mistake.

As Chen Feng was attacking, two golden beams of light emerged from within him to course through his body. It was as though there was a great world supporting Chen Feng, giving him an endless supply of power.

Those were the two Ageless laws that Chen Feng had refined.

For the sake of charging out, Chen Feng had gone all out. Thanks to the power of the Ageless laws, the Undying Heaven Sword in his hand was able to unleash almost all of its power.

As a result, the entire space shook and a look of delight appeared on Princess Purplejade’s face. Chen Feng had broken one of the array cores. However, as he was searching for the other array cores, the Gold Immortal clone who attacked Chen Feng earlier appeared again to send a fine and sharp sword stabbing towards Chen Feng’s head.

“This level of ability is not enough,” Chen Feng said with a scornful smile. Using the Undying Heaven Sword, he fought against this opponent without falling into a disadvantageous position.

After reaching a certain level, magic arrays would rarely have any weak points save the array cores, but array cores were very difficult to locate. Moreover, the array cores were usually guarded by experts. Even if one were to find it, they might not be able to destroy it.

And while Chen Feng’s earlier attack was formidable, there was luck involved as well. However, due to the entangling efforts from the other party, Chen Feng no longer had the time to go look for the other array cores.

That said, thanks to the earlier killing spree, the fighting spirit of the cultivators under Princess Purplejade had soared. Mobilizing the war chariots, they kept rampaging about wildly and succeeded in finding two array cores. Princess Purplejade swiftly rushed forward to destroy one of them while her six half-step Gold Immortals worked together to destroy the other one.

Due to that, the power of the killing array plummeted. When Tun Ri and Da Feng destroyed another array core, the killing array finally collapsed. Three golden beams of light streaked across the sky before swiftly disappearing from sight. As for the place, it had become completely clean, as though nothing had happened here earlier.

“Three Gold Immortal clones. A pity, we failed to kill off even one.” Chen Feng shook his head, a wry smile on his face.

“The Ministry of Heavenly War actually dares to attack me.” A hint of fury flashed across Princess Purplejade’s beautiful eyes.

“The Ministry of Heavenly War is an important part of the Immortal Court. Every one of the Heavenly Soldiers in it is a war-loving fellow. More, their combat power is high. All in all, the Ministry of Heavenly War possesses an astonishing power. For the sake of personal interests, plotting against a few princes or princesses is not an issue for them,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Princess Purplejade was aware that Chen Feng’s words were true. However, the killing intent in her heart did not disappear. Instead, it became hidden. It would wait for the opportune moment to erupt.

“Looks like my reputation is not strong enough. Once I obtain the Forget Worries Fountain Water, I am certain that I will be able to assail the Gold Immortal stage. When the time comes, I will be sure to settle this score,” Princess Purplejade said, an icy smile forming within her mind.

“I didn’t think that you are so important. Even the Ministry of Heavenly War would intervene.” After that, though, she turned her dissatisfaction on Chen Feng. No matter how you cut it, her side had suffered from some casualties earlier. Thus, she subconsciously blamed Chen Feng for it.

“Don’t look at me. We are allies. Fighting enemies together is only natural. Besides, you’re the one who brought us here,” Chen Feng said. The expression on his face left Princess Purplejade speechless.

“Come on, then. Now we know this is not the place. There’s no telling when the Forget Worries Fountain will erupt,” Chen Feng continued.

“Little brother.” Patriarch No Return led his apprentices over. His face was somewhat contorted. In the earlier battle, his group had been unable to help much. Rather, several of his apprentices were badly wounded instead.

“I’ve found that this place is indeed not suitable for us. Perhaps, it is time we leave,” Patriarch No Return said, sighing.

“Are you sure you want to do that? Now that you’ve come this far, leaving will likely not be easy.” Chen Feng was somewhat taken aback.

“Heading back should not be an issue. My life span is already nearing its end to begin with. I should never have tried to force things and come here,” Patriarch No Return said calmly.

“Very well. I can only hope that you fellows can safely leave this Forget Worries Zone.” Chen Feng nodded.

Just as Patriarch No Return was about to lead his apprentices away, however, an energy wave swept towards them from afar. Grasses and other vegetation tilted as the energy wave swept past them. As for Chen Feng and the others, they felt their souls improving somewhat. Patriarch No Return then cried out in excitement. This energy wave alone had allowed his withered body to give birth to a trace of vitality, adding a hundred years to his life span out of nowhere.

“It’s the Forget Worries Fountain! The Forget Worries Fountain!” Patriarch No Return cried out excitedly and stopped talking about leaving.

Chen Feng reached out with one hand to grasp the energy streams, forming a clump of energy in his hand. After carefully analysing it, he concluded that the Forget Worries Fountain contained a great power of life. Naturally, there were also other powers mixed within it. Of course, the only thing that mattered to Chen Feng was that it was useful. 

After inspecting it for a moment, Princess Purplejade realized that this energy wave had indeed come from the area that Chen Feng found with his divination. She could not help but feel regretful. If only she had remained there, they would have been able to quickly reach it. At present, however, it was too far away. Due to that, the pressure that they had to face became greater.


Even so, Princess Purplejade pressed onwards, mobilizing the dragon chariot to wrap up everyone present before swiftly charging towards the Forget Worries Fountain. 

Chen Feng, though, simply utilized the Longevity Wings to instantly pierce through the sky and disappeared from sight.

This fellow! How is he so fast? Princess Purplejade grew somewhat displeased.

It did not take long before Chen Feng caught sight of a pillar of water charging all the way up into the sky. The energy streams emanating from the pillar of water were capable of scouring away the impurities within the soul. Needless to say, it could also greatly improve one’s life force.

Chen Feng’s speed was truly fast. And yet, there were also some who were faster than him. Several golden beams of light simply tore open space to charge towards the fountain, surpassing the other cultivators in terms of speed.


A thunderous, soul-shaking voice rang out and several cultivators who were flying ahead of Chen Feng were quaked to death by the voice. Two of them were half-step Gold Immortals.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng watched as three clumps of golden light arrived before the pillar of water. Breaking open the barrier encasing the pillar of water, all three grasped at the pillar of water at almost the same time.

“Why are these Gold Immortals even here for?” The Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back had begun burning and his speed rose. At the same time, he utilized the Great Longevity Palm, sending it grasping at the Forget Worries Fountain. 

Regardless of how many Gold Immortals there were, Chen Feng must have a piece of the pie.

The three Gold Immortals, on the other hand, focused on fighting one another for the pillar of water, ignoring Chen Feng. More accurately, they simply did not consider Chen Feng as a threat. This was a fight between three Gold Immortals. The average cultivator would be incapable of withstanding the shockwaves from their battle.

Quickly, though, the three Gold Immortals sensed something amiss. The Great Longevity Palm broke into the domain that the three of them had created. Next, with a grasping motion, a stream of Forget Worries Fountain Water flowed away.


The three Gold Immortals felt somewhat surprised. Even so, they continued to ignore it. As for Chen Feng, he made use of the chance to run away. The fact that he could snatch something from beneath the noses of three Gold Immortals was mission accomplished for him.

Half of the obtained spiritual fountain water flowed into his body and Chen Feng instantly felt some of the impurities within his soul getting tempered out. To Chen Feng’s great delight, the insight acupoints that he had opened up seemingly received a spiritual rain and the birth of life became imminent.


A booming sound rang within Chen Feng’s mind as it improved again. With the birth of life, the insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body would no longer be simple dimensions. Rather, they would transform into bodily worlds.

At present, his insight acupoints were still – at best – pocket dimensions.

Thus, Chen Feng was in need of a great deal of the power of life. Due to that, the thought of snatching more from the Gold Immortals rose to his mind. In the end, however, he suppressed the desire. With a thought, section after section of Longevity Wood disintegrated within his body and the large amounts of longevity energy created from this action flowed into his insight acupoints.

“Young Master!”

By then, the others could already see that there was something strange going on with Chen Feng. Tun Ri and the others rapidly rushed forward.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the remaining Forget Worries Fountain Water split into two portions. One portion went to Princess Purplejade while the other portion went to Patriarch No Return.

“I want to cultivate. Do not disturb me,” Chen Feng said, layer after layer of astral energy emerging from his body. Without waiting for their response, Chen Feng then entered a state of cultivation.

Tun Ri and the others stood guard around Chen Feng.

Princess Purplejade looked at the Forget Worries Fountain Water in her hand before turning to look at Chen Feng. Then, she waved her hand and the Forget Worries Fountain Water flowed towards Chen Feng.

“The way I see it, right now, you need this fountain water more than me,” Princess Purplejade said. At the same time, though, she sighed.

Patriarch No Return hesitated for a moment. Then, sighing, he kept the Forget Worries Fountain Water. Although the amount of fountain water there was small, it would be able to extend his life span by at least ten thousand years.

It had to be said, increasing the life span of a half-step Gold Immortal was completely different from increasing the life span of an Ascendant Immortal. 

Wave after wave of concentrated power of life spread out from Chen Feng’s body and grasses and vegetation began growing from the withered ground. As for Princess Purplejade, a look of wonder appeared on her face. Her assessment of Chen Feng was high enough as it was. Unexpectedly, his power of life was so strong. It had utterly surpassed her power of life.

His power of life is almost comparable to a Gold Immortal. If he manages to advance to the Gold Immortal stage, how strong would he become? Would he be able to instantly kill off other Gold Immortals? Princess Purplejade felt her mind falling into a state of turmoil. She was a cultivation genius. But since meeting Chen Feng, she had been receiving mental blows at a frequent rate.

Chen Feng’s cultivation session ended quickly. More accurately, Chen Feng had deliberately stopped. He had a hunch that the second Forget Worries Fountain was going to erupt soon.

“I didn’t think that the Forget Worries Fountain Water is so good. Next up, I’ll have to snatch even more of them,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“I wonder how long we have to wait?” Princess Purplejade was still feeling somewhat distressed about sending back the fountain water to Chen Feng earlier.

“I have a feeling that the spiritual fountain will be erupting soon.” Chen Feng looked around and saw that many of the cultivators who came to the Forget Worries Zone had gone wild.

“It’s here! Hand over the Forget Worries Fountain Water!” Suddenly, a good number of cultivators – emanating killing intent – charged towards them.

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