Chapter 1187 Counter Attack


“Maybe we can go check it out,” Princess Purplejade said, keeping an eye on Chen Feng.

“I have no objections.” Chen Feng did not reject.

And so, they began moving out. After a series of twists and turns along the way, they finally arrived at the location that Princess Purplejade mentioned.

“This place? I wonder, where did you get this piece of news?” Chen Feng said with a smile. Before asking, he had utilized his divine sense to scan their surroundings and found that they were presently within a highly formidable killing array.

By then, Princess Purplejade had also realized that something was amiss. The soldiers under her began driving the war chariots to smash their way through their surroundings.

“I was careless. Unexpectedly, I could so easily fall into a trap that others set up,” Chen Feng said with a smile and a spark flew out from his eyes to instantly jump through space. Next, a wretched cry rang out.

“It’s the guys from the Ministry of Heavenly War. I don’t understand. Why are they doing this? Is it simply due to the dispute we have earlier? It doesn’t look like it,” Chen Feng said indifferently, not showing any concern for the fact that they had entered the killing array.

Princess Purplejade’s face was ugly to behold. Prior to this, Chen Feng had already divined out the approximate location for the Forget Worries Fountains. But due to her insistence, they had fallen into a trap.


A canopy descended from the sky to separate Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade. Following that, a passageway appeared before her.

“Princess Purplejade, you can come out now.” A voice rang out from within the passageway.

“No.” Princess Purplejade was quick to refuse.

“If that’s the case, there is no need for you to come out.”

The passageway then disappeared and the canopy spread out, transforming into countless blades before shooting towards Chen Feng.

“There is a cause and effect for everything. Since the very beginning, these Heavenly Soldiers have been targeting me. And now, they are even dragging Princess Purplejade into it. Tsk, tsk. For them to be willing to pay such a price for this, they must surely have a very convincing reason,” Chen Feng said, his palm pressing down. A gust of wind then blew forth to shred all the incoming blades into pieces. 

Tun Ri and Da Feng stayed beside Chen Feng to protect him while Xuan Feng and Tie Zhen then went together with Princess Purplejade’s subordinates to attack the killing array.

However, the killing array was already operational. Thirteen smoke-like waves of energy charged into the sky. As a result, their surroundings turned dark. Lightning powers of varying colours flashed. Balls of lightning rolled about while chains of lightning swirled around them, giving them the impression that they were facing tribulation clouds.

“I dragged you into this.” Princess Purplejade had recollected herself.

“You’re wrong. I am the one who dragged you into this. The other party is trying to kill me. Only, they did not hesitate to even throw a princess of an Immortal Court into their trap. It would appear that we are in trouble this time,” Chen Feng said, still smiling. Tun Ri and Da Feng had begun taking action, repelling various types of attacks non-stop. 

“It’s the Great Primordial Array,” said Princess Purplejade after observing the smoke-like waves of power rising all around them.

“This is no ordinary Great Primordial Array. This array contains other elements within it. More importantly, there is the shadow of a Gold Immortal behind it.” Light flowed out ceaselessly from Chen Feng’s eyes, transforming into mysterious symbols before disappearing into their surrounding space.

“If the other party is a Gold Immortal, why not just take action directly? Instead, they set up a trap for us? Isn’t this more troublesome?” All of Princess Purplejade’s subordinates and war chariots had been mobilized and six half-step Gold Immortals formed a small but wondrous magic array, with Princess Purplejade in the middle. Every now and again, waves of golden light would sweep out to shatter apart all the incoming attacks.

“Because the other party is uncertain that they can deal with me head on. Or perhaps, the other party is just a clone,” Chen Feng replied. The light flowing out from his eyes began gushing out instead. But no matter how much light gushed out from his eyes, all of them would disappear. It had no effect on the surrounding attacks.

Knowing that Chen Feng was utilizing a mysterious eye technique, Princess Purplejade also sent out a wave of soul power into their surroundings.

Princess Purplejade was proficient in eye techniques, secret soul techniques and close combat. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she was an all-rounder genius in cultivation. Certainly, when facing Chen Feng, she would feel pressured. However, how many could match someone who possessed the Chaos Constitution?

That said, if the two sides had to fight each other to the death, Chen Feng himself was not confident in his ability to finish off Princess Purplejade’s side. At any rate, someone with two Gold Immortal clones serving as her escorts must surely have some other killer moves.

Princess Purplejade herself was already a highly formidable powerhouse. She also had a high number of subordinates. Just the charge of the war chariots alone was comparable to several half-step Gold Immortals. And by getting into formation, her soldiers could fight against several half-step Gold Immortals. More, there were also six half-step Gold Immortals in her group. This was a force to be reckoned with.

And yet, the other party was prepared. They had considered Princess Purplejade’s power when coming up with this plan. And so, in the face of the various attacks by the killing array, some of them began taking damage.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, continued to not take action. Instead, he simply continued to release light from his eyes while Tun Ri and Da Feng defended him like steadfast mountains. Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng were the only ones who had joined the battle.

As such, almost all the fighting force there was from Princess Purplejade’s side.

It did not take long before Princess Purplejade grew somewhat dissatisfied. After two of her subordinates fell, she shouted, “How much longer are you going to wait?”

“Just a little longer,” Chen Feng replied coolly, ignoring what was happening around him. Due to that, Princess Purplejade grew so enraged that she felt an impulse to stamp her feet.

Suddenly, a net formed from several hundred sword beams descended upon Chen Feng. Every single one of the sword beams was comparable to an attack from a half-step Gold Immortal. And yet, Chen Feng continued to not take any action. Tun Ri and Da Feng, who had been standing guard beside Chen Feng all this time, took action. Two formidable waves of power rapidly charged skywards to break the net.

As expected of the elites from the Longevity Clan. The two of them are comparable to four of my half-step Gold Immortals. Witnessing that, Princess Purplejade was quick to come to that conclusion.

However, even more attacks appeared from their surrounding space. Nets made from sword beams, blade beams, lightning powers and soul attacks. Almost all of the attacks came from the killing array. Another portion, though, were sneak attacks from cultivators who were lurking in the dark.

Even with their strength, Da Feng and Tun Ri ended up becoming somewhat flustered. As they had to defend Chen Feng, they quickly ended up with wounds. It was just a matter of time before the attacks overwhelmed them.


An astral blade flashed forward, aimed at Chen Feng’s forehead only for Tun Ri to use his own body to stop it. Due to that, his body was pierced by the astral blade.

And yet, Chen Feng continued to remain still, but the golden flames within his eyes grew increasingly strong. 

“Chen Feng, just what are you doing?” Princess Purplejade began bellowing. By then, the six half-step Gold Immortals under her were already wounded.

“Give me just a little more time and we can counter attack,” Chen Feng said, the streams of light coming out from his eyes growing even brighter. Already, golden threads could be seen within the streams of light.

“Counter attack? Are you joking?” Princess Purplejade could not stop herself from bursting into a bitter smile.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Chen Feng said.

“Fine. I will trust you for now. If you cannot succeed, our cooperation will stop here and I will take my leave,” Princess Purplejade said coldly.

“Ha ha ha! I fear you might not be able to leave even if you want to.” Chen Feng laughed.

“There is no need for you to worry about that.”

“It’s time. Get ready!” Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly shone with even greater intensity and golden light shot outwards like two compressed suns. The light illuminated their surroundings with such brilliance that even Princess Purplejade found it somewhat hard to not close her eyes.

“Hurry up and attack!” Chen Feng shouted and countless talismans flew out from the golden light to enter the cultivators who suddenly fell out from void space.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tun Ri’s group of four was the fastest to react. Rather, they did not even wait for Chen Feng to give the order before charging forward.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Following the sounds, four cultivators were killed. Two of them were half-step Gold Immortals while the other two were high-level heavenly Immortals.

Next, Princess Purplejade also joined in. It was clear to her that Chen Feng had utilized a secret technique to force out the lurking enemy cultivators. Most importantly, the enemy’s response rate had become sluggish. Perhaps it would only last for several blinks of an eye. And yet, for an expert like Princess Purplejade, this brief moment was enough.

Although she had been slower to react, by the time Tun Ri’s group managed to kill off four half-step Gold Immortals, she had cleaved two half-step Gold Immortals into two each. 

Unbelievably, this princess with a spectacular beauty was wielding a humongous war blade. She had practically butchered the two half-step Gold Immortals.

“Courting death!”

Finally, the experts from the other side took action. Two golden blades of light shot towards Chen Feng, but the two Gold Immortal clones on Princess Purplejade’s side took action as well to stop the two blades. However, a third blade arrived before Chen Feng. Tun Ri and the others were also unable to stop it in time.

A sword then appeared in Chen Feng’s hand to shatter the golden blade of light with a slash.

“Only this much power? So, the other party is just the clone of a Gold Immortal. No wonder they can only resort to trickery instead of fighting us head on.” Chen Feng scoffed and vaulted up into the sky. Next, the Undying Heaven Sword in his hand hacked down. In the face of the resulting sword light, all the chaotic energy streams there were cleaved apart. Unfortunately for a half-step Gold Immortal, he happened to be situated right before Chen Feng and was thus cut in half.

By then, the effect that Chen Feng’s secret technique created had disappeared. But the other party had lost over 10 half-step Gold Immortals. As for the enemy high-level Heavenly Immortals, over 30 of them had been killed off.

Amongst the 10 killed half-step Gold Immortals, three wore black suits of armour while the rest wore varying clothes.

“The Ministry of Heavenly War sure is careful. They know, even though they have brought over so many cultivators, their number is still somewhat small,” Chen Feng said coldly.

Princess Purplejade cast a slight look of shock at Chen Feng. She had never expected the tables to turn so drastically. In but a brief moment, she had killed off three half-step Gold Immortals and ten high-level Heavenly Immortals. Normally, this was a feat that she could never have dreamt of accomplishing. Unexpectedly, thanks to the secret technique that Chen Feng used, she was able to easily do it.

What kind of secret technique did he use earlier? How can it affect so many cultivators? Princess Purplejade’s eyes flashed with light. Amidst her feelings of surprise, other thoughts began rising within her mind.

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