Chapter 1186 Work Together


Time went by. While Princess Purplejade was able to remain patient, the few half-step Gold Immortals under her grew somewhat apprehensive.

“Princess, we have wasted a lot of time,” one of them could not stop himself from complaining.

“You mean to say we should start looking around instead of waiting here?” Princess Purplejade said.

“Princess, I mean to say that we should not trust this person too much. Even a Gold Immortal is incapable of divining the location of the Forget Worries Fountain, let alone a minor half-step Heavenly Immortal like him.”

“Shut your mouths. You two are half-step Gold Immortals, but you still cannot defeat this half-step Heavenly Immortal. If you fellows know his identity, you will not think this way of him.” Princess Purplejade’s face then turned frosty.

“He is just someone from the Celestial Longevity Plane,” one of them muttered resentfully.

“His status and blood are more noble compared to mine,” Princess Purplejade said.

“Impossible! Is he also a member of the imperial family? But why would he only bring so few people along then?” The half-step Gold Immortals were still unable to believe it.

Back to Chen Feng, who was in the midst of performing the divination technique, the fog obstructing his way finally turned faint. Next, a drop of fountain water fell down to give rise to circular ripples. Chen Feng’s divine sense moved while his soul flame burned furiously. Finally, he managed to catch hold of some clues.

After that, however, beams of golden light kept sweeping forward, colliding against one another. Due to that, Chen Feng’s divination was interrupted and his face paled. And so, he stopped.

“How is it?”

After Chen Feng came out, Princess Purplejade swiftly asked.

“Gold Immortals will indeed appear, more than one,” Chen Feng said.

Princess Purplejade’s face turned dark. That was what she feared the most.

“What about the location of the Forget Worries Fountain?”

“You should already know, but the location of the Forget Worries Fountain is not fixed,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“If you fail to divine it, then just be frank about it. Why continue uttering nonsense?” one of the half-step Gold Immortals scoffed.

“Princess Purplejade, are all your subordinates like this?” Chen Feng’s face turned cold.

“Leave us!” Princess Purplejade’s face turned dark and she shouted.

“I was lax in disciplining them. I hope you can turn a blind eye to it,” Princess Purplejade said sincerely. 

Chen Feng nodded before saying, “Truth be told, it’s not that bad. Because more than one Forget Worries Fountain will emerge.”

“More than one?!” Princess Purplejade exclaimed, a look of joy in her eyes. 

“According to my divination, at least three Forget Worries Fountains will erupt. Only, I do not know if they will erupt at the same time,” Chen Feng continued, recalling the fragmented images he saw back then.

“I am unable to lock down their specific locations, only the general area where they will erupt,” Chen Feng said.

“That’s enough.” Princess Purplejade’s eyes shone brighter as she stared right at Chen Feng. Due to that, Chen Feng felt somewhat awkward.

“I’ll be honest. Before heading forth, I had found a Gold Immortal who specialized in divinations to perform a divination about this. The senior also concluded that there will be more than one Forget Worries Fountain,” Princess Purplejade said with a smile.

“I wonder, why are you after the Forget Worries Fountain Water?” Chen Feng asked, feeling puzzled. Given Princess Purplejade’s status and wealth, there should be no need for her to risk so much by going after the Forget Worries Fontain.

“Looks like you do not know much about the Forget Worries Fountain.”

“Oh, please tell me about it.”

“The waters of the Forget Worries Fountain have many functions. The most important function is its ability to improve the soul, shortening the time needed to form Ageless laws,” Princess Purplejade said.

“Just that ability is enough.” Chen Feng nodded. At the same time, he came to understand why so many half-step Gold Immortals would come over. Cultivators like Patriarch No Return, who wanted to use the fountain waters to prolong his life, were too little in numbers.

“What about you? Are you not here to snatch the Forget Worries Fountain Water as well?” Princess Purplejade asked.

“No. I had only come here for a visit, not here for the Forget Worries Fountain Water. Of course, I am now interested,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

“Even if it means going against a Gold Immortal?” Princess Purplejade was quick to ask.

“Yes. A Gold Immortal cannot scare me. Besides, by working together with you, I have more confidence.” Chen Feng then laughed.

“You have a discerning eye.” Princess Purplejade laughed as well.

Chen Feng felt moved. This Princess Purplejade was indeed quite the character. Be it her appearance, birth and status in the Immortal Plane, all of them were top-tier. Most importantly, her cultivation talent was also top-tier.

Princess Purplejade’s dragon chariot began moving towards the location that Chen Feng pinpointed. Along the way, the two of them continued chatting. Both Chen Feng and Princess Purplejade were geniuses in cultivation with their own unique views on cultivation. Additionally, both sides had also explored outer space before. Thus, the atmosphere there was quite harmonious.

Tun Ri’s group of four was also secretly chatting while revealing clandestine and shady looks from time to time.

“The Young Master doesn’t have a dao companion yet, right? I think this Princess Purplejade is quite good.”

“She does qualify, albeit barely. Besides, the Young Master has spent so long away from home. How could he not have any dao companions? There is no need for us to worry about this.”

“What do you mean no need to worry? This is a big matter for our Longevity Clan.”

“The path of cultivation is a long one. The Young Master is not even anxious about it. What are you so anxious about? How does the saying go again? The emperor remains unworried, but the eunuch has already grown worried. The way I see it, you’re the eunuch.”

“Nonsense! You’re the eunuch!”

“Still, it looks to me like the two of them are chatting quite passionately. Is the Young Master really interested in this Princess Purplejade?”

“Possible. A princess of the Immortal Court. It’s alright.”


It was then that Chen Feng let out a harrumph and his voice rang out within the seas of wisdom of Tun Ri and the others, causing them to behave themselves.

Meanwhile, Patriarch No Return and his apprentices were feeling awkward. They wanted to leave. And yet, they were also aware that their force alone was insufficient to find the Forget Worries Fountain. And so, all they could do was to embolden themselves and follow Chen Feng, hoping that they could truly find the Forget Worries Fountain.

“This is the area your divination found.” The dragon chariot then stopped and Princess Purplejade extended a finger to jab. Next, a map slowly unfurled before them. With a gentle flick of her finger, a circular area was highlighted on the map.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“This area is quite large. Additionally, there are also some dangerous spots,” Princess Purplejade said with a smile.

Looking at the map, Chen Feng then extended a finger as well to highlight two more areas before smiling and saying, “The places I found with my divination equals one fifth of the Forget Worries Zone. More, it might not be accurate. How is it? Are you regretting now?”

“A little. However, it is much better than just looking around cluelessly. Besides, you are very strong. That alone is enough,” Princess Purplejade replied.

“You’re not being truthful.” Chen Feng stared right into Princess Purplejade’s eyes.

“It is the truth.” Princess Purplejade, though, stared right back at him.

“Fine.” Chen Feng nodded before getting up. With a flash, he left the dragon chariot. This place was quite a decent place, with mountains and water. Only, the energy streams flowing around them hampered their feelings of joy.

“Young Master!” Tun Ri arrived before Chen Feng. He had wanted to say something only to suddenly stop, becoming hesitant.

“What is it? Did something happen?” Chen Feng grew curious as he regarded Tun Ri. How could someone who was usually so blunt end up like this?

Gritting his teeth, Tun Ri finally said, “Actually, before we entered this Forget Worries Zone, I received a message.” 

“Whose message?” Chen Feng grew even more curious.

“The Saintess.”

“The Longevity Palace's Saintess? Tsk, tsk. Tun Ri, I didn’t think you are so capable.” Chen Feng snickered.

“It’s not me. She is looking for you. Also, she has reached the Gold Immortal stage,” Tun Ri said with a wry smile.

“The Gold Immortal stage. This generation’s Saintess actually managed to cultivate up to the Gold Immortal stage. Doesn’t this mean she has a great deal of authority in the Longevity Palace?” Chen Feng grew surprised.

“She is looking for me?” A fierce light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Also, you informed her of my exact location?”

“How could I? Actually, when I first received her message, I was shocked as well. I don’t even know how she did it,” Tun Ri said nervously.

Chen Feng nodded and utilized the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight to scan Tun Ri from top to bottom, again and again. As expected, it did not take long before Chen Feng’s hand reached out and grasped. Next, a thumb-sized mote of golden light flew out from Tun Ri’s body. Within the golden light was an unknown seed.

“A Magic Cerebral Seed. Looks like you’ve been devouring too many items. The other party left some good items in you. No questions are needed to know that they already have our location.” After saying that, Chen Feng ignored the energy waves coming from the Magic Cerebral Seed. A stream of flames flew forward to utterly incinerate the seed.

“Young Master, punish me. I didn’t know this would happen.” A look of shame appeared on Tun Ri’s face.

Da Feng and the others had also come over. They cast puzzled looks at Tun Ri, uncertain what had just transpired.

Chen Feng continued utilizing the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. As expected, he found another Magic Cerebral Seed within Xuan Feng’s body. Xuan Feng’s face sank sharply and he reacted in the same way as Tun Ri. He did not know how the item could end up inside his body.

“Longevity Celestial, please listen to me.” A very pleasant voice rang out from the Magic Cerebral Seed, but Chen Feng ignored it. He simply incinerated it instead.

“The moves that these fellows’ made are very good. They are much better compared to the fools who directly took action,” Chen Feng said.

“What do we do then? They know of our exact location. Who knows when they might attack?” Da Feng’s face turned somewhat contorted. Becoming the targets of a Gold Immortal was not a good thing.

“Tell me about the situation of the Longevity Palace. Also, contact the others. Every now and again, give me a report on the Celestial Longevity Plane,” Chen Feng said.

“As for this Saintess, she is only a rookie Gold Immortal. If she has the confidence, she would have taken action against me long ago instead of waiting this long. Perhaps, she has a different plan in mind.”

Not long after that, Princess Purplejade and her men came over.

“I received news. It seems someone has found some clues about the Forget Worries Fountain.”

“Where?” Chen Feng was quick to ask.

“Here.” Princess Purplejade brought out the map again and pointed at a certain location.

Chen Feng frowned. The spot was not within the area his divination showed him. Still, he asked, “What do you plan on doing?”

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