Chapter 1185 Princess Purplejade


A Gold Immortal!

Sensing the oppressive atmosphere of power, the thought rose up from their minds.


The Blazing Sun finally blew up, but the dragon chariot remained safe. Next, the middle-aged cultivator standing protectively before Princess Purplejade fell down. A wave of golden light swept out and the middle-aged cultivator then disappeared. 

Princess Purplejade’s face turned ugly to behold. Her strongest card was the two Gold Immortal clones. At that very moment, they had yet to even locate the Forget Worries Fountain, but a few minor cultivators had managed to badly wound one of her Gold Immortal clones. 

Instantly, killing intent bloomed within Princess Purplejade’s heart and she waved her hand. Six half-step Gold Immortals appeared before her and two rows of war chariots began roaring as teams of Heavenly Immortal stage soldiers began readying themselves for a charge.

“Have you made up your mind?” Chen Feng’s voice suddenly echoed within the dragon chariot.

“Yes.” Princess Purplejade’s eyes were filled with great killing intent.

“With just these trash-tier soldiers? Or because you have those two Gold Immortal clones? Oh, that’s wrong. Right now, only one of them can fight,” Chen Feng’s icy voice continued.

“Try it then.” Princess Purplejade did not back down.


Following that, everyone there saw something flashing before their eyes and Chen Feng appeared in front of them all. 

Without exchanging a single word, the six half-step Gold Immortals quickly attacked. However, Chen Feng’s gaze swept over them and their bodies flinched. Even their souls had fallen into a state of turmoil. After that, their movements came to a halt.

Chen Feng pushed his power of life to its very limits and golden flames burned within his eyes. Everywhere his gaze went, the cultivators affected would involuntarily back away.


A grunt could be heard as two cultivators appeared in mid-air. One of them was the Gold Immortal clone who was badly wounded in the earlier exchange.

“The will of a Gold Immortal!” The other Gold Immortal clone cast a look of disbelief at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s gaze then swept towards the several black-armoured cultivators there, forcing them to back away. In the face of the formidable power of a Gold Immortal, these half-step Gold Immortals could do nothing but retreat.

It was then that Princess Purplejade’s glabella opened up and a purple-coloured light shone out from it. The purple light entangled Chen Feng’s gaze and a booming sound rang out.

In the end, Princess Purplejade grunted and the slit on her glabella closed up, but a drop of purple blood trickled out from it. 

“Tsk, tsk. So, it is the Divine Purplenet Eyes. A pity, you have yet to cultivate it up to the major success phase,” Chen Feng chuckled, retracting his gaze. Thanks to that, those on the dragon chariot felt the pressure on them lightening.

The two Gold Immortal clones had wanted to step forward, but Princess Purplejade waved her hand and the two of them turned invisible once more.

“My power of life is not as strong as yours. Having my eye technique lose to you is only natural. I really cannot believe that you are just a half-step Heavenly Immortal. I am someone with quite the status and position, after all. The number of geniuses that I have encountered thus far is as plentiful as the number of stars in the night sky. And yet, none could hold a candle to you.” Princess Purplejade had calmed down and she retracted her hostile aura.

“That’s only normal. In the path of cultivation, there is none who can surpass me,” Chen Feng said coolly, but a confident and overbearing aura spread out from him.

“Insolence! Who do you think you are?” One of the black-armoured cultivators scoffed. It would appear that they were thinking of taking action.

While Chen Feng’s earlier display of power was shocking, he was not actually a Gold Immortal in the end. Additionally, he was alone here while their side had the advantage in numbers. There was simply no need for them to fear a minor half-step Heavenly Immortal.

“I believe you.” Unexpectedly, Princess Purplejade nodded her head.

“At least, before I meet another genius who is better than you.”

After that, Princess Purplejade waved her hand and a spatial passageway appeared. One by one, Tun Ri and the others walked out from the passageway. 

“Maybe we can form a partnership.” After Princess Purplejade said that, several beautiful female cultivators entered to quickly set up the place for Chen Feng and the others.

“Princess!” The faces of the black-armoured cultivators turned somewhat ugly to behold. That was particularly so for the one who had designs towards Princess Purplejade. He cast a vicious stare at Chen Feng.

“Why is the standard of the soldiers from the Ministry of Heavenly War so low these days?” Chen Feng said.

“You’re courting death!”

Chen Feng’s words infuriated the other party and two black-armoured cultivators charged towards Chen Feng. However, Tun Ri and Da Feng quickly intercepted them. After exchanging several blows, the two black-armoured cultivators fell back. Their faces turned red and highly warped. Seeing that, the others also wanted to attack.

Princess Purplejade’s face sank and she shouted, “Fellows, please leave!” 

The eyes of several black-armoured cultivators glinted with the light of fury. In the end, they snorted and left the dragon chariot. But before leaving, they left some threats.

Are they fools? Or are they just putting on a façade? Princess Purplejade secretly wondered. However, she revealed nothing to hint at it.

“The cultivation bases of these soldiers from the Ministry of War are average, but even their ability to plot is average.” Chen Feng smiled as he sat down on a luxurious recliner. He displayed a look of nonchalance, not appearing out of place at all.

“There are not many in all of the Immortal Plane who could say that. Those who can enter the Ministry of War are all cultivators with highly formidable combat power. Additionally, every one of them is a half-step Gold Immortal. Any one of them is able to conquer a sizable territory in the Immortal Plane, becoming the lord there,” Princess Purplejade said with a smile, seemingly having forgotten about the earlier confrontation. 

Chen Feng nodded, not saying anything else. Instead, he picked up the cup of tea laid in front of him and slowly tasted it. Upon entering his body, the tea instantly released a cooling energy and his flesh and cells became more energetic.

After some time, Chen Feng said, “This is Transient Gathering Tea. Normally, only Gold Immortals would be able to get their hands on it. Princess Purplejade is truly wealthy.”

“Fellow cultivator, you are very perceptive. As expected from one who came from the Celestial Longevity Plane,” Princess Purplejade responded with a smile.

“Looks like you already know our background, princess,” Chen Feng responded with a smile as well.

“Matters regarding the Six Daos Sword Faction cannot be hidden from our Immortal Court. Oh, I should call it the Six Daos Alliance now. To think that the son of the legendary character, Senior Boundless, would actually come to our Immortal Plane to occupy some of the territories here. Would anyone believe this?” 

“The ‘our Immortal Plane’ part is wrong. The Immortal Court still cannot represent the entire Immortal Plane.” Then, Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Alright, let’s talk about something else. Tell me what you plan on doing?”

“It’s very simple. I want to form a partnership with you fellows. Let’s work together to snatch the Forget Worries Fountain,” Princess Purplejade said.

“Why not work together with those guys from the Ministry of Heavenly War?” Chen Feng inquired.

“Because you fellows are stronger.”

“It is precisely because we are stronger. Are you not afraid of losing out while working together with us?” The smile on Chen Feng’s face widened.

Unexpectedly, Princess Purplejade’s face suddenly turned grim. “This time, the competition will be very intense. I myself have no confidence in my ability to snatch the spiritual fountain’s water.”

“Oh?” The smile on Chen Feng’s face disappeared as well.

“A Gold Immortal is taking part in this?” Chen Feng asked seriously.

“Very likely.” Princess Purplejade nodded.

“If that is the case, this will be slightly problematic.” Chen Feng then chuckled. Patriarch No Return’s face, on the other hand, promptly turned pale. Even when facing half-step Gold Immortals, Patriarch No Return could no longer be considered as an expert. Should a Gold Immortal participate in this, this trip would be for naught. However, after missing out on this chance, he may never get another chance.

“Just slightly problematic?” Princess Purplejade’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“The other party gets the meat while we get some soup,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“Soup is good.” Princess Purplejade then stretched her hand out.

“Here’s to a pleasant partnership.”

“To a pleasant partnership.” Chen Feng also stretched his hand out.

“You may call me Purplejade.”

“Chen Feng.”

As Chen Feng was chatting with Princess Purplejade, he felt that the information he had obtained before this was slightly wrong. Princess Purplejade was something of a pinnacle genius in cultivation. Additionally, she also had the Immortal Court as her backer. The amount of cultivation resources at her disposal was comparable to that of some large sects, enough to make others go crazy from envy.

And yet, she did not appear as overbearing as the rumours.

Perhaps, it is different for different people, Chen Feng thought.

“I wonder, do you have any information regarding the Forget Worries Fountain?” Chen Feng asked. This was the most important issue here. As Princess Purplejade had come here with such fanfare, Chen Feng believed that she should have some information about it.

Unexpectedly, Princess Purplejade shook her head.

“Before the Forget Worries Fountain erupts, no one knows where it will appear. Thus, all we can do is wait and hope we get lucky.”

Chen Feng pondered for a moment. There was nothing about this in his memories as well. Turning towards Da Feng and the others, he saw that they did not know anything as well.

“Not even Gold Immortals can divine it out?” Chen Feng asked again after a moment’s consideration. 

“It is very difficult.” Princess Purplejade shook her head.

A pity. If Tower is here, he can probably divine it out, Chen Feng thought to himself. In the end, he decided to utilize the Longevity Clan’s secret divination technique for it.

After a moment’s consideration, Chen Feng said, “Tell me all you know about it and I will perform a divination.”

“Very well, I would like to witness for myself the secret techniques of the Longevity Clan.” Princess Purplejade frankly informed Chen Feng of everything she knew.

Next, Chen Feng began performing a divination. The secret techniques recorded in the Longevity Scripture could allow him to hide from the heavenly dao and even steal the essence of the Immortal Plane from a lower-levelled world. Thus, in Chen Feng’s opinion, this divination should give him some results.

However, Chen Feng was disappointed in the end.

“How is it?” After Chen Feng stopped his divination, Princess Purplejade hurriedly asked.

Chen Feng shook his head. “It is very strange. As I was in the process of divining, I feel as though I am able to grasp something, but there is a layer of fog that I simply cannot disperse standing in the way.”

“You actually managed to reach that far with your divination?” Contrary to Chen Feng’s display of disappointment, Princess Purplejade grew somewhat delighted.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before saying, “I will need a quiet place and some time for this divination.”

“Sure thing. It beats having us look around without a single clue.” Princess Purplejade swiftly arranged for a quiet place in the dragon chariot.

And so, Chen Feng sat there while Tun Ri and the others stood guard outside to prevent anyone from interfering.

The reason Chen Feng requested this was because he had managed to gain some special feelings of comprehension from the previous divination process. In fact, Chen Feng had a feeling that, by trying a few more times, he would be able to figure out something useful.

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