Chapter 1184 Combat Technique


“If you are feeling fearful, you should hurry up and leave. With that constrained attitude, you will drag us down,” Tun Ri said bluntly.

Patriarch No Return’s face stiffened, but he smiled in the end, not saying anything about it. As for his apprentices, although their faces also sank, they dared not say anything as well. Just Tun Ri and Da Feng were enough to deter them.

“I plan on looking for them right now. Patriarch, it is up to you to decide, do you want to come with us or not? Since you have already decided to venture into this place, you will have to be ready to risk your lives.” After saying that, Chen Feng gave them a nod and swiftly left with Tun Ri and the others.

“Da Feng, do you think they’ll come?” Tun Ri asked with a grin.

“Definitely,” Da Feng replied without any hesitation.

“I also think they will come. Without us, snatching the Forget Worries Fountain Water is just a dream for them,” Xuan Feng said as well, chuckling.

As expected, a few breath’s worth of time later…

“They’re here.” Tie Zhen looked behind them.

“Little friend, please wait!” Patriarch No Return and his apprentices quickly caught up to them.

“Patriarch, you came at the right time. I have already locked down Princess Purplejade’s location. Let’s hurry. She may have already located the spiritual fountain,” Chen Feng said with a smile. At the same time, the Longevity Wings on his back spread out to seemingly cover the sky, causing the world to become dark. With one flap of the wings, Patriarch No Return’s group was enveloped by the Longevity Wings’ power. Next, the surrounding space spun and time flowed before their very eyes.

When Chen Feng came to a halt, everyone found that they were in an unfamiliar place. Strangely-shaped rocks were scattered all over the desolate grounds and blade-like winds flew about in the sky.

“How could this be? Could a spiritual fountain emerge from such a desolate place?” one of Patriarch No Return’s apprentice exclaimed.

“Shut up!” Da Feng retorted, giving the apprentice a dissatisfied glare.

“Interesting. I was careless.” Chen Feng’s gaze swept around and an amused look appeared on his face.

Right after Chen Feng said that, the space before them shook and tall volcanoes rose up from the desolate lands. In addition, there was also a thick and viscous air of pressure. Next, all the volcanoes erupted and hot magma converged into river-like streams before charging towards Chen Feng and the others.

“An illusion,” Tie Zhen said.

“An illusion technique that transforms the illusory into reality. This makes it a magic technique. These things are just as deadly as the real deal. Additionally, by borrowing the power of their surroundings, their offensive power will rise further,” Chen Feng said. The magma was already about to reach him, but he continued to show zero anxiousness.


A multi-coloured barrier of light encased Chen Feng and the others. It was Patriarch No Return, who had utilized a defensive-type Divine artifact.

Formidable forces kept hammering the barrier of light, causing rumbling sounds to ring out and it did not take long before the barrier of light began shaking.

“Sword array!”

His six apprentices also formed a sword array and streams of sword energy intertwined before transforming into a sphere, which then expanded outwards. Even so, they were still incapable of stopping the formidable attack.

“Fellows, hurry up and help!” Patriarch No Return shouted.

Chen Feng nodded. Next, Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng swiftly took action and two beams of light shot out, one golden and the other cyan in colour. The two beams of light transformed into a shield of light, which rapidly stabilized. No matter how hard the magma outside assailed the shield, they were incapable of budging the shield.

Seeing that, Patriarch No Return breathed a sigh of relief.

“Patriarch, during the several times that you came here, how did you get out?” Chen Feng asked.

Patriarch No Return simply replied, “I have never encountered such a level of danger before.”

“In other words, someone is messing with us from the dark,” Chen Feng responded with a chuckle. Like a sword, his gaze pierced through the layers of barriers, making its way into the boiling magma.

Somewhere not far away from the magma, war chariots and soldiers were lined up orderly. In the middle was a massive dragon chariot. In addition to Princess Purplejade and her followers, several other mighty-looking cultivators in black suits of armour could be seen there.

“This kid dares to leave a tracking imprint on us. He really doesn’t know the meaning of death. Is he not aware of our identity?” one of the black-armoured cultivators said with a sonorous voice and anyone hearing it would feel as though their souls were being sliced.

“That’s because they are looking down on us,” Princess Purplejade said.

“In the Immortal Plane, I know of none who dares to look down on the Immortal Court.” The black-armoured cultivator scoffed.

“What if they are not from the Immortal Plane?” Princess Purplejade continued to smile, but she had already categorized this person as a fool.

“Not from the Immortal Plane. You mean the Celestial Planes?” The black-armoured cultivator’s face sank, but he then snickered. “I actually failed to notice that they are from the Celestial Planes. Later, I will employ some techniques to simply kill them off.”


It was at that moment that a gaze broke through the layers of barriers to arrive before the black-armoured cultivator. And so, the black-armoured cultivator felt his vision going dark. It was as though he was now within the depths of the dark universe. No directions and no concept of time. Even his consciousness was beginning to drift away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The other black-armoured cultivators rapidly took action. Following their actions of channelling power into the affected cultivator, he was finally able to break free from the darkness.

“What a formidable eye technique!” The black-armoured cultivator broke out in cold sweat, only to quickly become furious. He had just boasted about his abilities earlier only to so quickly be humiliated. More, it had happened before his peers and Princess Purplejade. Still, for him to be able to cultivate up to the half-step Gold Immortal stage, he had long since attained a tempered state of mind. Thus, he was able to quickly recollect himself. Following that, he joined forces with the other black-armoured cultivators to employ secret techniques against Chen Feng’s group.

“It’s Princess Purplejade and some fellows from the Ministry of Heavenly War,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I’ll go teach them a lesson,” Da Feng said.

“Don’t be careless, they have a sizable number of half-step Gold Immortals. There are also Gold Immortal clones. Let’s just wait and see what other techniques they have in store for us.” Chen Feng had only just said that when a wyrm, shining with golden light, emerged from the magma. With just one collision, it caused the defensive barriers to shake.

“I’ll deal with this!” Tun Ri rapidly rushed forward with a battle lance in hand. He used but one breath’s worth of time to kill off the ferocious wyrm.

Very soon, a second and third wyrm appeared at the same time. All of them were formed using the power of fire, even containing the power of the magma. Due to that, they became even stronger, reaching the half-step Gold Immortal stage.

Tun Ri attacked again and again, killing off the second wyrm before simply grabbing the third wyrm to rip it apart with his bare hands.

“What a formidable extra-terrestrial creature! It is just right to serve as a mount!” The black-armoured cultivators’ eyes shone with light. Given their levels, they were still incapable of determining Tun Ri’s real body. However, they could tell that Tun Ri was a very unique extra-terrestrial creature.

“Tun Ri, those fellows want to make you a mount.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a screen appeared. On the surface of the screen were Princess Purplejade and the others. Even their voices could be heard coming from the screen.

Earlier, they had broken Chen Feng’s eye technique. Even so, Chen Feng had still managed to leave some imprints behind.

“Damn them!” Tun Ri’s face grew contorted. This was something that Tun Ri found most annoying in his life. And while he had killed off all the cultivators who dared say that, such incidents would always push his rage to the max. 

And so, Tun Ri sent a black bead into the screen that Chen Feng created.

“Blazing Sun!”

Seeing the black bead caused even Chen Feng’s face to contort. Back when Tun Ri was only a Heavenly Immortal, the Blazing Suns that he created could already kill off a half-step Gold Immortal. At present, however, Tun Ri was already a half-step Gold Immortal and this Blazing Sun was the sole Blazing Sun that Tun Ri had created in recent years. Sensing the formidable energy of devastation coming from the Blazing Sun, Chen Feng felt his hairs standing on end. While his fleshly body was strong enough to withstand the attacks from Divine artifacts, getting hit by this explosion was surely not going to be enjoyable.

Thus, Chen Feng mobilized the power of space-time to speed up the rate at which the black bead was transported over.

At the same time, the screen shattered.

“Oh, no!”

Princess Purplejade’s face abruptly sank as a feeling of intense danger gripped her heart. Her eyes then shone with light and her gaze made its way through layers of space to see a black bead – filled with a devastating power – teleporting through space towards their position.

Streams of light then flew out from Princess Purplejade’s eyes. The streams of light swiftly formed fine threads to bind and envelop the black bead.

“My Blazing Sun is not so easily stopped!” Tun Ri revealed a derisive grin. Next, thick, black rays of light emerged from the surface of the black bead and the threads wrapping it up were all melted away.

Still, doing so caused the speed at which the Blazing Sun was teleporting over to slow down somewhat. And so, one of the black-armoured cultivators swung his sword, wanting to slash down on the black bead.

“Don’t attack!” Princess Purplejade hastily cried out. At the same time, multi-coloured light emerged from the dragon chariot itself as it worked to stop the black bead from teleporting into the dragon chariot.

“If you can only blow up one person, the other party will end up with the better bargain here,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Yes, my Blazing Sun cannot be wasted like this. It should kill off at least three half-step Gold Immortals!” Tun Ri shouted.

“If so, let me see what other moves the other party has,” Chen Feng said, his sea of wisdom roiling.

“Soul attack!”

A soul wave containing the Soul Subduing Mantra and Soul Lock Mantra made its way through the thick barrier created by the multi-coloured light to instantly enter the dragon chariot.

“Not good! This is the Celestial Longevity Plane’s soul-type secret technique!” One of the Gold Immortal clones was finally incapable of holding back. A middle-aged man appeared and his hand pressed down. Dark light could be seen spinning within his palm and the soul wave that Chen Feng fired out was instantly broken apart. Even so, the broken fragments still maintained their spiritual attributes and they flew into the bodies of Princess Purplejade and the others. As predicted, they fell into a temporary state of confusion.

“Can’t hold back anymore?” Chen Feng sneered and flicked his finger to send a mote of starlight forward. The mote of starlight rapidly caught up to the Blazing Sun’s position. With a booming sound, it ignited and the layers of obstructions melted in the face of the flames. At the same time, under Tun Ri’s control, the Blazing Sun’s speed rose further and it violently broke its way into the dragon chariot.

After fusing with the primary spirits of four Gold Immortals, my soul flame has improved again. It is already at the Ageless Gold Immortal stage. I would like to see how the other party blocks it. Flames began burning from Chen Feng’s eyes, turning golden in colour and the invisible atmosphere of power that it radiated nearly caused Patriarch No Return and the others to fall into a stupor.

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