Chapter 1183 Patriarch No Return


A half-step Gold Immortal. Chen Feng was able to determine this fat old man’s cultivation level. The old man gave Chen Feng a good impression. However, Chen Feng could sense a hint of death energy from the old man’s body. Due to that, Chen Feng knew that this old man’s life span was already nearing its end. At the same time, Chen Feng was also somewhat surprised. Half-step Gold Immortals were characters close to reaching the Ageless laws. Their life span should already be in excess of a hundred million years. If this old man was already reaching the end of his life span due to normal circumstances, wouldn’t it mean that he had lived through a very long time?

“No need to guess. My life span is indeed running out. I came here to this Forget Worries Zone to test my luck. It seems to me that you fellows are still unaware of what is going on here. Let me explain it to you all,” the old man said with a smile.

“Very well.” Chen Feng nodded, a sign of agreeing to join up with them.

After chatting with him for a bit, Chen Feng found out that this old man’s name was Patriarch No Return. He was a native of the Immortal Plane, born in the Easternmost Region. With him were his six apprentices, all high-level Heavenly Immortals. Judging by the appearances of the six apprentices, Chen Feng could tell that Patriarch No Return had more than just these six apprentices.

“The Forget Worries Fountain is erupting!” 

And so, Chen Feng found out why so many cultivators came to the Forget Worries Zone.

“I am here to test my luck. If I can obtain a bit of the Forget Worries Fountain Water, I will be able to erase the death energy within me and extend my life span.” After saying that, Patriarch No Return could not stop himself from sighing. 

Chen Feng secretly inspected Patriarch No Return’s situation and found a mysterious power inside his body, which sapped away his life force without respite. As a result, Patriarch No Return’s life force leaked out at a rate ten times greater than that of a normal human. 

So, he was hit by a hex. This hex is very powerful. I wonder if the Forget Worries Fountain Water could work against it? Although Chen Feng had discovered what ailed Patriarch No Return, he did not say anything.

As they moved forward, Patriarch No Return became slightly anxious. Helpless, Chen Feng then sped up.

By the time they entered the Forget Worries Zone, the place was already very lively. A high number of cultivators had arrived before them. News regarding the imminent eruption of the Forget Worries Fountain had spread out.

It was still a place within the Immortal Plane. And yet, a different region possessed a different environment and atmosphere. After entering the Forget Worries Zone, Chen Feng felt a mysterious power affecting his body and his soul seemingly became more refined.

“It appears that cultivating here will be beneficial. However, this Forget Worries Zone is even more infamous compared to the City of Dead Souls. It will likely be dangerous.” Chen Feng then stretched a hand and grasped. Surging streams of energy converged upon his palm to condense into a ball of energy and Chen Feng rapidly analysed the power structure of the ball of energy.

“This Forget Worries Zone is very dangerous. I had come here many times before in search of the Forget Worries Fountain. Several times, I was nearly unable to return alive,” Patriarch No Return said grimly.

“Very dangerous? Old man, tell us about it so that we can be better prepared,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“There are many types of dangers. Many of the places here requires us to be on guard at all times. In addition to the surrounding environment, we also need to be on guard against the sneak attacks from the other cultivators. Naturally, the extra-terrestrial creatures here are very difficult to deal with.” After saying that, Patriarch No Return stretched his hand out to reveal a mysterious pattern on its surface. 

“A hex,” Chen Feng said.

“The hex on my body came from this Forget Worries Zone. I have tried various methods, but I still couldn’t get rid of it.” Patriarch No Return sighed, shaking his head.

As they were chatting, the wild grasses in the grasslands around them abruptly grew at a furious rate. After but a few breaths’ worth of time, grasses that were only several inches long had grown to a height of tens of metres. Rather, they were still growing. 

Next, these wild grasses twisted and began attacking Chen Feng and the others. Some even began ejecting liquid at them.

“The danger has come!” Patriarch No Return said and his six apprentices behind him brought out a sword each to form a sword array. Streams of sword energy emerged to cut down the surrounding wild grasses.

“This cannot be considered as dangerous, no?”

Tie Zhen and Xuan Feng were in charge of taking action here. Every one of their attacks was capable of clearing out a large stretch of the wild grasses. As for Tun Ri and Da Feng, they stood behind Chen Feng. They showed zero intentions of taking action.

“These wild grasses will keep on unleashing slicing attacks and fire cannot kill them. They are very difficult to clear,” Patriarch No Return said.

“There are truly a lot of them. However, their ability to deal damage is only average.” Xuan Feng allowed the wild grasses to wrap around him again and again before easily breaking free.

“Actually, they are very troublesome. Or do you plan on staying here to kill them forever?” Patriarch No Return said.

“Makes sense. Let’s charge out. These wild grasses are indeed quite troublesome.”

Next up, they began moving. But the path they cleared was immediately swarmed by a high number of wild grasses that attacked them furiously. Chen Feng and the others were seemingly moving within a green-coloured passageway.

Two hours later, they became somewhat impatient.

“How long will it take before we are out?”

“This is not good. It looks like we’ve fallen into an illusion.” 

“What illusion? Watch me!” Tun Ri was finally incapable of holding back. A ball of raging fire spun forward. Everywhere it went, the wild grasses would be incinerated to ash and even the ground became dried up and cracked. However, more wild grasses swiftly grew out from the ground.

“How troublesome! Just what are these wild grasses?” Da Feng took action as well. The pressure bearing down on them had begun to climb and the vegetation attacking them became more varied. Already, some thorny plants had begun appearing.

Chen Feng watched on quietly as the wild grasses attacked them furiously. In the face of the violent attacks, the pressure on them multiplied. Looking at them from afar, one would see a massive, green ball of light.

By then, Patriarch No Return had also taken action and they kept on advancing. However, they were still incapable of making their way out of the wild grasses’ encirclement. 

“Are we going to be trapped to our deaths right after entering?” one of Patriarch No Return’s apprentice cried out. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Finally, several green beams of light shot forward at an accelerated velocity to pierce the body of one of the apprentices. Following that, his whole body shook and the life force within him fell into a state of chaos. 

Patriarch No Return swiftly took action. A finger reached out to tap the apprentice’s body a few times and blood blossomed out to enter his body. Next, the streams of green light that entered his body were pulled out. They were plants.

“Everyone, be careful. There are formidable plants lurking around!” Patriarch No Return said.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

More green beams shot forward, targeting Chen Feng this time. Although they were very fast, Da Feng had still managed to shred them to pieces.   

“This is not the way to go.” Chen Feng finally decided to take action.

A black vortex appeared from Chen Feng’s palm before rapidly expanding to finally reach a radius of 10 metres.

Motes of green light then began converging upon the vortex.

After just one breath’s worth of time, everyone there felt the pressure on them decreasing. Several breaths later, the surrounding streams of green light became like rivers of stars and they all flowed into the vortex.

Following the loss of the green light, the wild grasses that were furiously growing around them began withering. In the end, not even ash was left of the wild grasses. They disintegrated into nothingness. It was as though the green light was all that had supported them.


Patriarch No Return and the others cast a look of shock at Chen Feng. These wild grasses had given them such a headache. And yet, when facing Chen Feng, they had all wilted just like this.

The large vortex kept spinning. More, it was spinning faster and its rate of absorption grew stronger as it kept devouring all the surrounding life force.

“How did I forget this?” Tun Ri slapped his head before opening his mouth. Next, another terrifying vortex appeared. This vortex was somewhat different from Chen Feng’s vortex. Chen Feng’s vortex only devoured the life force there while Tun Ri’s vortex devoured the wild grasses and even their roots into his body.

With this monstrous display of power from Chen Feng and Tun Ri, the withered lands began spreading outwards. Finally, when there were no more wild grasses in sight, Chen Feng and Tun Ri stopped. 

“Ha ha ha! The Longevity Clan’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique. How surprising! It turns out you fellows are from the Celestial Longevity Plane,” Patriarch No Return said, laughing.

“You’re very perceptive, patriarch,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. He had already refined the life force he devoured earlier, making the power his own.

“I’ve just lived a long life, allowing me to know a bit more than others.” Patriarch No Return smiled back.

In the beginning, Patriarch No Return and his apprentices had been looking down on Chen Feng. They thought of him as just a young master who came out to play with his bodyguards. Seeing Chen Feng’s display earlier, however, greatly changed their impression of him.

That was particularly true after finding out that Chen Feng’s group was from the Celestial Longevity Plane. They began feeling an invisible pressure. It was as though they had become the inferiors.

“To encounter something like this right after entering. Looks like this Forget Worries Zone is quite special,” Tie Zhen said.

“It was just a spirit playing some tricks from the dark,” Chen Feng said. Earlier, the other party had been quick to flee. If it weren’t for that, Chen Feng would have captured the spirit, or downright killed it.

And so, they continued advancing. Along the way, they encountered some other cultivators. Some encounters ended with minor conflicts, but Tun Ri and the others sent them all packing.

Chen Feng stopped taking action. Instead, he began looking for the whereabouts of Princess Purplejade. In his opinion, in order to find the Forget Worries Fountain, they should start with those people.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, his power of perception had become weaker here. Due to that, he could only intermittently sense the imprints that he set up back then.

“Little brother, it looks like you have a plan?” Patriarch No Return could not stop himself from asking.

“I had left some imprints on the forces belonging to Princess Purplejade, the Ministry of Heavenly War and some others. They know more than us. Finding them will do,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

When Patriarch No Return heard that, he sucked in a cold breath of air. Those were the kinds of people that he would run away from as fast as he could. And yet, this Chen Feng actually took the initiative to mess with them.

“Little brother, those fellows are not to be trifled with,” Patriarch No Return reminded.

“Ha ha ha! Patriarch, what is your objective for coming here?” Chen Feng asked, still smiling.

“Naturally, it is for the Forget Worries Fountain.”

“And if they find the Forget Worries Fountain first, is patriarch not going to compete with them for it?” Chen Feng continued asking.

“Of course I will. My life span is already nearing its end. If there is hope, I must charge forward, even if a Gold Immortal is the one obstructing my path!” Patriarch No Return’s eyes shone with light.

Only, the light quickly turned dim. “However, the other parties are truly formidable. I only fear that my apprentices will be implicated.”

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