Chapter 118: Carving a Bloody Path Out


“Don’t be careless. They are many of them and they have plenty magics in their arsenal. We should just kill our way out and escape. There is no need to go all out against them,” said Chen Feng.

“They have already broken more than half of the restrictive barriers that we set up. We need to make preparations,” said Ye Ziming.

“I will mark their locations.” Chen Feng marked their positions on the ground as he scanned their surroundings. They would be prepared while their enemies were not. Thus, Chen Feng felt their chances going up further.

“They dare break my defensive magic arrays? Humph! Just you wait!” Ye Ziming sneered as he rapidly set up more magic arrays. This time, the magic arrays he set up were traps.

At the same time, the Four-eared Spirit Monkey had exited the Longevity Tower. He was following beside Chen Feng, ready to engage the enemies at any moment.

A pity, as I am right now, I am unable to control that Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. If not, by releasing him and starting a massacre, all the enemies can be dealt with. Thought Chen Feng.


Finally, the restrictive barriers that Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta set up were utterly broken and two beams of sword light shot forward like thunderbolts. The attacks were aimed at Chen Feng and the others.

Facing the two sword beams, Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta did not dodge. Instead, they revealed a devilish smile on their faces. When the two sword beams were about to make contact with Chen Feng’s group, the two beams suddenly disappeared into the void. Next, two figures appeared before Chen Feng’s group. When the two figures saw Chen Feng’s group, they were taken aback.

Where did the flying swords go to? The thought simultaneously appeared within their minds.

“Illusionary Void Array, Imprison!” Ye Ziming’s finger moved quickly to shoot out magic seals in quick succession. Next, a ripple spread out from the surrounding space and the two cultivators were sucked into the void.

“Let’s go!”

After exchanging glances with them, Chen Feng swiftly rushed somewhere else.

“Where can you escape to?!”

The other eight cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes arrived to swarm them. After arriving, they did not go all out to launch their attacks. Instead, they swiftly set up layer after layer of restrictive barriers so as to stop Chen Feng’s group from escaping.


Chen Feng sent a punch forward. It was a punch containing the power of the earth that he had just absorbed. A faint-yellow light shone out and became like a gigantic, earthen-yellow dragon thrashing all in its path.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! 

The restrictive barriers that the cultivators set up were all shattered by the punch. Immediately after that, a golden light flashed past Chen Feng with lightning-like speed to send one of the cultivators flying.

“All right, let’s kill a path out!”

Ye Ziming’s figure flashed before re-appearing right before one of the cultivators. He unleashed his Godfist of the Hegemonic Sky technique and tens of fists flew out in an instant to knock the cultivator out.


Lu Ta’s move was just as ferocious. His Endless Sky of Turbidity staff swept out to hit one of the cultivators. Snapping sounds rang out from every bone in the cultivator’s body.

“Not good! Reinforcements! Quick! They want to charge out!” A cultivator from Purplecloud Sky Grotto suddenly shouted. However, before he could finish his words, he saw a yellow silhouette pounce towards him. Before he could even mount a response, his figure had risen up like the floating clouds and darkness claimed him.

With my current level of strength, I can instantly kill off a cultivator at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Chen Feng quickly assessed his strength.

Chen Feng did not mobilize his flying sword. Instead, he was relying on the inordinate power of the earth that he was absorbing. With every punch, a yellow-coloured stream of energy would blast out, vigorous and violent.

The attacks that Chen Feng’s group displayed were overbearingly powerful. However, just as they were about to break through the encirclement, the other cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes finally arrived.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three 10-zhang long energy blades sliced through space as they descended from the sky, aimed respectively at Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta. Those were none other than the Yin Yang Sky Grotto’s Yin Yang Energy Razors (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

At the same time, three beams of golden light, resembling meteors, shot towards Chen Feng’s group. Those were the cultivators from Goldenlight Sky Grotto. They were utilizing their Goldenlight Getaway Magic to quickly close the distance so as to obstruct Chen Feng’s group.

“These fellows are too full of their backers. Do they think that just because they have some backing, they can do whatever they want?” Sensing the intensity of their enemies’ attacks, Chen Feng grew furious.

“Let’s see if your Yin Yang Energy Razors can beat my Longevity Blades,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. With a wave of his hand, three Longevity Blades quickly condensed out. The Longevity Blades that Chen Feng condensed out this time were slightly different compared to ones in the past. The bluish-green blades were now intertwined with earthen-yellow lines. That was because they had fused with the power of the earth. Additionally, they were also much bigger than before and more tangible. It almost seemed as though they were truly weapons forged from metals.

Each of the three Longevity Blades struck one of the three incoming Yin Yang Energy Razors. As for Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, they blocked off the other incoming attacks.

The sounds of collision rang out in quick succession as sparks splashed out. Potent energy broke out, spreading into their surroundings while various streams of colourful light smashed into each other. Chen Feng felt as though he was facing the turbulent waves of a raging sea and tyrannical undercurrents surged all around him.

Impressive! Thankfully, my fleshly body has just gotten stronger. If not, I would probably be incapable of enduring an attack of this level. Chen Feng was secretly surprised.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

A sharp sound rang out and the sky was filled with golden light. It was as though a swarm of poisonous bees had blotted the sky. It was none other the Goldenlight Sky Grotto’s Shadowless Goldenlight Needles. This vicious attack could cover a large area and was near-impossible to guard against. It was the most detestable type of attack for cultivators.

These poisonous needles again! Chen Feng swore inwardly. Back then, when the three of them were fleeing, they had been secretly struck by these poisonous needles. Chen Feng could still remember how his whole body began feeling paralyzed before growing weaker after getting hit by the poisonous needle.


“It was at that moment that Ye Ziming once again displayed his secret magic. A circle of light enveloped Chen Feng, Ye Ziming, Lu Ta and Four Ears and they disappeared into thin air.

They re-appeared 1,000 metres away from their original location.

“Huh! I can’t do that anymore. I have never tried bringing so many people with me before. My powers are about all exhausted.” After saying that, Ye Ziming retrieved two pieces of Magic crystals and began absorbing the spiritual energy from within them to replenish his power.

“Where can you run?!”

Weng! Weng! Weng!

A building-sized purple-coloured pill ding descended down the sky, bringing howling winds with it as it descended upon Chen Feng’s group. The rapid suppressive force from the purple-coloured pill ding caused the surrounding air currents to erupt and a series of explosive sounds rang out. A powerful atmosphere of suppression enveloped Chen Feng’s group.

“Jade Ding Sky Grotto’s Purplejade Pill Ding!” Lu Ta cried aloud.

“It is not! That is just a grade 4 Magic artefact!” Ye Ziming shouted.

“A mere grade 4 Magic artefact, get lost!” Chen Feng fiercely stamped his foot onto the ground and the power of the earth surged into his body incessantly. Next, he leapt into the sky and sent a heavy punch towards the purple-coloured pill ding.


A loud colliding sound reverberated outwards. It was as though an ancient 10,000-year-old bell had suddenly been struck. Mighty soundwaves spread out, shattering even the stones on the ground.

The building-sized pill ding failed to descend upon Chen Feng’s group. Instead, Chen Feng’s punch sent it flying away before crashing onto the ground, creating a huge crater in its wake.

“Let’s go! Don’t get surrounded!”

Seeing Chen Feng send the Magic artefact flying with just one punch, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were stunned once again. That was a grade 4 Magic artefact! And yet, Chen Feng had sent it flying away with just one punch. Throughout the whole process, all he relied upon was the power of his fleshly body and not his magic treasures.

“You want to escape? Not so fast! Behold our Watermoon Sky Grotto’s Rippling Watermoon Arrows!” A shout rang out from afar. Next, phantom-like arrows shot forward, creating whistling sounds as it did.

That was Watermoon Sky Grotto’s sect guardian-level secret magic: Rippling Watermoon Arrows. Created with the power of water intertwined with the essence of the moon, each of the arrows possessed the power of a grade 2 Magic artefact, capable of piercing through a mountain and blowing up the earth.

“Earthen Defence, rise!” Chen Feng’s eyes glared forward and both his feet stopped moving. Next, the ground quaked intensely and layer after layer of thick, yellow-coloured light enveloped Chen Feng’s group.

Chen Feng chose to defend, utilizing his strongest power to mobilize the power of the earth to block this attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Arrow after arrow struck the surface of the earthen-yellow light and exploded. It was as though thunder bolts were striking down upon Chen Feng’s group.

There was a total of thirty-two arrows. That was the equivalent to thirty-two self-destructing grade 2 Magic artefacts. All of them bombarded Chen Feng’s defensive shield.

By then, the earthen-yellow shield had disappeared and Chen Feng’s group could no longer be seen. The only thing left on the spot was a seemingly bottomless huge crater. 

“Why aren’t they there anymore?”

“Could they have died from the attacks?”

“No! This is not right! Their auras have disappeared!”

Immediately after that, the sound of something colliding rang out from hundreds of metres away.

“They’ve escaped!” Without giving it a second thought, the cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes gave chase.

At that moment, the Overwhelming Astral Sword had grown big once more and Chen Feng, Ye Ziming, Lu Ta and Four Ears were standing atop the flying sword. Chen Feng’s eyes glinted constantly as sword beams shot out from the Overwhelming Astral Sword in quick succession. The four cultivators obstructing their path were all cut into two.

“You have killed our Six Great Sky Grottoes’ men. Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, you will not escape us!” shouted a level 3 Concealed stage cultivator who was far away from them.

“You’ve got a death wish,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. His finger flicked out and the Overwhelming Astral Sword sent another sword beam out. The beam pierced right through the shouting cultivator.

“Stop!” It was then that Bai Mulin from Extensive Truth Sky Grotto finally decided to take action. The Extensive Truth Sword in his hand pulsed and tangible astral swords condensed out to form a dome which moved to obstruct the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s escape path.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword gave an intense quake as it unleashed a 10-zhang long astral sword out. It rampaged through the sky as it shattered apart the dome.

Seeing Bai Mulin preparing to attack again, Chen Feng quickly sent out a secret vocal transmission to him. “I am Bai Ziyan’s friend.”

Hearing those words, Bai Mulin swiftly stopped, allowing Chen Feng’s Overwhelming Astral Sword to charge out. Next, with a roaring sound, the sword pierced through the sky and disappeared entirely.

“Bai Mulin! Why didn’t you stop them earlier?” The moment the cultivator from Purplecloud Sky Grotto arrived, he reproached Bai Mulin.

“Stop joking! Even though there were so many of you, you had still failed to stop them. How could I stop them all by myself? Could it be you fellows did not see them riding a Prized artefact? If I had continued my attempts to stop them, I would have died to them,” replied Bai Mulin with a sneer.

“Even though they suffered from serious injuries back then, they have fully recovered. Moreover, their strength has also improved. If we do not take action to get rid of this problem by the roots, there will surely be consequences in the future.”

“That is right. Although their cultivation bases are not high, they possess a Prized artefact as a means of defence. It will be very difficult for us to kill them. Quick, report this matter to our Sect Masters and request for our sect guardian magic treasures! Then, we will kill them!”

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